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This book is a work of fiction. Any references to historical events, real people, or real places are used fictitiously. Other names, characters, places, and events are products of the author’s imagination, and any resemblance to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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DRIVE HIM WILD (THE BILLIONAIRE AND THE POP DIVA Volume 2) Copyright © 2015 by Eve Montelibano

All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.

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This novel is somewhat satirical, touching on subjects most people nowadays laugh about or no longer put importance to or on subjects that are superficial but people put so much importance to. They are dealt here with some degree of irreverence and exaggeration.

If you don’t like romance stories plucked out from the fantasies of a forever-young-at-heart author who loves “cheesy, eye-rolling fairy tales and cliched happy endings” (I read that often enough and my ever romantic heart bleeds every time. Sigh), move on to the other works.

Bottom line, this work aims to entertain, leave you smiling and a bit in love. If not, just a bit optimistic about life in general. Idealism has never been more needed in these times of chronic cynicism and terminal pragmatism,

Kindly read the 15% sample before you dive.

The fairies are whispering in your ear.





A wet, wet dream. It was too delicious to stop. They were on the verge of mutual discovery, the lovers in her dream. He was about to make her his, pierce her virgin flesh dripping like a fountain of cream, so eager to receive him. It was so vivid she could smell him, taste him, feel the big, blunt head of his cock as it was about to push inside her.

Then she woke up.

Crap! What a freaking cliffhanger! Just when they were at the best part!

She did try to go back to sleep, hoping to continue the dream but her mind was already manipulating the story and it was no longer a dream but a fantasy.

Sighing in disappointment, she opened her eyes when it was too painful to bear. That pressure between her legs was serious. Her panties were soaked.

To wake up feeling like this was strange.

This was all new to her.

All because of THAT man! The very one in her dream.

She got up from the bed and hopped into the bathroom.

Minutes later, she was giggling like a giddy teenager under the shower. She couldn’t help it. Last night was simply unbelievable.

That man was unbelievable.


Giane who? Funny that the man had deposited 25 million dollars in her account as a surety bond and she didn’t know who he was other than he kissed like magic. Her accountant had confirmed to her last night that indeed, the amount popped up in her name just before midnight.

Who had that kind of money?

Many. But...

Now that she was thinking more clearly and no longer under the spell of that man’s potent seduction, she started to have doubts. She hoped Giane was not involved in something illegal.

She had to have his full dossier first. He could be a member of some syndicate!

The thought made her want to stamp her foot in ire. Her infatuated self wished him to be a member of some illustrious family in Europe. By the sound of his cultured speech, it was more likely he went to some fancy school.

But she had to make sure.

She finished her shower faster than usual and dressed up.

She emerged into the living room of the suite, calling for Anouska who was occupying the other bedroom.

“Nusha, I need to—” She didn’t finish her sentence. She gawked. “What the frosh...?!”

Dozens of arrangements of the most exotic flowers she’d ever seen sat in every corner of the suite, making it look like an indoor garden in full bloom.

“Finally, you’re awake! Was going to drag your tush from the bed. You were sleeping like oil in winter, my dear. You have a press junket in two hours. We need to get you prepped up!”

“Sorry.” She didn’t even look at Anouska. Her eyes were glued to the flowers, awed by their beauty. These were some species she hadn’t seen before!

Anouska sighed dramatically. “I gotta give it to him. Not only is he extremely loaded and good-looking, but he’s got game. So romantic!” She bent to smell a cluster of orchids.

“He sent these?”

“Yup. So, does he win the bid?”

Gazing at the bouquets and vases teeming with nature’s beauty, she fought hard not to be dazzled. The man knew his way around women, that was for sure. To wake up dreaming of him and then be greeted by this little garden of Eden in her own suite would make a lesser woman melt into a puddle of goo on the floor but not her. She had to protect herself. He was still a stranger to her. “Oh Nusha, he hasn’t presented a dossier like the others yet. I don’t even know his full name!”

“Hmm, I think he’s okay,” Anouska said with a mysterious smile.

“Do you know him? What did you learn from his bodyguard?” she demanded.

“Oooh, you would never guess!” Anouska said, wiggling her body as if she would swoon any moment.

“What?! Tell me!”

“Guess! He’s famous too, you know? In the world!”

She snapped her fingers. “I knew it! He kind of looked familiar, but I’m sure I haven’t met him in person before last night. Is he an actor from another country? Definitely from Europe. He has a distinct accent. Maybe Spanish or something.”

