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Jared fought a wave of tears. He swallowed the lump in his throat. “Something like that. There’s still a couple more in my Navajo room. Do you want to see them too?”

“Yes. I do.”

“They’re still on my easel. They’re very recent. Are you
you want to see them?” he asked again, reading the expression in her eyes.

“Yes, please,” she assured him. For a minute, Sara thought she was going to have to beg him.

Jared rose to his feet, took Sara’s hands, lifting her too. He laced his fingers with hers and led her downstairs, to a room at the end of a long dark hall, flipping a couple of switches on the wall before they went inside.

“This is my Navajo room. It’s where I do most of my sketching. Here, and out back.”

Sara let go of his hand, and walked around the room, looking at all the glass display cases. Jared’s displays could easily have been mistaken for a museum exhibit. The walls were pale terracotta, like earthenware pottery. All over the walls hung all sorts of Indian trinkets and artifacts. Some looked as if they might have been excavated, but Jared said they had been passed down to him by his grandmother and great-grandmother. There were some more hand-woven blankets, and dream catchers there.

Everything had been organized in professional looking glass display cases. Jared certainly had an eye for detail. Soft multicolored spotlights, shone on the cases, and softly playing in the background were chants and pipes that helped to set the mood. It was like stepping back in time. Sara could almost imagine the Indians sitting around their campfires, handing down stories and legends to their children and grandchildren.

Jared had hung portraits of some of the earlier Navajo leaders, and leaders of other tribes, proving that, he wasn’t prejudiced against any of them. He had even framed some of his drawings, as well as several pieces of jewelry. One was a turquoise squash blossom Jared said belong to his great-great-grandmother. Sara recognized the design from a movie she’d seen.

She wandered around, until she found the display cabinet, containing the hand-woven blanket he’d told her about earlier that evening. The one with the wolf baying at the moon. Tears glazed her eyes. She couldn’t believe how closely she and Jared’s lives had been connected through the years.

“Jared, that - it’s the same design as the one on my tenth birthday cake. Even the golden eyes and the white fur of the wolf. How did she…?”

“I showed her my sketch and asked her if she could do one exactly like it for me. She was extremely talented. She used special wool. Here,” Jared said, opening the case. “Feel it.” He took her hand and rubbed it over the surface of the wolf.

Sara smiled. “It’s so soft, almost like touching….”

“…the fur of a real wolf,” he finished. “I know. I used to sleep under it, and imagine you were there with me. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” he asked, smiling into her eyes.

“Yes it is.”

“You can have it.”

“Oh no! I could never take that Jared. It’s priceless.”

Jared kissed the side of her neck. “No, it’s a blanket. You’re priceless. She made it for you anyway. I’ve just been keeping it until I could find you. Now that I have.…”

“It belongs here. Keep it for me.”

“You belong here too Sara,” Jared whispered through her hair. “The sketches you wanted to see are over here in the corner.” He switched on an overhead lamp, which was attached to his easel, and twisted the neck until it was shining on the center of the page.

Sara flipped it up. All she could do was stare. The colors, the detail, it was almost like being there again. The first one was a picture of her leaning in the trunk of her car. He’d even drawn Lucy as she walked away, with him standing behind Sara. It felt a little weird to see the expression on his face. She was seeing it for the first time.

The last one was what truly blew her mind. It was of Jared holding her out over the rocks. A scene that had played out earlier that day. Sara reasoned he could have acted today’s scene out of his dream, but he’d drawn the worried expression on her face exactly. Jared couldn’t have seen that, she was turned away from him. And the ribbon that blew from her hair.
This is surreal!
 It was as though he’d been inside her head. He’d drawn her face with all the awe and fear she’d experienced just hours ago.

Jared read the confusion on her face. “Say

“I… I don’t know what to say. It’s so – overwhelming.”

“There’s more, but I’m not sure you’re ready for them.”

