Her Man: An Interracial Romance (The Bentini Brothers Book 2)

BOOK: Her Man: An Interracial Romance (The Bentini Brothers Book 2)
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An  Interracial











& Tiressa





Note to Reader
  If you prefer a hotter version of
this book, look for
Her Man: An Erotic
It’s the same great story with all the explicit


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Thanks to my family and friends who encouraged me to step
outside my box.  Thanks to ‘Google’ and all the people who contribute to it in
a positive way. Thanks to my nephew, James.  A brilliant young man, destined to
do great things.

Most importantly, a special thank you to my mother-in-law,
Shirley Jean Martin, for gifting a shy new bride with a gentle introduction
into the world of romance novels.

Profoundly changing my life forever.




The Sequel to Mr. Bentini’s Lady




    “Tiressa.”  His voice is low and so so
smooth.  “You are absolutely beautiful.”  He proclaims just as his mouth gently
descends on mine.  I’m instantly hot for him…from the moment I opened the
door.  “Tiressa.  Do you know that I’m a sucker for naked caramel shoulders and
sexy calves in black silk pantyhose?”  Our lips gently clash and the only thing
keeping me from falling to the floor is the wall at my back.  Breathless, I
whisper, “They aren’t pantyhose.  They’re black silk stockings held up by thin
black straps attached to a lacy black garter belt.”  Antonio groans deep in his
throat as he drives his fingers through my hair cradling my head as he ravishes
my mouth. 
My man smells of wealth and tastes of power. 
And for this small moment in time, I hold his power in the palm of my hands.

    “Antonio we can’t!  Put me down.”  I pant

    “Not yet.”  He moans into the side of my

    “Tony stop!  You’re ruining all my work.” 
He finally stops and sets me back on the floor –I’m surprised to find that my
heels are still on my feet.  “Baby.” He whispers as he places little kisses all
over my face.  “I love you.” 

    Never do three small words cause me so such
panic.  “It’s okay.”  Antonio says eyes smoldering with banked passion.  “You
don’t have to say it back to me.  I know you love me.  Even if you’re not ready
to say it.” 





& Tiressa



Chapter 14


   Awakening slowly, I take inventory of my tender
limbs, wriggling my toes and stretching my legs, when suddenly I realize one of
my hands is snuggled between Antonio’s thighs, cradling his hard smooth rod.

     “Good you’re finally awake.”

     At the sound of his sleep husky voice, I
reflexively tighten my hold, causing him to groan.  “Oh, gawd Baby…unless
you’re gonna finish what you’ve started, I suggest you let me go.”  I quickly snatch
my hand away from his not-so-
parts, he chuckles, clearly amused
at my embarrassment.  “I thought not…” he smirks, suddenly leveraging himself
up and pulling me under his large hard frame.  “Good morning, Tiressa.”  His
voice is sensual delight as he looks intently into my bright ebony eyes.

     “Good morning, Antonio.”  I reply, shyly
gazing up into his handsome face. 

     “Last night was incredible.”  His voice
vibrates with remembered passion.

     “Yes.”  I don’t know what else to say.  Yes,
it was incredible…
incredibly painful, incredibly confusing…and yes, incredibly

     “You were incredible.”

     “Thank you.”  The words slip past my lips a
second before his mouth swoops down on mine in a series of yummy good morning
kisses.  “Mmm…”  He groans into my neck, then, looking into my eyes he gently
runs his fingers through my hair.  “I love seeing your hair down and tousled. 
You keep it pinned up, all prim and proper.  When you’re like this, you have
the look of a woman who has been well-loved, and it turns me on to know that
I’m the man who’s been
you.”  I cling to his broad shoulders as
our mouths devour each other.  His thickening erection nestles firmly between
my legs pressing heavily against my core.  Although I enjoy the heated sensations
he’s arousing, I begin pushing against his hold when he repeatedly grinds his
hips into mine, becoming more ardent with each downward stroke.  “Unh-unh…”  I
moan into his mouth, breaking off the kiss.  “No, Tony.  I can’t…I’m just too

     “I know Baby.  I’m a selfish bastard…It’s just
that I want you so damn much.  I can’t get enough of you.”  He declares, grinding
his groin against mine before giving me one last heated kiss, then rolling away
from me and off the bed.  “I’m going to take a long cold shower.”

     Giggling, I enjoy the view of his tall naked body. 
Damn, he has muscles everywhere,
including his beefy ass.
  “Do you want
something to eat?” I ask as he’s walking into the bathroom.

     “Yes, but I’m taking you out for breakfast.”  Looking
over at the clock, he reconsiders.  “We better make that lunch.”  As soon as I
hear the shower running I jump out of bed with a groan, walk into my closet -with
a slight hitch in my step- and choose an outfit that won’t add to my discomfort. 
After getting dressed in a long flowing floral skirt and matching blouse, I
make my way to the kitchen to prepare our breakfast.  I’m in the kitchen, totally
absorbed in what I’m doing, when Antonio suddenly appears, giving me a little
start as he wraps his arms around me from behind.  “Hey babe, I thought we were
eating out?”  He hugs me closer, chuckling.  “Sorry sweetheart, I didn’t mean
to startle you.”  He apologizes nestling the side of my neck.  “Umm, I love
that all this ass back here belongs to me.  Oh, the thrill it gives me to watch
it walking up and down the halls at work.”  He says, rubbing his crotch against
the object of his affection.

