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Authors: Rachel Nixx

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Dominating Jess: A Fantasy Fulfilled Novella (2 page)

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“I’m only going to ask
you one more time, and then I’m going to have to tell you the answer if you
don’t get it right. Who’s in control here?”

“You might be in control of this situation, but when it comes to—“

“You’ve said enough,
slut,” he interrupted. The word was harsh, like he’d doused me with ice water.
I wondered if he’d say it again. And if I wanted him to.

“Now I’ll give you the
right answer.” He leaned over and reached in his backpack and pulled out a blue
rubber ball that had leather straps.

“What’s that?” I
asked, suddenly more nervous than I could remember ever being and that was
saying a lot, given how this day was going.

“No. More. Talking.”
He moved the ball close to my face. “Open.”

I shook my head. “No
way,” I said between gritted teeth.

“Jog my memory. Did
you agree with the ball gag on the contract?”

Shit. I had. But I’d
been at altitude with his strong thigh pressed against mine. I would have
agreed to just about anything. I’d have joined the mile-high club right there
in seats 24D and 24E if he’d wanted me to.

He saw me remember.
“Right, you did. Now open your mouth.”

What if I did? What if
I just acquiesced to whatever he wanted me to do? Wasn’t that my whole thing?
Learning to give more? To trust? Goddamnit. That was my problem. I

The eyes of the German
tourists were on us—the woman actually leaned forward on her elbows and
readied her camera. Oh, shit.

I opened my mouth

“That’s my girl. Now,
yes, take this in your mouth. Good, exactly like that.”

It was large, and
instinctively I bit into the hard rubber to prevent it from going in as far as
he wanted it to.

“That’s the oldest
trick in the book, Jess. I’ll give you two seconds to open your mouth wider,
and then I’ll make you.”

I bit harder into the
rubber. Its taste, sharp and eraser-like, wasn’t unpleasing.

Without warning, Jake
slapped my cheek.

I gasped, my
mouth opening automatically. He pushed
the ball gag in firmly and fastened the leather around my head. “Just like
that. Now you won’t be able to talk, even if you wanted to. Remember what we
said about your safe word.”

. He’d been surprised when I chose the name of
his dog to be my safe word.

“And like I said on
the plane, if you can’t talk and need to stop or slow down, shake your head
back and forth five times. You got that?”

I nodded.

And he slapped my
other cheek. Surely he could feel the ball under my skin. Tears of surprise
rose to my eyes, and I blinked as hard as I could.

It hadn’t been a heavy
slap, but it was brisk. Efficient. And it was shockingly loud in the square.
Tables of people who previously hadn’t noticed Jake tying my hands and
shackling my ankles now turned to see where the noise had come from.

“There,” he said,
sitting back down in his chair. He took a long, appreciate sip of his espresso.
“Now you look more like the whore you are.”

I made a surprised
noise that came out more like a squeak around the ball. I rolled my eyes as
expressively as I could, gesturing with my shoulders at the table next to us
where a group of older men wearing suits were watching us.

“Oh, them? Yeah,
they’ll watch.” Jake stirred a tiny bit more sugar into his small cup. “They
know what’s going to happen.”

I frowned.

“I’ve been here
before. They know that I put on a good show. In fact,” he looked around and
then turned back to me, “it looks like a lot of my regulars are here.”

I raised my eyebrows.
Now that my eyes were my only real form of expression, I felt naked when he met
my gaze. If he only knew how wet I was, if he only knew how
was... My sides shook as I breathed shallowly.

“No one will help you,
you know. I could bend you over the table right now and ram my cock in you, and
you know what they’d do?”

I shook my head once.

“They’d get out their
phones and record you on video. You’d be played back when they get home. Oh,
actually, I really like thinking about that.” Jake leaned back in his chair,
crossing his legs at his ankles. “You see that guy over there? The big guy with
the cheeks?”

I did. The man had
been staring at me ever since Jake put the shackles on, his ruddy jowls getting
redder by the moment.

“He’ll take a video of
you in whatever position I put you in and then take it home and play it over
and over as he jerks off, getting come on his the screen of his phone, thinking
about what it would be like to be me right now.” Jake smiled at me. “And it’s
pretty great being me, honestly. I get to watch your pretty mouth pull around
that gag.”

I swallowed
reflexively as his eyes rested on my stretched lips.

“Fascinating, to watch
you get used to this. It’s not easy, is it?”

I shook my head again.

“And I’m not talking
about just getting to used to the rubber in your mouth. You’re getting used to
being watched, aren’t you?”

I wasn’t. I wasn’t
getting used to it even a little bit.

We sat there, me with
my ball gag (when I looked down, I could see the outer blue of the ball just
below my nose), my arms tied behind me, my feet shackled. Jake sipped his
coffee and kept the half-smile on his face. He raised one finger, and the
waiter who’d been chatting with a passerby flicked away his cigarette.

“Jake, she’s lovely,”
he said in heavily accented English.

“Isn’t she?” Jake looked
proud, and I sat straighter as I felt two spots of color light my cheeks.

“What can I get

“Just a sharp knife.
Oh, and I’ll take another coffee.”

My stomach did a flip,
and I blinked hard. As we waited for him to come back with the knife, I concentrated
on keeping my breathing even and steady. Maybe if I kept my muscles still, and
managed to stop the quivering of my muscles, I could handle this better.

A knife. Jake
wouldn’t... No, he knew I wasn’t into that, not into anything permanent, nothing
that could leave a scar. And I could trust him. It was

Of course I could
trust him.


The waiter came back
and presented Jake with his espresso and a blade that looked like it was made
to cleave a pig in two. My breathing went shallow again.

“Perfect. Thanks.”

