Cameron, Paige - The Billionaire Cattleman Wins a Wife [Wives for the Western Billionaires 4] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic) (8 page)

BOOK: Cameron, Paige - The Billionaire Cattleman Wins a Wife [Wives for the Western Billionaires 4] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic)
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“I like the cabin and the way you placed it in the center of the trees and shrubs.”

“Candice and I had seen too many trees razed to build homes that left the house looking naked and barren. We worked to place the walls where all the windows looked out on nature.”

“Did she help you build it?”

“Not the outside, but she painted a lot of the interior walls.” He opened the door and ushered her inside. “The furnace keeps the rooms warm, but”—he pointed to the large fireplace taking up most of the left wall—“a fire in the fireplace is nice on a cold night.”

Lily ran her hand over the rocks that made up the outside and chimney of the fireplace. “Did you have these shipped in?”

“Yes, but from a quarry, hidden in the mountains, not far from us.”

“It’s beautiful.” She wandered around the room and looked out several of the windows.

Ty showed her the up-to-date kitchen, two bedrooms on one side with an adjoining bath, and on the other side the very big master bedroom. At one end, surrounded by large bay windows, two lounge chairs were arranged with a table between. The view outside showed the wide prairie and the snow-capped mountains.

“This must be a gorgeous view in the summer with all the wildflowers.”

“Candice loved to sit there and look out.”

“You don’t usually mention her.”

“You were right. I was being cowardly to not talk about her, and to keep others from verbalizing their memories, their grief.”

* * * *

He looked off in the distance. Lily touched his hand. “She must have been an amazing woman for you to have loved her so much.”

His eyes were hooded, closed off from her. They stood silently. He raised his gaze and glanced around the room. “When she first died, I thought I caught glimpses of her here by the windows, in the kitchen, smiling by the fireplace. And in all those places her scent lingered. I was sure I’d gone crazy.”

“Her spirit might have stayed around hoping to comfort you.”

Ty shook his head. “I’ve never told anyone about that. She’s gone now. I haven’t seen her or smelled her cologne for several years.”

“Thank you for sharing that with me. I’d better go. I need to warm our supper. See you and Dirk around six?”

“We’ll be there.”

She left him still staring out the windows. Lily suspected he’d taken her to the cabin to make love to her, but the memories were too strong, too poignant. At least he’d been able to talk about Candice. That was a huge step.

Entering the kitchen, she put on an apron and went to work on the meal. As she slid the roast into the oven, she remembered his face. She was only twenty-two. She’d experienced the loss of her beloved paternal grandmother. Thank goodness she hadn’t lived to see her son in jail. Discovering her father’s secret life and his arrest had been like losing him, but he was still alive. She was in uncharted waters when it came to dealing with a person who had a loss like Ty’s.

Ty’s wife and his unborn child had been taken away unexpectedly and had left him devastated. She hoped she wasn’t doing the wrong thing to try and get him to love her. To have him reach out to live again.

She went to her room and got her cell phone out. The signal was good. Mrs. Terrell had told her they’d had a tower built on the far edge of the property. Lily punched in Angie’s number.

“Hi, Sis, when are you and Brent coming for a visit?”

“We have to come soon or Brent won’t let me travel. He’s an old mother hen clucking around me since I’ve been pregnant. But I understand. Janice said Drake was the same way. Ty’s wife dying affected them all.

“Anyway, we thought all of us would come for a long weekend. Brent mentioned it to Ty during a recent phone call. How about next week? We’ll come on Friday and leave late Sunday.”

“I’ll check the dates with Ty. He and Dirk will be here soon for supper. I’ll call you later.”

“That gives me time to make sure Janice and Drake are free to come then.”

“Talk to you later tonight.” Lily snapped her phone shut. She’d have Angie and Janice to give her advice. She needed help.

* * * *

Now’s the time to strike. He’s in jail and his organization is unsettled. No one has taken over the top spot yet. I hired a group to search for her. They think they’ve found her,” Golitsin said. “I don’t care what the authorities believe. She has to know where he has money hidden. He was fairly smart until the end.”

“What do you want me to do, boss?”

“I want you to call a number I’ve been given. If she’s there we’re going to get her. A little pressure and daddy’s darling will tell us all we need to know. Yannell thought he could cheat me and get away with it. He’s going to regret his decision.”

* * * *

Dinner went well. Ty, although quiet, didn’t lose his temper once. Dirk kept up a running commentary about his various brothers and sister.

Lily put her napkin by her plate. “Why don’t you two go into the den and relax. I’ll bring the pie and coffee to you.”

“Thanks, Lily, this meal was delicious. You’re going to spoil us. We’ll help clear the table first.” Dirk stood and pulled out her chair. He and Ty took their dishes to the kitchen and rinsed off the plates and silverware before putting them in the dishwasher.

“Now go.” She pushed them out the door. “Your mothers trained you well.” She enjoyed hearing their laughter as they walked down the hall. She’d just turned back to pour the coffee when the phone rang. Would Ty get it? She waited a second and picked up the receiver on the third ring.

“Lily?” an unfamiliar voice asked.

Stunned, she hesitated.
Who could know I was here? Is it a news person?
She’d started to put the phone down when the man added, “We know where you are.”

