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Shane asks, "What is that?"

August sighs and replies, "Can you make some tea? This is a long story."

Chapter Seventeen:

August went on to explain that the elementallers are children of the original triad. Jensen, Parker Tilleman, and Viven Delrow that came to this universe. August has been protecting Parker's and Vivian’s children. Their blood can unlock ancient magic. The Moonlight Burning Forrest holds special animal protectors and stars.

The stars are looked over by a centaur to stop the merging of the universes. Only the stars keep the universes and worlds in order. It's MaryAnne since she is only other person to know about these breaks barriers they all merge together.

She might be able to resurrect Feltus back from the land of the dead to allow spirits and ghosts freedom of coming back as well. Thunder ghosts are blue auras that allow psychics to commute with them, the dead. They have unfinished business and forever trying to move on to the next stage of life rather eternal bliss or reincarnation.

So that proved no hell which pleased Ginger. The tower spirits are yellow auras that are lost souls that don't remember why they can't move on. It is the cycle of life and balance must remain yet MaryAnne wishes to threaten that.

If the Moonlight Burning Forrest is protected by a centaur why when Haruki cast his spell didn't she or Stacey observe this mythical being? She asked exactly that and August replied that they hadn't forced their way in.

Had a spell that lead inside the doorway and since Stacey and she hadn't crossed over into that world. They weren't dangerous to destroying the balance that is in place.

It made since, so they needed elementallers blood to cross over to that realm. First she needed to get Haruki to safety. She asked Adorsa to take him to Malcolm Silverdale's for protection.

Now that was done. She needed to protect the elementallers from MaryAnne, or else the universe would unreveal before them.

Chapter Eighteen:

Keeping this huge secret from Stacey and Penny wasn't possible. The last thing she wanted to do was endanger them. Jurnee promised to make sure Penny stayed home. She was due to give birth in the next three weeks and they didn't want an early due date.

Stacey on the other hand still had a month to go and wasn't being corporative with taking it easy. She was so damn stubborn that Shalice has to make certain she stayed home on bed-rest, as much as possible and not race off to the Academy.

She only had a few classes and a course to finish. She'll be a detective soon enough. Things were happening for all of them. I was almost done with my MFA, just needed two more semesters and finally finished with school. A relief I couldn't wait to be finished.

Trying to protect people and not disturb their lives was not fun. It was my shift to watch Tristan Bradshaw. We had no idea why they hadn't attacked yet but we were ready when they did. I wish I could tell Tristan, Missouri Gilbert, and Raven Redpath.

That would make protecting them that much easier. We had all taken shifts and thanks to August's magic they were pretty well cloaked. I learned it never hurt to be extra sure when dealing with Piper who always seemed three steps ahead of me.

Tristan was inside Johnny Rocket's getting his lunch at the Howard Hughes promenade. I was sitting and trying to read about Peaches. Stardust by Mimi Strong was so good and had to stop myself from laughing out loud.

I was in public after all, listening to the fountain when I felt magic stir. There was a portal opening open right besides the Starbucks and the AtM machine.

Here we go.

Chapter Nineteen:

A small party appeared from the portal. Thanks to the Intel from Adorsa I was slightly prepared but not for this. Six in total, not bad one might assume. I am use to facing demons but three toad gremlin demons are not cool. They are fast, a wretched soul seeking beings.

The two zortas creepers are powerful witches that can shield against my telepathy and most psychic powers so my advantage is gone. The last is a pixie metafortral, a powerful spellcasting enemy. So Piper had no intentions of making this fair or easy.

People began screaming when they got one look at the demons. The creatures are monstrous things that actually look like taken from a comic book. Lanky, salvia dripping when no foaming from the mouth. A very unattractive first impression if ask me.

Tristan turned to look at his kidnappers as if aware what they are and didn't seem afraid or flinch.

Ginger wonders, "What the hell?"

Tristan called forth a dust cloud that sweeped away the zorta Creepers. That was Ginger's chance to move. She put up a telepathic shield as he run forward and used her shadow powers to move Tristan behind her.

The three demons turned their death stares onto her. The pixie metafortral through a spell that suspended Ginger in time.

She sighed and concentrated to bend time around herself to before the spell was cast. Once free she pushed a telekinic blast to push the pixie out of her way. Tristan took her hand and gave her a look.

Ginger stopped to take inventory of all the people around that could get hurt. She summoned a portal and both stepped through. Ginger was happy she brushed up on magic spells. Damn pixie was enough to cause a headache. She could only imagine what two witches could do together.

Chapter Twenty:

Tristan decided to be called Stan. Stan is a spiritual communicate and call spirits. The spirits or tower spirits to be helpful and give him spells to protect against Piper's people.

Stan is a powerful witch or thanks to the spells he knows and his heritage. One of the few lucky enough to be safe from danger thanks to being a natural. Taking him back to the apartment where Gretchen was cooking Korean chicken.

Man can she cook as Ginger cast a spell to protect the location. She sent a mass text to Guadalupe, Mark, Shane, Stacey and Peter that Piper had made her move. Now they needed to protect and get the other two to safety.

Ginger wished she knew where Jensen was? If he was alive at least and she hated that she couldn't trust Spider. Jonah Spider Grandhorn is a great actor, fooled me into believing he cares for the universes. From what Shalice can gather from her contacts he is missing.

This thanks to Daniel’s ability is unusual. The man vanishes for days to visit the other universes whenever he pleases. That got Ginger to wondering did Agnus do the same. She needed answers and when the clavier gets here. She was going to speak to Malcolm in person and see what she can find out.

Mark and Gretchen would stay here to protect Stan which seemed ridiculous sense he knew how to wield magic. Shane and Lupe were coming with her to talk to Malcolm. Whereas Stacey and Peter will bring Missouri to the Darkholme mansion for safe keeping.

