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Authors: Jemma Jones

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Good 'Till the Last Drop: Lactation Erotica Bundle

BOOK: Good 'Till the Last Drop: Lactation Erotica Bundle
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Good ‘Till the Last Drop

Lactation Erotica Bundle




Jemma Jones




Smashwords Edition


Published by:

Jemma Jones for Smashwords


Good ‘Till the Last Drop, Lactation
Erotica Bundle

Copyright © July 2012 by Jemma


Lactating Liaisons

Milking Vegas: A Lactation Fantasy

Lactation Domination




Lactating Liaisons


Jemma Jones




Smashwords Edition


Published by:

Jemma Jones for Smashwords


Lactating Liaisons

Copyright © April 2012 by Jemma





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Olivia quietly took out the bottle of Palmers
Body Butter and squirted a generous amount in her hand. She warmed
the lotion between her hands and slowly massaged it onto her belly.
The warm, rubbing motion of her hands felt soothing, and she put
her head back, sighing. Her baby, Ellie, was quietly asleep and now
it was, as Olivia dubbed it, “mommy time.” This was her time to
feel like a woman again and to reconnect with her husband Nick.

Olivia finished rubbing the lotion into her
skin, and softly padded back into her bedroom. She pulled off her
ratty t-shirt and old sweatpants, tossing them into a heap on the
floor. She delicately stepped over her dirty clothes and walked to
her dresser. She slid open her silky-things drawer and smiled at
the contents. She carefully pulled out a deep purple, gauzy thong,
trimmed with turquoise ribbon. She stepped into the thong and
slowly pulled it up her legs and over her thighs. It felt slightly
tighter than normal, but that was to be expected considering Olivia
gave birth a mere five weeks ago. She then gingerly pulled out the
matching baby doll top. The sheer material gathered at the bust,
with a deep push-up, forcing her swollen breasts to rise high,
nearly spilling over.

Full with milk, her breasts had never been so
large. She carefully tucked two nursing pads into the bra. Olivia
had no problem with milk production; in fact, she made more milk
than most women. Over-active let down the doctor had called it.
Maybe all that milk production was the reason that Olivia’s
appetite for sex was in over-drive.

Ever since giving birth, Olivia had wanted
nothing but sex morning, noon and night. Since coming home from the
hospital, Olivia had begged Nick every night to fuck her, but Nick
was too afraid to have sex so quickly after birth. Olivia had
pulled out all the stops – she sucked Nick’s dick with zeal,
paraded around in skimpy underwear, and openly touched herself.

At three weeks, post partum, Olivia had
stumbled upon Nick’s weak point. She had put Ellie down for a few
hours after dinner and lay on the couch, spreading her legs and
beginning to please herself. She leisurely dragged her hands across
her pussy, moaning quietly, hoping Nick would give in to her
desires. Nick had sat on the opposite couch, breathing rapidly,
stroking himself as he watched his wife bring herself to a forceful
orgasm. He moved closer so he could get a better view and Olivia
heard him gasp in surprise. She had not put in nursing pads, and
the arousal coupled with her orgasm, had left huge, wet milk spots
all down her shirt. Nick thrust himself into her with all his
might, and Olivia’s needs were finally met and thus started Nick’s
fetish with her lactating breasts.

Nick’s desire for her breasts was nearly as
great as Olivia’s desire to be fucked around the clock. Nick
regularly pounced on her in the house, constantly massaging,
sucking and titty fucking her breasts. He moaned as he watched the
milk trickle out slowly, and cried outright in pleasure when the
milk came forcibly. And when Nick drank from her breasts – well
that was beyond description. Nick would moan so deeply and then
come with such force that it frightened him.

