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Authors: Rachel Nixx

Tags: #BDSM, #submission, #bondage

Dominating Jess: A Fantasy Fulfilled Novella (11 page)

BOOK: Dominating Jess: A Fantasy Fulfilled Novella
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“Because you don’t
need anyone or anything.”

I bit the inside of my
lip again. He didn’t know, then...

“And because you were
able to let go of that.”

My heart beat faster.

He continued, “You
don’t trust anyone.”

I shook my head. I
didn’t. Except...

“Except for me. You
trust me.”

I leaned forward,
pressing my forehead into his neck. He put his arms around me, and I was
protected. Safe. I was still the tough girl. But it didn’t hurt to lean into
someone’s embrace, if that someone was Jake.

Jake tilted my chin
up, and for the third time, kissed me.
“Jess,” he said against my mouth. “Oh, Jess.”

“Take me to the
hotel,” I said. “I want you in a bed.”

“Back to bossy.” He
lightly traced the branches of my tattoo up my arm, touching each cherry
blossom as if he could feel the petals.

“Just the way you like
me.” I had a thought. “All those men. Did you pay them to come down the

He touched the tip of
my nose. “Why would I answer that? Don’t you want a little mystery? For the
next time?”

The next time
. I grinned at him.

“But damn,” he said,
scooting to one side. “You have a point about the bed.”

I stood. Olya was
already walking ahead of us, almost out of sight around the curve. I held out a
hand to him. “Let’s go.”

I led him barefoot
down the trail to the car. His grip was firm. Sure. Just like mine.





Catch Rachel Nixx’s next fiery installment of the Fantasy Fulfilled Novella




And Restrained. 

Tompkins craves pain. No, scratch that. Anna is terrified of being hurt, but
she wants to get over that weakness, and what better way than to hire the best
in the business? Zee Montaug has made a name for himself as an operator with
Fantasy Fulfilled. He hurts women so deliciously they come back to see him,
over and over. Anna, though, is different. What does it mean if Zee wants to
make her feel good after the session is over? And can Anna learn to trust
someone while naked and bound in public?



About the Author


Rachel Nixx lives in Manhattan with many
fountain pens and more dead houseplants. She likes her nights wild and her
mornings caffeinated. Keep up with Rachel Nixx's latest exploits by following
her on
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BOOK: Dominating Jess: A Fantasy Fulfilled Novella
12.33Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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