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Jessika Klide



Copyright © 2014 Jessika Klide

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, brands, media, events and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any similarities to actual events and persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. Any trademarks, service marks, product names, named features, artists and bands are assumed to be the property of their respective owners, and are used for reference and without permission. The publication / use of these trademarks is not authorized, associated with, or sponsored by the trademark owners. There is no implied endorsement if any of these terms are used.




Without my husband, my soulmate, my Golden God, this book would never have been written. To him, I am eternally grateful. He continues to inspire me.

To my family, whose patience and critical input helped me stay the course. To them, hugs and kisses.

Special thanks to my BFF, who listened to the raw storyline and helped with the creation of the final plot.

To the advance readers, who volunteered to read a story from an unknown author, who tweaked sentences and thought lines perfectly and offered their honest critiques, then gave me what I so desperately needed to hear: Praise, a thousand years of thanks!

To Maria Clark, End Solutions Inc., who edited the finished product. A big shout out. THANK YOU!

To JC Mason, the cover model on the front cover, and Kristen Wetherbee, the cover model on the back cover. A humble thank you!

To my fans, it is truly an honor to share my story with you!






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Because Siri Wright is a dancer, there are songs sprinkled throughout her story. They have been chosen specifically, not only for the music, but also for their lyrics, which are governed by strict copyright laws restricting the use in books.

It is certainly not necessary to listen to the music to enjoy Siri's story, but if you choose to, you will enhance your enjoyment and have a fuller, deeper understanding of Siri's heart. Therefore, I have put together a playlist with each of the songs on my YouTube channel, in the order they appear in the story for you.


"Moore speaking. Yeah, Sam. I'm checking on them for you. I'm at Dogwood Court now. What the fuck? Let me call you back."
I can't believe it!

I stare from the cab of my truck at the most beautiful girl in the world as she casually walks across the parking lot, right in front of me.
She IS simply stunning!
My eyes follow her, like a hawk hunting its prey. When she drops her keys, then bends over to retrieve them, I laugh out loud at the view she flashes me. "Perfect!"

The word jolts me.
Unable to take my eyes off her, I watch as she gets in her car. She looks my way before she pulls out.
She is gorgeous.
As she vanishes out of sight, my gut tightens.

Leaning back, I close my eyes and think about what just happened.
What are the odds that our paths would cross right here, right now? They are truly astronomical!
I sigh.
She just walked by!

I open my eyes and stare at the ceiling. I hear my Grandfather Moore's voice. "Your grandmother completes me, son. She makes me whole."
What if she is perfect for me?

I sit quietly, thinking about all the possibilities with her
by my side
Could this beautiful, stunning, gorgeous girl be the one that makes me whole? Could she be the one I can honestly share my secrets with? That will understand me, get me, complete me?

I don't know.
I turn to stare out the window.
But what I do know is that an extraordinary opportunity has just fallen in my lap. Only a fool would let it go and I'm no fool.

She in not untouchable and I'm going to find out if she is the one.
I open the truck door and get out.
I know what I have to do.
"I have to win her heart."

I call Sam as I walk to the apartment building. "Sam. Moore here. Change of plans…."




What is it about express lanes when I am in a hurry? It's Sunday morning in Alabama. No one is supposed to be in here.
I roll my eyes to the sky, tapping my foot, working on my patience and failing miserably.
I miss Vegas and its 24/7 life style. At least you know the express lanes are going to be slow, no matter what day of the week or hour of the day.
I take a deep breath and sigh.
Don't sweat the small shit, Siri. It's only for a couple more weeks, then you'll be back in Vegas and missing the slow lifestyle of LA, Lower Alabama.

I pull my iPhone out and check the time. It's 10:40.
Twenty minutes is cutting it close. Finally!
I slide my items up the belt.
You can make up time on the road, no problem. Ok, breathe in … exhale, smile sweetly.
"God bless you too, ma'am."

Once in my car, I hit the gas. My Ford Shelby GT500 leaps out of the parking lot and the speed relaxes me.
I love my fast and furious ride!
I maneuver through a few cars on the road, then it's clear sailing. Punching it, I let my mind drift to the dance routine I have been working on. I tap the steering wheel to "Happy" and review the arm motions of the opening sequences.

Cat's gonna be surprised when I tell her I want to do a routine as a man. I can hear her now. "Pharrell Williams? 'Happy?' Really?"


"But who am I to question you. Everything you do turns to gold. But 'Happy?' That's a tough one. Baby Girl, if you can pull it off, it will be killer wicked for a return performance!"

"If? You know I will bring down the fucking house!" I'll text Cat as soon as my meeting with Mrs. Smith is over. She will be stoked when I tell her I'm coming back.

The weather is beautiful today.
I double tap my iPhone. "What's the temperature today?"

"Siri, the temperature today is warm, 75 degrees."
I might sunbath on the balcony later.

My mind is clear by the time I turn into Dogwood Court at 10:50. Parking in my usual space, I see a 'bad ass' Tuxedo Black Metallic
2014 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Special Edition 'Real Man Truck' in the visitors spot.
Oh man! What a sweet ride!

