Drive Him Wild (THE BILLIONAIRE AND THE POP DIVA Volume 2) (9 page)

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He knelt on the bed, placed her legs over his shoulders and bent to devour her lips singing those sweet, sweet songs of her passion. He gave her pussy a series of very fast, shallow jabs, hitting her G relentlessly.

She exploded around his cock.

At the first spasm of her pussy, he rammed into her.

He tore through her virgin flesh.

She screamed.

He emitted a tortured groan like he just dove into the epicenter of the most violent upheaval of carnal sensations.

It was the point of no return.

…Valenna…!” He switched into full Italian as his visceral need overcame him completely.

He took her like he really wanted to take her.



Deep. As far as he would go inside her until they were so one he couldn’t tell where his body began and hers ended.

Tight. So fucking tight!





All his.




He surrendered to it.

To her.

With a feral roar, he exploded like a supernova, his entire universe flooding with white light, his cum shooting endlessly inside her…and he was nothing…nothing but a liquefied mass of unadulterated bliss swimming in her depths.

Helpless. Naked. Open.

He was destroyed. Completely.

But he didn’t mind.

It was the most sublime devastation.

There was a dull pain in the core of her,
like she was being ripped in two and suspended in that moment, but her body gave way to shock, taking the edge off it.

She smiled. Loving the pain. It was still riding in her ecstasy. Her sheath was still throbbing from her second orgasm, but ebbing away now, settling into a beat. A happy beat in the very heart of her.

She lovingly glided her palms on his back. Slick with sweat. So smooth. Ridged with solid muscles. He was so beautifully made all over, like one of those famous Italian statues sculpted by Renaissance masters.

She smiled as her palms curved possessively over his firm ass, squeezing the cheeks.

A low groan rumbled out of him but he didn’t move above her. He was a dead weight lying atop her, still inside her, joined with her.

She didn’t want to ever be parted from him.

The sudden thought totally shocked her.

Oh no. Don’t you dare go there.

He just took her cherry in the most wonderfully epic way.

Nothing more.

But her eyes watered. There was no denying the tightness in her throat, the heavy ache in her chest as if a fist was squeezing her heart.

She knew these tell-tale signs. She’d had them when she wrote her saddest songs. The songs that won her a couple of Grammys and countless other awards.

Her masterpieces.

God. No.

Just. Don’t.

Please, no.

Giane didn’t want to move.
He didn’t want to ever leave this little paradise.

But he must.

He must be hurting her now.

Slowly lifting his head, he looked at her face.

He held his breath.

There was a serene smile on her lips, her eyes glowing with satisfaction. Contentment.

Knowing she made her feel like that made him want to shout in triumphant joy or weep in relief.

“I’m so busted now.”

For a few seconds he just stared at her, thinking he heard her wrong.

She grinned at him impishly. “I’m so deliciously stuffed with an Italian special I can burp with it.”

He burst out laughing.

She giggled, her pussy vibrating around him, making him grow hard again.

Only this woman can make him laugh in the middle of fucking her and make him hard just a few minutes after coming like the fucking apocalypse inside her.

He’d never encountered anything like her.


He touched her face gently, running his fingers on her cheeks. “Yes, without a doubt, you’re no longer a virgin, Valenna Jones. I so busted your cherry.”

“Thank you. I was afraid it would turn into a prune. You’re my cherry hero. You saved me from getting canned.”

He chuckled again and pinched her cute nose. “You’re so funny,
cara mia.

She lifted her face to plant a quick kiss on his lips. “And you’re so…froshing…epic.”


“That’s the highest compliment in my book so don’t complain about my limited vocabulary. I’m beyond words as it is I’m surprised I still remember my name.”

“You don’t need to build up my ego some more. Just taking your cherry makes me want to thump my chest like Kingkong at the top of the Eureka Tower. I definitely feel No. 1 right now.”

She rolled her eyes. “Men and their macho bragging rights.”

“I have all the right to brag about it. It’s the most expensive cherry in the world.”

“You think we’d make it to Guinness? Valenna Jones’s cherry was the most expensive cherry auctioned in history, busted by Gianfranco Zoldatti, highest bidder at 50 million dollars.”

“Not bad. I will personally ask someone I know from Guinness to make a special record for us. This must definitely go down in the pages of history.”

“You know someone from Guinness?”

“Sure. I have tallied several records in car racing.”


They stared in each other’s eyes for some time.

It was the most tender moment he’d ever shared with a woman. He was not the afterglow kind of guy, the one who’d cuddle and exchange silly talk with a woman after the action. It was an indication of something more than sex and he avoided that at all costs, never wanting to mislead any woman into thinking he was feeling more for her than that 10-second orgasmic high he’d forget the next minute.

But now, he couldn’t remember being so relaxed, basking in a woman’s warmth and beauty from inside out, actually enjoying an afterglow. This was another first for him with this woman.

he was losing it.

Before he’d embarrass himself by verbalizing his thoughts, he gently pulled out of her.

She winced.

“I’m sorry,

He looked down between them and froze.

His cock was coated with blood.

