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“You’re making it easier,” he whispered with a shaky laugh. “
, Dolores,” he said, nodding with a smile. “
.” She licked him again and then turned and rose to her knees, holding on to Derek again, who had silently watched their exchange.

“Der-reek,” she said, smiling, and slid her arms around him as she kissed the side of his neck. When he didn’t respond she pulled away and placed his hands back on her thighs as they were before. “Der-reek,” she tried again, indicating he was to lift her up as he had done earlier.

“Ian?” he asked.

Ian moved behind her. “She got my cock wet, Derek, so it would go in easier. Lift her up again.”

“Jesus, I think I’m in love,” was all Derek said as he grabbed her thighs and spread her for Ian.

Ian laughed but it was cut short as the thick head of his cock slid into her tight passage. He clutched Dolores’ shoulders too hard and she cried out. “I’m sorry, it just, God, it feels so good.” He let go of her, but then had nothing to hold on to.

“Hold on to me, Ian,” Derek said softly. “Hold on to me.”

Ian looked over Dolores’ shoulder into Derek’s eyes and slowly raised his hands to Derek’s biceps. The feel of the hard, smooth muscles beneath his hands, the hot, slick skin made Ian’s stomach muscles clench.
, he thought,
this is perfect now
I needed to
touch Derek when I was doing this
I needed him to be a part of it
. He pushed his cock slowly into Dolores and the feeling was so exquisite that he closed his eyes and locked his jaw with the effort not to come.

Holding on to Derek’s arms brought the three of them closer together. Dolores was pressed tight between the two men, and the sound of their breathing filled the tent like a chorus of passion. When Ian’s cock was buried almost to the balls in Dolores’ ass, he stopped.

“Derek,” he panted, “now. Enter her now.”

“How does it feel?”

Ian opened his eyes and smiled at Derek. “Fucking amazing. You have got to try


Derek lifted one of Dolores’ legs high, making her moan. “I plan on it. Here, hold this.” He passed the leg to Ian, who let go of Derek’s arm and held it up. From where he was kneeling in front of Dolores, Derek tried to enter her but the cot started to wobble.

With a curse Derek stopped. “Move onto the floor.”

Derek carefully climbed off and lay down on the floor. Ian kept his cock buried in Dolores as he followed, he and Dolores straddling Derek. She moaned and grabbed 48

At Love’s Command

Ian’s hands where they were wrapped around her stomach. When they were in place it took Derek only a moment to get his cock into position.

“Lower her, Ian, put her on my cock.” Ian lowered Dolores, and found he had to

bend her forward and lean over her to keep himself inside. As soon as Derek started to enter her, Ian could feel him, could feel Derek’s cock sliding along his own through the thin wall of Dolores’ vagina. Derek stopped with a moan.

“Do you feel that, Ian, do you feel me?” Derek said, his voice strangled.

“Mmm,” Ian mumbled, nodding. He couldn’t speak past the lust crashing through

him as he felt Derek’s cock jerk inside Dolores. His eyes slammed to Derek’s when the other man’s hands came up and covered his on Dolores’ hips.

“More,” Derek whispered. “I want more of both of you.”

The words made Ian cry out as he pushed Dolores down on Derek. She gave a short scream, quickly stifled with her hand as her head flew back, her hair streaming down her back. She thrust down hard and Derek’s upper body jerked off the floor.

“God, yes!” Derek cried out, grinding against her.

“Slow down, slow down,” Ian panted, trying not to join them in their uninhibited fucking. They all froze for a moment, their breaths slashing through the quiet of the tent.

Derek’s head fell back on the floor. “Do something Ian, quick. I can’t stay like this.

I—God!” Dolores had moved on Derek, pulling up until he was almost out of her.

“Ee-an,” she moaned. “Ee-an.” She tried to push him back awkwardly.

, I understand.” As she moved back down on Derek, Ian pulled out, the two cocks sliding past each other inside her, the added layer of sensation making Ian shiver and Derek moan. Without words, the three began an intricate dance, one cock in as the other pulled out, fucking Dolores and each other. Sensations and words murmured in desire all blended until who was fucking whom became blurred around the edges.