Gathering my grocery bags, I admire it as I race alongside, heading to the front door.
Now, there's a man after my own heart!

Pushing the door open with my back, I trot-run across the lobby floor. Glancing at the office, I see Mrs. Smith talking to a young man. That quick glimpse tells me, he is athletically built, 6' tall plus or minus, 200 pounds maybe, wearing a pale yellow J Crew shirt with distressed blue jeans. My instant impression is
! I rush in the open elevator, whip around, press 9, then hone in on the man target as the doors immediately begin to close.

He looks to be my age. He has a military style haircut.
Dark sides and roots but the top is long, thick, golden blonde. It's streaked with natural sun highlights, reflecting the lighting. It's straight, sleek, smooth and moving gently as he talks. Umm.
He turns to look at me as the doors close. Our eyes lock and his gaze pierces my core.
The rest of my view falls away. My heart stops and my breath catches in my throat. When the doors touch, and the connection is broken, my heart jolts and I gasp. Riding the elevator up, my heart pounds wildly in my chest.
Sweet Zeus! What just happened? I'm not sure!
I put my hand on my heart.
Calm down, Siri! Breathe. Fuck, he is fine, but his eyes. Woo!

The elevator stops on the 9th floor. I run-trot to my apartment on the end, 9A. Once inside, I stuff my grocery bags in the refrigerator, then rush back out.
Hurry. Hopefully, the stud will still be there.
Pressing the down button, I pace. The elevator is slower than usual.
Church is out.
When it arrives, it dings and I rush in. There are four middle aged women on board in their Sunday best. "Good morning." I cheerfully offer their sour puss expressions. None of them speak. They simply ignore me.
Southern hospitality doesn't apply to everyone, I guess.
I tap my foot.
Hurry! I've got to check that guy out!

Right when we reach the lobby, my iPhone alarm goes off and "Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO blasts us. "Oh, excuse me." I apologize to the uppity bitches who glare at me, while I reach in my front pocket and the doors open. They exit with their noses in the air. Digging for it, I follow the last woman out.
Dang, it slipped down deep.
The bulky case hangs on the pocket hem and I look down as I blindly walk forward, struggling with it.
What the …? Come out of there!
I snatch hard.
Oh no!
It releases before the pull and the iPhone slides out smoothly with momentum, sailing past the tips of my fingers.

I watch helplessly as it flies over the head of a young girl texting, blindly walking straight at me into the elevator.
Spinning and twirling away, the dancer in me takes over. I manage to avoid a crash, but I dance right into a wet spot on the floor behind a sign saying "Caution Wet Floors."
Sliding in my wedge high heel sandals, I back pedal until I gain my balance. Thankfully, the dancer again manages to avoid another crash. Regaining my composure, I take a deep breath, then glare at my iPhone laying on the floor. It's still blasting the atmosphere with LMFAO.

Walking over to it, I examine my shirt. My halter top has stayed faithful. The key hole shows only cleavage. No nipples.
Well, that's a good thing.
Straddling my phone, the dancer bends over at the waist to pick it up and half my thick, long, blonde hair slips out of the clip, falling in my face, blocking my view.
With my butt in the air, I release the rest of my mane, letting it engulf my whole face. Then flipping it up and over, I drop my ass, bouncing gently, and quickly twist and re-clasp it on top. Standing,
I ask Karma.
What else?
The song is almost over when I finally grasp it.
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I'm sexy and now everyone knows it!
Turning it off, I make my way to the office, as if nothing in the world out of the ordinary just happened.

When I lift my eyes to see where I am going, I stop dead in my tracks. My heart and my breath collide in my throat. The stud is leaning on the threshold of the office door completely relaxed, watching me. Our eyes lock. His gaze pierces me. The rest of my view falls away, again.
Oh … Holy Hades!
Looking at me is a pair of the most gorgeous green eyes, with the most intense gaze, on the most handsome face of the most beautiful man, I have ever laid eyes on, and he has the most beautiful smile on his face.
SWEET ZEUS! He looks like a Golden God!
My tummy lurches so hard it feels like a back flip, jolting my heart out of my throat and releasing my breath. I gasp as my limp fingers drop my iPhone, and I lay one hand on my tossing tummy and one on my wildly thumping heart.

He smirks when my iPhone falls, then grins at my posture. He pushes off the wall and towers over me, still holding my eyes captive. "Hi."

I take a deep breath, then exhale as a smile spreads slowly over my face. "Hi."

Fussing about Ray, the new janitor who left the floor wet, Mrs. Smith comes bustling out of the office. The gorgeous man moves to the side, not letting my eyes go. I stare at him as Mrs. Smith addresses me. "Miss Wright, I need to show this patient young man the available apartment first. He's been waiting almost an hour to see it."

I respond in a voice barely above a whisper. "Perfect!"

"I will meet you back down here in 30 minutes, if that's alright with you?"

"I'm not going anywhere. Take your time."

