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That wasn't totally fair since we hadn't spoken since his escape. He looked healthy and healed, must be due to some magic spell.

Angus wasn't in sight as he brushed past me, a slight touch warned me not to display any signs we knew one another. He was definitely going to have to explain this to me. Before I could attempt to turn my head Jensen was ushering me forward and Oscar was gone.

Shalice, Jensen and I sat down infront of Agnus large and intimidating desk. She didn't bother standing and just glared at us if were intruding on her night.

Shalice says, "We need to speak to you about my daughter Stacey. It seems she has been taken."

Agnus barely bats an eye and asks, "What make you think that? Oh and Shalice it is pleasant to see you well amongst the living."

I felt no warmth from her, just distance as if her emotions were shut off. Maybe she had special shields that it made it harder to get a clear reading on her but I doubt that was the issue here.

Agnus clearly states, "I don't know Stacey well enough yet we recently started her training. I always say a bright mind is the path to true power."

Her gaze was on me now when she spoke those last words, did she think she made a mistake picking Stacey, and rather she'll be training me. It wasn't like she had a choice; Spider declared he'd be taking over my training because we both shared the same ability.

Things were getting all mixed up and it was becoming harder to keep track of which side was the right one. Or even if there were sides and not just different philosophies.

I turned to look at Jensen who was quiet during this entire exchange. Shalice was the concerned mom who wants answers to the cold, distant Agnus who really had no part in Stacey's taking.

Totally off bases, it was time to change tactics. I apologized to Agnus and thanked her for her time which forced the others to follow my lead.

I hope I knew what I was doing.

Chapter Six:

For some reason that didn't go according to plan but it gave me perspective. We were assuming this was some large insidious plan instead of the working of one, two, or perhaps a small group.

If that were the case which is starting to become my impression then I needed to change strategies.

Jensen asked, "What just happened in there?"

Shalice demeaned, "She knew something and you just gave up so easily."

Ginger states, "You don't think I know what I'm doing?"

Shalice responds, "Not quiet sure and this is my daughter's life we are talking about."

Ginger snaps, "Exactly. We were wrong. I was wrong. I admit that not let's move on and find her."

Those words seemed to erase all of Shalice's doubt which was good because she was sure to need her help later on. Right now she needed to be wrapped in her boyfriend's arms. She needed to be supported, loved and taken care of for a change.

She said goodbye and turned to a shadow and just breezed along Alabama back home. Well first Lucas' apartment.

He answered shirtless and boy was her libido turned on. Talk later, love and passion now.

Ginger jumped into his arms, kicking he door shut and his lips trigger lust all throughout her body. Tiny combustible fireworks went off as each parting of his firm lips matched her eagerness when his lips returned. They couldn't get to the bed fast enough.

Hours later on she was sipping water cuddled beside Lucas on his couch. She wore one of his buttons down shirts as a top and her undies. She was rubbing her toes along his legs as they told each other what happened today since they last spoke. Those felt right, like coming home to your partner with no facade or mask about what you needed. Lucas got her and that helped add layers to their relationship.

She awoke with a jolt. Oh crap, she felt asleep in his arm on the couch. She looked around for her pants and saw the clock on the microwave. It was 6:03 in the morning. How could she have slept so long when Lucas began to stir?

Luke yawned and says, "What's your rush? I was going to make waffles and turkey sausages, your favorite."

Ginger responds, "Some other time. I got to go. Aaron is going to be worried and don't forget Shalice is back. A new parental unit to be concerned."

Lucas grins and replies, "You are only 20 so of course you need to report to them. Slow down and eat and then go home to their wrath."

Ginger smiles and answers, "Compelling argument. Fine. I’ll eat before I leave."

Lucas fakes stabs his heart and declares, "Kill a man. I love sex, great food and dash out before your fantastic boyfriend can announce your book is being published."

Ginger totally stunned, turns and gaps at him. She falls back on the couch with a huge thump.

Lucas says, "It's going to be okay. Breathe. I can kiss you but CPR is not my specialty. Yes, it was that good that my boss wants me to draw up a contract like yesterday. You'll be a published author in nine days. Can you believe it?"

She barely nods as he gets up to cook breakfast with her still dazed at the news. Life truly was unexpected and wonderful. She just wishes she could tell Stacey the good news.

Chapter Seven:

When she got home no one was awoke or worried about her like she originally thought. Aaron left a note stating he was getting a jump start on that list so he would be at the office all night. Yvette also had a note tapped on her door when she went upstairs to shower and change.

Gone for a run, be back later. Yvette went for a run that is productive but so not like her. She shakes her head and quickly showers and change. Back down stairs drinking a cup of coffee she couldn't help but wonder where was Shalice.

It wasn't like she had a cellphone to call her up. She left behind besides Jensen, maybe he knew where she was. Before she could think of calling at 7:24 am, she heard the doorbell.

She went to answer it and was stunned to see Oscar. Just the person who she needed answers from. Ginger hauled him through the doorway and demanded he explain.

Oscar says, "Can I sit and perhaps get a cup of coffee. It is rather early for me."

Ginger huffs and responds, "Fine a quick cup of coffee and a whole hella of a lot of answers."

After filling his mug with steaming coffee, he took a sip and took a stool next to her. Ginger stood with her arms crossed and glared at him.

Oscar states, "Fine, don't let a man enjoy a single sip. I was there to change the future. Adorsa is supposed to be on our side so seeing if Agnus knew any spells to allow me to cloak her from Piper."

Ginger sighs and answers, "That's it? Why didn't you come to me? I could have helped."