Through Dolores Ian tried to show Derek how he felt, while at the same time he

tried to please Dolores, to give her a sensual experience that perhaps she had never had before. He wanted her to reach her woman’s pleasure again and again, he wanted to feel her contract around him. He wanted to hear her cries. But he also waited

breathlessly for Derek’s climax, to feel his cock spill inside Dolores against Ian’s cock, to hear Derek’s cries fill the night. He was wild for it, and his thrusts became harder.

Suddenly Derek rose up to kiss and suckle Dolores’ breasts. Ian stopped his

movements, glad of the reprieve. He wanted this fuck to last forever. He ran his hand through Derek’s sweat-slick hair unselfconsciously, and then down to caress Derek’s broad shoulders, also damp with the heat of their sensual play. Derek arched his back into Ian’s touch like a cat and then slowly pulled away from him and Dolores to lie back on the floor. Without speaking they began to move inside Dolores again.


Samantha Kane

Each time the pressure built until Ian thought he would fly apart they pulled back and began again, over and over. Dolores came, and then came again until she was limp and liquid in their arms.

“Ian,” Derek cried out at last, “I can’t wait anymore. Please, God, Ian,” and then he thrust into Dolores deeply and spilled his hot seed as she contracted around them one more time. She fell forward on Derek’s chest and the two of them kissed voraciously as they came. The heat and ferocity of Derek’s release combined with the tight spasms of Dolores’ climax finally brought Ian. He came inside her so hard he felt lightheaded. It was the most incredible climax of his life. He fell forward on Dolores, but tried to keep most of his weight braced on trembling arms.

After he collected himself, Ian pulled slowly out of Dolores, prompting a moan of relief from the slight woman. Ian chuckled as he fell off to the side and lay down on the floor next to Derek. He threw an arm over his eyes, feeling each ragged breath he drew into his lungs. He was physically exhausted, but he was more content than he’d been since he went to war. What started out as an experimental fuck with his best friend and a whore had turned into the most emotionally exhilarating sexual experience of his life.

“Ian?” Ian turned his head and found Derek looking at him. Dolores was snuggled up against him, her head on his chest, her eyes closed as Derek stroked her hair. They looked beautiful together and Ian’s chest tightened remembering what they’d just done.

“What is it, Derek?” he whispered, a small smile curving his lips.

“How soon do you think you can do that again? I want to switch places.”

Ian bit his lip to smother his laughter, not wanting to wake Dolores. “Let’s let her rest a little bit, Derek. And then, if she’s able, we will definitely do it again.”

“Fucking yes we’re doing it again,” Derek said reverently. “I never want to do it any other way again.”

Ian closed his eyes. “Neither do I, Derek,” he whispered.
Not without you
, he silently added.

The following morning they allowed Dolores to sleep off their night of passion in their tent. Somehow one night turned into two, and in the end Dolores never left. Their camp moved on and she moved with them. Ian and Derek taught her English and

bought her trinkets and clothes, and in return at night she taught them how to love a woman, and inadvertently, how to love one another.

She was theirs. Everyone acknowledged it. No one tried to buy her services after Derek beat the hell out of a soldier whose offer Derek chose to treat as an insult. They spoiled her in bed and out of it, and she took care of them like a good army wife following the drum. They loved her in their way, and she them, but theirs was not a grand passion. They all knew that when Ian and Derek left, Dolores would stay. She was saving all the money they gave her for a dowry, so she could make a good

marriage after they were gone. They contributed to her fund faithfully.


At Love’s Command

Dolores became more a best friend than a lover, although their nights continued to be filled with the kind of passion experienced only by the young and healthy exploring their sexuality for the first time. Anything and everything was permitted with Dolores.

Ian and Derek only touched one another peripherally when they were fucking Dolores, in spite of the fact that Ian’s desire for Derek grew more compelling with each encounter. He kept his feelings to himself and tried to be satisfied with these fleeting moments of intimacy.

Dolores was with them during that god-awful year of 1812 that saw the Light

Dragoons in action nearly every time Ian turned around. Physically spent, emotionally drained, horrified at the carnage they’d witnessed, Ian and Derek would return to Dolores’ companionship and tenderness. Many nights Ian awakened to the sounds of Derek and Dolores fucking in the cot next to his and he would watch them. Watched Dolores taste Derek’s skin with her tongue and bite his hard, flat nipples until he moaned. Derek loved it when she licked and sucked the delicate skin of his inner thigh and ran her nails down his back to dig them into his buttocks as he was riding her.

