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Warlock: A Nephilim's Wrath: A Shawn Moore Novel 02

BOOK: Warlock: A Nephilim's Wrath: A Shawn Moore Novel 02
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Warlock: A
Nephilim’s Wrath

A Shawn
Moore Novel 02

Author: D. R.




Copyright 2016.  This is a work of fiction.  Names,
Characters, Places and incidents are either products of the author’s
imagination or used fictitiously.  Any resemblance to actual events, locales or
persons living or dead, is entirely coincidental.  All rights reserved.  No
part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without



Korrina tossed back the shot, and pounded the glass on the
bar.  A few mages looked in her direction, but she ignored them.  The
bartender, a vampire of all things, walked over and after a measuring look
refilled her shot glass.  Slowly, the mages returned to their own

She sighed, and wondered where to go next.  Her life up
until this point had been anger and revenge, but it had been almost fifty years
since she’d had the opportunity to pursue it.

She was an abomination, something that shouldn’t exist.  The
daughter of an angel and human.  Powerful, strong, beautiful, but with no place
of her own.  She didn’t belong, wasn’t part of the design.  The angels and
beings of true power had limitations, rules they needed to follow.  Even the
fallen angels, the greater demons were constrained in the mortal world.

She wasn’t, she could do whatever she wanted.  She was…
outside creation, outside the plan.  Never meant to be.

She hadn’t understood that when she’d been born in Greece
during the time of the great Roman empire.  She’d been shocked when her mother
told her the truth, that her father was an angel.  At first it was fine, she
truly didn’t give it much thought, but when she’d grown up she could do things
no one else could, she had power.  Not like a mage, or a vampire, it was intrinsic
to her being, and required no silly incantations, or pacts with devils.

She’d hidden it well, though when thirty years had passed,
and she still looked like an eighteen-year-old, the humans in her village had
accused her of witchcraft.  It hadn’t helped that she held uncommon beauty, and
was lighter of skin than her mother and the rest of the villagers.  She was
also uncommonly strong, fast, and eerily graceful.

She fled then at her mother’s urgings.  She knew then she
would never fit in, never find a place among humans.  Even the supernatural
races wouldn’t want her, they feared her unmatched and unrestrained power. 
Even the fae treaded lightly in her presence.

So she’d decided to track down her father, even though her
mother had forbidden her to do so long ago.  She didn’t know about the rules
then, or understand the cosmic plan between good and evil.  The laws they all
must follow, that she didn’t.  The power of an angel, unrestricted by a
universe which had never planned for her existence.

She’d hoped for acceptance, for a greeting.  Weren’t angels
good?  It took her many years to track him down, and when she did she hoped
she’d finally find a being she that could understand her, and that she’d
finally fit in.

Instead of finding her place, her father had attacked her
immediately, and fiercely.  Had screamed at her that she was an abomination,
and had to be destroyed.  A mistake he had made.

She sighed as the memory fell away, and slammed back another
drink.  Her right hand fell on the swords hilt that she kept at her side,
unseen by all but those with celestial power.  Her father’s sword, that she had
claimed after ripping his heart out in a surge of anger and frustration.  She
would never belong, she didn’t, couldn’t belong.

She’d tried at first, but it always ended the same.

After that she’d just wandered for hundreds of years, and
turned more bitter with each turn of the seasons.  Directionless, and unhappy. 
She’d sunk into debauchery, battle, fucking, none of it fulfilled her, and she
always felt disconnected from those around her.  In the world, but never a part
of it.

Until one day in Europe she’d run across another angel.  A
fallen one, a so called greater demon bound to a warlock.  A rage took her
then, a jealous rage, that she had no place, no… function in this world.  She
pulled her father’s sword in that moment of rage, and let her impulse to
destroy overcome her.

After all, if she had no place, then the creatures that made
her should reap the consequences of their mistake.

The warlock fought bravely, and slung spells and powers her
way.  Her golden shield of power absorbed it all without effort, and her sword
passed through his protections like a hot knife through butter.