He takes another long sip and rubs the bridge of his eyes.

Ginger asks, "What?"

Oscar clarifies, "Why I didn't tell you. You'll want to help. You are wearing yourself thin, trying to help everyone. Remember I am from the future so you're priority needs to be finding Stacey. How else can you be her godmother to her daughter?"

Ginger grins as she grips his shoulder. She asks, "Daughter?"

Oscar pries her hand free and says, "Yes, daughter. Stacey is pregnant with a little girl."

She jumps up and down in joy, more great news. This renewed her faith that she'll find her.

Chapter Eight:

Now that she didn't have to worry about Oscar, she called Penny in the hopes she can help Oscar with the spell to free Adorsa. No harm in lending help with an all powerful witch.

After ending her call she saw she had a text from Haruki. Haruki Bishop is in one of her classes and an elf so maybe he knew a way to track Stacey that she just wasn't seeing.

It never hurt to ask. He said he'd come to the house and she gave him the directions when Yvette came home. The girl has been gone, who knows how long? It was now 8:26 and she was beyond later to work.

Ginger asks, "Shouldn't you be at work?"

Yvette says, "Nope. Took a personal day considering my sister is missing and my mom is back from the dead. Speaking of which, where is she?"

Ginger responds,” I didn't know you cared?"

Yvette huffs and rolls her eyes.

Ginger replies, "She is with Jensen. They are working on a lead and I am waiting for a classmate so I suggest you shower and change."

Yvette didn't bother answering and stumped upstairs. Gosh, it is like teen antes in here or something. Shaking her head as she pulls out Maggie by Stephen Crane. I'll finish this and start the Vampire Armand by Anne Rice.

Twenty minutes later, Yvette let Haruki into the study just as Ginger was re-reading Anne Rice. One never knows what they'll take away from a book the second, third or how many ever times a person reads it.

Ginger says, "I'll help you study for the exam but I was wondering if you know any spells or incantations to find a missing person."

Haruki rubs his chin in thoughtfulness and suggests, "I know one to allow you to astral project to a lost person. Will that help?"

Ginger had hope so she said yeah, they could try it real quick so she could hopefully bring her sister home and help him study.

Haruki took two seconds to set up the ritual; he stroked his talisman to draw strength and guidance. It allowed him to tap into his spirit animal in the Moonlight Burning Forrest.

They had been learning about power animals, spiritual guides in the shape of an animal. He found this spell from his family's history that focus for a person. Ginger's was a turtle and Stacey's a rabbit.

So when the spell was cast and Ginger saw a pink bunny it was like she was on drugs. The pink energizer bunny hopped fast through solid ground so she transformed into a shadow to follow along. In a matter of minutes they were at an abandoned house in Venice.

Was Stacey here?

The rabbit vanished and as she got closer to the door, the vision disappeared and she blinked back infront of him. She was covered in sweat and thought, "That was intense."

Ginger asked, "What just happened?"

Haruki says, "You were shown the path. I'll see you later. Don't forget your promise to help me study."

Ginger nods and states, "I won't. I promise."

He left but she felt strangely aware of every molecule in her body. A sense of connection. What ever that spell did hopefully will fade. This daze, drugged out vision state of life wasn't pleasant. It made her feel out of control and that scared her.

Chapter Nine:

She told Yvette she was going out. Not trusting her powers at the moment she drove to Venice and easily found the abandoned house as if the vision were a precursor of things to come.

Ginger didn't want to use her powers but felt strange trying to go through the front door. She texted Guadalupe to come with back-up if she didn't call or text in ten minutes.

That'll be plenty of time for her to scoop out the abandoned house. Just a window to leap inside and that is how ungracefully she fell and probably alerted whoever was here of her presence.

Looking around and seeing the place was a wreck but something told her to check each and every floor. The five rooms upstairs were a total bust so she went back downstairs. Ignoring the dinning room where she started off at and headed to the kitchen.

That was another dead end. She tried the basement hoping to hit the jack-pot but once again came up empty handed. The vision leads her here for a reason. Not one to take much stock in faith, destiny, or any of that mumble jumbles but today she believed.

Closing her eyes and allowing her senses to see if they can identify something she just wasn't picking up on. No smell or sound that wasn't decay, wait there was no mold or dampness as if all this was staged.

This was what was off. Someone had been in here lately and set all this up. Stacey was here, she just knew it. Now Ginger just needed to find her.

She didn't sense magic and nothing really seemed to scream out lair of kidnapper. The demon in her felt a person was being tightly kept some place. She tried to remember all her brain trivia from Caleb to find Stacey. What one is looking for was usually right in front of them in plain sight.

That was the key and she just knew it. Taking a second walk through would take two longer. She texted Guadalupe she was okay but think she found were Stacey was being kept. He texted back is there in five with the cavalry.

Reassuring but what she really was to see Stacey, or know she was safe. That would happen once she was safely back home.

Telepathy. Maybe the proximity would help strength the bond. She tried and still felt the faint trace.

Ginger huffed in the direction of the study. She stood in the doorway, and walked to a book in the middle to the third shelve on the bookcase that looked out of place.

It was Paradise Lost and she pulled it out and the entire wall lifted and went up like a car garage. There was a stairway leading into the depths of some place dangerous. She texted Guadalupe what she found just too safe rather then sorry.

He texted back be careful. She replied she would and couldn't wait a second longer to help Stacey. Plus she was going to be a godmother and had to worry about the baby. She took her first step down below and hoped she was prepared for this.

BOOK: Cyrosphere 6: Scrambling Lives Together
5.79Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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