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“Now drink up—time for our long walk home.”

“It’s just too nice here. I can’t leave.”

Layla sighed as Kevin rose and pulled out her chair. He grabbed her hand, and they started back the way they had come, walking in silence.

You have a few choices here, Kevin thought. You can send her home because she’s not right for this job. You can give it a try and be very, very careful with her. Or you can try to turn this into the real deal, because the truth is, you want her. And you haven’t wanted anyone like this in a very long time. But it’s not right, not fair, not proper

They were on a side street, lit dimly by only the moonlight through the olive and poplar trees. Kevin didn’t realize he had made his decision until he heard his own dark quiet voice, nearly a whisper.

“Now, Layla. It’s time.”

He came to a stop and looked at her. Her eyes caught the moonlight and her lips shimmered when she moved them as if to protest. But she stayed silent.

“It doesn’t mean anything, understand?”

“I’m not fifteen. Stop insulting me. I’ll taste like Greek food and wine.”

“I will, too.” Kevin gently put his arm around her waist and pulled her in. He smelled her dark perfume.

This isn’t how it should be, not how it would be. I would say wonderful things to her. She’d go crazy for me. This is wrong. I want her to want this—to want me. Shit

He brought down his lips ever so lightly at first, merely brushing hers. His knees nearly buckled when she pulled in his head and pressed her lips hard against his, parting them with her hot tongue. He groaned in protest, then again louder in pleasure as she explored his mouth and angled hers better to go deeper. She tasted sweet and spicy from the wine. Her perfume filled his head and his cock throbbed in response at her continued assault.

Then he kissed back.

Kevin held her face still as he probed her mouth and lavished her cheeks and chin and eyes and forehead with quick wet kisses, moving again and again to her lips. He pulled her to a garden wall for support, moving to her neck, licking and nipping at her earlobe.

Oh wait oh wait. What the fuck

“Layla, whoa.” He pulled back only to see that her eyes were closed, her lips swollen and red. “Damn,” he breathed softly.

She opened her eyes, revealing misty dark pools. “No good?”

“Oh, no. Quite good. It’s just that…shit.” Kevin squeezed his eyes shut, mumbled another curse, and pushed her against the wall.

“More practice.”

He stared into her eyes, and as she smiled ever so slightly, he came undone. He brought his mouth hard onto hers, gently biting her lips, sucking them as she moved her hands along his arms and through his hair. She worked her way down his stomach and brushed her palm against his warm skin, dipped her fingers beneath his jeans to play with his course hairs. Her constant erotic moaning drove him insane. She flicked her tongue in his ear, and he pulled her back to his mouth, pushing his erection against her.

“See what you do to me? Damn it, Layla, it was supposed to be a little kiss. Stop that groaning. Oh God, don’t stop that groaning. Kiss me. Layla, my God…”

He felt lightheaded as electricity rushed through his entire body, setting his nerve endings on fire. All his blood seemed to have pooled to his groin.


“Okay. Enough practice.” He pulled back and saw her eyes were still closed. He shook her slightly, watching as she opened her eyes, nodding. “Good, then, that’s over with,” Layla whispered, wiping her hand across her mouth before straightening her dress.

What a disaster. Send her home, now. You simply can’t stand by and watch another man leer at her, let alone touch her

They walked in silence to the hotel, without making stops, without holding hands. Kevin’s mind reeled. What excuse would he make for sending her home? Would Ardros buy it? Of course, it wouldn’t matter terribly to him. How would he tell Layla? She’d be devastated. He’d pay her in full, and perhaps she wouldn’t be so angry. They walked up the winding steps to the hotel entrance and moved to her room.

Layla put her finger to her mouth and her ear to the door. She pulled the pistol from her handbag, holding it next to her ear. “Holy shit, what’s that for? You don’t need…”

Layla rolled her eyes and returned the pistol to her bag. “That was brilliant, Irish. He knows we’re back.”

“Layla, get a grip. No one is in there—”

The words had barely left his mouth when he heard the rattling of the balcony window inside the room, followed by the sound of shoes hitting the sidewalk on the street below. They ran out the entrance of the hotel to watch a dark-clothed male tear down the street.

Layla stared at Kevin with disdain.

He shook his head in disbelief, adrenaline coursing through his body at the thought of the danger he nearly put them in. “How did you know? Who the hell even knows we’re here?”

“You need to leave the real work to your employees and stay at home behind that desk of yours. My guess is your buddy Ardros is having you checked out before he fully confides in you. I thought it was a mistake to book us different rooms. How are you going to explain that? You’ll have to tell him we had a fight.” Layla still looked disgusted with him.

They made their way back to her room and she opened the door. Kevin followed closely behind, but Layla turned and placed her hand on his chest.

“Boss, if you send me home now, he’ll know something’s up. Don’t deny it’s what you intend—it’s all over your face. You think you chose the wrong agent? Fine. I’ll do whatever you say. The one hundred grand is still mine, though. I didn’t blow this, but you may have.”

Kevin nodded sheepishly.

“And by the way, you never intended that kiss as practice. I don’t have a file on you, but I have
number, sweetheart!” Layla pushed him into the hallway, shutting the door in his face.

Bad actress
Oh, Colin, she’s no wounded flower. She’ll do




Layla’s hands shook as she walked to the balcony, pulling the full-length doors shut behind her.

Please, God, don’t let it be them

She brought her fingers to her lips, wondering how Kevin’s kiss could have rocked her so thoroughly, wondering a million things about him.