Olivia adjusted her nursing pads. She liked
to wear them now to tease Nick. She would slyly pull them out and
let her milk run out, seeping through her clothes. Nick would go
mad with desire and that in turn would make even more milk pour out
of Olivia. At this moment, she could already feel wetness oozing
through her thong. Olivia was hoping Nick could keep up with her
tonight. Her appetite was becoming so strong, that she was
considering fucking other men during the day while Nick was at
work. Rubbing a finger through her wetness, Olivia licked her lips,
before heading downstairs to Nick.

Nick was sprawled out on the couch, watching
baseball. Olivia walked to his side and ran her hand down his bare
leg up to his boxers. Nick smiled, and peered around her to see the
screen. Annoyed, Olivia straddled Nick on the couch; her milky skin
a stark contrast against his darker skin.

“You can watch the game later,” she murmured,
as she pulled his shirt up and brought her mouth to his chest. Nick
groaned and reached his hands around to her exposed behind.

“A thong,” he breathed, “You haven’t worn one
since giving birth.”
Olivia flicked her tongue against Nick’s nipples.

“I thought it was time,” she exhaled against
his chest. She felt Nick’s growing erection harden against her
stomach. Nick reached from her ass to her pussy, gently pushing her
thong aside and sliding two fingers deep inside her. Olivia grabbed
Nick’s arms, digging her nails into his skin, and pressing her face
into his chest, moaning from the pleasure.

Her pussy was warm and wet, and Olivia could
feel the heat radiating between her legs. Olivia straightened her
body so she was sitting up, allowing Nick a full view of her.
Olivia loved her new post-pregnant body. She loved the way her
huge, engorged breasts felt on her body. She loved the fullness
that her body retained from the pregnancy, and how Nick groped at
her fleshier parts, allowing him to take hold of her and grip her
with his force.

“Suck me, Olivia,” Nick said huskily.
Olivia obediently lowered herself on Nick, scooting to the end of
the couch, and tugged Nick’s boxers down his legs. Nick quickly
whipped them off, throwing them over the edge of the couch.
“Ohh, baby,” he said, rubbing his cock, awaiting Olivia’s sweet
mouth to encase it.

Olivia took him into her mouth, pushing him
as deep as her throat would allow. Nick fisted her hair, making a
deep, guttural sound. Olivia moved slowly up and down his shaft,
sucking and licking, loving how he throbbed within her mouth. She
began to quicken her pace and Nick pulled her off him,
“I don’t want to come in your mouth,” he said, pulling Olivia
upright, and positioning her over his cock.

Olivia wriggled out of her thong, exposing
her pinkness, and Nick began to push his thumbs against her,
rubbing her clit and teasing her opening. Olivia could feel her
breasts leaking and she slipped her negligee straps down, allowing
her breasts to bounce free. Nick cried out in surprise and his
hands flew to her breasts, letting the milk trickle over his

Olivia, unable to hold out any longer, lifted
her pelvis up and came down on Nick’s cock. Nick cried out again
from the sensation and Olivia whimpered from the fullness. Slowly,
she began to ride Nick, her hips pushing forward, and her clit
rubbed deliciously against Nick’s shaft. Nick was still consumed
with her breasts, and he sat up, pulling Olivia closer to him, so
that he could wrap his mouth around her leaking tits. He moaned
deeply against her breasts and Olivia could feel how full her
breasts were with milk.

Nick and his fetish were increasing her milk
supply; Olivia became wetter at the thought. Nick’s hands were
squeezing her ass as she rode him faster and faster, and she
suddenly felt her milk let down. Nick moaned roughly as his mouth
began to fill with milk. Olivia felt the release and tingling from
her milk coming out at full force. Nick began to suck and swallow,
moaning constantly. He switched between breasts, allowing the
exposed breast to shoot all over his hands. Nick let the milk
dribble out of his mouth, and he looked at Olivia, his eyes wild
with pleasure. That one look sent Olivia over the edge, and she
shouted as her orgasm took over her body and mind.