Plans were made and now she was going to find Jensen Saunders, her guardian and demon blood donor father figure.

Chapter Twenty One:

Being back in her old neighborhood always brought out her sentimental personality.

I couldn't even bring myself to turn to look at the house. Or the house next door where I saw Frost's parents John Stovall and Janice Bryce. They might be home, but I couldn't look. All those memories would come flooding back.

Already missing my parents and a tear escaped as Guadalupe squeezed my shoulder. His presence calmed me as Shane looked around as if my trivial moment didn't faze him even with would shields, I could tell my life fascinated him.

Not to be conceited but all that I have been through has build my unique character. He can tell I am tough now but clearly I wasn't always that way.

Shane like Mark are man of layers, most people don't get to know behind the curtain. Lupio gave me a look that damn psychic knit always allows him to duplicate my telepathy and vola he was reading my mind. Shields or not, he is my bestfriend who isn't forced to stay out by any barriers. I love it and hate it, and right now I want to analysis Shane Joshua Tombs. The handsome green eyed hottie McDrools.

When we got to Malcolm's door, I was surprised because Penny was inside. She wasn't alone so was Ms. Jurnee, her poise wife. Over time I learned that Jurnee was an African princess and a warrior. The woman is a case study that needs to be written.

We briefly spoke about me basing a character for my next book about her life. I loved Christopher Pike's Thirst and here was an example of a living vampire. She is only 306 years old and not as old as his character, but I can take liberties when I began my tale.

I used my set of keys that Malcolm returned to me once we reconciled and reconnected. I realize he has been my unofficial protector. Once Jurnee can ran at super speed, like in the blink of an eye. One can miss her movements if you blink. She was the one to hug me first and Guadalupe second.

The look she gave Shane was enough to kill a nun dead in her steps. I didn't need to worry with these two I would always be protected. Shane gave Jurnee a lot as if challenging her to make a move. Lupio, like I stayed back.

Malcolm clears his throat and that seems to lighten the tension. Penny comes up next to huge me; she was due to pop at any moment.

I was thrilled Jurnee had a vision and knew that they were having a son, so when a psychic vampire makes a statement. It was clear she was right. Now I had been able to shop for him. Ian Noel Belkins was his name, and apparently that spell worked to well. They were having twins, so his brother is Gabriel Spencer Braddock. Now neither had to decide to give their son either name but both last names.

Chapter Twenty Two:

Ginger wanted to know why Penny wasn't on bed-rest when she was about to pop. Malcolm explained he was blessing their babies so that no one can attack them before birth to block destiny from placing a curse or prophecy on them.

She needed to remind Stacey to do the same to protect the next generations from following in their path. Now Penny wanted details on figuring out these three golden children. She felt a powerful ripple in magic. That must have been Stan due to the spirits guiding him.

Ginger had to explain this to them as Shane listened carefully. Shane fit in nicely with our group, just like Gretchen and Adorsa. Everybody just had an adjustment period of adding someone new to their group.

Shane took Ginger's hand which shocked her but got his idea. His psychic visualization ability can foresee events, but needed a path hence how he filters telepaths from entering his thoughts. Or neutralizing powers and sensing lies or auras.

That helped Ginger. She needed to find Jensen, so she needed to go back to the past. Talk to Parker's mistress and find out how everything keeps circling back to PHD.

She asked Malcolm. That damn blank memory spell of Spider's didn't help matters. There was no help here, she sighs but Shane was able to gather PHD was built by MaryAnne.

They already knew that but if the original owner and founder was back. Maybe her current owner knew something about her location which might lead to Jensen.

That was a lead that she planned to explore.

Chapter Twenty Three:

Having Shane apart of the team was proven to be more and more useful. Guadalupe was cleaning the kitchen and touched a tea-cup of Malcolm's, which allowed his powers to kick in.

Tasseography is a form of tea leaf reading but when he does it. Any drink or instrument used can help active his powers. Before Spider left he wiped clear Malcolm's memories in case Ginger came poking around.

It seems Malcolm was a dad, unbeknownst to him. He and Tara Denvers had a relationship and he was Abe's father. These facts astonished Malcolm, but of course Ginger knew Spider probably threatened Tara.

That was the type of man he was. Light on the outside, but a serious dark side that was awoken if you cross him. Penny and Jurnee were heading home but Malcolm was their midwife for the at home birth. They called Tara so they could reconnect and this explained why he never fell in love with another.

He already had, but forgot. This shocked Shane that an elder can be so sinister. It pissed off Lupio and Ginger, rightly so. Whereas Malcolm just was shocked that his maker was so ruthless.

That still creeped Ginger out. Spider made Malcolm but then again Penny was doing the same thing to start her family. What was Spider's reasoning? The dark side which her mind jumped to is MaryAnne is a mother that did and still is committing horrible acts to bring her son back form the dead.

First with cloning and now breaking the barriers between worlds and universes to travel to the land of the dead. This scared Ginger the most but she wished she could bring back Kambria, Lucy, Diego and most importantly her own parents. But that was playing God and that wasn't her. Her parents would be ashamed if she misused her powers regardless of the reason. And being a reincarnation of a formal goddess is no excuse. They must be the reason she doesn't remember that life, only this one. To take the past and learn from it. Make wiser decisions.

Chapter Twenty Four:

Now it was time to go to P.H.D. and talk to someone. Shane and Lupio were here to watch her back. She would find Jensen and bring him home. In the process stopping MaryAnne and Piper was an added bonus.

Project Human Development today once was Project Human Data, a research facility that MaryAnne started. That many people worked at, including her own parents. This place has a lot of mystery around it.

BOOK: Cyrosphere 6: Scrambling Lives Together
8.33Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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