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pulse throbbed furiously when Logan and Tyler took her hands and led her
through the deserted house and up two flights of stairs.

they stopped in front of a set of double doors. Tyler fiddled with a key and
then threw one wide, stepping back to allow her to enter.

my dear. Thank you for agreeing to be here. Come inside--and let's play."

If I'm ever going to faint, it'll be
right here, right now.




wondered if she was going to faint.

pulse at the base of her throat was fluttering and her face had paled in the
twilight. It was autumn and sunset was arriving earlier every day, so their
suite was shadowed and mysterious as they led Susannah inside.

cock was already hard, just from the ideas galloping through his ever-fertile
imagination. One look at her, radiating curiosity, arousal and a healthy dose
of nerves, set the seal on his readiness. He could sense Tyler's focus as well.

men were now fully engaged in the dance, the chase, whatever they wanted to
call it.

encircled their prey and she had succumbed. She was theirs. Now they could
tease and worship and do all the things to her that made for a memorable night.

first, they had to make sure she breathed now and again, since she appeared not
to have done so since they stepped over the threshold.

Logan's voice was sharp. "For God's sake, woman. Take a breath. We're not
into necrophilia."

choked back a shocked chuckle as she gasped. "Shit. I never even realized."

Logan closed the door and turned on one or two small lamps as Tyler opened the
windows to let in the cooling evening air. "You were holding your breath.
And we're not about to jump your bones, sweetheart. We like to take our time."

wine if you'd like. Are you hungry?" Tyler had moved to the small
kitchenette area and was gesturing to the wine glasses arranged neatly on a

I'm good. Thank you." Susannah shook her head. "Honestly? I think I'm
too nervous to eat right now. Which explains the breath thing."

walked to her side and rested a hand on her bare skin. "You don't have to
do this, Susannah, we told you that already. We're not boys. If you say no, at
any time, you're free to leave."

anyone left you before?"

grinned as he came to stand in front of her and cup her chin. "Not once I've
done this."

kissed her then, a slow lingering touch of mouth to mouth, and Logan watched,
observing the color return to Susannah's skin and the quick rise and fall of
her breasts over her corset.

took a moment to shrug out of his jacket then walked behind her and began to
loosen her laces. She made a sound, but Tyler held her mouth captive, with a
soft murmur, turning her head this way and that, distracting her attention.

loved undressing women. It was, he told Tyler, like Christmas morning.
Unwrapping the best and biggest gift, knowing what it would be but never quite
sure what it was going to look like.

knew there'd be breasts, and buttocks and a pussy between thighs that were
covered with silky soft skin. But those were the basics. Each woman was
different. Different to the touch, different in her responses, different in her
fragrance. And Logan loved them all.

or slender, young or mature, dark or light; he truly didn't give a damn. If she
was free, attractive to his eyes and interested in playing in bed with them, he
was happy. And unwrapping Susannah was surely going to be a magnificent

the laces of her corset loosened and the fabric fell free of her body, Logan
nearly drooled over the length of spine he revealed. She was athletic; he knew
that from the way he'd seen her cross the parking lot to her car every day. She
was energetic and vivid, her body feminine but strong.

this he could see from the straight posture she maintained, even when he
slipped the corset away and let the fragile little thing she wore beneath slide
down over her arms to her waist.

breasts were free, her skin only slightly marked by the bones which had lined
the medieval version of a bra.

an impulse, he ran his tongue over one of the soft indentations, enjoying the
way her skin responded and the moan she gave at the touch of his mouth. Keeping
that contact going, he pulled off his shirt and then leaned forward, moving his
mouth to her neck and his naked chest against her back.

pushed her into Tyler who was ready, the white poet's shirt unbuttoned.

met chest, and the two men sandwiched Susannah snugly, a move they'd enjoyed
many times.

realized that with Susannah it was different. She was soft in all the right
places, but there was a core of steel within her that made her in some subtle
way their equal, rather than their playmate.

hands were sliding around Tyler's waist beneath his shirt and she was moving a
little, tiny sounds emanating from her throat as she gently rubbed herself
against him. Logan continued his adventures in disrobing her by untying the
ribbon holding her skirt up.

tumbled to the ground, revealing a stiff white petticoat, which he quickly
dispatched to the floor as well.

couldn't hide a smile. His medieval maiden was wearing a completely modern
thong beneath her historical outfit. Not to mention sneakers.

was a charmingly whimsical surprise and he took a moment to caress her smooth
buttocks in appreciation. He added a warm hum of pleasure against her skin as
he kissed her shoulder again.

was moving his mouth over her face and her head fell back into Logan. Her eyes
were closed and he could feel her tumbling into the moment.

was unbelievably easy to rid himself of his clothes; even his boots slipped off
as if sharing his urgent need to be naked.

