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I frowned.
just another one of his tools.
Given what I’d read, I knew
worked with all kinds of subs. There were the ones who
craved the pain from a flogger, some who enjoyed a Dom who like to share them
and some who lived for the humiliation.
The waiting…the anticipation was just a part of it.

The longer a
Dom made a sub wait, the father into subspace she could go. Just from his
voice, or in Master Orion’s case, his silence.

what I’m doing upset you?" Master Orion asked again, his voice just as
calm as before.


He squeezed
my breast before taking my chin in his other hand. "Then perhaps you
wouldn’t mind waiting until tomorrow. Next week.
A month from
Is that it?"

Master. I just—"

Don’t tell me what I want to hear. It’s
dishonest. I don’t care how simple the question is. Any dishonestly from a sub
is bad news. You hear me?"


I’m going to ask you again. Is this upsetting you?"


He let his
hands drop away from my body.
"In what way?"

"I don’t
like it when you make me wait." I opened my eyes and glanced at the window
far behind me.

you’re worried about the daylight." He smiled. "Don’t be. Like in
your waking life, we can only take things one day, or in this case, one night
at a time. If you spend our time together worrying about how much time we have
left, then you aren’t in the right mindset for what I’d like to do. You need to
keep your mind in the present and the now. Keep yourself grounded. You can
worry about the future when you’re awake. Is that understood?"


can you do that for me? Can you just be happy with me here?


girl." He took a step forward. "Suck me like you did last night."
He glared at me,
said, "But don’t stop until
I tell you to."

He moved his
hand to the back of my neck, and as I shifted my weight to keep my knees from getting
sore, I did as he’d asked. Only this time, I didn’t start off by licking him.
He hadn’t asked me to. Instead, I wet my lips, and when I sensed he was ready,
I took him in my mouth.

His cock
twitched from the sudden contact, and I smiled when I heard a moan pass through
his lips. Drawing in a breath of air through my nose, I memorized his warm, spicy
scent. It almost smelled like leaves that had changed color and fallen to the
ground. Gentle.

Pressing my
tongue against the underside of his cock, I followed the vein that was there.
My jaw ached from the quick pace I’d started out with, but I forced the
discomfort to the back of my mind. With every twitch of his shaft and every gasp
from his lips, he pushed me a little further. I didn’t need to hear him speak.
The way his body moved, the way he breathed was praise enough.

A tremor ran
over my spine when he reached down to fondle my breasts, slowly walking his
fingers down to my clit. I imagined him leaning over to one side just to reach
it, making sure he didn't move away from me, from my mouth and what I was doing
to his cock.

I whimpered
around his shaft when his fingers parted my pussy lips.

He rocked his
hips and thrust against me.

He almost
slipped out of my mouth when I opened it, letting out a gargled groan as he
traced tight circles around my clit.

I shuddered
and tried to correct my posture each time I involuntarily leaned forward. But as
soon as I regained my previous position, he’d touch my clit, starting the
process all over again. His touch and constant teasing on my clit made it hard
to concentrate.

His finger
slipped between my pussy lips, gliding from the clit to barely inside before
going back up again. I picked up my pace.
I faltered. Then I stopped completely when he
slipped a finger inside.
Two fingers.

I exhaled,
focused on his swollen cock. I did the best I could as I wrapped my lips around
it, picking up the pace. I doubled my efforts, and soon he matched it with that
of his own. Between the fingers he kept inching inside my pussy and his palm
against my clit, it was almost impossible to keep going like he’d asked.

You aren’t allowed to stop until he tells you
would’ve been a hell of a lot easier if he wasn’t fucking me with his fingers.
Oh God…

My head fell
back and I looked right at him. "Please." My mouth was dry. "Master,
please stop."

He raised an
eyebrow at me. "Did I say we were finished?"

tremor rocked my body. "No, Master."

"Do you
need to use a safe word?"

Safe words mean something's wrong.
And we were
far from anything close to wrong. "No, Master, but…" I clenched my
jaw, held my breath. I exhaled once the impending orgasm passed. "I’m
going to climax if you—"

"If I
what?" He curled his fingers just then so he could reach my g-spot.

White flecks
appeared outside the corners of my eyes, and I tried to come up with some
coherent thoughts. "If you keep…going…"
Hold it back.
It was a lot harder than it looked. I’d edged my
orgasms thousands of times before, but never when someone else was doing it for
me. And if he kept going like that, there was no way I could—
oh shit!
"I’m going to come." My
breath caught, the world turned white, and every nerve ending in my body froze
as I did just that.

When the room
stopped spinning, Orion was standing above me, his fingers still in the same
place I’d left them. I wasn’t sure how long I’d been kneeling there or how long
I’d been lost in orbit, but when I finally came back down, I let out one of the
most serene sighs I think I’d ever had.

good?" Master Orion removed his fingers from my pussy before stroking up
and down his cock.

I stood with his help
and collapsed in his arms.

