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Phil had shown a lot of patience getting inside her, and as I watched in amazement he continued to slide deeper and deeper into her. I sat there wondering how he could possibly stuff that huge salami into Roberta’s dainty hole. Her tummy had to be stretched to the limit.

It was about then that I realized he was losing it. He had taken so much time getting into her that now he was finishing before he really got started. If Roberta was disappointed at his coming so quickly, she didn’t say anything. I hastened to fill the gap, so to speak, and after watching us for a while, Phil started getting hard again. Once more he got on top of my wife, only this time he didn’t take so long getting in, and once he was inside he took his own good time about finishing. Toward the end he wanted to take her doggie-fashion. Once she was in this position, with his bone buried in her from behind, she took my seven-incher in her mouth and sucked on it like crazy. But as his momentum picked up she spit my boner out of her mouth and began yelping at every stroke. Again I wondered if he was hurting her, but when I asked her if she wanted him to stop, she gave me a definite no. Her yelps were cries of pleasure, and the harder he pumped his meat into her, the more she seemed to like it. By the time he came inside her she was spasming and bucking in almost continuous orgasm. Her greatest fantasy had been deliciously fulfilled.—
R.G., Olympia, Washington


It is not unusual for my wife Betty and me to do unscheduled things at the drop of a hat. For example, two Fridays ago when Betty came home from work I met her at the door and told her to gather a few things, because we were going off to the woods for the weekend.

On the way out of town I had to stop at a truck stop to fill the gas tank. As the attendant, who was in his early twenties, cleaned our front window, I noticed that he was ogling my wife’s legs. Betty’s skirt was hiked up, showing the tops of her dark stockings. That gave me a great idea.

The young attendant and I walked together to the pay station. There was another fellow behind the cash register, but no other customers were around, so I did not beat around the bush. “Did you like what you saw there on the front seat?” I asked the attendant.

“It was very attractive,” the young man answered.

“How would you and your friend here like to have some real fun with my wife?” I asked.

There was a motel attached to the truck stop, and the man behind the register quickly informed me that he lived in room seven. He gave me the key, saying that we could go there while he got someone to fill in for the two of them. Back in the car I smiled at Betty and asked if she felt like doing something spontaneous. “Sure,” was her reply. I then brought the car around to room seven. Betty didn’t know what I had in mind, but I knew she was always up for a new adventure.

Room seven was very small, with a single bed, a large soft chair, a shower and sink. It appeared very clean. Betty giggled as I pulled her onto the bed. Within a minute I had her white blouse open, her bra exposed and my hand under her skirt, feeling the warm bare thighs above her stocking tops.

A knock sounded at the door. I got off the bed as Betty adjusted her blouse and modestly pulled her skirt down. I opened the door to let the two men in. Betty looked very surprised as they walked in, but there was an excited gleam in her eye as the door shut behind them.

As the two men approached Betty, I made myself comfortable in the large chair. My wife sat up on the bed and the two men sat also, one on either side of her.

By the way, this wasn’t the first time I had lined Betty up with other men. At a Christmas party the year before she had spent an hour and a half with a complete stranger, but at that time I wasn’t a witness to what went on. This time I was going to watch.

Betty smiled at the register man as he slid an arm about her shoulders. Soon she was being kissed very passionately on the lips, while at the same time being eased onto her back. Her still unbuttoned blouse fell away to re-veal her black brassiere. The two men did not waste time. Still kissing her long and hard, the register man began to feel and rub her breasts through the bra. The grass wasn’t growing under the attendant’s feet either; he had his left hand under my wife’s skirt, pulling it up so that I was able to feast my eyes on Betty’s very attractive nylon-covered legs all the way up to her garters. I watched her squirm with pleasure as the attendant’s hand worked its way up between her bare thighs. My eyes were glued to that hand as it toyed with my wife’s pussy, rubbing it through her bikini panties.

The two men worked as a team, removing my wife’s blouse, skirt, bra and panties. In a minute she lay fully exposed, wearing only her pink garter belt and dark hose. They then stripped themselves quickly, and I could see their large stiff cocks pointing upward in tribute to my wife’s sexy charms.