Fear slammed in his chest like a sledgehammer. More blood had stained the sheets under her ass. The blood on the folds of her pussy was lighter in shade, probably diluted by his semen oozing out of her.

was she hemorrhaging?!

“What…?” she asked in a lethargic voice.

“You’re bleeding!”

She looked down between them. “Oh. Yeah. Are you gonna cut that out and frame it?” She giggled.

He jumped from the bed. “Don’t fucking joke about it! I’m going to call a doctor!”

She sat up abruptly on the bed, her eyes wide. “What?! Are you crazy?!”

“You’re hemorrhaging all over the fucking bed!”

She rolled her eyes. “Calm down. I’m not hemorrhaging, you ninny.”

“But that’s too much blood! You need to be checked!”

“Oh god, seriously? And what will we tell the doctor?”

“Doctors are not supposed to talk about their patients to others. They can be sued for breaching confidences.”

“No, okay? JUST. NO. I’m fine. I’ve hurt myself more falling from the silk ropes than this. This is nada.” She dismissed it with a flick of her wrist.

Cursing, he went behind the bar then he went to the bathroom. When he came back to the bed, he had some ice cubes wrapped in a napkin and a wet towel. “Open your legs.”

She obeyed, grinning.

“It’s not funny,” he growled as he gently cleansed her with the wet towel. He winced when the cloth absorbed her blood.
how badly had he hurt her? He was afraid he’d ruptured her insides pretty bad. “Does it hurt so much, piccola?” he asked her, worried sick.

She touched his face gently, running her fingers in his hair. “No. I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?”

The smile she gave him was so sweet he felt even more guilty. “Really. It’s okay. Just a scratch.”

He pressed the ‘ice-pack’ between her legs. “Hold it there for a while.”

She clamped her legs together and made a face. “It doesn’t feel good. My pussy was on fire and now it’s ice-cold.”

“Valenna, it’s not funny,” he warned, but his lips twitched, holding back a grin.

“What would you have told the doctor anyway? That you’re so well-hung you made my poor virgin kitty hemorrhage?”

He looked up at the ceiling, shaking his head. Then he chuckled.

He sat beside her, rested his back on the headboard and lifted her carefully onto his lap, cradling her. A fist seemed to be squeezing his heart. He felt queasy from seeing her blood, guilt ripping through him. But she was so gutsy. No hysterics. A rare breed. A fucking great lay, too.
, he couldn’t remember ever coming so hard inside a woman’s body like he did with her.

It was an incomparable experience.

He pulled the comforter over them.

She snuggled onto him like a cat, rubbing her cheek on his chest. “Uhmmm, this is nice. Very nice.”

He kissed her hair, inhaling her scent now redolent with the musk of her spent arousal. His hand caressed her ass cheek under the sheets, gently running his palm on the smooth length of her leg.

She made more of those purring noises, her nails scratching the length of his arm idly.

His insides were tied into the tiniest knots. He couldn’t remember ever feeling like this, like he had found the car of his dreams and he was able to test-drive it, but it belonged in a museum, not to be owned by anyone but to be admired by many.

his analogy was the worst. But a racer’s vocabulary was only limited to his area of expertise. His passion had revolved in car-making since he came to realize he had inherited a car-manufacturing empire. But whatever, all he knew was that one drive around the race track in this car particular wasn’t enough. He had to have more laps. So much more. Enough for ten grands prix.

He was really losing it. But he succumbed to it.
he whispered.


“Can I make another bid?’

“For what?”

“For an extension.”

“Of what?”

“Of this.”

She looked up at him. He met her eyes. He could drown in those amber depths if he was not careful.

“You want more of me?”

He swallowed. “Much, much more.”

She fell quiet, just staring at him.


“Because…” He swallowed hard again. “Because you’re so beautiful and funny and so fucking delicious I gotta have more. I’m starving for more.”

“You just had a hefty meal.”

“Not enough. Not nearly enough,

“Do you have more tips to teach me?”

The mention of tips nearly made him want to roar in her face. Just the thought of her using her newfound knowledge in sex on any other man or men made him want to commit a massacre.

“Say yes, Valenna,” he grated out.

She touched his face. “You’re not asking me nicely, Gianfranco.”

He clenched his jaw. “If I’m going to be teaching you more tips, I want you to apply them all to me first.”

She grinned and lifted her head to kiss him. Her tongue drove inside his mouth. Blood surged to his semi-hard cock again which was momentarily deflated by the sight of her blood.



He exhaled a sigh of relief.

She sucked on his lower lip, pulling it gently then releasing it.

She gifted him with another of her incandescent smiles he was getting addicted to. “Gianfranco Zoldatti, I’m gonna give you a bonus for being the most patient, most wonderful, most delicious cherry- popper in the world. You can have more of me. For free.”

He stared at her.

“You can do the monkey dance now.”

He chuckled.
help him.

“I have a property in the suburbs. I’d like us to spend the week there.”

“That would be nice. I could use a break before going into my Asian leg. It’s gonna be a marathon of five countries. Then off to Europe for another seven.”

“You work too hard.”

“I think we’re in the same boat right now. How many races do you have to do this year?”

9.12Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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