took his time, preferring to play before he took his own clothes off. They'd
discovered, to their surprise, that having one man naked and the other clothed heightened
the arousal of many women during foreplay.

was just fine with them.

close against her, Logan urged her back against his now-naked body. His cock
nestled its way against her buttocks, ending up tucked between them. And he let
his arms encircle her as his hands moved upward to find those wonderful breasts
he ached to cup.

choreography both men had perfected allowed such moves without impediment. As
soon as Susannah leaned back, Tyler broke the kiss and slowly lowered to his
knees in front of her, stripping off his shirt as he did so.

her breasts full and heavy, Logan held them comfortably, weighing them, lifting
them a little and finally letting thumbs and forefingers seek out the sharply
pebbled nipples.

arms fell to her sides and moved backward, fingers seeking his flesh, grasping
his hips as she made contact.

gave her nipples a tiny tug and she sighed out a shivering whimper. "Oh

like that, don't you?" Logan whispered the words in her ear, her skin hot
as his breath caught in the tiny space between them. "You like to have
your nipples touched. Or maybe..." He pinched them, gently but firmly.

Oh yes." She arched slightly, forcing her breasts more deeply into his

again, Logan pinched, stretching them more strongly as he did so. And he knew
that at that precise moment, Tyler's tongue had found its target.

if he hadn't known, Susannah's scream of pleasure was a dead giveaway.

Chapter Four


decided that her brain had gone on vacation, leaving the entire functioning of
her corporeal existence to her hormones and her nerve endings.

first touch of Tyler's mouth to hers and she was, to use a colloquialism, a
goner. He was masterful, sweet and gentle in a demanding sort of way. None of
which made sense, but there it was.

didn't seem to need to thrust his tongue past her lips, but was content to
cherish them first, learning them, moving her a little, experimenting with the
most enchanting of silken caresses.

mouth was firm and masculine, but tempered with a patience that both surprised
her and appealed to her. All of which was truly delightful--until Logan began
undoing her corset and adding his own seductive touches to her back.

of a sudden her body lit up like the proverbial Christmas tree. The twin
assaults on her mouth and naked back were devastating and arousing and, for a
woman who was already teetering on the edge of acute sexual need, they were
nothing short of a major shove off the cliff.

flesh responded to every tiny breath, alive to Logan's light nibbles every bit
as much as to Tyler's now more intense kiss. She opened her mouth and urged him
inside and he took her invitation, plunging deep, learning the contours of her
tongue and her teeth.

all the while, Logan undressed her. Carefully and with attention to detail, he
unfastened the corset and tugged away the little chemise she wore beneath. When
he ran his tongue over her torso she wanted to moan--and did--but Tyler
captured the sound and swallowed it.

felt a naked chest against her breasts, and knew Tyler had at least unfastened
his shirt if not taken it off. Had she been curious enough, she would have
looked. But as it was, she felt content just to be lazily cherished and aroused
like this.

was unique, wonderful and something she could never have imagined in her
wildest and most erotic dreams.

as she was getting accustomed to their attentions, Logan stripped her skirt and
petticoat away. This was followed by an appreciative caress of her buttocks,
which made her realize how her entire body was moving into a state of
heightened sensitivity. She could feel the tiny ridges on his fingertips as he
stroked her roundness and she shivered as he ran his fingers along the small
strip of her thong.

chose that moment to leave her mouth and move to her neck, her ear and her
shoulder, and all she could do was let her head drop back while he feasted on
her skin, her lips cooling and mourning the loss of his touch.

her, Logan was all heat and solid muscle, and she realized he was naked now,
his cock hard and thrusting against her bottom.

his hands circled her and moved upward, she held her breath. Not from
apprehension this time, but from need, from the deep urgent desire to have him
touch her breasts.

did, and she sighed long and loud. Her nipples were one of her hot-spots, super
sensitive and hard-wired into her sexual arousal system. She knew this from her
own self-experimentation, but until now, until Logan, no man had explored this
unique relationship to its fullest.


bare skin against her back was a turn-on in and of itself. But when his hands
cupped and lifted her breasts, she figured she was probably glowing with
pleasure. His whispers against her ear, words she had to fight to understand
through her increasing sexual haze, well it all added to what was happening to

he began to play, to tug, tease and eventually to pinch her nipples, she fought
against a wriggle of exquisite pleasure.

when he finally got to a sharp twisting pull she knew her cup of happiness was
running over between her thighs. Which happened to be where Tyler was pulling aside
her thong and about to put his tongue.

when he did…


entire body arched, hips thrusting toward Tyler, shoulders bowing backward into
Logan's arms.

released a breast and reached up, seizing her chin, turning her head and
thrusting his tongue into her mouth, a savage kiss in contrast to the gentle
seduction Tyler had delivered moments before.

BOOK: KnightsOfPleasure SKelly_Nook
5.29Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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