Sara gave him a strange bewildered look and waited for an explanation. Jared opened the small drawer below his easel, usually used for storing paint, brushes, and other drawing equipment. From inside, he brought out a small leather bound book, lovingly running his finger over the cover.  “I didn’t’ draw just the
from my dreams. I documented most of our conversations in this diary.” Jared cradled the book against his chest. “Through the whole experience, there’s been only one fact missing – until recently – your name. No matter how much I begged you, you wouldn’t tell me your name. You said you couldn’t. I’d left a question mark where your name should have been. I replaced it last night.”

Sara studied his eyes. “You seem certain that I’m the girl from your dreams. What if I’m not?”

Jared smiled and handed Sara the diary. “I’m not worried….”

With uncertainty, Sara took the little book and ran her hand over it. The cover was scarred and worn, but the brass lock and hinge remained untarnished. Jared apparently had taken good care of it. He opened Sara’s other hand and placed a tiny key in it. “Don’t read it now. I’d rather you did that when you’re alone. It’s probably going to be confusing to you, and you might need time alone to think about it.” He tucked his face, blushing. “Some of it is embarrassingly graphic, but remember what I said about being a perfectionist.”

“Are you sure Jared? This is private. It’s your thoughts, meant for nobody but you.”

Jared smiled and lightly touched her hand. “No secrets Sara.”

She nodded. “All right. I’ll read it when I get home tonight then.”

Jared laughed. “It might take you a little longer to digest what’s in it.”

“It doesn’t matter.
long it takes, I’ll read it, I promise. Have you shown these to anybody else? The diary and the drawings, I mean?”

“Only Granddad knows about the diary. The rest of my family have seen my sketches but not the diary.”

Sara hugged the diary to her chest. “I won’t share anything in here. With anyone – not even Lucy, and certainly
my Mom.”

Jared laughed. “I would definitely
show it to your Mother. I don’t know her, but I don’t think she would understand.”

Sara laughed too. “Nor do I.”

They went back in the kitchen, and Jared grabbed his keys off the key rack. “I guess I better get you home – it’s a quarter to one. Meet me out front. I’ll get my car. ” He left out the back door.

Sara gathered her guitar and things and went out front.

Jared screeched the car to a stop, and then leaned across, swinging the passenger door open.
Sara got in and fastened her seatbelt. Jared turned some music on – too loud to comfortably talk above. Apparently, he didn’t want to talk on the way to Lucy’s.
Did I do something wrong?
Jared’s mood had changed dramatically. He was distant.


Jared pulled into Lucy’s drive, parking behind Sara’s car. He hit the parking brake and left the engine idling. He didn’t plan on staying long. He swung her guitar over his shoulder and walked her to the door. Sara unlocked it and turned, not quite knowing what to do, or how to end this magical night. Jared put his hands on her shoulders, leaned his head down and kissed her, but as the kiss deepened, Jared ended it.

Sara was a little surprised. “Do you want to come in for a coffee or tea or something?”
Please, I’m not ready to let you go.

Jared fought stinging tears. He stared into her eager eyes for a while. He gently brushed her cheek with his fingertips and smiled; his voice a whisper. “I’d better not. It’s late, and I’ve got a full patient load tomorrow. Afterwards, I have a staff meeting, so I might not see you.”

Sara’s heart sank. Already he was making excuses not to see her again. She lowered her head and frowned. Jared used his index finger to lift her chin. “That’s not all, I’m afraid.” Sara swallowed the lump in her throat and waited. “After tomorrow, I’ve got two days of inspection, so I
need to concentrate on getting everything ready. If I’ve got you on my mind, I can’t do that.”

Sara felt a tad of rejection in the pit of her stomach. “So I won’t see you for what, three days?”

Jared headed back to his car. “Maybe four, depends. I’ll call you. In the meantime, read the diary.”

Sara waited until Jared turned around, and waved goodbye. He blew her a kiss, and then he was gone. She heard Jared’s tires squeal against the road as he hit the main highway, shifted gears, and disappeared into the night. She stood there, dumbfounded for a moment before going inside. Silent tears slid down her cheek.

She took a quick shower, put on her bedclothes, and crawled between the covers. She glanced at the diary, resting on her nightstand, and contemplated reading it. Finally, she decided to wait until she was fully awake for that. She laid her cell on the nightstand, next to the diary, half-expecting Jared to call her as he had previously. When he didn’t she shut off her light, drifted to sleep, and was soon dreaming.