I waited, my spine
perfectly straight, as Jake doctored his espresso again. The clink of his spoon
on the inside of his cup was, strangely, one of the most erotic noises I’d ever

He took his time
drinking. His eyes met mine from time to time, and when they did, I saw a flash
there—a spark—something I’d never seen in him before. Jake was
totally in control, damn him. The knife, sitting on the table between us, made
me want to scream. And that was the point, I guess. I couldn’t scream. I could
only make whuffling noises, and I’d be damned if I let him hear that from me. I
ran my tongue over a ridge in the rubber and then rested my tongue on the ball.

Well, hell. I’d signed
up for this.

I could take it.

“There,” Jake said,
nodding in apparent satisfaction. “That’s what I was waiting to see on your
face. Now we can move on with your training.”

Until that moment, he
hadn’t called it that.

It made it even more

He picked up the knife
and held it lightly in his hand as if testing its weight. “You look gorgeous,
you know. I’m glad I chose that top. It suits you. It’s too bad you’ll never
wear it again.”

I frowned in

“Stay very still.”

I sucked a breath in
through my nose as he moved the knife closer and closer to my torso. As I
thought I might die of fright, he angled the blade so it caught the hem of my
shirt. With one quick motion, he slit it all the way up to the neckline. “I
can’t, after all, just take it off you.” He motioned to my hands, still pinned
behind me. “So it’s the knife or nothing.” He made quick work of the top’s wide
straps, and my shirt fell to the ground. The cool air felt good against my
heated skin, but I knew that to sit in the square in only my lace bra and a
short black skirt was going to make an even bigger spectacle. Behind me, I
heard the click of a camera.

I kept my chin high,
though. I could do this.

Then Jake moved the
knife down again, slipping the cold blade between the waistband of my skirt and
my skin. “You’ll have to stand for this part, pet. Don’t want to risk injuring
anything of true value.”

I stood carefully,
wobbling only a little.

With a ripping sound,
he slit my skirt. It whispered to the ground. Now I was only in my underwear.
And it was official: everyone was watching now. Two young women cackled and
then imitated my surprised expression, their mouths wide, pretending to talk
around invisible gags.

“That’s so much
better. Now everyone can enjoy what you look like. God, your ass looks great in
that thong. Good choice of underwear. If you’d chosen badly, I’d have had to
punish you. Oh, what the hell, I’ll punish you no matter what.” Jake laughed.

I’d heard that laugh
so often—when I’d beaten him at poker, when he’d kicked my ass at pool.
I’d heard him laugh hundreds of times, but I’d never heard it exactly like

He was delighted with
me, and it felt great.

“Now,” he said. “Are
you comfortable?” He tested the silk knots that bound my wrists together. “Is
that loose enough for you?”

I nodded. It was,
actually. I could admit to myself that it felt kind of wonderful to be like
this, my arms behind me, my breasts out for anyone to enjoy how they looked in

“Glad to know that.
Because they shouldn’t be comfortable. That’s the last thing I want for you.”
And with that, he tugged the knots on the silk so that my wrists burned. He
used the long ties that had been trailing to further bind my forearms, bringing
them closer together behind me. I swallowed the cry that pressed against the
gag. My breasts went higher as my back arched to accommodate the new position
of my arms.

Jake walked in front
of me and raked his gaze across me. I thanked God I’d decided to put on
underwear that morning—for a moment when I’d been getting into the
clothes he’d chosen for me, I’d considered going commando to surprise him. I
couldn’t bear the thought of being even more exposed than I already was.

“Now we walk,” he
said, throwing money onto the table and nodding in the waiter’s direction. The
waiter grinned back and stared at my tits as if he had every right to. And I
suppose he did. I was here, outside, wearing nothing but underwear and...what
was Jake getting out now?

Straightening, he
smiled as he showed me another leather strap. “You don’t walk a whore without a
leash. You can’t trust them.”

The spot between my
legs throbbed harder as he spoke, but I was damned if I’d let him know the idea
of being on leash turned me on so much. I kept my eyes forward and my chin up.

“That’s a good girl.
Who wants a collar, then? You do?”

Shit. He knew I wanted

The leather was tight
around my throat but not uncomfortable. As he fastened it, he caressed the skin
just under my chin. “It’s like you were made to wear this, my pet,” he said
softly in my ear as my insides fluttered. “Who knew you’d be such a good,
obedient little thing?” He snapped a leash onto the metal ring at my neck and
tugged softly.

I didn’t move. I felt
frozen. At least there weren’t many people in this square. And strangely, most
of them had gone back to whatever they were doing, chatting with friends and
drinking wine. Some still watched—mostly men—but even they watched
half-heartedly now, smoking cigarettes and laughing with each other.

But if we left the
square, who would we run into? Who would see me like this? No one I knew, of
course, but the idea of housewives walking to market and witnessing this
humiliation suddenly burned in my veins.

He tugged the leash
harder. My neck and head moved forward but my feet stayed stubbornly in place.

“Oh, it’s going to be
like that, is it? Silly girl.” Quickly, Jake pulled out a chair at a table
occupied by two business men, sat in it, and then yanked so hard on the leash
that I toppled over, face down right onto his lap, which was probably exactly
what he’d been going for. The man a foot away from me gave a guttural roar of

But his laugh was
drowned in my ears as soon as Jake hit my ass. A solid smack that shook me to
my ankles, he followed it up with another one. Open-handed, he rained blows on
my bare bottom faster than I could count in my mind. Five, six, seven. The pain
burned but not as much as the humiliation I felt now that both men were roaring
with laughter. Eleven, twelve, thirteen.

BOOK: Dominating Jess: A Fantasy Fulfilled Novella
13.08Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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