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met him stroke for stroke, the roughness a perfect foil for the feel of his
hand on her breast and Tyler's tongue delving deeply into the folds of her
pussy. He'd gripped her buttocks and pushed his way past her thong. Oddly
enough, the fact that she still wore the little scrap of lace added a frisson
of eroticism…it was more arousing than being totally nude. More forbidden or
wicked, perhaps.

didn't really have time to ponder the intricacies, since both men were
demanding her attention.

knees began to tremble as Tyler pressed home his mouth, nuzzling, sucking,
licking, drinking her down in great gulps and learning the places that made her
shiver. She couldn't stay still, writhing in his grasp, hungering with every
inch for Tyler's mouth and Logan's kiss.

knew, without a doubt. They moved in tandem, keeping her shuddering with
pleasure, caressing then teasing and arousing. Her body responded instantly,
moving with them, offering them whatever they cared to take.

knew no shame, thrusting her hips into Tyler's face and her breasts into Logan's

had fallen into their carefully designed trap, lured by their exquisite talent
for sexuality. A tiny part of her brain hoped she'd get out with a whole skin.
The rest of her just flat out didn't care.

she staggered into Logan, her legs threatening to give way and crumple around
Tyler's face.

they seemed ready for this and she was in their arms before she realized her
feet had left the ground. A bed materialized beneath her, soft and expansive,
and she opened her eyes to see Logan, beautifully naked in the low light,
stripping her thong from her body with gentle movements.

him, Tyler finished undressing, his eyes roaming her body appreciatively as his
clothes fell away.

felt powerful, feminine, and admired; a heady brew of sensual eroticism heated
by a hunger growing deep in her belly.

men were compelling, lovely to look at, prime specimens of masculinity.
Everything that was female inside Susannah stood up and gave them a standing
ovation. And then laid down with legs spread wide open in wanton invitation.

knew this night would meet or exceed any ideas she'd ever had about sex.
Neither man would let it be otherwise.

worries or inhibitions she'd clung to vanished at the first stroke of their
skin against hers.

her world suddenly became illuminated with the brilliance of unimagined

two men moved almost as one, with Logan clambering onto the bed and moving
upward near her head while Tyler curled himself down toward her thighs. From
there, they resumed their earlier activities.

taste so good." The whisper came from lips that hovered above her sex.

She didn't know how to answer.

can't wait until it's my turn to find out," Logan murmured as he shifted
his position. "Until then I'll have to make do with these."

cupped her breasts and squeezed them together, then dipped his head and swiped
his tongue forcefully over both her nipples. It was an amazingly wonderful
sensation and she gasped out a moan of delight. "Jesus. Do that again."


did, repeating the move, just as Tyler rediscovered the wet and swollen folds
of her pussy lips. Helpless, she squirmed and groaned, sobbing out a breath as
two mouths suckled and licked and nipped on the most erogenous areas of her

seemed to know instinctively how to play with her tender areolas, where to be
gentle and when to pull with his entire mouth. He kept the teasing arousal
steady and unbelievably wonderful, working in concert with Tyler, whose hair
tickled the inside of her thighs.

his part, Tyler was demonstrating a skill at oral sex that bewildered Susannah.
She enjoyed this particular activity, of course, since she was the focus of
attention and there wasn't a damn thing wrong with that in her book.

usually such treatment brought her orgasm quickly, and the touch of a man's
tongue against her clit--or even near it after a certain point--did the trick.

again, she was proved wrong.

knew how to lick her and suck her. And he knew where. Within seconds she was
aroused, her body alight with nerve endings shimmering with sexual excitement.
There could be only one resolution. And yet it didn't come.

to her surprise, did she.

thrusting touch of Tyler's tongue added fuel to her fire. Yet his pace was
leisurely, his exploration detailed and steady. She began to understand that he
wasn't eating her pussy to make her come, he was eating her pussy because he
enjoyed it. He treated her sex like the finest delicacy, something to be
savored and enjoyed for what it was, not what it would do if he worked it a
certain way.

sampled her hot juices, which she knew were coating more than just her thighs
at this point. He took time to kiss her belly, diverted his attention to her
navel for a few moments and then returned to slowly and ever so lightly stroke
his tongue around her clit, bringing her up again to a level of almost painful

all the while Logan played with her breasts.

unbelievably talented
incredibly skilled
darted through
Susannah's mind as she lay trembling beneath the attentions of her two lovers.
Never had she hit this level of eroticism or arousal without climaxing.

was being played like a Stradivarius violin beneath the hands of two master
musicians and responding wildly to each subtle touch.

long she enjoyed it, she couldn't have said. Eons or minutes…time became an
abstract concept.

soon the hunger began to build. The emptiness in her body became an ache, a
yearning for something to fill it, stretch it, thrust into it and push her
thighs wide. Her lips parted and she flicked out her tongue to moisten them as
her breath hitched in her throat.

part of her mind realized they'd built her arousal not only for her own
pleasure, but so that it would match theirs. So that she would desire them as
much as they desired her.

had worked.

sucked in air. "I need you. Both of you. Please…"

know." Tyler blew gently on her most sensitive folds. "We want you


question was cut short by a quick kiss from Logan. "Let us show you. Trust
us, Susannah."

do." She looked at him, his hair mussed, his eyes reflecting the dim
light. So beautiful. As was Tyler, earring twinkling amongst the dark blond
silk strands, leaning on her thigh with his chin resting on her hipbone. Two
lovely animals, male to their eyebrows, ready to fuck her into heaven.

