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Sara could feel him against her. His body throbbing and aching for her as much as she ached for him. “Ayor anosh'ni Sara. Ayor anosh'ni” he whispered, lowering himself until he felt her hot moistness, closing around him. Gently, he eased his hips forward, pressing deeper until he felt resistance, the end of Sara’s innocence. He closed his eyes and pushed harder. Sara felt a sharp, stabbing pain for a few seconds. Jared kissed her, whispering and cooing encouragement as he gently took her offering. He lay still for a while, kissing her and whispering how much he loved her.

Pain turned to pleasure as he moved his hips against hers. His movements slow at first, then faster, thrusting deeper. “Oh God, Jared!” she cried out as a stream of pure ecstasy started building in the pit of her stomach.

“Let go, Sara. Don’t fight it. Let it happen,” he whispered in her ear, moving his hips faster, pushing her to the edge of her climax as excitement and urgency grew between them. Suddenly, it felt like pure, raw electricity shot through every nerve in Sara’s body. She dug her fingers in his back, desperately trying to pull him closer and deeper inside her.

Jared let out a loud groan, and then lay still, trembling on top of her, and jerking inside her, filling her with his warmth. His heart was pounding as fast and loud as Sara’s. Riding a wave of lover’s reward, they both collapsed in each other’s arms, hot, sweaty, spent and sated.


After a while, Jared rose on one elbow and looked down at Sara. “Now do you believe me,” he whispered and covered her mouth with his again. A slow, deep, lingering passionate kiss. “Now do you believe I love you and that you’re everything I ever wanted, ever needed?”

All Sara could do was nod. She didn’t want to move. She wanted to stay like this forever, lost in the afterglow of their love. There were no doubts - Jared did love her, and Sara was hopelessly in love with him. This is how it was meant to be. Two lovers tangled together like a pair of clinging vines.

Jared rolled over on his back and Sara settled next to him, laying her head on his chest. Thank goodness, the sun had gone behind the mountain, or they both might have had the worst case of sunburn in their lives. Well, at least Sara would have. Jared was probably protected by his bronze skin.



Sara didn’t know what time it was when they woke up, but the sky was turning dark. Jared looked at her and snickered. “You know, you don’t look half bad, smeared with war paint.”

Sara looked down. He was right. Her body was covered with colorful war paint mingled with mud. “Oh my God!” she gasped.

Jared laughed. “You look beautiful Sara.”

Sara started laughing too. “I guess you haven’t looked in a mirror at yourself, have you?”

Jared looked down and laughed louder. His body looked like a twisted, smeared rainbow. “Hmm,” he said.

Sara’s eyes widened. “What are we going to do? We can’t put our clothes back on like this!”

“We don’t have a choice, I’m afraid.”

“But if we go back, looking like – and they see us, they’ll.…”

“…Not say a word,” Jared finished. “Sara, my people don’t look at extramarital sex like you do. Our wedding ceremonies are so brief; you probably wouldn’t think you had been in one. My parents and my sister won’t
anything,” he said, pulling her multicolored, naked body next to his and kissing her.

Sara was hesitant. “Are you sure?”

“Trust me,” he said and kissed her again. “Besides, if you don’t get your clothes on and fast, we might have to make a repeat performance, and then we’ll really be getting home late. I didn’t bring a tent out here. Even as well as I know this mountain, I still don’t want to try and climb down it in the dark.”

Sara smiled, remembering the sleeping bags and pillows Nadine had packed for her. She wasn’t expecting them to come back tonight. Jared eyed Sara suspiciously, unable to keep himself from smiling too. “What is it – what are you smiling about?”

Sara tucked her head shyly. “We don’t have to leave….”

, are you suggesting you want to brave the desert night, with nothing, but the heat of my body to keep you warm?”

“I’m sure we wouldn’t get cold, but your Mother had put two sleeping bags in my backpack before I left.”

He threw his head back and sighed, knowingly. “I should have guessed. Did she put you up to this? Not that I’m complaining… but…?”

“No! I
to come; Nada just convinced me I was making the right decision.”

Jared pulled Sara into his arms and kissed her again. “As much as I’d love that idea - I think I’d rather get it right the next time.”