"Is my
pet too tired?" He smirked when I glanced up at him,
nodded to his continued erection. "Or do you think she can take a little

I was about
to kneel in front of him again when he stopped me.
the bed."

My knees
complained and my legs wobbled as I walked the two or three feet to my bed,
carefully climbing under the covers before lying on my back. Orion opened up
the nightstand again, pulling the condoms and lube from its depths.

There were no
cuffs this time, and while a small part of me wanted to feel the bite of a
flogger or some nipple clamps on my skin, it was obvious he didn’t think I was
You’re new at this.
He was
easing me in to it.
Going slow isn’t
always a bad thing.
It resulted in more anticipation, more mind games. There
was more to come.
to look forward to.

Orion joined
me moments later and rolled onto his side. He smoothed back my hair and leaned
over to kiss me on the forehead. Like
, he
avoided my lips, but I did catch him looking at them once or twice.
Just because he looks like he’s in control,
that doesn’t mean he is.

It was hard
to tell how much time we had left until I woke, or how long I’d been asleep.
But as soon as time entered my mind, I pushed it to the side.
Stay focused.
If he knew I was thinking
about our fading time together, he wouldn’t do anything else. He’d already said
and I didn’t want to challenge it.

okay?" he asked, gently kissing me on the lips in a there but not there
sort of way.


worrying about anything, are we?"

I shook my
head. "I was, but it’s gone now."

girl." He stoked my cheek and pressed his forehead to mine. "What are
your safe words?"

He’d already
asked and so he knew my reply, but I answered him anyway.
to slow down.
Red if I need to stop."

your limits?"

I chewed at
my bottom lip as his fingers trailed down the side of my neck to rest against
my collarbone. "No fire."

He smiled. "Not
your hard limits. What are your limits for tonight?"

I stared at
the wall behind him,
met his gaze.

He cocked
his head to one side.
"Nothing at all?"


"So, you
mean to say you want to do it all?"

I bobbed my
said, "Whatever would please you most."

"I see."
He moved his hand again, this time brushing the tips of his fingers along my
ribs, my breasts, and finally over my abs. He stopped when he reached my navel,
likely waiting to see if I’d continue breathing or not.

I sucked in a
breath and held it until he moved his hand again. His fingertips barely
caressed the short hair around my pussy as he followed the landing strip toward
my clit. I arched my back away from the bed and groaned when he didn’t move. I
could’ve thrust my hips at him. I should’ve taken control.

I didn’t.
Instead, I lay there, my back tingling as my toes curled with anticipation. My
heart skipped a beat.
Another one.
It fell back in to
a steady rhythm just in time for Orion to press his lips against the side of my
neck. With his fingers venturing dangerously close to where I needed them most
and his lips kissed their way behind my ear, my head was a swirl of activity.

I needed
something to hold, something to grab on to. I reached out to him and touched
his firm abs. I followed the curve of his hip until I found what I was looking

He sucked in
a breath as I took his cock in my hand, gently running my hand up and down its
length while his fingers lingered centimeters away from my clit.

I exchanged
glances with Orion when he grabbed my hand, removing it from his shaft only to
pin it down to the bed. His eyes were dark, his lips forming a thin, white

I’d stepped
out of line. I’d touched him without asking for his permission first. And even
though I knew my touch had done
to him, he barely showed it now.

One second he
was on the edge of losing control, and the next, he was the same as always.
Completely in control of
everything around us.

"Am I
yours to touch?" he growled before nipping at my ear.

I squirmed as
he straddled my legs, his face almost touching mine as he stared down at me.
"N-not without your permission, Master."

"And did
I ask you to?" He took my other hand and pinned it to the bed along with
the other one.

I tilted my
head back and checked both my wrists which were firmly secured on my pillow by
just one of his hands. "N-no, Master."

let it go this time. It was your first offense, but you’ll not do it again,
will you?"



Before I
could breathe a sigh of relief, his lips were on mine. But unlike before, they
weren’t gentle. If anything, he was assertive. I closed my eyes and molded
against him as my thoughts drifted to those lips and the way he kissed me.

I was vaguely
aware of his knee pressing between mine, ordering me to widen my stance. I did
so without question. And as I struggled to focus on the hand that had mine pinned
down and the legs that were resting against mine, his kiss stole it all away.

Using his
free hand, he pulled on my hair. My head fell back, and he deepened the kiss
even more. I wanted him, needed him. I had to taste him. Those pink lips.
His salty skin.

My arms
strained under his grasp, wanting nothing more than to hang around his neck. I
clenched my fists, rocked my hips. When his tongue finally hit mine, I froze.
For a very brief moment, nothing else mattered outside of that kiss.
His sweet taste.
The way he seemed to groan each time his
tongue changed direction.

It was hard
to say how much time had passed when we finally broke apart, leaving us both
breathless. Opening my eyes, I stared at his face. I begged him to kiss me
again, to send me as far into subspace as he could. And when he did, I just
about flew up off the bed, completely lost to his lips.
Every ounce of him holding me down.

BOOK: Finding Orion
3.81Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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