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a massive burst of drums heralded the arrival of the tournament parade. The
cheers of the guests who were rapidly filling out the seats drowned every
attempt at conversation.

clenched his teeth, saw Tyler's cheek muscle twitch with annoyance as he rolled
his eyes, and felt Susannah's grip on his fingers tighten.

looked down to see her squeezing both men's hands, hard enough to whiten her
knuckles. She drew them together in her lap, intertwining them, making sure she
had their attention over all the noise.

then, only then…she lifted the combined handclasps to her bodice and pressed
them against her breasts.


Chapter Three



does this work?"

tentatively asked the question that had been thundering in her brain ever since
she developed a severe case of inexplicable insanity and agreed to have sex
with two men.


thinking about it was getting her wet and hot under her medieval skirts. There
must be something seriously wrong with her.

then again, a quick look at the two gorgeous guys who wanted to share her in
bed--well yeah, she might be insane, but she sure as hell wasn't stupid.

curiosity had overwhelmed her common sense, and given that she'd been in a
sexual dry spell for far too long, she'd been more than ripe for the picking.
Logan had been an object of her purely female interest for a while, and tossing
Tyler into the deal had all but guaranteed she'd go for it.

Shit again
out of my fucking mind

linked arms with her as they joined the guests heading away from the tournament

knew there'd been horses and knights and stuff. What they'd done or who won,
she couldn't have begun to guess. She'd been lost in a deluge of erotic
imaginings. It had, clinically speaking, been a nice kind of private foreplay.

she had questions and decided that the best thing to do was ask. If she heard
anything she didn't like, she was so out of there before anything got out of

like to take you to our
pied a terre

Pied a terre

chamber designed specifically for serial killers who like to have sex with
their victims first." He paused. "Kidding."

swallowed. "Shit, Tyler. That wasn't funny."

thought it was, but I admit to a twisted sense of humor." He chuckled. "Seriously,
we have a suite of rooms at a small B&B near here. It's permanently reserved
for us and a great place to get away after a rough week."

sex pad, huh?" She raised an eyebrow skeptically.

frowned. "No. One or other of us will come up on weekends as Tyler said,
just to get away. Do we bring our dates there? Yes. Occasionally. But don't go
thinking it's some kind of guy sex cave. It's not."

Not sure about any of this." Abruptly, Susannah pulled her arms free. "Perhaps
I'm the wrong woman."

paused, making the other two stop as well. By mutual agreement, they stepped
out of the flow of people and toward a quieter spot with a tiny bench. "Sit."
He pressed Susannah's shoulder and urged her down.

assumed the
man position
--one foot on
the bench beside her, leaning on that raised knee. On others it would've been
hackneyed. On him--it was all male perfection and the vision wasn't lost on

stared at her. "Look, if you're uncomfortable with this concept, it's
okay. We're grown men. You're a grown woman. We all have the right to make our
own decisions, to choose to do what works for us."

squatted beside her and took her hand again. "Tyler's right. He and I
enjoy sex with women. We've found that sharing the experience heightens our
pleasure. We're not gay, if that's one of your questions. But we're mature
enough to be able to share lovemaking without any competition. We both love
women. Love pleasuring women. We've found that with two of us the desire is

the effort halved." Tyler chuckled.

was an infectious sound that made Susannah smile in spite of her doubts. She
spoke without thinking. "So if I don't come, you can each blame the other

lips twisted into a wicked smile. "Oh you'll come."

doubt about that, my dear." Tyler's expression was intense and punched
into her like a physical blow, taking her breath away. "You'll come many
times. We'll make sure of it."

often as you want. As often as you

rose from his knees and pushed his way next to her on the small bench, his hips
snug against hers, his heat seeping through the fabric of her skirts into her
thigh. "We will make you come with our hands and our mouths first. We love
that. Imagine it, Susannah. Two men with their tongues on you. No question
about any of your sensitive places being neglected, because we can hit 'em all
at once. Suck and lick them. Tease them. Pinch them and then go back and do it
all over again."

leaned over. "Did you know that every man has a slightly different way of
sucking a woman's nipples? Or licking her pussy? I know Logan and I do. That's
the nice thing about sharing a woman. We get to compare our techniques. We make
sure we don't repeat ourselves when it comes to anything oral. We're

last words were whispered into her ear and Susannah wondered if she could take
any more without exploding. Right this second she fully expected the laces on
her corset to snap as lust billowed up from her pussy and threatened to choke

struggled to regain a measure of composure. "Okay guys. Let me breathe.
You're crowding me."

they moved away, Logan standing, Tyler leaning back on his heels.

was their response that sold her. They were telling the truth--they did love
women. They did enjoy sharing their dates. She read it in their body language
and in their instinctive responses, which showed a unique familiarity with each
other that only shared intimacies could produce.