The pleasure spread over her entire body as
she convulsed, feeling her milk flow faster, and Nick joined her,
shouting as he pressed his mouth to her breasts, drinking as he
shot himself deep into Olivia. They both were panting and Nick
dragged his lips from Olivia’s breasts and brought them to her
mouth in a passionate kiss. Olivia kissed back, a few tremors still
rocking through her body.

“Holy fuck, that was incredible,” Nick said,
stroking her hair.

“I know,” she breathed, leaning against his
chest. Olivia felt exhausted and she knew she needed to sleep
before Ellie woke up again. She laid her head against Nick’s chest
and fell asleep, hoping Ellie would give them at least another hour
of sleep.

The following day, Olivia made sure to clean
the milk stains off the leather couch. She was aroused just
thinking about the steamy evening she and Nick shared. The phone
rang, and Olivia grabbed it quickly, not wanting to disturb


“Hey,” Nick said, “I’ve got bad news. I need
to cover a late meeting tonight, so I won’t be home until
Olivia groaned, “That doesn’t leave us any time for sex.”
“Babes, you wear me out. I need a night off anyway,” Nick

Olivia was annoyed. She didn’t think she
could last an entire day without Nick filling every inch of

“Nick, you know how horny I am. Can’t you be
home earlier?” she pleaded.

“No can do. You’ll survive. You should get
the extra sleep anyway.”
“Whatever. I’ll see you later.” Olivia hung up the phone, unhappy.
She knew if Nick came home at ten, she would be sleeping, and then
once Nick fell asleep there would be no chance of rousing him. She
could please herself, but it just wasn’t the same as feeling Nick’s
flesh rub against her insides. She looked quickly at her watch and
realized she was late. She had her six-week check up with her
gynecologist and she needed to drop Ellie off at her mom’s in time.
Forgetting about Nick, she began to rush to make her appointment on

One hour later, Olivia was sitting somewhat
uncomfortably, clothed from the waist up. A scratchy paper sheet
was lying across her legs, and she stared at her neatly folded
jeans and panties, which were resting on a nearby chair. She heard
a sound outside the room, and then Dr. Rustle swept into the room
with a nurse trailing behind.
“Hello, Olivia,” he said kindly, shaking her hand, and moving down
to the bottom of the table.

“Hi,” Olivia answered.

“How are you feeling? How is the baby?”

“I feel really good and Ellie is doing well,
thanks for asking,” Olivia shifted on the crumbly paper beneath

“Okay, scoot down please to the bottom of the
table,” he said professionally.

Olivia shifted, and placed her feet into the
metal stirrups, willing the exam to be over quickly. She felt
gloved hands push and prod her in a medical way, and then without
warning, she felt Dr. Rustle’s fingers gently caress her clit.
Olivia’s head flew up and her hand slipped off the table. She
looked at Dr. Rustle with wild, confused eyes, but he gazed back

“Everything okay?” he asked.

“Y-yes,” Olivia stuttered. She must be so
horny that she was now imaging her gyno was fondling her. Not as if
she would mind Dr. Rustle touching her. Olivia studied his dark,
curly hair, which hung to almost his shoulders. Olivia always
thought his hair gave him character and made him edgier than other
doctors. In fact, Olivia bet that hair was great for grabbing onto
during sex – she quickly shook her head ridding herself of the
inappropriate thoughts. Dr. Rustle was now examining her stitches
and tutted his tongue with disapproval.

“Someone did not follow the six week rule,”
he reprimanded and Olivia blushed. “Your stitches aren’t healing as
well as they should,” he paused allowing this to sink in, “but I
think you will be fine, nonetheless.”

And there it was again! That was a definite
rub on her clit. Olivia whipped her head to look at the nurse, but
she was busy putting some type of instrument back on the cart.
Olivia looked at Dr. Rustle and his cool professional gaze had
turned to a smoldering one. Continuing to stare at Olivia, he said,
“That’s all, Lisa.” And not paying one bit of attention, Lisa, the
nurse, turned and left the room.

BOOK: Good 'Till the Last Drop: Lactation Erotica Bundle
4.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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