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The building was on Sunset Blvd, mid Hollywood and a huge seven floor high rise building. It may not look like much but this place is the worst of all the enemies she faced. At least they all came and attacked her; this place seems to be the root of all evil.

Travis Hauser, a fifty nine year old warlock. He is the Vice President and graciously agreed to meet them even without an appointment. How nice? No, this man had some idea what this place does and meeting her as a curtsey of her decease parents is BULL.

Travis has salt and pepper hair, a dark beard and a nice built. He has a strike and rigid stance like military commander. That explained why MaryAnne hired him like Piper. For their ruthless past and killer instincts.

When she talked to him, causally Ginger was unable to read his mine. Lupio was having the same problem. Something or someone was blocking her abilities. Shane keep using his wide range to neutralize abilities thanks to their telepathic link, but pointless.

Someone had prepared for their visit. Was it possible that Jonah's sudden disappearance and MaryAnne's return are signs they are in leg with one another. This frightens her, and now she was being led deeper down the rabbit hole with no visible way out.

After leaving the building, she called Leo to get everything he could on Travis Hauser. She thanked them for accompanying her. She would now proceed to find Parker's mistresses.

Chapter Twenty Five:

The first was China Gilbert, mother of Missouri who is being watched by Stacey. She was down in San Diego so Ginger used a portal to get there. Aaron gave her the addresses of all three elementallers. China was nice and had no idea why Parker had been interested in her.

Missouri was only twenty three years old and China was forty years old. A naive seventeen year old fresh out of high school met this dashing, handsome suave man and bam.

She got pregnant and he was gone. The only upside is she got checks from August Gold who came by to check on her. The man had accommodating a vast fortune and made sure his children were taken of.

The next was Geneses SantaCruz, the mother of Tristan. She was in Texas, Dallas to be exact and is a pixie so aware of Parker's genealogy. Not likely to know where he was, Stacey went into labor during the middle of her investigation.

Ginger rushed to the hospital to meet her god-daughter Judith Anna Darkholme. Even three weeks pre-mature, she was healthy and not a health concern at all. Peter and Jurnee had spoken on the phone. It seems he asked Jurnee to get Malcolm to bless her baby too.

The spell must have changed destiny and now Judy was here. All Ginger wanted to do was share this moment with her entire family. I need Jensen back, so she couldn't find Raven Detroit Redpath's parents. Well her adopted parents were helpful but still Viven Delrow was missing.

This pissed Ginger off. Perhaps either one of them could help her find Jensen. A text message came in from Natalie Grayson, saying meet her in New York.

Ginger wonders, "What the hell?"

Chapter Twenty Six:

Once she called Daniel to verify that Natalie was trustworthy. He said she was and Shalice suggest she go and see what she wanted. Once she opened a portal and was in Manhattan, Natalie just appeared seconds after she did.

The vampire girl thrust out a copy of Ginger's book and asked for a signature. Without reason to refuse; Ginger signed her first copy of her first book.

Natalie states, "This would be an antique. You will have tons of books. I saw it. Anyway I am going to help you."

Ginger asked, "With what?"

Natalie rolls her eyes and says, "Keep up with finding Jensen. It isn't MaryAnne as you think. She loves him and is actually looking for him to reunite their love affair. You need to meet MaryAnne's husband."

This news baffled Ginger. She couldn't wrap her mind that MaryAnne loved Jensen. Nasty, Jensen had a thing with her. This was a long time ago, granted she has been MIA but still.

Natalie says her friend Sasha is a gypsy and can locate him. Sasha Maxwell had a great corner shop on thirty second street. Natalie just walked in but Ginger noticed the magic barrier around this place.

Thanks to all her training, Ginger was now able to discern the particular magic user. This spell was done by the late Kambria Townsend. Sasha read Ginger's palm and gave her an address to go to. The house was in Connecticut. Thomas Mercer was the husband that MaryAnne was cheating on with Jensen.

Natalie came with Ginger as they went to see Thomas. Outside his house Ginger felt a voice whisper no, turn back. That was strange and Natalie was already knocking before she had a chance to discreet what it could mean.

A spell hit them both. Instead of breaking free Ginger decided to play along and pretend to be trapped. Thomas was an indigo, which was an unpleasant surprise. That was why Feltus was so powerful.

Thomas pulls them inside with a spell and in his living room are tons of computers tracking the United States. Another on each country. Each screen was on earth, another planet but a dot showing when magic was being used.

Holy crap.

Thomas was afraid!

Chapter Twenty Seven:

Ginger knew in that moment he was hiding from MaryAnne but why? She was the one that cheated.

Ginger asks, "Why are you hiding?"

Thomas fake laughs and says, "I am not hiding."

He nervously looks at the screens. This must have been alerting him we were here. He is a powerful indigo who summoned snakes. I read about orphromancy, the ability to see the future from communicating with snakes. Once he knew what was to happen. I would use my telepathy to read his mind.

It took a moment but nothing. Either his power was a big letdown, or MaryAnne wasn't concerned about him. Ginger cast a spell of her own to counter his and Natalie had ran fast across the room. Had her hand on his throat before he could blink.

Ginger says, "We just want to talk. MaryAnne is back and Jensen Saunders is missing. We need your help finding Viven Delrow. She is in search of him but he was taken. Someone wants to open the universes to destroy the barriers between them and release God knows what."

The look on his face confirmed he had no idea about any of this as Natalie releases him.

Ginger says, "Please we need your help."

Thomas states, "I don't know where MaryAnne is, nor do I want to reconnect. As for Jensen being taken, he cane rot in hell for all I care. I can however tell you where Viven is."

Natalie smiles and answers, "Now that'll be helpful."