“Hmm no. C’mon, make another guess!”

“Tell me already! He’s world-famous, you say? Is he an athlete?”


“A football player? Frosh, I don’t follow European football.”


“A tennis player?”


She stamped her foot. “Nusha!”

“You actually have his car.”

“His car?”

“Uh-huh. Sports car.”

“I have six sports cars! Wait, is he a race driver?”

Anouska grinned. “Uh-huh.”

“There’s Nascar, Formula 1, Formula 21, Indy 500, but I don’t follow any of that!”

“What’s your fave sports car in your garage?”

“My Zoldatti Z10?”

Anouska shrugged. “He designed that. Drives that, too.”

Her eyes widened like saucers. “Where’s my laptop?! Quick!”

Chuckling, Anouska went to the dining table and picked up a MacBook which was already open and running.

Valenna rushed toward Anouska and practically grabbed the laptop from her.

The face of Giane was on the screen, wearing a helmet and an auto racing suit bearing the Impero Di Zoldatti emblem.

“Gianfranco Zoldatti?!” she gasped.

“Yup, thirty three years old, sole surviving heir to the Zoldatti empire, relative of the Medicis, Formula 21 champion who owns his own team, the designer of your fave car and your cherry popper tonight.”

Valenna was oddly shaken by the discovery. The man was simply too good to be true. Why on earth would a man like that bid for her cherry? It wasn’t like he’d have difficulty finding a woman to shag. With his wealth and good looks, women were probably throwing themselves at him like balls off a pitching machine!

“Is he…married?” she asked Anouska belatedly, dread coiling in her belly.
Oh please, God, make him single. Please!

“You didn’t ask him?”

“I forgot...”

Anouska eyed her knowingly with a smirk.

“Nusha, you’re killing me! He’s not married, is he?”

“Nope. Not even once.”

She expelled a huge sigh of relief. “Thank God!”

“Oh Vanna, he’s perfect for you.” Anouska looked dreamy now. Her BFF was even a worse hopeless romantic than she was. Anouska’s extensive romance book collection was scary shit. “But you forgot to ask him. You have a checklist of important Qs and you forgot to ask a single one of them. And you dragged him to your bedroom!”

She frowned. “You were watching!”

“Well, Baba was freaking out. He nearly rushed back to your suite when you disappeared from the screen. Great thing Ty told him his boss used to date Brigitte
Anouska gasped and covered her mouth. “Ops, sorry.”

Valenna glared at Anouska. Mentioning that woman’s name or anything connected to that bitch who stole her tool of an ex was
in her camp. Oh yes, those who dared cross this personal edict of hers got the boot. She’d known for a long time that Baba had a crush on Brigitte but even her loyal bodyguard had never mentioned the woman’s name in her presence since the break-up.

But what Anouska said made her freeze. “What do you mean he used to…date…her?”

Anouska looked like she was constipated now. “Uhm, “used to” is the operative phrase, okay?”

No. No no no!
Giane was hers! She wanted him. Wanted him like she’d never wanted any man before. That bitch can have that ass Kerion but not her Giane, too! That man-eater cannot possible have every guy she fancied! No damn way!

But the very thought that Giane used to date Brigitte totally upset her she wasn’t able to hold it. As sure as the sun would rise tomorrow, they’d had sex too!

She burst into tears.

Anouska looked baffled. “Why the hell are you bawling, girl?”

Valenna placed the laptop back on the dining table and sat on a chair. She wanted to drop on the floor and roll like a child having a major tantrum.

“Why oh why does he have to be so froshing perfect?!” she wailed.


“THAT!” She gestured to the laptop’s screen. “That man has everything! Why would he want to pop my cherry for christ’s sake?! I feel so insulted!”

Anouska was looking at her like she had sprouted mushrooms in her hair. “You feel insulted? Why?”

“My cherry is the most ridiculed cherry in the world! Now why on earth would this guy who has the entire world practically lapping at his hands, who’s dated Brigitte the freakin’ Harlot who looks like a goddamn Barbie on steroids, like to pop my freakin’ cherry?! For what? Because he’s so froshing bored, that’s what?!”

“You think the other bidders aren’t bored rich men?”

“Well, they’re not as famous, except for Kim... and...and they’re not that hot! That’s why they posted the bids. They wanna be famous and they wanna feel hot through my cherry.”

8.92Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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