The demoness had cried out, and then her white light had
shone, as she was banished back to hell by the rules they lived by.  Rules that
didn’t apply to her at all.

She reached out with her power, and surrounded the demon
with golden light, and held her.  Denied the fallen angel her retreat to hell. 
She was lost in the rage, in the need for vengeance for the empty life that had
been forced upon her.

The demonesses eyes went wide, and then she pulled a sword
as well, white, shining with infernal unholy power. 

Korrina grinned in delight, and half hoped this fallen angel
would be her match.  The sword fight that followed was fast, brutal, and
titanic.  As their swords met, their angelic power would burst and destroy
nearby walls, and anything else that got in its way.  After some time both had
wounds, but neither of them had a mortal wound.

The demoness flexed her wings and took to the sky, an
attempt to escape.

Korrina spread her own wings, golden in color, and chased
the demoness down.  They continued their fight in the sky, but her rage was
such that she attacked recklessly, and without any regard for her own life in a
berserker’s rage.

She broke through the angel’s protections with a slashing
strike of great power, with her golden inherent magic filling the sword, adding
to the swords own power, and the sword took the demoness’s head clean off.

The demoness dissipated, into swirling white light, even
with a dead body, the demoness would escape back to hell.  There was nothing on
this world or in this plane that could harm the demoness’s essence.

She smiled grimly, good thing she wasn’t part of any world.

She blasted the white motes with her golden celestial
energies, and utterly destroyed the essence of the demoness.

She sighed then.  That was just the start of her bloodlust. 
She’d finally found a purpose, to destroy every damned angel she could get her
hands on.  But as the years went by, the angels were restricted, and couldn’t
come onto this plane very often.  That was okay, she focused on the greater
demons for a while, but even they were becoming rare to run across.

She tossed back another shot, bored, and depressed.  She
hadn’t run across a greater demon either since seventeen twenty-eight, in
China.  She suspected they knew of her and were simply suppressing their powers
better, hiding their auras.  But that didn’t help her knowing that, she still
couldn’t find them outside of blind chance.

She considered picking up a mage at the bar, she’d felt them
checking her out all night.  It wouldn’t be fulfilling, but at least she’d feel
something, a short moment of pleasure.  She went to drink another shot when she
heard something that made her freeze.

“I’m telling you Stan, it was fucking crazy.  We were
kicking their asses, and then the demoness went all white, and completely tore
down the wards.  That crazy bitch Karen murdered the whole council, and then
elected herself as the new head councilor while some crazy ass warlock stood
behind her and glared at us all threateningly with some life sucking magic
sword from hell in his hands.  I still have nightmares about Clarissa’s screams. 
I got the hell out as fast as I…”

He stopped talking when she moved across the bar and got
right up in his face.

She said in a deadly voice, “Where?”

He swallowed nervously.  She recognized the look, he was
scared, yet she knew he also wanted to fuck her.  It was screwing up his flight
or fight instincts.  She had that effect on men sometimes if she was too

She touched his shoulder, and let out a little of her magic,
and his body relaxed.

She reached for patience, and said in a lighter voice, “Where
did this happen?”

He said dazedly while staring at her chest, “Chicago.”

She smiled, she was even on the right continent.  Finally.

The only time she ever felt fulfilled, or for even a moment
like she had a place, was when she was destroying an angel.

He asked, “Why do you want to know?”

She considered him, he looked in shape, and she was suddenly
in a good mood.

“Never mind that, why don’t you take me back to your room?”

He nodded, a little in a daze.  She hoped he got over it
soon, nervous men were never very good in bed.  Maybe she should take his
friend Stan too?

Chapter 1

Head, back, wall.

Damnit.  That’d hurt like a bitch.

Lilliana laughed, “You’re going to have to try harder than
that my love.”

I squinted up at her, “I know.  It’s hard without magic

I was still trying to improve my mind.  I knew that the
partition spell could work for up to six minds, right now I was still on four
including the primary mind, but I also knew I was closer to five.

