Drive Him Wild (THE BILLIONAIRE AND THE POP DIVA Volume 2) (7 page)

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She giggled. “Squeeze all you want. They won’t explode.”

“Don’t ever put anything in here. I’ll kill your doctor.” He rolled her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, pulling at them gently. Such responsive little strawberries he was dying to lick and suck.

“Oooh my god, that feels so good. I didn’t know my nipples could be so sensitive.”

Her response made him want to rub her clit and see how she’d react. He didn’t know initiating a virgin could be this enjoyable. Hearing her awed gasps and breathy sighs of discovery made every second of his pleasure delay so worth it. “I can’t believe you don’t even masturbate.”

“Is that odd?”

“It’s not only odd. It’s almost impossible given your lifestyle. Haven’t you ever wondered?”

“I did. I actually attempted to do it several times but…”


“I don’t know. I guess I felt guilty or something. I was just not comfortable doing it. Plus I was always busy with my career from a very young age. I didn’t grow up like a normal girl into adulthood. I was seldom alone, always surrounded by people I barely had time by myself. Most of my life I’ve shared a room with my sister until she demanded to have a room of her own.”

“Good for her. She probably discovered her pleasure button.”

“You think so?”

“What do you think?” He simultaneously pinched her nipples, applying more pressure, imagining her fat globes were overflowing with milk.
, why did the thought of her boobs filled with milk turn him on so? Strange.

“Oooh boy, my nipples feel like live wires!”

“Where’s the current going?”

“Down…there. Oh god, that feels so good, Giane. Can you do this forever?”

He grinned. “I can do so much more,
Feel this.” While his one hand was busy with her knockers, he glided the other downward, sliding over her soft, flat belly, circling her navel then swirling his pinky into the tiny hole. That made her grind her ass restlessly against his hard-on. “Tip No. 2, it turns me on that I’m turning you on. I like hearing you say how much you like what I’m doing to you.”

His hand crept between her legs.

“Oh!” She immediately clamped her legs, trapping his hand in between.

“Open your legs,
. Let me feel what is mine tonight.”

“Sorry, instinct. Nobody has touched me there before.” She slowly opened her legs again.

He nuzzled her neck. “Glad to know. I don’t like the thought of some fumbling fool touching you here.” He cupped her hairless pussy. “
you’re so soft here,
cara mia
. So smooth. So fine.”

His fingers teased her lips, massaging the softness.

Her pelvis began to rotate, rubbing herself harder against his hand. “Does this feel good,
Do you want me to rub your pussy some more?”

“Yes, oh yes! Giane, please!”

His middle finger slid between her folds, finding her clit.

He expelled a hiss of breath. She was throbbing here, so fucking hot. Despite the water, he could feel her sticky fluids. He’d like her to flow for him like a well later, all this wetness coating his cock.

His five fingers worked together to stroke her now, sliding up and down the silky crevices, feeling a lot of flesh. She had such a luscious pussy. Just the way he liked it.

He simultaneously worked his digits on her nipples and clit.

She was writhing on his lap now, torturing his cock. “Oh my god, does it always feel this good?”

He kissed her cheek. “Better. It only gets better and better,
cara, mia.

He rimmed her little hole, this virgin little hole. He tried to get a finger in.

She gasped when she felt the intrusion. “Giane! Uhmmm…”

so small. Did she even have a hole? Of course she had. An untouched hole. Soon, he’d enter this little gate to her paradise and he would tunnel through it, lose himself in it.

Alright, this foreplay was enough. He didn’t want to explode in the water either.

, c’mon.”

She was slow to react. “Hunh?”

He rose from the tub with her in his arms. She clung to him as water dripped from their bodies.

He stepped out of the tub and made her sit on the vanity counter. He grabbed a towel and patted her body dry with it. They both smelled of some fruity melon scent she’d put in the water.

She touched his chest, running her palms over his pecs, down to his corrugated abs.

“My god, you’re so hard…everywhere!”

She was staring at his cock again.

“Don’t touch it,” he warned her. “I don’t want to come yet.”

The water didn’t diffuse his erection. It only intensified it. He’d never seen his cock this hard in a long time. It stood between them like a dagger ready to stab something.

“I feel like a baby,” she murmured dreamily as he pressed the towel between her legs.

“Yes, indeed, my most precious
worth fifty million dollars.” He ran the towel down her shapely legs. Under the soft halogen lights, her skin glowed with health. She wasn’t lily white but blushed with a sun-kissed tan all over. Just the way he wanted.

“By the way, is that tax free?”

He shook his head, grinning. “
, Valenna, you have a saucy mouth.”

“What, that was a practical question.”

He kissed her nose. “Yes, that’s tax free. Now, are you ready?”

“I’ve been ready since last night. Woke up dreaming of you this morning. Soaked my panties, too.”

more than a saucy mouth.”

“Whatcha gonna do about it, big boy?”

“Valenna Jones, you’re about to get stuffed by a rocket ship of a cock and you’d better not be a crybaby.”

She slapped his ass. “You talk too much. Let’s get to it already!”

He laughed, glad she was so relaxed now that it calmed his nerves, as well. He couldn’t believe he was so fucking nervous.

After drying his body quickly with the towel, he picked her up again and strode back to the bedroom.

