Drive Him Wild (THE BILLIONAIRE AND THE POP DIVA Volume 2) (8 page)

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He dipped his fingers in her wetness and licked them again. “This sweet, sweet honey pot is mine. Tell me it’s mine,

It was totally shameless but she was held captive by the possessive look in his eyes. The man wanted her. Really wanted her. She could see it. Feel it.

“It’s yours, Giane. Only yours.”

The pure Neanderthal smugness that crept on his face made her wetter, if it was still possible.

“Don’t ever forget that,

Her embarrassment faded away. “I wanna taste you, too.”

. For now, I want you to concentrate on your pleasure. Don’t be embarrassed. Don’t fight it. Don’t hold back. I want to make you come for the first time. I want that honor, Valenna. Give it to me.”

Oh god, the man could say the most beautiful words at just the right time. She could only nod in surrender. Who would deny him that?

He bent his head and ate her again, sucking on her clit this time like he did to her nipples, with more pressure. Her head dropped back on the pillows. Her bones turned to molasses.

He groaned deep in his throat and she felt the vibrations on her swollen, super-sensitive folds.

“Giane, oh Giane…ooooh god!” The ache in her core built up to an almost unbearable intensity. Something inside her was about to explode. It was very pleasurable and yet very strange.

“Giane…please…I can’t…stop…stop!”

He paused with his tongue but his fingers took over. She could feel a steady stroking on her clit, circular, side to side, up and down…

She thrashed her head on the pillows as the exquisitely delicious ache became too much.

“Don’t fight it,
. Give in to it. Give it to me.”

He spread her lips wider, forcing her clit out of its hood and sucked on it relentlessly until her pelvis was thrusting up and down, grinding all over his face in wild abandon.

She was chasing something she didn’t know about, only that she had to catch it to survive this upheaval of sensations swirling violently inside her.


She closed her eyes tightly and let go.

Something inside her gave way. The intense pressure imploded in her core.

She screamed, her mind’s eye exploding in a kaleidoscope of blinding colors, her entire body gripped in the paroxysms of the most mind-blowing pleasure she’d never known before.

She blacked out.

She was brought back to earth
by the sensation of being stretched.

Valenna opened her eyes and met her lover’s gaze.

Was it possible for him to look even more handsome?

She had a song for him. She was writing it now.

formless inside your perfection

helpless from your devastation

lost in your secret garden

never...oh never the same again

That song will be called Never.

“There it is,” he murmured, his voice tight, a fine sheen of sweat coating his face and body.

“What..?” she asked weakly.

“Your cherry.”


, it’s so intact. What have you been doing all your life,

She could feel her pussy being stimulated from the inside. Immediately, the flames that were momentarily doused leaped back to life. This time, the sensation was different. It was happening inside her.

Her gaze dropped between them.

Two of his fingers were halfway inside her.

“Oh…” she gasped faintly. She hadn’t even noticed him pushing his digits inside her, so lost she was in her very first…orgasm.

He rotated his fingers, making her moan shakily. Oh god, now that she knew what orgasm felt, her pussy couldn’t wait for another one. She could feel the ache building up inside her again.

“You’re so tight. I want to feel this around my cock.” His eyes were focused between her legs as he gently stretched her untried opening. “
, this would feel so good around my cock.”

Her entire body was on fire again. Oh, what was happening to her? She wanted more. “Giane…”

He rose above her. She caught her breath.

His penis looked massive, the outer skin strained so tightly around his thick shaft that the veins stood out like fine carvings adorning it. The plum tip glistened with a pearly white juice she badly wanted to taste, too. Her sheath clenched around his fingers, imagining him inside her.


“Take me,” she demanded, craving for more that he can give her. She wanted to feel everything there was to feel with him. The total intimacy. The ultimate joining of a man and a woman.

Her hands moved to grasp his cock.

He groaned and jerked, as if she’d hurt him. “
Dio, piccola
. Slowly. I’m so close.”

“Then take me now.”

“I will hurt you.”

“It’s okay. There’s no other way to pop my cherry but the usual, right? Let’s do it.”

“Are you sure,
?” he sounded pained, truly worried.

Something inside her melted. His genuine concern for her was so sweet. He was spending so much time patiently initiating a virgin and she almost felt sorry for him. She wondered how it was going for him. So far, she was the only one having real fun.

Making this encounter worth his time and money became more imperative to her. No way will she leave this gorgeous, hotter-than-hell, superstud with a lousy impression of her in the sack.

She lifted her face toward him. “Take me, Giane. I’m yours. I wanna feel you inside me. Please.”

With a feral groan, he caught her lips in a ferocious kiss. Looping her arms around his neck, she wrapped her legs around his waist and lifted her body, rubbing her dripping pussy against his groin. He was so big and so strong that she was hanging on to him, all her weight suspended from his body.

The ache was back with a vengeance. A door seemed to have opened inside her and her carnal goddess was unleashed. Now, it could not stop wanting the pleasures she just experienced a while back. Oh, she will definitely have more of that from this gorgeous, oh so delicious man.

His tongue was driving in and out of her mouth, simulating a movement she knew he would soon do with his cock in her pussy. Thinking of that thick, long chunk of solid muscle penetrating her made her vaginal walls clench hungrily in anticipation.