a few moments Slash McGill took over Susannah's mind, and she used her
experience reading people to briefly analyze both men. Why she hadn't done that
before, she wasn't sure, but it probably had something to do with the damned
corset cutting off the blood supply to her higher mental functions.

the fact that they were about as prime a set of male specimens as she'd ever
seen. And she was human, with girl hormones, etcetera.

she was going to do this. She was going to go with them to their
pied a
, get naked and do the deed. And, if they lived up to their
advance billing, she would come her brains out. More than once.

that…well, she didn't know. But damn. This would be a night that would go down
in history. Thank God she'd avoided the social networks or she might even have
been tempted to get all twittery about it.

stood, shaking out her skirts, her spine erect thanks to the well-boned
garments. "All right. I'm on board with this plan. As long as you
understand this is a first for me. Don't expect me to know the rules or the
procedures. I have no clue what to do or what not to do. It all sounds
wonderful, but let's face it, we're talking sex here. A lot can go wrong."

and Logan moved to her sides, again demonstrating a unity that she found
particularly charming.

understand. And nothing will go wrong." Logan tucked one arm beneath his. "This
is purely for pleasure, my sweet. Sexual pleasure. We cannot deny ourselves or
our nature. Men and women derive satisfaction from the act. Why pretend we don't?"

we find you very special, sweetheart. This isn't something we do with just
anyone. It has to be a special person. Someone we like as well as lust for.
Someone who can laugh with us as well as get naked and play with us."

we'll all get our rocks off."

choked and Logan bit back a gasp of surprised laughter. "Yeah. I guess so.
When you put it like that."

like to keep things up front." Daringly she glanced down at the breeches
of the two men who bracketed her. "And I see I'm not the only one."

can we say? We want you." Logan tugged her into a stroll.

her other side, Tyler lifted her hand, making sure his arm brushed her corset
once again. "I like up front too. And if I don't get my hands on those
tits soon I'm going to freakin' explode."

couldn't help joining in the laughter.

if a burden had been lifted from the three of them, the laughter continued as
they made their way back through the maze of streets comprising the Faire.
Instead of rushing her to the car, Susannah was surprised at the relaxed pace
they set, stopping at various vendors whenever one caught somebody's eye.

was lured by the boot shop, spending at least ten minutes drooling over some
magnificent hand-tooled leather creations, and then finally deciding they weren't
practical enough for the amount of money involved.

for his part, disappeared into a gentlemen's clothier, emerging a few moments
later in a coat that could have graced the shoulders of any aristocrat in the
late Victorian period.

knew this because it was a dead ringer for the one she'd seen in illustrations
of the case of Jack the Ripper. Black, belted and caped, it was a really lovely
coat, but again it was decided that practicality should dictate such a
purchase. This, sighed Logan with a final lingering caress, just wasn't

refused to be lured by anything anyone was selling. It wasn't that she didn't
love looking at pretty things--she did. It was more a case of she didn't have
anywhere to put things in her small apartment. She loved the carefully carved
wood, everything from small end tables to complete dining rooms. They were the
kinds of things that begged to be smoothed and would develop the patina that
spoke of many years of such caresses.

caught both men watching her hand as she let it drift over the polished arm of
a chair. And her breath hitched at the naked lust she saw in their eyes.

was time.

finally accepted that she shared their want. She wanted, as much as they wanted,
and what they wanted. She wanted to be nude with them, to have their bodies
touch and slide and thrust against each other. She wanted to learn their tastes
and experience the newness of two mouths arousing her.

wanted to lie between them and let everyone's hands go wherever they wished. To
have two fine cocks to play with even as four arms encircled her and two
tongues found places to suck, lick and tease.

was hungry for the newness of it, the difference to anything she'd imagined
before. And she refused to look beyond, since that raised questions she knew
she could not answer.

would be a moment out of time. A one-of. Something to remember when she was old
and gray, and raising cats.

smiling." Logan was at her side.

a passing thought." She turned to him. "I'm ready."

joined them. "So are we."

quickly made their way to the parking lot, and Susannah sighed a little as they
passed beneath the portal to the Faire. She was heading back into the
twenty-first century and would miss the unique excitement contained within the
small slice of history.

she was heading for a different kind of excitement, one that had already
dampened her panties and made her breasts swell beneath the corset. Her heart
was pounding much faster than normal as she led the two men to her car and
agreed they'd come with her, since they could walk back later to retrieve their
own vehicle.

palms were damp not long after, as she pulled in to the parking lot of a neat
and charming little mansion tucked away in the Maryland countryside, less than
a mile as the proverbial crow flew from the Renaissance Faire.

BOOK: KnightsOfPleasure SKelly_Nook
9.33Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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