Betty gave me a thrill as she reached out and grasped the attendant’s cock, squeezing him gently and slowly pumping the foreskin back and forth. The attendant took this as a signal. I watched as he mounted her. His hand disappeared between their bodies, and I knew he was putting that large stiff piece of meat into my wife’s cunt. I watched with pure pleasure as the two of them began to move in perfect rhythm now. For about five full minutes I watched my wife being fucked by this young stud, maybe thirty years her junior. A loud cry escaped his mouth as he arched his back, and I knew he was filling Betty’s slit with his warm load.

It was the other guy’s turn now, but he had a different plan. He moved up on the bed until his crotch was over my wife’s face. There was a thin string of pre-come hanging from his enormous cock. Betty’s lips parted eagerly as he moved his hips toward her, bringing that tool to her mouth. My own cock throbbed as her wet tongue came out and licked away the pre-come.

I sat back and watched as Betty’s mouth engulfed his huge cock. His wet lollipop slid rhythmically in and out of her mouth. I knew he was receiving great pleasure, as I did whenever Betty sucked me off. It didn’t take a minute for my wife to bring this guy to a hard orgasm. Shoving his hips forward, he cried out as he climaxed, filling my wife’s mouth with his come.

That was just the beginning. The four of us had a great time for the rest of the evening, and when we left, Betty and I were told that room seven would always be available to us in the future.—
L.K., Saginaw, Michigan


I love my husband, but after ten years of marriage I felt I needed something different in my life. A year ago I got a job at a factory and began to lose weight. After three months I had lost twenty-five pounds and had developed a very nice shape. The guys I worked with were starting to make a lot of comments about what a nice body I had, which made me feel good about myself, and also made me feel hornier than usual.

Over the years my husband and I had talked about an-other man fucking me, but I hadn’t really thought I could do it. Now I started thinking differently. I told Jerry, my husband, that there was a guy at work named Randy who I had started fantasizing about. He was only twenty-three years old and very good-looking.

Jerry told me I should go ahead and come on to him, saying he believed that this guy would jump at the chance to fuck me. I didn’t really think anything would ever happen, since I was eleven years older than Randy. Besides, he had just gotten engaged and was planning a wedding in less than a year. Even so, I thought it might be exciting to tease him a little.

The next week I started flirting with him, talking about how good-looking he was. I even told him he had a nice ass, and that I’d bet he was really good in bed.

To my surprise, after a few days of this Randy responded to my mild overtures by saying that if I was serious, I should come to his apartment that Thursday at ten o’clock. He said he didn’t think I would really show up, but he gave me his address anyway.

That night I told Jerry what Randy had said. I told him I was very nervous and didn’t think I could go through with it. Jerry told me I should enjoy the fact that an engaged twenty-three-year-old man would risk everything to have the chance to fuck me. This made me very horny, and I decided that I did want to be fucked by this young man, very badly.

I was still nervous on Thursday as I drove to Randy’s apartment, and I wasn’t sure about what might happen. When he opened the door I could tell he was pleasantly surprised. We sat and talked a little, and then he suddenly leaned over and put his hand on my breast and his tongue deep in my mouth.

At this moment I knew there was no turning back, and that for the first time in ten years I was about to be fucked by someone beside my husband. My panties were soon soaked as Randy continued to kiss me and toy with my body. He soon had my clothes off and his cock in my mouth.

His dick was larger than any I had ever had. I was enjoying every inch of it in my mouth, and yearning to have it in my pussy. He came in my mouth in a very short time, and I swallowed every drop of it. He then carried me into his bedroom, where he slid his big cock deep into me and began to fuck me.

I could tell he was very inexperienced, because he came again very fast. After a while I got dressed and left. As I drove out of the parking lot I saw his girlfriend just pulling in.