     “I swear I don’t know what it is with men and
fat asses.”  I laugh, turning to playfully whack him in the chest.  “You know,
for such a big man, you sure do have a light step…like a dainty little ballerina.”
 I can’t hold back a snarky laugh at the picture that jibe evokes.  Antonio laughs
too, then nibbling the other side of my neck, responds… “Trust me when I say,
you won’t ever see your man wearing a tutu and tights.  Unless that turns you

     Turning in the circle of his strong arms, I
run my hands around his lean waist enjoying the feel of him under my fingers.  “No,
I like my man all man…no tutus and tights.”  Stretching up on the tips of my toes,
I meet his lips and we share a few brief kisses before I turn back to the
stove.  “Pancakes, waffles or toast?”

     “Two slices of wheat toast.  I thought we were
going out to eat?”

     “We were, but I’m just not up to getting
pretty and being around other people.  Besides, we need to talk.  And I don’t
think we can have a private conversation in a public place.”

     Kissing the back of my neck, Antonio compliments,
“You’re always pretty to me.  I don’t mind eating in, I get to keep you all to
myself.  What can I do too help?”

     I tease, “What?  A rich man who knows how to

     “Yes, your man also has skills outside the
bedroom.”  He teases back.  I love hearing him claiming to be my man…
turns me on.
We work together to finish preparing breakfast and then carry
everything over to the table in the small dining room.  Before I can take a
bite of my blueberry waffle, Antonio issues a command.  “Come closer, you’re
sitting too far away from me.”  He says it with a seductive smile, but it’s
still a command.

     “You seem overly fond of tossing out orders,
Mr. Bentini.”

     “And you seem overly fond of disregarding them,
Ms. Hawkins.  Now move closer, I want you within kissing distance.”  Flashing a
brilliant come-hither smile of my own, I decide to humor him and move closer,
which isn’t hard to do in my tiny dining room.  “Antonio, I need to talk to you
about something.”  I dread the conversation to come, but it’s necessary.  After
eating breakfast and washing up the dishes, we sit on the sofa…me with my back
against the armrest and Antonio sitting close to my folded legs, facing me.  “Okay
Tiressa, I’m listening.”  I clear my throat.  “First, let me start by saying
that…after last night…I’m not so sure—”  I fumble, unable to express a complete

     “Not so sure about what?”  He interrupts with
a fierce frown.  “What do you mean
last night?”

     Becoming flustered, I try again to explain.  “Well…last
night…I just wasn’t expecting it to hurt so much.  Antonio, you hurt me. “Tiressa…”
He leans forward, taking hold of one of my hands.  The feel of his large firm
fingers are soothing as he caresses the hand he’s holding.  “Tiressa, I’m sorry
I was so rough with you.  You’re right, I did lose control and I know I hurt
you.  But Baby listen to me.”  I drop my eyes to our intertwined fingers.  “Tiressa,
look at me.”  I finally raise my eyes to his and he continues.  “I’m not going
to lie to you and tell you that making love to me isn’t going to sometimes be a
little uncomfortable for you…at least for a little while, until you become
accustomed to my size.  The facts are, I’m above average and you’re small and
tight as hell.  Not that I’m complaining.”  He says with a wolfish smile, and
then becomes serious again.  “I’ll be more gentle with you.”  He pulls me onto
hip lap…this is definitely becoming my favorite place to sit.  I know what
Antonio says makes sense and is most likely true, but I’m just not sure I want
to feel discomfort every time he, or I, want to make love.  “I believe you,
Tony...”  Giving his hand a squeeze, my words trail off.  Reaching over, he
pulls me on top of his lap, hugging me close.  “I’m sorry I hurt you, really I
am.  But you’ll see, the more we make love, the better it will be…for the both
of us…I promise.”  I smile up at him with more confidence than I really feel.  “Tony…there’s
something else I want to talk to you about.”

     “I’m listening.”  He says nuzzling the side of
my neck.  Pulling back from him, I hold his gaze as I finally ask, “Did you
wear a condom last night?”  Holding my steady gaze, Antonio replies without a
bit of hesitation.  “No.  Although I’ve always worn a condom with my previous
partners, I’m not going to wear one with you.”  Jumping off his lap, I stare
down at him in shocked outrage.  “Why not?!  I told you that I wasn’t
protected.  You said I could trust you to take care of it!”  He looks up at me
unflinching and apparently unmoved by my anger.  “No.  I said that I would take
care of

     “What the hell does that mean, Antonio?!” 

     “It means that I want you and any babies that
we make together.  I’d prefer for us to be married first of course, but if not...” 
He shrugs his wide shoulders as if what he’s saying makes perfect sense.  “Tiressa,
why are you so surprised?  I’m thirty-two…I think about having a family of my
own.  A wife and kids… you know, the whole nine yards.  I’m not going to lie
about it or act as if it’s not something that’s very important to me… something
that I feel very strongly about.  I want babies and I want them with you.” 
Antonio confesses with his typical blunt honesty.

BOOK: Her Man: An Interracial Romance (The Bentini Brothers Book 2)
5.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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