Cameron, Paige - The Billionaire Cattleman Wins a Wife [Wives for the Western Billionaires 4] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic) (22 page)

BOOK: Cameron, Paige - The Billionaire Cattleman Wins a Wife [Wives for the Western Billionaires 4] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic)
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Ty and Lily had arrived home a few hours ago. Hopefully, the inquisitive
wouldn’t find out the new Mrs. Terrell was Lily Yannell.

* * * *

Lily watched as Ty got the fire going in the family room. She’d changed and wore his large, warm robe with nothing underneath. Ty was in for a surprise. She pulled the heavy curtains shut.

“There.” He brushed his hands. “The fire is putting out heat already.” He started to turn toward her. “Do you want to pop—” He stared at Lily’s naked body glowing in the firelight.

She walked close and began to unbutton his shirt. “I’d like popcorn later.” She purred the words into his face. “I have other plans first.”

“I see you do.”

His shirt was pushed down his arms and off. She ran her hands across his chest and tight six-pack, then nuzzled her nose into his soft chest hairs. Her tongue licked across his nipples. Glancing up, she smiled at the hungry look in his eyes. Lily put her arms around his neck and let her whole body lean against his muscled frame.

“Have I told you how sexy you make me feel?” She rubbed her bare breasts against his chest. Her teeth nipped at his strong jaw. “But you still have on too many clothes.” She slid down to his waistline and undid his buckle and snap and then pushed his pants down around his boots.

“Let me help you.” Ty sat on the rug and yanked off his boots and the rest of his clothing. He pulled her down on top of him. “Now you can take up where you left off.”

“I hardly know where to start. It all looks so appealing.”

Ty flipped her under him. “I have no problem knowing exactly what I want. Dessert.” He spread her legs and ran his tongue across her sensitive clit. When he spread her folds and licked them, Lily moaned.

He put two fingers in her pussy and moved them in and out while his tongue and teeth teased her clit.

“I want you to fill me.”

Ignoring her request, Ty kissed along the inner side of her thigh, and then moved upward taking her rosy, swollen nipple into his mouth. His tongue moved around the nipple before he sucked on her breast. “Ambrosia,” he whispered.

His fingers continued to rub across her clit, sending fire crackling along her nerve endings. Her desire had her heart beating fast and her hunger for Ty spiking.

Lily reached down and clamped her hand around his wide cock. She rubbed her fingers across the crown. “Go in me,” she demanded as her pussy clenched and unclenched with the need to feel him buried deep inside.

He gave her his heart-stopping grin. “If you insist.”

She let go of his cock and he moved himself into position.

“You are sure this is what you want?” he teased her.


“You asked for it, darlin’.” He slid in all the way in one long stroke. Her pussy clamped tight around him.

“I certainly did,” she said as she began to move her hips to meet his driving cock going in and out. A quiver began deep inside her and spread in ripples from the center. As she rose up to meet his last deep plunge, Ty sucked on her nipple sending her sliding down into soft pleasure. She heard his groan as he followed.

They lay intertwined and watched the leaping flames of the fire. Lily raised her head and looked at him.

“Do you think we’ll still be doing this in front of the fire on the rug after the children are grown and moved out?”

“Absolutely. I’ll chase you around the house and carry you in here.”

“Good, but let’s do it one more time. Once we have little ones running around we’ll be lucky to have privacy in our own bedroom.”

“Oh, we will. I’ll lock the door. But I agree we should do this at least one more time.” He proceeded to kiss every inch of her body.


Ty held her hand as she pushed one more time. Sweat covered her dear, sweet face as she struggled to birth their child.

“One more push,” the doctor said, “and this baby will be born.”

“That’s what he said the last time,” Lily whispered to Ty as she bore down once more.

“There she is.” The doctor stood and handed the newborn to the nurse. “Show the parents their new daughter.”

“A girl.” Ty looked in wonderment at the bundle the nurse placed in Lily’s arms. They’d chosen not to know the sex of their child until he or she was born. Now, Ty looked at the rosebud mouth and the thatch of light blonde hair covering her head. “She’s going to look just like you, Lily.” He leaned down and kissed Lily on the lips, and then his daughter on her forehead. Her blue eyes looked at him and his heart tightened with joy. The baby stared at him for a long moment before closing her eyes.

“I think she likes her daddy and is going to have him wrapped around her finger.”

“Why shouldn’t she? Her momma already has me in that position.” He grinned at his wife and daughter. “I’m going out to give the family the good news.”

When he opened the door to the waiting room, they all clustered around him. “Lily’s fine, and so is our daughter.”

The cheers and hugs filled his heart. He’d come a long way. He’d been lucky to win Lily’s heart. He’d found the perfect wife for him.

Later, standing by Lily’s bed after the family had left, he held his daughter in his arms. Lily smiled at him. “Isn’t she wonderful?”

“Just like her mother.” He placed the infant in Lily’s arms. “Angie seems pleased we’re naming our baby Diana.”

“She is. You like the name, don’t you?”

Ty kissed her. “Diana and Lily, my two girls. And I can’t wait to get you both home.”

“You may change your mind after getting up a few nights.”

“Never.” He had been used to long, lonely nights before Lily came into his life. Now his heart was full of happiness and love. Lily had filled the dark parts of him with sunshine.

He smiled at her and saw in her eyes she guessed what he was thinking. Reaching out with her free hand, she took his, linking the three of them together.




Born in
, Paige Cameron’s early dreams included being a movie star. Of course, it didn’t happen. Later, she escaped into daydreams full of fascinating stories. Her friends had to endure her reading those tales to them when she began to put them to paper.

There were detours in her life for marriage, children, and traveling to foreign countries where her husband’s job took her. She continued to be an avid reader and dream of the day she’d have a book published. She finally got started writing and divorce sidetracked her.

Now, happily married to her hero, with grown children, she decided to pursue her dream career, writing.

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BOOK: Cameron, Paige - The Billionaire Cattleman Wins a Wife [Wives for the Western Billionaires 4] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic)
11.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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