Since then Randy comes to my house about once a month, and we fuck each other. I have taught him to make it last a lot longer, and now he usually brings me to orgasm and we come together. My goal now is to fuck him after he gets married, which he will do in a few months. Jerry is happy too, as he says fucking Randy has made me hotter than ever.—
J.V., Austin, Texas


My wife and I have been married for five years now. I am twenty-six and Tara is twenty-three. She is a redhead, five feet five inches tall and about one hundred fifteen pounds. Her measurements are a stunning 37-25-35. Her tits are firm and full, with large nipples. She has a trim waist with wide, well-rounded hips that sway seductively when she walks. Tara is a perfect lady, well dressed and well mannered. She always wears a garter belt and stockings, with sheer see-through bikini panties beneath her modest skirt.

When we met, a year or so before we were married, she was a virgin. Our sex life began very satisfactorily, but after a while I felt that something was lacking. The sex was getting to be sort of routine. I hesitated to bring this up to Tara, but I finally asked her if she ever had the desire to fuck another man. She said she thought it might be fun if the right person came along, and if I was sure I wouldn’t get angry or jealous. But, she said, if she was going to fuck another man, she wanted him to be some-one very different from me.

It was some time before the right opportunity presented itself. I had formed a friendship with Brad, a young, well-dressed black man who was a travel agent for a large airline company. He had mentioned that his wife had been having a very difficult pregnancy, and it had been some weeks since he’d had any pussy. In addition, he traveled a lot and often spent time away from his home, which was in another city. I invited him to spend an evening out with Tara and me when he was going to be in town, and he happily accepted the invitation.

When the time came the three of us we went out and had a very nice dinner, complete with vintage wine. Then we returned home and had some nice conversation and some more wine, I finally announced that I was going to retire for the evening, and left Tara and Brad in friendly conversation on the couch. But instead of going to bed, I secretly watched them from the partly-closed door of our bedroom.

Tara was wearing a white blouse and a short white skirt. The skirt was hiked up, and I could see the dark bands at the top of her stockings. Brad kept glancing at Tara’s lovely legs, and I just knew he was going to try to make it with her. I wondered if she would really go all the way.

I remained absolutely silent as I watched. Brad’s left hand was resting on the back of the couch. As Tara settled back his hand caught her shoulder, turning her to face him. She gasped in surprise when he kissed her and cupped her tit. She moved his hand away, but not very convincingly, and in a few seconds it was back again. Soon both his hands were working her tits. He unbuttoned her blouse then, and reached inside her bra. Her skirt hiked up even higher as she squirmed under his hands. I was fascinated by the idea of a black man making out with my wife. This was better than any X-rated movie I had ever seen.

Brad slipped the straps of Tara’s bra from her shoulders and lifted her tits from their cups. I could see that her big nipples were fully erect. He stuck one of her nipples in his mouth. Her eyes were closed, her lips parted as he started sucking. She let out a low moan, holding his face to her tit while he sucked her hard. He moved up and kissed her mouth, and this time she responded with a probing tongue. His hand moved over her knees and up along her thighs. Her legs parted as he reached higher, and soon his fingers were caressing her cunt through her panties. Her skirt was now bunched up about her waist.

My wife threw her arms around Brad’s neck and kissed him wildly. I watched, stroking my hard cock. He eased Tara’s panties to one side, his fingers stroking her cunt, then sliding up into her. She ground her hips against his hand as he fingered her. Her moans grew louder. He whispered something to her. She reached down and unzipped his zipper and pulled out his cock.

My wife now sat up and looked down at the hard black cock that she held in her band. It looked to be about twice as big as mine, and was so thick that she had trouble closing her hand around it. “Give it to me!” Tara cried out. “Put it in me!” They began kissing again, their tongues playing in each other’s mouth. Tara raised her hips and he tugged her panties off. She began sucking his cock. Her head was bobbing up and down as that huge tool slid in and out of her mouth.

I was slowly jacking off as I watched my wife give this man a blowjob. Brad was moaning. “Oh yes, baby, suck my big black cock, suck it baby. Oh yes, you suck so well!”

Tara pulled her mouth off him. “Put it in my pussy, baby,” she gasped out. Brad moved his mouth down to her pussy. His tongue lapped at her swollen clit, then began probing the inside of her cunt. “Oh yes, I’m coming!” she groaned. “Oh, it feels so good!” Her hips spasmed and she lay back, looking completely spent.

BOOK: Letters to Penthouse XXII
12.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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