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Dominating Jess: A Fantasy Fulfilled Novella (3 page)

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“That’s right,” said
Jake, breathing harder now. “Twenty slaps for your stubbornness.” They laughed
harder. I squirmed against him, wishing I could get up, wishing I could run,
wishing to become invisible.

Instead, the man in
the black leather shoes (all I could see now my face was so close to the
ground), moved to stand next to Jake. No, surely he wouldn’t ask—

Jauks pakaļpuse
the man said.

Jake said, “Agreed.”

Another blow hit my
ass, much harder, much heavier than Jake’s had been. I could feel the weight of
a large ring and knew it would leave a mark. Not only that, but the man left
his hand where it lay, his fingers curling into my ass cheek. Any minute Jake
would tell him to stop, to remove his skin from mine.

Jake said something to
him, something I couldn’t understand, and the man laughed again. Another blow.
I didn’t know how many more I could take. My ass was on fire. One more heavy
slap followed. My tongue slid over the gag. If I could spit it out, then I
could scream, then I could make the man—this stranger—stop.

But I couldn’t spit it
out. And I didn’t shake my head.

With one last
resounding slap, the man sat down, apparently satisfied.

“Good girl,” said
Jake. “Very good, to let him touch you like that. Let’s go see what other
trouble we can get into, you think?”

He helped me stand,
grinning when he saw that my legs were trembling. He ran a hand over my heated
ass. “Tender? But we’re just getting started. This time, I think you’ll walk
when I tell you to, won’t you?”

Blinking back tears I
wouldn’t let fall, I nodded.

“I thought so.”

The tug on the leash
was gentle this time. Hobbled as I was by the chain, I could only take small

“Don’t worry,” he
said. “We’ll go slowly. You want to let all the shopkeepers get a good look at
you, right?”

Step by step, I
clinked behind him as we made our way to the corner.
Keep going,
begged in my head. Straight ahead the road veered into what looked like a quiet
street lined with houses. But if he turned right or left, we’d be on what
appeared to be the main drag. Shopfronts stood shoulder to shoulder, selling
meat, fruit, and vegetables. Drugstores, bars, and restaurants all had their
doors wide open in the afternoon sun, and the sidewalks were full of people.

Of course he turned

“I have to see a man I
know, he’s just down this way,” said Jake. “You don’t mind if I do a little
business while we’re out?”

It wasn’t really a
question. I blinked. He was in charge. My stomach still roiled at the thought,
but I walked as proudly as I could in the sky-high heels. An older woman
wearing a blue dress covered with a yellow apron came out of the butcher shop on
the corner. She flapped a towel in the air, and as she caught sight of me, she
flapped it harder.

“She thinks you’re
gorgeous, too,” said Jake over his shoulder. “Smile, slut.”

He knew I couldn’t.

“Hey, look at these
guys coming. Let’s give ‘em a show. Head higher.” He tugged the leash again,
and I raised my chin.

Six young men who’d
been tumbling down the sidewalk like puppies stopped short when they saw me.
One guy’s mouth fell open and another stuttered something to the person next to
him. I didn’t meet their eyes, keeping mine on the neon sign above their heads.

Nav viņa skaista
?” asked Jake, and each one of them nodded

“They agree that
you’re beautiful,” said Jake. He said something else, and then grinned as one
of the men said something loudly to the laughter of his friends. “Stand still,

He walked behind me,
leaving me with no buffer at all between me and the men. Men—these were
barely more than boys. They couldn’t have been much more that twenty, if that.
A female shopper bustled past us, her arms weighted with grocery bags. She
clicked her tongue at the boys and scowled at me.

In front of me, the
group moved from side to side, shifting their weight. One young man was as pale
as a ghost, and he didn’t lift his eyes from my bra as he took out his cell
phone to snap a picture.

“Smile around the gag
for the camera,” said Jake softly behind me. Then I felt him lean forward and
put one arm around me, reaching to touch my breasts.... No, to the spot between
my breast....

Then he touched the
clasp of my front-closure bra. Oh, shit. No, no, no...

He did it. He
unsnapped my bra, which, due to how my aching arms were pulled back, sprang
open, releasing my breasts. He slid the straps back and down and then twisted
the bra itself so my arms were tugged back another inch. My breasts rode
higher, and in the cold air, I felt my nipples get even harder than they’d been

The group couldn’t
have been happier with this turn of events, giggling and pressing buttons on
their phones.

Jake said, “You like
what you see? You like these tits? When you get a pair of tits like these boys,
you know what you do?” He said something in their language and then spoke in
English again. “You touch. You make her feel good, because when she feels good,
you feel good.” He translated this to them.

While they watched,
their eyes bright with excitement, Jake touched the side of my right breast,
lightly but firmly, and I sucked spittle around the ball gag. He lifted my left
breast next, and then moved back and forth between the two, lifting the round
weight, letting them bounce before he’d catch it again with another grab. “See,
boys? Isn’t that pretty, the way she pulls backward—“ he gave my leash a
tug “—yet you control her so that she can’t. You guys want to try?”

Surely he wouldn’t
just let them touch me. Not here, as shoppers bustled by?

Jake gave a direction,
and they queued into a surprisingly neat line. I still couldn’t believe this
was happening. Above, the sky was a pale blue punctuated by fine, white clouds.
The sound of the river burbled behind us. A woman carrying a fat baby barely
gave us a glance. Did this happen all the time here? Did no one see me? The
truth was, I didn’t want anyone to stop what Jake was doing. But maybe I wanted
someone to try.

The first boy, a beefy
guy with an eighties-style flat-top, reached forward eagerly. He was breathing
heavily as he touched my nipple.

Jake only laughed.
“That’s right, big boy.”

The man then
twisted my nipple lightly. I shut my
eyes against him but Jake said, “Eyes open, please. I want you to see who I
allow to touch you.”