More often than not he’d be on the bottom by the time they finished. He liked her to suck his cock, but he preferred coming inside her cunt or ass instead of her mouth. Ian watched all this and stored the information away.

Ian knew some nights Derek awoke and watched him and Dolores fucking. When

he knew Derek was watching Ian went wild. He would fuck Dolores so hard he was

always afraid after that he’d hurt her, but he never did. He thought he saw

understanding in her eyes but they never talked about it. On those nights Ian would make sure to have Dolores do the things he liked the best, like suck his cock until he came in her throat. The first time she did it Derek unabashedly watched.

“What’s she doing?” he asked as she slowly took as much of Ian’s cock in her

mouth as she could and then wrapped her hand around him where her lips stopped.

She then began to freely move her head up and down, never moving her fist from that spot.

“I think it’s her way of marking how much she can comfortably take,” Ian

surmised, never having seen this method before. “I’m rather large, I guess. This way I won’t accidentally hurt her.” His breathing became erratic as she expertly sucked and licked his cock.

“Our girl is fucking brilliant, Ian,” Derek marveled.

They lost Dolores in July of that awful year, at Salamanca. A stray French artillery barrage wiped out a small section of the retreating British camp on their way to Cuidad Rodrigo. Several women and children were killed as well as troops. Dolores was one of them. When they heard about the attack they raced back only to find chaos. Someone had covered Dolores’ body with a blanket and before Ian could stop him Derek had ripped the cover off her. Ian knew he would never forget the sight of their beautiful girl burned beyond recognition. He’d thrown up to the sound of Derek’s anguished

screams. They’d had to haul Derek away from her and he’d bloodied several men in the process. Their commanding officers Majors Randall and Richards came to help bury her 51

Samantha Kane

and they’d cried with Ian. Derek had stood silent and stoic as Reverend Matthews prayed over her grave. Then he’d gotten on his horse and ridden away without a

backward glance.

For the next few months Ian and Derek had barely spoken, each lost in his own

grief. Ian felt as much guilt as grief. He missed Dolores, but he grieved more for the loss of Derek and the intimacies they’d shared. God, he missed Derek. Missed him so much he ached with it.

By November, at a small skirmish near Matilla, Ian had reverted to his suicidal ways, jumping into danger without a care, riding into the path of stray bullets. His heart was broken and he felt numb inside. Suddenly Derek was there hauling him off his horse in the middle of the battle.

“What the hell are you doing?” Derek screamed at him. “Are you trying to kill

yourself?” At the look on Ian’s face Derek turned ashen and his eyes widened in horror.

“What about me? Are you going to leave me too?”

Before Ian could answer he glanced over Derek’s shoulder and froze in terror. A French soldier whom they’d presumed dead on the ground had his pistol raised and pointed at Derek’s back. The moment seemed to last an eternity. Ian shoved Derek down and fell on top of him, every second waiting for the impact of the bullet, either in Derek or himself. It never came. The soldier was too injured to get off a decent shot and the bullet whizzed past harmlessly far above them.

Ian clutched Derek to him and Derek held on tightly. Ian couldn’t catch his breath.

He was panicking, he knew it but couldn’t stop. God, he’d almost lost him. If Derek had died Ian knew with a sudden clarity that he too would have been dead by the end of the day, by a French bullet or his own hand. He felt Derek shake and rolled off to the side, raised on his elbow to look down at him. Derek was crying.

In that moment Ian realized that he would never leave him. He could not live

without him.


At Love’s Command

Chapter Five

Derek saw Ian’s head jerk sharply to the side as he opened the bedroom door. He walked silently into the room and closed the door behind him. When he saw Ian staring at him he stopped and leaned his shoulders against the door.

“Should I leave?” he asked gruffly, trying to hide the vulnerability he was feeling, letting the anger rise instead as he pissed himself off with his weakness.

BOOK: Kane, Samantha - Brothers In Arms 4
13.41Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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