The idea was the more I could do in my primary mind, the
more I could split it when the battle actually counted.  So I wasn’t using it
now, I had my three inherent abilities going.  A natural shield, detect magic,
and my connection with Malina.  Along with that, I had protection against physical
attacks, I also tried to hold a fifth thing, a spell to protect against magic.

I’d managed it for a whole two minutes while at the same
time sword fighting with the most beautiful and sexy vampire in the city.

Of course, that was why I was laying on my ass, I’d lost my
concentration, and my protection had failed.  Outside of the house I used the
partition spell, but here in training I needed to stretch myself.

Lilliana had gorgeous brown chestnut hair, big chocolate
brown eyes and a perfect body.  It was all part of her pact, the strength,
beauty, and endless life of a vampire, the cost to her was she was a servant to
my family, the Moore line of warlocks.  She seemed to enjoy it, both in bed and
out, I was even fairly sure she loved me, and I’d only known her a couple of weeks.

To be honest, I was pretty sure I loved her too.  She was
beautiful, amazing, plus all that sex and devotion had an effect as well. 
Shallow or not, it was true.  I’d taken to calling her Lia.

Regardless, it was obviously a price she enjoyed paying.  It
also meant I could trust her with not only my life, but my soul.  She would die
if my line died, so that made her rather motivated to keep me alive.

Which brought us to me being slammed against the wall,
because that included very intense training to get better at wielding a sword.

I reconnected to Malina and filled myself with power, all
the aches went away and I recast the spells in my mind.  Five things at once
was a bitch, but I was determined.  Malina and Lilliana were great allies, but
in the end I was the only spell caster in a fight, which meant I needed to
stretch myself until I’d attained not only five, but six minds.  At least, that
was my intention. 

My wife Karen was a mage and spell caster as well, but she
wouldn’t always be around, she would be busy ruling the mages.  Not that we
wouldn’t see each other often, but that would be for building our marriage, and
me visiting my future offspring and of course, lots of passionate sex.  She was
a fire mage, looked like a cute pixie, but was sexy as hell because of her
attitude and grace.

We decided we’d have to fight our own battles.  If we acted
too much the team, we were afraid that would make the shifters and vampires
nervous, not to mention the fae.

Still, things were pretty quiet right now, I had
non-aggression treaties with shifters, vampires, and now the mages.  They also
included mutual support if outside supernaturals invaded our city.  Only the
fae were left out, and they generally didn’t go on the offensive unless provoked,
so it was best to just keep them at arm’s length.

I sighed and got my head back in the fight.  At least I’d
kept my practice sword this time.  I stood up and attacked.

She had a feral grin on her face, and I always got the
feeling Lilliana enjoyed beating me up as much as she did sleeping with me.  We
went on for another five minutes, I even got in a few touches, and then my
physical protections dropped at the worst possible time.

Back, head, wall, bang!

This time my sword had gone flying.  Shit.

Malina said in a voice that sounded both sultry and innocent
at the same time, “That might be enough for today Shawn.  You’re doing
impressively for just a couple of weeks, but you need a break.”

Malina was my patron demoness.  She was a greater demoness,
which meant fallen angel.  She looked like an angel with shiny golden blonde
hair, innocent blue eyes, a beautiful face that seemed to convey the innocence
of a young woman that had just finished maturing.  She didn’t look a day older
than eighteen.  Her body was another story, she was voluptuous, and sexy beyond

And that was just her physical form, when she used her
succubus aura she was absolutely irresistible.

“Did you have something else in mind Lina?” I asked
curiously.  I’d given her a pet name too.  Despite being a demoness and all
that implies, I was pretty sure she we had real feelings for each other.  At
the very least, I did for her.  Something about being a greater demoness, or
fallen angel, meant she had the full spectrum of emotions, she could be sweet
and loving, but also vengeful and terrifying.

I was glad she was on my side.

Lina giggled, another thing that threw me at times.  Demons
shouldn’t giggle like that, it’s disturbing… and cute.

Lina replied, “You can fuck us later, did you forget where
we have to be in an hour?”

