Cameron, Paige - The Billionaire Cattleman Wins a Wife [Wives for the Western Billionaires 4] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic) (7 page)

BOOK: Cameron, Paige - The Billionaire Cattleman Wins a Wife [Wives for the Western Billionaires 4] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic)
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He stopped cutting wood and took off his jacket. The work and his thoughts had his body heat turned to boiling. Teach her, she’d said. Lessons to help her pleasure her future husband. She was naturally sexy. Her body melted against his. His body wanted to claim her for all time, but his mind knew better. He couldn’t marry again. The fear of losing love was too great, too painful. He’d enjoy her now and let her go in the spring.

“You cutting wood for this winter and the next?” Dirk had come up behind him.

“Maybe. What about it?”

Dirk shook his head, waved, and walked on toward his cabin. “As I said, you have it bad.”

Ty straightened. “What do you mean?”

“Buddy, if you can’t figure that out, then me telling you won’t help.” Dirk strode on his way.

“Shit.” Ty wiped his face with his bandanna. He’d go riding on Night Star. Somehow he had to release the tension in his muscles. Get rid of the desire boiling through his veins. He’d thought one time with her would cure him. It hadn’t helped a bit.

* * * *

Lily heard the ax pounding, and then silence. She’d showered, made her bed, and come downstairs to a clean kitchen.

She made herself a cup of tea and toast. After rinsing her cup and saucer, she took out a roast she had put in the refrigerator last night to defrost. Peeling potatoes and carrots relaxed her somewhat. She turned on the oven and waited for it to reach the proper temperature then put the roast and vegetables in to cook for dinner.

Ty’s office door stood open. She’d gathered he wasn’t real pleased about her cleanup job. Tough. She started up his computer and went to work on his horrible filing system. The terminology was unfamiliar, having never worked on a ranch, but gradually the words began to make sense. Painstakingly she worked on each detail, cleaning files that had become a mixture, and making new files and spreadsheets as needed.

The ringing phone brought her head up. “Hello?”

“You haven’t left yet?” Moira’s voice came across the line.

“I’m sorry. I meant to call, but I had a minor accident trying to get to town and had to see the doctor.”

“Oh, my gosh! Are you all right?

“No serious injuries. Some bruises and aches, but I’ll be fine by tomorrow. Look, why don’t I plan on visiting you in the spring when the weather is better, and I can get out of here?”

“Sounds good. I was looking forward to your visit.”

“How’s the painting going?”

“I’ve sold several. The shop is doing well.”

“Great. I’ll keep in touch.”

“You’d better. And I never said, but I’m real sorry about what happened with your dad. You know you can stay with me whenever, and as long as you need,” Moira said.

“Thank you. See you when the snow thaws.” She hung up hearing Moira laughing.

“Planning to leave so soon?” Ty leaned against the doorframe. He’d removed his jacket, and his shirt molded across his hard chest. His long, lean legs were encased in old, faded jeans, his hair mussed from his hands raking through it. He looked handsome and dangerous with a glint in his eyes. Her breath caught.

“A possible candidate for a husband?” He nodded toward the phone.

“Not hardly. Moira is a friend from college.”

“Why didn’t you go stay with her?”

“I don’t know. Your mother offered. I guess I was confused and frightened and grabbed at the first lifeline thrown at me. I should have. Then you wouldn’t be bothered by me.”

He sauntered to her side. The smell of fresh air and man surrounded him. His fingers brushed her hair off her face and trailed down her neck.

“Your pulse is rapid, your face flushed, and I smell your desire. Shall we return to the bedroom?”

Yes, yes, yes,
” her mind shouted. But she forced different words out of her mouth. “One lesson a day will be enough.”

His eyes burned into hers. Leaning down, he brushed his lips across her mouth. “Whatever you say, darlin’. But I’m going to make you regret that statement.”

Her pussy clenched and unclenched. She wanted him with every fiber of her being, but she didn’t want a fling. She wanted him to marry her. If that meant fighting the raging desire flooding her insides, so be it.

Ty turned and went out the door without looking back. Her legs were so weak, she hung onto the countertop. She’d won this round. However, she had a long way to go before winning the whole battle. If that was possible.

Chapter Five

Lily had eaten alone. Neither Ty nor Dirk came around at dinnertime. She’d gone to bed early, took a pill for her aching muscles, and had slept soundly.

Outside this morning, the snow blanketed the ground. But no new snow had fallen. The sun tried to peek from between the clouds. She’d slept late, until ten, dressed, had breakfast, and then went to work in the office. Her spirits rose as she worked. She liked to be useful. A noise had her glancing to the doorway.

“I suppose your next step is to ruin my filing system?”

“What filing system?”

“Exactly what I’d expect you to say. I have my own unique way of doing things. They don’t teach individuality in school.”

“No, thank goodness, or the world would be in worse shape than it is.”

A smile quirked up the corner of his beautiful mouth. “Since I’m your boss, I’m giving you the rest of the morning off.”

“I don’t want to be off. I’m enjoying myself.”