"Thank you, honey. That's awful sweet of you."

"No problem. I can go up and put my groceries away."

She turns to the gorgeous man. "Mr. Moore, I can show you the apartment now." He looks at her, breaking our connection, and nods. She pats my arm as she passes me and I pull my eyes off him to look at her. She raises her eyebrows twice at me, then winks, and turns back to him. "This way, Mr. Moore." She walks off to the elevator.

He follows her, not looking at me, but when he reaches my side, he invades my personal space and kneels. His body almost touches mine as he slides down. I feel his electric aura. My tummy lurches hard again as I watch his golden hair sway softly when he reaches for my iPhone.
The golden highlights are glittering.
When he turns his face to look up at me, I'm stunned!
His eyes are emerald green! Bright emerald green!

"I believe you dropped this… again." His voice is deep and sends shivers all the way down to my toes.

"I believe I did." I look away from his eyes to see my iPhone cradled in the palm of his hand. He rises the same way he went down, almost touching me. He towers over me and I can feel him standing there, like static.
Reaching for my phone, I feel a tickling tingle when my skin touches his.
He cups my hand, forcing me to turn my face up to his. I look into his unbelievably beautiful eyes. "Thanks, Mr. Moore."

He smiles and my heart melts. "You're very welcome, Miss Wright." He backs away, holding my hand until they pull apart. Then he turns and walks off to join Mrs. Smith in the elevator, leaving me standing there staring after him, completely enchanted and breathless.

Watching his retreating physique, I admire his manliness.
His shoulders are very broad. His waist is very small. His legs are straight. His posture is perfect. His gait is strong.
He glides with masculine grace.
I watch his ass moving in his jeans.
It is to die for!
My mouth waters.

Mrs. Smith leans around his torso so she can see me. "Aren't you going up too? Come on. You can ride with us."

That puts my feet in motion.

He turns, smiling at me and waits.
Just a little tease for you, Mr. Moore.
I walk-trot up the short distance to him. His eyes watch my bouncing tits. When I'm even with him, he gestures to me. "Ladies first."

My eyes twinkle at him as the dancer glides by.
Teasing is what I do best.
I feel him follow me. Knowing he is watching my ass, I slow down and strut my stuff.
My ass is to die for too.
When I walk past Mrs. Smith, I wink at her. "Thank you."

She smiles. "You're welcome, dear."

Entering the elevator, I move to the back wall and Mr. Moore comes to stand beside me. We stare straight ahead like polite strangers do but when Mrs. Smith reaches out to select the floors, our eyes are locked on her hand. We watch as she only pushes one button, #9. We both smile, staring at the opposite wall.

As soon as the elevator starts to rise, I can feel my temperature start to rise too. His rock hard body is radiating heat, spreading to mine, making me hot.
I know that body is chiseled under those clothes. His chest, his abs, his….

"It's awfully warm in here." Mrs. Smith interrupts my vision. "The air conditioning must be broken." She takes her phone out to text Ray.

I almost laugh, but I manage to only bust a big grin. Cutting my eyes at Mr. Moore, I see he has shifted his shoulders to watch me.
He isn't smiling.
My grin falls off my face as butterflies start flying wildly in my gut. The intensity of his expression makes my chest grab my breath. He continues to watch me as I stare forward, struggling to breathe normal under his scrutiny.
I can feel his eyes devouring me.
My nipples harden and push against my top. His eyes fall to them. The butterflies soar to the tips and I lick my lips. That makes him grin. As I stand there allowing him to study me, he makes a soft moan within his throat, like a hum. My eyes smile.
I know the effect I have on men.

When we reach the 9th floor, Mrs. Smith exits first, turning to the right. "This way, Mr. Moore."

He waves me forward and I glide out, turning left toward my apartment. I hear Mrs. Smith blabbing about the furnishings that are included as they walk down to the vacant apartment, 9G, at the other end of the hall. I pace my steps to arrive at my door at the same time. When I hear her jingle the keys, I look down the hall. As soon as he arrives, he looks back to find me. She enters the room and her voice fades, but he stands outside watching me.
Yeah, baby!
He is totally captivated.
I open my door and flash him a grin. I see him grin as he follows Mrs. Smith in.

When the door closes behind me, I lean against it and bust into giggles.
This guy has IT! Whatever IT is, he has IT in droves!
Fuck the groceries!
"See You Again," by Miley Cyrus starts running in my head. I rush to the bathroom to check my face, my hair, and my cleavage. My reflection smiles back and I see a young girl looking at me. My light, crystal green eyes are twinkling like crazy! My tan skin is rosy from my pounding heart, but I pinch my cheeks anyway and bite my lips too. I release my natural light blonde hair that is heavily streaked platinum, and comb my fingers through it, fluffing it for a sexy tousled look. I survey my face for the trillionth time in my life and smile.
You know you have IT too.
I give myself a wink and reach into my shirt to adjust my tits for maximum effect.
Play your assets.

BOOK: UNTOUCHABLE (Siri's Saga Book 1)
2.05Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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