Christmas had arrived ahead of schedule this year. And it had nothing to do
with Virginia or Santa. It had turned out to be one giant gift of sexual
awareness and she intended to enjoy it to the max.

let a slow gentle smile cross her lips. "I trust you. Show me."

almost feline pleasure in her expression nearly tipped Logan over the edge. He
loved foreplay and he was harder than steel against her skin. Her breasts were
sweet and full and when he suckled her swollen flesh into his mouth--well, it
was bliss, more bliss and an extra helping of bliss on the side.

responded to his touch, and to Tyler's as well. They had enough experience to
know that two mouths needed to do half as much arousing, and had perfected
their technique over the years.

was all paying off with this one amazing woman.

felt the shivering rigidity of her nipples as he tongued and sucked them. He
nipped delicately when Tyler was busy with her navel, then laved the tiny hurt
with soft strokes once Tyler went down on her again.

was moving a little, a sensual shift of her body that spoke volumes. Her
arousal wasn't in question, restraining her orgasm was. There was only so much
a body could take before the inevitable series of events took place. Nature had
designed it to be that way.

all Tyler and Logan could really do was postpone that event for as long as they
could. And hold on to their control while they were at it.

found himself thankful he wasn't ten years younger or he'd have come all over
her by now, just from the taste of her breasts and the scent of her pussy. He
wanted his turn there, but could wait for a while. They had all night and had
learned long ago that the best nights were those spent in leisurely exploration
and hours of play.

rush into the madness of orgasm when there was so much fun to be derived from
extending the trip?

his cock was hard and his balls taut with the need to ejaculate. But he wasn't
going to die from waiting a little longer.

he knew what was going to happen--he was going to let her suck him. And that
was one of his greatest pleasures. There was nothing quite like a woman's lips
around his cock. He loved pussy and he loved fucking that pussy, but was quite
content when his partner went down on him. He was a man of simple tastes, he
supposed, but when it boiled down to the basics, he just liked sex. And
orgasms. Any way he could get 'em.

tonight was a little different.

it would be Susannah's mouth on him and when he saw her lick her lips, his cock
throbbed painfully.

plea, her request for them both, her obvious need…it was all fuel for the fire.

he and Tyler moved as one to satisfy that need.

helped her up toward the headboard, resting her shoulders against the pillows
he mounded there.

followed, rising to his knees and slipping them beneath her thighs. It was a
formation they'd tried before and one they both enjoyed. Tyler could fuck her
pussy with his cock and Logan would straddle her, putting himself in the right
place for her to reach him with her mouth while keeping his weight off her

heard Tyler's movements as he sheathed himself in a condom. For a moment Logan
wondered if he should do the same, but then he glanced down at Susannah. This
was a woman he knew, not a stranger. He wouldn't ever fuck anyone without
protection, but oral sex?

nothing would keep him from experiencing her lips on his sensitive flesh. A
drop of pre-cum seeped from the swollen head of his cock as his anticipation
rose higher.

you ready?" He leaned forward, grasped his erection and brushed her lips.
Her arms were trapped by his thighs, and he knew without looking behind him
that Tyler had her legs spread wide.

nodded, her face flushed a little, licking the tiny slick of moisture he'd
left, her eyelids heavy and languorous. "God, yes."

moaned and her hips rose…Tyler was beginning to penetrate her. He would do it
slowly, wringing every possible sensation out of the experience.

knew it--he'd watched the focus on his friend's face at this moment many times
before. That first entry, that first thrust into a woman's hottest and wettest
darkness--it was special, no question about it.

lips had parted and her tongue flicked out once again. She looked up at Logan
with eyes shadowed and mysterious. "I can't reach you."

hands moved fretfully where he had them pinned to her body, and he realized he'd
been watching her, drifting in the moment, almost forgetting what he was about
to do. He smiled. "Let's fix that."

his hips, Logan shifted his cock and Susannah opened her mouth eagerly. As she
put a tentative kiss on his arousal, he sighed and shivered. Then she sucked on
the swollen head and drew a groan from deep in his gut.

it was amazing.

there was more to follow, since one taste seemed to have whetted her appetite.
Susannah sucked his cock with enthusiasm and pleasure, her eyelids drifting
shut as she found her pace, her suction wavering as Tyler moved within her.

sounds of sex filled the room, slick and subtle, flesh against flesh, lips
against velvet, hot juices sliding over hard muscle.

body moved with Tyler's thrusts, her mouth moved against Logan's cock.

felt all three of them begin the slow slide down into the heated world of
desire and ecstasy. The air was rich with the scent of their bodies, the bed
whispered softly as they moved and the dance leading to release had begun.

was no stopping it now.

felt the air on his back, a breeze stirred by Tyler's steady thrusts, his
breath quicker and shallower as he plunged more deeply.

was moaning around Logan's cock, her body moving with as Tyler fucked her, her
mouth sucking on Logan as if he was her lifeline. Her hands had found his legs
and she was holding on, uniting all three of them into one writhing unit of
arms, and legs and hunger…

BOOK: KnightsOfPleasure SKelly_Nook
2.31Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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