“You’re enjoying working at destroying what I worked so hard to build.”

She loved this teasing side of him. One he’d never shown before. “What shall I do with all this time off you’re giving me?”

“Do you ride?”

“Like horses?

“What else?”

“I rode the horses on the merry-go-round as a kid, and once I sat on a mule while the man took my picture and gave it to my grandmother.”

“You had a deprived childhood. Come with me. Today, you’ll receive your first lesson in riding”—he hesitated and his eyes twinkled—“a horse.”

“Really?” She jumped out of her chair, turned off the computer, and walked toward him. “I’ve always wanted to learn to ride.” She let the last word roll slowly off her tongue. Ty hadn’t moved from the doorway. She put her hands on his chest and pushed him back. “Come on. I’m ready.”

He let her walk in front of him. His hot stare burned against her shoulder blades as he followed her. “I can’t wait to see your sweet ass on the mare I’ve saddled for you.”

His words sent desire sizzling across her nerve endings. She suspected this was going to be lesson one of riding, and hopefully lesson two on loving.

* * * *

Ty watched her ass move as she walked in front of him. Her tight jeans hugged her curvy butt. He’d hardly slept last night. Nothing completely put out the fire she’d lit inside him. Not cutting wood, or riding fast and hard for hours. So, he’d planned to teach her to ride and to seduce her in the process.

Night Star and Nellie, a placid mare perfect for beginners, were saddled and ready to go. Ty pointed out the parts of the saddle.

“When we get back I’ll show you how to remove the saddle and take care of your horse. It’s all part of riding.”

“Great. Do we go now?”

“You can’t ride too far today, or you won’t be able to move tomorrow. I don’t want you to have to miss either of your daily lessons.”

She didn’t respond. She just went to the mare and tried to figure how to get her foot in the stirrup. He chuckled. She was small, dainty, and desirable. Walking over, he cupped his hands.

“Put your boot in my hands. I’ll hoist you up and you put your leg over the side. Got it?”


He helped her, and she settled onto the leather saddle.

“It’s really high up here.”

“Horses are tall, in case you hadn’t noticed.” Nellie moved, and Lily grabbed on the reins. “Easy does it. Let me show you.” Ty swung up on his saddle and gave instructions on how to use the reins.

She was a fast learner. He led her out to the corral and around before letting loose and watching her ride the circular area by herself.

“You’re looking good.” Dirk stopped outside the rails. “Ty will have you riding like an old pro in no time.”

Lily smiled at him. A flash of unexpected jealousy hit Ty in the gut.

“I was hoping to see you both today. I cooked a pot roast and vegetables yesterday. There are plenty of leftovers. I hope both of you will come for dinner.”

“Are you having dessert?” Dirk asked.

“How about a chocolate pie? I know you said once you loved chocolate.”

Dirk flashed her a smile. “I may have to marry you for your desserts.”

“Oh, I’m not near as good as Angie. From what I’ve heard, she’s a specialist in desserts.”

“Well, she’s taken. I’ll have to settle for second best,” Dirk said, teasing her again.

“Time to cut the teasing. She needs to be learning how to ride right now.” Ty frowned at his cousin. Dirk grinned, waved, and headed to the barn.

Lily looked at him. “Your face is red.” She tilted her head to the side. “You aren’t jealous, are you?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. Come on, I’ll show you another gait and how to pirouette.”


“How to turn. Now watch me, and then you can do it.”

They stopped after thirty minutes and returned to the barn. Ty instructed her on how to remove her saddle, take care of Nellie, and throw hay into the stall. When they came out of the barn, a wrecker drove up pulling Ty’s wrecked truck.

A heavyset, partially bald man got out of the wrecker. “Hi, Ty. You want me to leave it here? I can take it to town, to the garage, to be fixed.”

Ty walked around looking at the truck from all angles. “It does look worse than I’d thought yesterday. Sure, pull it on in to town. Tell
to do what’s needed. I’ll be by in a few days.”

“Sure thing.” The man climbed back in the cab and drove away pulling the truck.

“When I get some money, I’ll pay whatever it costs for the repairs.”

“It’s not necessary. Once the truck’s fixed, I’m going to trade for a new one. I’ve been wanting an excuse to get rid of the old thing, but it just wouldn’t die.”

“I’ll buy it from you. I need a vehicle. My lawyer is working to get one of the bank accounts unfrozen for me to use.”

“That old thing isn’t safe enough for you.”

She let the subject drop for now.

“Want to see my cabin? I built it myself.”

“Yes. I’ve seen your lights from my window. Once I thought I saw you riding off late at night.”

“Night Star and I like to ride when it’s dark and quiet.”

He guided her past a large storage shed and around a hammock of tall trees.

“The cabin’s much bigger than I expected.” She stood back, gazing at both the house and surroundings.

He watched her expressions and waited to hear her next comment.

BOOK: Cameron, Paige - The Billionaire Cattleman Wins a Wife [Wives for the Western Billionaires 4] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic)
7.32Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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