Dio, make me last a little longer.



“Yeah. I smelled your... It smelled good.”


“Anything that smells good is most likely clean. Simple logic.”

He chuckled.
, you say the funniest things.”

“Sorry, am I ruining the mood?”

“No.” He kissed her lips. “Not at all. I’ve just never had a woman who makes me laugh in bed, especially with an Apollo 11 of an erection.” He tried to keep a straight face with the last bit but failed. He chuckled. “I will never look at my hard-on the same way again.”

She smiled naughtily and gripped his cock.

He winced in pleasure-pain.

She pouted. “But I wanna touch you.”

“Tip No. 3, I can normally last for hours without coming but with this little horny, extra-curious virgin, I’m inches from exploding. I don’t want it to end so soon, so take it easy on Apollo, okay?”

He removed her hand from his cock and kissed her fingertips. “Later, you can play with Apollo all you want. Right now, I want to play with you.”


“I want you to have your first orgasm. With my tongue.”


“Would you like that,
cara mia?

She licked her lips. “Yes, please.”

He grinned and swiped her lips with his tongue. Her own tongue darted out to do the same to him. Goose bumps covered his entire body. He’d have more of her tongue action on his cock later.

He kissed her, gently at first, savoring the softness of her lips. She had such a delectable pair he could nibble and lick on them forever. He slid his tongue inside her mouth. Eagerly, she sucked on it, mimicking his movements.

He deepened the kiss, plundering her mouth. She tasted so good. He cannot wait to eat her pussy.

“Giane…you taste so good I want to lick you all over,” she moaned on his lips.

A woman who could read his mind? Impossible. But she was kissing him like she would devour all of him. He’d better hurry or he’d lose it on the sheets.

He knelt on the bed between her legs.

For a few seconds, he admired the view. Naked, she was a goddess wantonly spread under him, ready to be taken. She was big-boobed with a waist so tiny he could span it with his hands and hips that flared sexily, forming a mouthwatering V of still unexplored pleasures, and long, smooth legs that would look perfect wrapped around his hips.

“You’re so beautiful,

Cupping her ample breasts with his palms, he lifted them and nuzzled their softness. “These are perfect, so perfect for my lips and tongue.” He proceeded to worship her pink nipples.

“Giane!” she gasped, grasping his head.

He suckled from her nips like a greedy infant.

She moaned, arching her torso off the bed.

Valenna felt like a vibrating chaos
of excited nerves. But how it was ruining her good!

His lips were magic on her breasts. With the lick and pull he was doing, he was exhaling flames on her nipples. Heat traveled like quicksilver to her other erogenous zones, singeing her all the way to her toes. Her secretions gushed between her legs.

He was kissing his way down her body, leaving streaks of hot saliva on her overheated skin. His tongue darted inside her navel, swirling, making her wetter and wetter…

Finally, his face was between her legs.

She closed her eyes tightly, knowing his intention. Her modesty won. She squirmed under him, trying to dislodge him. “Giane…

“Beautiful. You have the most beautiful pussy,

Oh frosh! Should she say thank you?

He spread her legs wider, pushing her knees upwards, exposing her most private part completely to him, to do as he pleased.

“Open your eyes.”

“No. This is so…I’ve never—”

“Open your eyes,
. I want you to watch me eat your pussy.”

Watch him?! No way! She shook her head.

She felt a hot, soft flesh swipe her pussy from bottom to top.

It was a gentle touch but her entire body jerked in reaction. Oh frosh, he was really eating her!

She finally opened her eyes, unable to deny herself this monumental intimacy. She had to see everything. This would only happen once.

His tongue was oh so wicked. Scandalously wicked. Her pussy looked like a bounty he was devouring with gusto.

you’re so sweet,
I can eat you forever.”

The sight was straight out of those porn clips she’d giggled about with Nusha. But this was live. She was the porn star. Her pussy lips were stretched wide open by his thumbs she felt like he had spread her soul in front of him, as well. The experience was out of this world. Never had she been this intimate with a man.

Helplessly, she stared as he ran his tongue on either side of her clit repeatedly, teasing the sensitive flaps surrounding it until she was panting with need, lifting her hips, wanting more.


He paused and grinned at her. “Yes,

She made a mewing sound. The ache in her belly was worse now.

“You want me to lick your clit,

She was so on fire she could only nod repeatedly.

He finally flicked her painfully tensed bud with the tip of his tongue.

“Oooooh god!” She bit on her lower lip hard or she would have screamed. Her hands gripped the sheets. Incoherent moans rolled out of her throat as she was assaulted by toe-curling sensations.

How can his tongue move like that? It was fluttering so fast. Faster than the beating of her heart.

It was the most decadent thing, to see and feel his tongue in action on her pussy.

He paused and dipped a finger inside the lower crevices, drawing out the sticky juices oozing out of her non-stop.

“You’re so wet,
. Look at that.” He licked his cream-coated finger. “Delicious.”

“Giane…” Oh why did those Italian endearments sound sexier to her ears? Or was it because he was uttering them?

He rubbed his wet finger against her lips. “Taste how delicious you are.”

Oh frosh, this was so out of her league. Too decadent! But her tongue darted out to lick his finger, tasting her own essence for the first time. Jeez, she indeed tasted sweet!

10.05Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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