It wasn’t painful, but
the leer in the young man’s eyes made my breath catch. He finally let my nipple
go and I felt my nostrils flare as I struggled to take in enough air. What if I
ended up crying? What if my nose filled with tears? How would I breathe?

More hands now. Soft
touches, whispered words. Jake let everyone in the short line touch me
somewhere—one was especially bold and touched the top of my panties, but
Jake said something to him sharply, and he pulled his hand back as if he’d been
burned. Two of them looked similar enough to be brothers—long teeth and
shaggy hair, they couldn’t have been more than seventeen. Jake gave them
instructions I couldn’t understand. They stood in front of me, so close I could
smell them—tea and bread and sweat. Simultaneously, they leaned forward
and suckled my nipples, and the erotic shock of it connected in a direct line
to my clit.

“Okay, good job, guys.
Thank you.” Jake held out a few bills to each of them. He was
them? The humiliation burned even fiercer. They continued down the sidewalk,
talking loudly in the macho, pleased tones of young men worldwide.

“Those last two gave
me an idea,” said Jake while reaching in his bag. He held up a shiny chain. Two
small silver clamps hung from either end.

He didn’t go slowly.
Jake was no twenty-year-old boy full of nerves. He grabbed a nipple and forced
the clamp around it. He let go, and the clamp closed with such tightness that I
was suddenly flooded with white heat. Though my eyes were open, I couldn’t see
for a moment. All went bright, and noises were so loud inside my head that I
could hear the chatter of the birds on the pole overhead and the heated
conversation the grocer was having with an old man.

I didn’t breathe. I
breathe. All I felt was pain. I drove my teeth as hard as I could into the
rubber as a guttural scream burned the back of my throat.

“Nice, slut. You look
great. One more.” He put the other clamp on, but this time I was a little more
ready for the pain that roared toward me as the clamp self-tightened.

“And now we walk.” He
pulled my leash (when had I started thinking about it as mine?) and I followed,
my feet stumbling as my stilettos caught in the cobblestones. I still held my
head high, a point of stubborn pride. Even with the burning at my nipples that
was only now starting to subside into bearability, I could keep my head up.
Even though I only wore a black lace thong, as least I
a piece of
clothing. I wasn’t totally exposed. I hid behind this thought as if it could
save me.

I knew, though, that
nothing could save me now. Not really. For the first time since I was... Well,
for the first time in a
time, I was completely powerless. I wasn’t
kicking ass now, couldn’t have done a single move even if Jake would have let
me. And I absolutely couldn’t tell how I felt about it.

I just kept walking.
Head up.

Jake strode ahead of
me, nodding cordially to people who reacted with surprise at our little
two-person parade. He exchanged a few words with a man rolling up an awning at
a jewelry store, and I cringed, wondering what he’d make this man do to me. But
instead, we continued walking. Jake didn’t acknowledge me at all now, hadn’t
spoken to me in three blocks.

I stumbled on a broken
cobblestone that tipped as I stepped on it, and my legs danced double-time. I
must have looked like a newborn foal, limbs flailing. But Jake didn’t even turn
around, just tugged the leash harder as if I’d done it on purpose.

He stopped in front of
a cafe. Large windows showed the inside was packed with people standing to
drink their coffees. Still without saying anything, he led me inside.

Conversation was loud
inside, and my cheeks blazed as the chatter dropped to nothing as they realized,
one by one, that I’d just walked in. Again, I heard that light, amused titter,
the same tone the people’d had in the square. One woman said something that was
obviously accusatory and stalked out, but the rest stayed. I felt their curious
gazes as clearly as if they’d reached out to touch me.

Jake didn’t even meet
my eyes now. He tugged me to the side
where people stood, placing their drinks on a long shelf. He looped the
leash around the coat hook below it and walked away from me, not looking back.
He went through a doorway draped with a red fabric panel and I saw his feet
going up a flight of stairs.

I was alone.

Alone, almost naked,
in a crowd of total, complete strangers.

My shoulders ached and
my wrists were going numb behind me. I made my hands into fists and then
starfished them out, feeling pins and needles as the circulation came back. I
kept my chin up even though it trembled with the tears I refused to shed. How
long would he be gone? How long would I stand here like this?

I turned and stared at
the leash that trailed around the hook. It wasn’t affixed tightly, almost as if
Jake had given me a challenge. If I backed up and tugged, I knew I could get

But then what? I could
run out of this cafe, and what? Run through a city I didn’t know searching for
a hotel whose name I couldn’t even remember? Hope that someone had mercy on me
and took the ball gag out of my mouth, and
what? I didn’t speak a
word of the language. And I’d still be bound and shackled, wearing only a pair
of nipple clamps (which ached, oh, how they ached now) and a black lace thong.

Better to stay right
here and wait for Jake.

And damn him, he must
have known that was the conclusion I’d come to.

A tall man who stood
alone looked me up and down, his very black eyes moving slowly and assuredly,
as if he knew that it was his right to stare at me. He was handsome, I
supposed, though I was in such a terror that I almost didn’t notice. What I did
notice was that he picked up his coffee from the bar and moved to stand next to

Right next to me. I
stood facing out toward the room—at least that way I could see what was
coming. He, however, faced the wall and stood shoulder to shoulder with me,
drinking his coffee slowly. He stood so close I could feel his body heat on my
right side.

At first I thought I
was imagining it. His wrist brushed my elbow. I pulled away, thinking I’d
swayed into his space.

But then it happened
again. His upper arm touched mine. I stood stock-still, hoping that if I just
ignored him, he’d go away. As luck would have it, no one was watching me now.
No one could help me if he tried anything else—

BOOK: Dominating Jess: A Fantasy Fulfilled Novella
6.99Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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