She dropped the phone into the cradle. A cold shiver went down her spine. There’d been something sinister in the tone. Pulling herself together, she poured the coffee and prepared a tray with the pie and coffee for the three of them.

“Let me help you carry that,” Ty said. He stood in the doorway.

“It is a bit heavy. Thank you.”

“Was that Mom and Dad on the phone?”

“Oh no, I’d have had you speak to them.”

Lily started to turn away. Ty stopped her. “You’re upset.”

“Just startled. I think the news people might have located me.”

“Why?” Ty frowned.

“It was a man. He asked if I was Lily.”

“You’re probably right. They never give up hunting when they want to find a person.” He took the tray and waited for her to precede him to the family room.

She hoped they were right about the caller, but she doubted it. The man had a harsh tone to his voice and a slight accent. But why would anyone else want to find her?

Chapter Six

“Shall I tell Angie it’s all right for them all to come next weekend?” Lily had just told Ty and Dirk about her earlier call to Angie. She’d pushed the more recent phone call to the back of her mind to think about later. They had settled in the family room where they had eaten their dessert and were finishing their coffee.

“I’m going home for the weekend,” Dirk said. “Mom’s been after me to spend more time with the family. But I’ll ride over Sunday, if I can get away early, and say hello.”

“Next weekend will be fine with me. It will be good to see Drake and his family and Brent and Angie,” Ty said. “The weather’s too cold for cooking outside. The meals will all be on you.” He nodded to Lily. “But we can plan on roasting marshmallows in the fireplace, and Mom has an old popcorn popper that can be used in the fireplace. Drake, Brent, and I always loved to pop the corn that way when we were small.”

“I don’t mind the cooking. Angie and Janice both like to cook. They’ll help. It’ll be fun.” She smiled at Ty and Dirk and was surprised to see a relaxed, open smile on Ty’s face. He really did look different without his usual scowl.

Excitement and happiness warmed her heart for the first time since she’d left home to find her sister. With all the events that surrounded her and Angie’s reunion, she’d had mixed emotions. Finally Lily was beginning to be thankful and happy she’d found Angie.

“Another good meal and good company,” Dirk said. “I’m heading out to my place. See you two tomorrow.” He kissed Lily’s cheek. “I think I’m going to adopt you as another sister.” He winked at her and strolled out the door.

She heard the front door shut. The wind howled outside the windows, but inside the fire cast a warm glow on the walnut walls. Ty threw another log on and flipped a switch to turn on the music. A soft instrumental tune floated through the air.

He closed the curtains shutting out the dark night, and sat on the thick rug in front of the fireplace.

“Join me?” He patted the spot beside him.

Lily’s heart lurched at the warm smile he gave her. She hesitated.

“I won’t bite. I promise. Or at least not too hard.” His dark blue eyes sparkled in the firelight.

Oh, she was so lost. Her body yearned for the touch of his hands, his mouth, all of him lying against her.

She rose and stepped toward him. His gaze sent her temperature higher than the heat from the fire. A swirling, hot hunger just for him ran riot through her veins. When she got to his side, he put out his hand.

“Come on, darlin’. Let me make love to you.” His husky voice weakened her legs. She sank onto her knees beside him.

He knelt in front of her. “You have on too many clothes.” His fingers brushed her hot skin as he unbuttoned her shirt and let it slip to the floor. Then he unsnapped her bra and flung it aside. His hands cupped her breasts.

“You have beautiful, creamy skin. The firelight gives your hair and your skin a golden glow. Your sweet mouth is rosy as a rosebud.” He bent his head and ran his tongue along her lips.

She opened her mouth and his tongue caressed the warm interior. Her tongue stroked his, and he groaned. Ty put one arm around her to pull her upper body flush against his.

“No fair. You’re still dressed.” Lily reached between them and unsnapped his shirt quickly. Then she put her body back against his chest and rubbed her breasts across the soft brown hair.

Keeping one hand around her waist, Ty cupped her head in his hand and ravished her mouth. She moaned as desire coiled deep inside, spiking her hunger higher.

Gently, he laid her fully on the rug. He undid the button and zipper to the short skirt she’d worn at dinner. In seconds he had her skirt, panties, and shoes off. He stood above her and stared at her body from head to toe.

“You’re perfection, in colors of rose and gold. The colors flow over your skin and hair, making my dick hard with the desire to sink inside your luscious body.” He sat on a nearby chair, yanked off his boots and jeans, and slid a condom on his aroused cock.

When he came back to her, he put one foot on either side of her legs. The glow from the fire outlined the muscles in his arms, his chest, his flat abdomen, and his strong legs. His aroused cock stood out ready to claim her. The angles of his cheekbones were etched by the shadows. His blue eyes looked black with flashes of light piercing into her. He reminded her of a picture of a Viking warrior that she’d seen on the front of a romance novel. Only her Viking had brown hair and no clothes.

“Are you just going to look at me all night?” Her voice came out low and husky. She cupped her breasts and ran her fingers across her pebbled nipples. His jaw tightened. Shivers of desire went to her pussy. She opened her legs.

BOOK: Cameron, Paige - The Billionaire Cattleman Wins a Wife [Wives for the Western Billionaires 4] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic)
5.86Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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