My mind was blank, maybe I’d hit my head against the wall
too hard.

Lilliana said, “Master, Dion called a meeting, remember?”

“Oh, I didn’t realize it’d gotten so late.  And what did I
tell you about that?”

Lilliana blushed, “You’re only master when your fucking me
mast… Shawn.  I’m working on it, really.  It’s just an engrained habit.”

I’d been studying spells at the time Malina told me about
the meeting, and was rather distracted.  During that first week and a half, I’d
done nothing but look up spells I’d needed at the time, and for combat.  Now I
had a little leisure for learning, at least until the next emergency came along
and forced me to look for specifics.  I imagined it would take me years to get
proficient at all the spells and wards available in the book.  Then after that
it might be time to create my own.

I was kind of obsessed with the idea of teleporting, just
because my ancestors hadn’t figured it out didn’t mean it was impossible.  If
demons could do it with their intrinsic infernal abilities, it should be
possible with a spell too.  But I had a lot to learn before I could start

Pacts were pretty much easy, and I already had them figured
out.  My inherent magic was also simple, and I had those down, except maybe for
the command one, which I hadn’t used yet at all.  I was pretty sure it only
worked on humans, or weak supernaturals, so it was of limited use.

I also was getting better in magic fights, thanks to all
that practice with Karen last week.  Plus, in an emergency Krystal could kill
just about anything, as long as I could survive long enough to stab her into
someone that is.

Krystal purred in the back of my mind, “
I thought you’d
forgotten about me master, can we kill someone soon.  I have an itch I just
can’t scratch, if you know what I mean.”

I did know what she meant.  Whoever had created her had tied
her soul to the sword, and also used her sex drive to make her bloodthirsty and
remorseless.  The only time Krystal could have an orgasm was when she was
sucking the life out of an enemy.  Whoever made her had been a sick bastard,
but I couldn’t deny she was effective.

Liliana held out a hand to pull me up, “Shower?”

I nodded in approval, “Good plan.  I know spells for that
now but the hot water will feel good.”

She smiled when I didn’t release her hand, but instead
pulled her toward the stairs, and up to the master bedroom. 

I may not have had time to make a thorough job of it, but I
knew Lilliana was always more than willing to accommodate me for some relief in
the shower.  I smiled when I remembered that first time, before I even knew
what I was.

We stripped down as the water heated up, and got under the
hot spray.  She dropped to her knees without me asking, and took me hungrily
into her mouth.  She was absolutely amazing in bed, and gave incredible blow
jobs.  Just a side effect of being so long lived, she’d perfected the art of
both drawing it out, and making me explode extremely fast.

It was more than that though, when I looked down at her she
had an almost worshipful look in her eyes, as if there was no place she’d
rather be than on her knees servicing me.  She literally got off on it.  It
made her skills that much more intense when she looked up at me with love and
lust in her eyes, while her own hand was busy between her legs as she took us
both toward ecstasy at a rocket’s pace.  It was over quickly and she sucked me
hard as I came, making it more intense as I sprayed her throat and onto her

She made sure she got it all, and then stood, and we started
to wash up.  It was also convenient that we could do each other’s backs.  I’ll
admit it, I was completely spoiled, Lilliana made it hard not to be.

I pulled her into a soft kiss, as the shower washed off the
suds, and then turned off the water.  A quick few words of Latin in my mind,
carefully enunciated silently one by one, and we were both dry.

She smiled and said softly, “Thank you.”

I kissed her again, “Isn’t that my line?”

She blushed but didn’t look away from my eyes as she said
sultrily, “Oh no, that was all my pleasure as well master.”

I spanked her lightly and she gasped.

She raised an eyebrow, “That might work, you should punish
me when I forget to call you Shawn.”

I snorted, “More like I should withhold punishment.”

She pouted at me, but her lips twitched with amusement, and
agreement no doubt.

I claimed one more kiss before we parted and got dressed.


BOOK: Warlock: A Nephilim's Wrath: A Shawn Moore Novel 02
2.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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