She wanted to be pricked, to be popped, to be devirginized.


“Giane, please, come inside me now.”

He lowered her on the bed and put his full weight on her. She sighed, welcoming his heaviness.

“I don’t want to use a condom,
. I want to feel all of you around my cock. Is that okay?” he asked her gruffly, his hands arranging her legs so that she was spread, ready to receive him.

“Oh yes! I don’t want you to either. I wanna feel all of you inside me, too.”

“Aaah Valenna, you’re driving me insane.”

She grinned. “That’s the idea.”

“This won’t do,” he rasped.

Before she knew what he meant, he suddenly rolled them over. He was now lying on his back and she was straddling him. The position left her even more breathless. A sense of empowerment suffused her as she looked at him lying under her, all hard, solid mass of bones and muscles, bronzed-skinned from top to bottom like a fine, racing stallion, her thighs, flanking his groin.

He held her hips and guided her to slide her pussy against the ridge of his cock now lying like a staff of burning rod against his belly.

The sensations were incredible! She could get used to this. Oh yes!

He didn’t need to teach her the rhythm. She was a dancer. She learned the moves quickly. Her hips undulated, rotated, finding the most pleasurable position for maximum wet friction.

, Valenna!” He was breathing raggedly, the tendons on his neck standing out as he gripped the cheeks of her ass and countered her movements with his own motions.

She braced her palms on his pecs and moved faster above him, rubbing her clit harder on his shaft. “Giane, oh god, it feels so good…so good…!”

I can’t last much longer. Guide me inside you.”

Knowing what he wanted, she smiled down at him and lifted herself. Oh she was so ready for this.

She took hold of his shaft now coated with her juices, so hot and pulsating with his own need for release. Giane hissed a breath when she rubbed his bulbous tip against her wet, tingling nether lips. He supported her bum as she tried to find her hole using his pole, her pussy impatient to be pleasured again.

Biting her lower lip, she slowly lowered herself onto him.

She gasped as he pushed at her tiny opening.

But it won’t go further.

Panting, she tried again, rubbing him against her dripping hole.

He cursed and took over. Pointing his shaft at her entrance, he thrust up as he guided her hips to push down.

She yelped as the head of his cock popped in. “Oh! Oh my god! Giane…!”

He groaned harshly. “
Cazzo, piccola!
So tight! You’re killing me…!”

He gently pulled her hips further down, impaling her. “
, take more…please.”

She knew this must be killing him. Despite the increasing discomfort, she sank onto him deeper, his solid length inexorably stretching her untried tissues in there.

She stopped moving. He was too big and she didn’t think she could take more of him. “Giane…I don’t know what to do…”

“You’re doing great,
. Does it hurt now? I want you to be able to control the penetration.”

“It hurts now and I’m afraid to go on. I don’t know how….You gotta do it.”

He growled and reversed their position again without separating their bodies.

He spread her thighs as far as they would go.

Her fat, pussy lips were now shiny
with her abundant juices, stretched to the limit around his thickness, beckoning him to come all the way in and Giane couldn’t possibly last for much longer.

He pushed deeper into her. She cried out, her sharp nails digging painfully on his biceps but it was a welcome diversion from the delicious pain in his groin threatening to bust a nut any second.

, she was so fucking snug it hurt his cock so good. So this was how a real virgin felt like.

Infuckingcredible. Unreal.

He pushed in slowly, then pulled back gently.

He thrust in deeper still until his cock head met a resistance. “I want to come inside you,
. I know it will hurt you but you’ve gotta take me,
cara mia
. All of me. Please?”

“Yes, oh yes, Giane!”

His fingers were back on her clit. She moaned, contracting sweetly around him. He wanted to feel more of those squeezing when she came again.

Mustering his last ounce of self-control, he licked her delectable nipples alternately while he made shallow thrusts, gently pushing against her hymen. He wanted nothing more but to break into this little barrier and explode.
Dio, so good!

His thumb flicked her little bean faster and she was on her way to another orgasm. It was unbelievably good to be feeling every fluttering of her tight cunt as she climbed the highest high. Sweat trickled down his forehead at the indescribable pleasure of being inside her. His chest was about to burst with primitive pride at being the very first cock to get in this paradise, for being the first one to make her feel this kind of pleasure. And yet, despite the violent clamoring of his body for completion, something inside him refused to give in. He wanted to ensure her pain would not be traumatic when this was all over.

, it was costing him his sanity.

Plowing into a pussy without a rubber on was never his thing. He had been reckless in his youth but not with sex. But now, he wanted nothing between them. He could feel her wet channel gloving him, coating him with her very essence and he loved it, her hotness, the slickness of her, the tightness of her.

He angled his thrusts so that his cock head rubbed her sweetest spot inside as he stimulated her clit outside. Some almighty power up there knew where to put the G perfectly. Not too deep inside.

Bracing himself on one arm, he deepened his penetration, forcing that elastic membrane hampering his entry to give way. By now she wasn’t even noticing he was tearing at her hymen, so deliriously lost she was in her own pleasure.

He rubbed her harder, faster, thrusting in her deeper, desperate to ram the remaining length of his erection inside her.
this was beyond anything he’d ever felt. He was losing his fucking mind the top of his skull might explode any second.

2.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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