Sara blinked in disbelief.
Get it right?
If what he just did with her had been wrong, if he ever got it right, she
die. Sara had never felt such pain, pleasure and ecstasy. “That was wrong?” she questioned him dubiously.

Jared grinned. “The ground was a
hard. I didn’t want to… hurt you. Besides,” he said, sitting up. “Don’t you want to wash off that paint and mud?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Sara sighed and pulled away from him, gathering her clothes and putting them on. He was right.

Jared dressed, packed everything in the backpacks, and they made their way down the mountain. As they approached, the horses neighed nervously. They were glad to see them. It was probably the howling coyotes putting them on edge, and they were getting thirsty too. They drank what was left of Sara’s canteen, and half of Jared’s.

Jared tied Jade to his horse, mounted Satan and held out his hand for Sara. She settled behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist, and resting her multicolored head against his shoulder. Jared turned, and kissed Sara passionately before clicking his teeth. The horse started trotting. In a hurry to get out of the desert before dark, Jared nudged Satan in the flank, and he took off in full gallop.


Chapter 17

Sara had hoped when she and Jared got back to the ranch, that everyone would be somewhere else, apart from where they
. Instead of going ahead and eating, they were all three sitting in the lounge, waiting.

Jared was right about one thing. None of them said a word. Sara tried unconvincingly to hide her embarrassment. It wasn’t easy. Her face was covered with smeared war paint and caked mud, apart from the small amount Jared had wiped off her when he found her.

Sara could hear the pent laughter in Myra’s voice as she stated the obvious. She quickly brought her hand to her mouth. “I guess you found him….”

Sara glanced at Jared and swallowed hard. “Yeah, I did.” She wondered if they could see her natural skin color from the paint. She doubted it.

Jared glowered at Myra. “Was it your idea to send her out there after me?”

Myra held up her hands. “Hang on big brother. I did nothing more than I’d been told. I took her to the barn – not guilty of anything else.”

Jared turned on Nadine; locking his eyes with hers, dark, and full of accusation. Pulling his brows tightly together, he leaned toward her, speaking in a low rumble, making her name a question, “Mother?”

Tom stood, glaring at Jared; muscles coiled and ready to pounce.
Jared! Don’t Son!

Jared flicked his glare from Nadine to Tom, and back to Nadine. She swallowed hard and faked a smile.

“Yes, but it was the right thing to do.”

Jared tightened his jaw. “Right thing to do?” he ground through his teeth, his control barely at bay.
The right thing to do
, he silently mocked.
got Sara killed!

Sara’s eyes glanced from Tom, to Nadine’s to Jared’s. She’d seen that look in Jared’s eyes before, at the hospital. Her heart started racing, she drew in a quick breath and lightly touched Jared’s arm. “Jared, it’s all right,” she whispered, hoping her soft voice would calm him.

Jared relaxed his muscles and took a deep, calming breath. He glanced at Sara remorsefully.
Sorry Dad. I guess I’ve got more than my eyes to get under control.

Tom relaxed his muscles and sat back in his chair, but kept his eyes fixed on Jared and Nadine. Still clearly on his guard.
You’ll learn. It takes time. I know it’s your protective side, but you have to learn to suppress the wolf’s spirit. It’s not always a blessing. You’re frightening Sara. Keep this vocal until you’ve explained everything to your mate. Mark my words. Do not threaten your mother or your sister again! Control Jared – control.

Sara heaved an inward sigh of relief. Nadine gasped. “What happened?”

“She was nearly bitten by a rattlesnake. If I hadn’t been there, she might have gone over the ledge. Mother, just because something feels right, doesn’t always mean you should do it!” Jared’s voice was stressed again, but this time he was in control.

 Nadine’s voice was full of remorse. “I’m so sorry, Sara. Are you all right?”

Sara frowned at Jared. “I’m fine! Jared shot the snake just as, it was getting ready to – um - strike.”

Nadine’s mouth gaped. “You must have been scared out of your wits.”

“She was white as a sheet when I pulled her to safety.”

Sara headed for the stairs. “Well, if you’ll excuse me, I want to take a shower and change.” Sara could swear she heard Myra snickering under her breath.

“I think I’ll join you,” Jared said, following Sara up the stairs. Yes, there was marked amusement in the atmosphere.