Thomas grins and asks, "What will you give me for the information?"

She couldn't believe he was trying to blackmail them, no wonder MaryAnne choose him.

Ginger hated to do this but time was running it. She slammed her palm against his nose, breaking it as blood started gushing out.

Ginger smiles and responds, "Have I made my point?"

She cast a small healing spell to fix the damage as he writes down the information.

Natalie says, "Thanks for the hospitality."

Thomas growls "Screw you."

Natalie shockingly replies, "That is disgusting. I am like fifthteen years old so I think you are a perv. I am so sicken."

Ginger couldn't help but grin as they leave.

Chapter Twenty Eight:

Ginger thanks Natalie for all her help. She opens a portal to the directions that Thomas gave her. The last place she expected to be was outside a bar.

Sure she was twenty one now, but never had the urge to visit one or drink. Life had dealt her some shitty cards but she dealt the best way she could. The bar was called the Dax.

There was a magic barrier at the doorway but Ginger easily passed it. Something happened when she walked outside the Dax in New York. The Dax was originally the society for the Elemental Council, so the original three.

Parker was dead and with Jensen missing, Ginger had to turn to Viven. The inscription told the life story of Parker and his friends. This must have been a long time ago. The woman behind the bar name was Aretha Lynne Reed, a beautiful blond with the warmest blue eyes.

They were about the same height when the waitress clearly Aretha’s sister came to hand her a menu. This one's name was Luna Janice Reed. Both were nice into the cook came from out behind the kitchen in the back corner.

She claimed, "Kitchen closed. Finish your drinks and get out."

Luna smiles and announces, "Ignore my sister. She is only kidding."

Rachel the brunette with green eyes highlighted by her eyeliner frowned and stated, "Do I look like I am joking around?"

Aretha says, "Hard to tell when your face is stuck on instant bitch. Why are you closing early, hot date?"

Rachel yells, "Who is the oldest? We are closed!"

Rachel stumps off to the back. Ginger stood there in total bafflement as the patrons slowly made their way out the bar.

Luna says, "Sorry dear, looks like we're closed."

Aretha snarls, "Luna. Shut up. This is Ginger Solis."

Luna gasps and asks, "Artemis?"

Luna falls on her knees and bows.

Ginger thinks, "Wow that is a first."

Aretha states "Get up fools. We don't serve her any longer, or have you forgotten?"

Ginger stood in the middle of a strange bar in total confusion.

Rachel appears and asks, "Is everyone gone?"

Ginger suddenly felt strange being the only one in a strange city with three strange women.

Luna says, "Yeap. Where is she?"

Voice says, "Right here!"

Ginger turns to see a woman who is ancient. There was no other way to describe the old woman in a wheelchair.

Wait, this is Viven Delrow.

Chapter Twenty Nine:

Viven Delrow was the last koglor demon, but she looked like age had not been kind to her.

Viven looks at Aretha who hold her gaze a moment then locks up the bar. Luna begins to chant.

Ginger wonders, "What is she casting?"

Rachel says, "We are the sisters of Reliqusaum, all that remains between balance and chaos. Viven here has a special ability that we have. Timeless knowledge and this is how we contact August Gold to protect her daughter Raven. It is also how we help people by communicating through spirits."

Ginger thinks, "Can they help me find Jensen? Stop PHD and all it stands for?"

Viven tells Ginger she is dying, but wants her to deliver a message to Raven for her. Ginger agrees and she tells her that Jensen was taken by Delia Kern, a powerful creature. Sadly danger was only going to grow for Ginger.

Before she could go on, of course Jonah Spider Grandhorn opened a portal and stepped through. He always comes to ruin any chance of her finding anything out.

Spider states, "We need to have a chat Viven. Girls go away."

Rachel stands defiance besides Viven. Aretha and Luna try to pull her away.

Rachel states, "I am not going anywhere leaving him alone with Viven. We see how he likes to solve problems."

Luna says, "Come on. You know your place."

Rachel yells, "NO!"

Spider responds, "Fine."

He pushes out blue sparks and magic overcomes the three who fall fast asleep.

Spider states, "Troublesome. How can you stand them? Ah, Ginger Solis. Sticking your nose where it does not belong again."

Ginger looks at him to a withering Viven. What does she do now? Spider cast a spell.

Chapter Thirty:

Nothing. What did he just do? His magic was sure to do some major damage. She stood there in total disbelief.

Viven states, "Not in my house. There will be no hard done to this child. She is under my protection and you have another to concern with yourself anyhow, old friend. He has a destiny too. She is already on the correct path. Thanks to Raymond. He will do wonderful things."

She had to ask, "Raymond Harman?"

Spider glares at her and states, "Who else? What do you think? I killed him."

No point in saying anything. The obvious tension in the air was enough of a response.

Viven answers, "Why shouldn't she? You a mysterious old fool. Just tell her why you sent that note to Shalice Kincaid."

Ginger gasps, so that confirms the note was sent by him. Spider sighs as he pulls out a stool and pours to himself a glass of white Russian vodka.

He shallows it in a gulp and says, "It is a long story. Let me tell it and no melding Viven."

Viven rolls her tongue and sucks her teeth but nods all the same.

Spider says, "All of the drama. Shalice married Aaron, but really wanted Daniel. I told her to leave him. She agreed but her heart never stopped loving him. Now look they are back together against my wishes."

Ginger asks, "What's the big deal?"

Spider states, "She can be happy but so will everyone else. Like Malcolm and Tara, thanks for messing up all that I desire. Now MaryAnne is back and up to no good. In love and doing anything she can to find Jensen. She unleashed a powerful Alpha witch when she was freed."

BOOK: Cyrosphere 6: Scrambling Lives Together
12.56Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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