From memory, Sara replayed the day. It was lovely until she got to the part where Jared had held her out over the cliff.

In her dream, it wasn’t just her green ribbon that went over the cliff. When she reached for it, Jared’s hands slipped off her waist. Sara went over the edge, falling for what seemed an eternity. As she saw the ground coming ever closer to her, she had resolved that this was her end. Before she hit the ground, Sara woke up, frightened, crying and drenched in a cold sweat.  She wanted to scream, but she held it in for fear of waking Lucy, peacefully snoring in her room.

Sara read the clock on her nightstand, 3:30am. She’d been asleep for a couple of hours, but to her, it felt like days. She was afraid to go back to sleep. She didn’t want to know how the dream ended. She grabbed her notebook, and started jotting down a few words about her dream. Sara had a suitable melody playing in her head. She would have played it on Lucy’s upright piano, but again she didn’t want to wake Lucy.

Sara suffered in silence – wishing she could pick up her cell, and call Jared. Wishing she could feel his arms around her. Hoping that last night wasn’t all they would have. If it were, Sara would go back into her dream, allow herself to hit the bottom, and die in her sleep.


Chapter 4

The next morning, Lucy and Sara, had their normal chitchat before Lucy dashed off to work. Sara had a duty to perform. One she’d been dreading like a trip to the dentist – calling her mother. This time, Kaye was bound to admonish Sara about
wanton ways. Sara knew Kaye had been rehearsing this lecture since she’d called Lucy the first time.

Sara took a shower, got dressed, made her bed, and did whatever other things that needed doing around the house first – anything to stall. Finally, there was nothing left to do. Sara had run out of excuses. She sat down at the kitchen table, pushed her mother’s speed button, and prepared for the worst. Kaye answered after
two rings.

“Hi Mom, it’s me. Lucy said you called, and wanted to talk to me.”

Which time would that be?
” Kaye’s voice was flat with agitation.

“Look, Mom, I’m sorry I haven’t been here the last couple of times you called but….”

You haven’t been there any of the times I’ve called,”
Kaye interjected.
“What’s going on, and don’t say you were at the movies. I know you don’t like them that much, but then I hadn’t expected my sister to tell me the truth.

“Mom, it’s not Lucy’s fault, so don’t blame her. She just didn’t want you to get all upset over nothing. I – ah - I met this guy and we’ve been….”

I knew it!
” Kaye snapped. “
I knew there was something like that going on. Sara, don’t do something stupid!

“I’m not Mom, it’s not like that. Well, we’re more than friends but….”

You’d just better behave yourself young lady, and be by that phone the next time I call. I didn’t let you go off up there, so you could shack up with the first boy that came along…..

you didn’t
me come!” Sara’s voice was a little angrier than she’d intended. She knew better than to use that tone of voice with her mother. It would only make matters worse, but Kaye had a way of pushing all the wrong buttons.

Sara softened her voice. “Mom, I’m not sleeping with Jared. We’re close, but he’s not that type of person. He’s sweet and polite and proper, and…” she stalled, knowing the reaction she would get.

” Kaye prompted.

Sara grimaced. “He’s Navajo.”

Navajo! You mean he’s an Indian!
” Kaye had reacted exactly as Sara had expected her to.

“Native American – yes. His parents and grandfather live in Arizona.”

Kaye was seething. “
I see,
” she hissed. “
And just how did you meet this, Jared?
” she asked, making his name sound like a disease.

“Jared owns ‘Raging Storm’, the….”

And just what is that? A race horse?
” Kaye’s voice was filled with contempt.

Sara rolled her eyes and sighed deeply. “No Mother. It’s the name of the country band Luce and I…” Sara winced. Kaye didn’t like casual names for family members older than you were. Sara rephrased her reply. “I meant Aunt Lucy and me are a part of.”

as I suspected – your music again. Sara, you can’t make any money at it. You’re good, Honey, but singing is just not a sound career choice. Have you found a job yet?

BOOK: Blood of the Rainbow
4.86Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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