Sara cornered Jared at the top of the stairs, next to her bedroom. She studied his eyes for a few seconds, desperately wanting to ask what had happened between him and his father, but sensing from the dark clouds swirling in Jared’s eyes, that maybe she shouldn’t. Perhaps another time… She nibbled her lower lip, narrowing her eyes at him, pushing her doubts aside. She pressed her lips together. “
were laughing.” She kissed him. “You said they wouldn’t laugh.”

Jared sighed inwardly. Clearly, Sara may not be able to hear his thoughts, which mildly bothered Jared, but she was learning how to read his actions. Sara had sensed whatever happened downstairs was something he wasn’t going to tell her – yet. He admired her for that.

Following Sara’s lead, Jared laughed. “No. I said they wouldn’t
anything. I never said they wouldn’t laugh. I mean, honestly, Sara, what did you expect? We both come home, covered in war paint and mud. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what we’ve been doing.” He gave her a gentle shove in the direction of the bathroom. “Go get the water started. I need to get some clothes from my bedroom.” He kissed her and disappeared.

Sara went inside, feeling a little apprehensive. When he said, he would
her; did he mean
her in the literal sense? Or did he mean he would shower
her? Sara shook her head, and tried not to give it much thought as she adjusted the water temperature. Her question was answered when Jared entered the room wearing nothing but his terrycloth bathrobe. He untied it, letting it slide to the floor in one swift motion.

Sara flicked her eyes away and back, unable to ignore the reaction she had on his body, she bit her lip. Despite wanting him again, and the fact, that they’d made love on Mother’s Mountain, Sara’s butterflies were back. Before, when he’d made love to her, it had been an unplanned event. This was cold calculated seduction in action here, and Sara felt trapped.

Jared locked his eyes on hers as he slowly strolled up to her utterly unashamed. Keeping his eyes locked on hers, he slowly untied her robe, easing it off her shoulders and letting it puddle at her feet. She instinctively draped her hands over her front. Jared cradled her face in his hands. Leaning his face closer, he lightly brushed his lips with hers, teasing her. “Oh come on – you’re not gonna go shy on me now, are you?” his voice was low and sultry.  Sara’s breath caught. “Not after that little Louisiana wildcat I was playing with earlier this evening.” Sara blushed bright red. Jared grinned. He held Sara’s hand as she stepped in the shower, and then stepped in behind her.


When Jared and Sara went downstairs, there was no one in the lounge. Jared called out for his Mother. “In here,” she called back. Jared led Sara in the kitchen. Everyone was sitting around the table, eating. Sara blushed again, realizing the shower must have taken longer than they expected.

“We got tired of waiting on you, and your Father was starving,” Nadine said. “Sit down and eat before it gets any colder.”

Jared held the chair out for Sara and then sat in a chair next to her. He picked up his plate, and started piling the food on it, apparently ravenous. “Well, go on, get something to eat.”

Myra snickered. “I’m sure you must be hungry after all that,

Jared turned his dark eyes on her, and she sank back in her chair.

Nadine shook her head. “Myra!”

Myra tucked her head and concentrated on her food. “Sorry….”

Without hesitation, Jared tucked into his food while Sara picked around, and prepared her plate. Most of the dishes were familiar apart from a couple. Sara took a small serving of each, hoping it wasn’t lizard, or the thing Jared shot off the ledge. The two mystery dishes weren’t unpleasant, but were a little spicier than she’d been used to.

Jared glanced at Sara. “Mother, can you put your finger on Grandmother’s ring?”

Nadine grinned. “Sure, did you want me to get it for you?”

“Yes, I would. I’ve found a place for it.”

Nadine came back and handed the ring to Jared. “Are you going to add it to your Navajo room?”

Jared picked up Sara’s hand and slid the ring on her finger. “I could, but I think it looks better here.” He lifted Sara’s hand to his lips and kissed it. “I asked Sara to marry me, and she said yes.”

Nadine’s mouth gaped for a few seconds before she broke into a smile. “I don’t guess there’s any reason to ask you if you’re sure about this….”

Jared chuckled. “Hardly.”

“Welcome to the Clan – I mean family, Sara.”

BOOK: Blood of the Rainbow
11.07Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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