Stop your romanticizing and just go for the ride

The tap on the door jarred her out of her fantasy. Her heart raced and she grabbed her pistol, holding it to her chest. “Who is it?”

“Who the hell do you think it is?” Kevin grumbled.

Oh no
! Layla squeezed her eyes shut.
going to fire me

She opened the door and nearly gasped at his expression. He was furious!

“What’s wrong?” She backed into the room as he slammed the door shut behind him.

Kevin ran his hand through his hair in a gesture Layla was beginning to recognize as frustration.

“I’m fired, aren’t I? All right, well, if you don’t think I can pull this off, Irish, then fire me. You’re wrong, but it’s your company—”

“Layla, shut up,” he commanded. He closed the distance between them in two strides, nearly lifting her off her feet as he pushed her against the wall.

Layla’s heart pounded. “My God, you’re full of surprises. I thought you didn’t sleep with your employees?” she gushed breathlessly and stared at his blue eyes flashing in lust.

It’s just sex, he just wants sex. Don’t forget that

“I don’t sleep with my employees. And you don’t have sex on a job.”

“I suppose a little more kissing couldn’t hurt.”
Please, stay, take me. Keep me safe

“Oh, yes, it could.” Kevin pressed up against her belly as he kissed her neck and shoulders.

“Take off that shirt, Irish. I’ve already had a glimpse of that body and I want another look.”

Kevin stepped back and looked at her in surprise before smiling at her sly expression. He stripped off his T-shirt and Layla was on him in a second.

“You’re incredible, but of course, you know that,” she moaned, pinching his nipples and running her hands across his smooth chest and down his tight flat stomach, luxuriating in the satiny feel of his skin, appreciating the heat he radiated. “Did you know I have a thing for tattoos?” She nibbled at the one circling his arm.

“Yes,” he gasped. “I think you said that. I thought I was the one seducing you?”

Layla slid her fingers down his loose jeans to stroke him, and he groaned. “Mmmm,” she teased, enjoying the power she wielded over him, praying he wanted this aggression from her. “Nice— more than nice. Spectacular. Actually, the most spectacular pair of jeans I’ve ever seen. Versace?”

“You’re evil.”

Kevin tore at her dress, ripping the fabric off her shoulders, exposing her breasts. Her hard nipples protruded, begging for his touch, his mouth.

Layla backed away and stepped out of the torn dress, standing only in heels and a black thong.




“Bloody hell, someone help me.” Kevin shook his head in wonder at the sight of her. Layla coyly ran her hand along her stomach and began teasing herself, pinching her nipples and moaning, arching her back, shuddering as she did. Kevin reached into his jeans in hopes of easing his fierce ache. Layla’s eyes widened at his gesture and tilted her head sideways, looking coy again.

“Hmmm?” Kevin touched himself, uncertain of what the next move should be as he saw the rush of lust sweep across her face. “Oh, yeah. Drop them.”

Kevin groaned and stepped out of his jeans and underwear in one motion. He stood naked in all his glory, his groin throbbing, screaming for this beautiful woman, her beautiful lips. He looked at her from beneath his lashes and began torturing himself for her pleasure. As his slow light strokes became too much, he pulled at his huge shaft and tip, making circles with his hand, groaning with need, knees shaking.

“Bloody hell, Layla, how much longer?”

“Oh, an hour or so might be nice,” she panted, her soft sighs in unison with his as she pushed her fingers into her wetness. Layla stared in wonder at him. “My God, boss, you’re amazing.” She put her fingers to her lips, licking them provocatively. “So, Irish, remember the script?”

“God help me, come here.”

“I think you expressed an interest in oral service? Is that true? Or was that written for you?”

“I…I wrote it.”

Layla smiled and shoved him against the wall. She kissed his mouth and worked her way down his torso, finally falling to her knees.

“Tell me how you like it, Irish. Slow or fast? Hard or soft?” Layla cupped his balls with one hand. As she lightly stroked the wet tip of his cock with her thumb, he cried out, pulling her head in close. The heat of her hand raced through his entire body. He cried out again when he felt those lips on his cock. “Oh my God, oh my God, your fucking mouth, Layla, oh my God…”

Layla sucked and rubbed her lips along the length of him. He gasped again as she lightly caressed his ass, gently sliding a finger into his opening, twisting slightly and pushing tentatively.

Oh my God, yes

Never, ever had he felt this way—this hard, this ready. “Stop. I’ll come like this.”

“Mmmm,” she purred with obvious satisfaction. Kevin looked down to watch her.

As she stroked harder, he cried out her name and shuddered in his final ecstasy, holding her head hard against him as he spilled out for what seemed an eternity. He finally fell to his knees and opened his eyes, looking directly into hers.

“Oh my God, Layla. Oh my God…”

A smile lit her face.

He wiped away a bit of cum on her cheek before bringing his mouth down onto hers, tasting his own spicy sweetness on her lips.

“Not fired yet?”

He laughed. “Not yet.”




Layla cried out as Kevin quickly brought his mouth to her breast, sucking and teasing one nipple while he twisted the other. She arched her back and bucked as he worked his mouth down her torso, licking every square inch, nibbling at her mound through her thong. She was throbbing, soaking, with hot fire coursing through her body. Kevin tore off her thong and fell onto her like a man starving. Layla cried out again as he expertly licked, sucked and rolled his tongue along her clit. When she couldn’t stand it anymore, Kevin made it better, sticking two fingers inside her, exploring thoroughly all the nooks of pleasure. He sucked harder, pushing faster with his fingers until waves pounded through her body.

Layla hadn’t come down from her orgasm, her sheath still pulsing and clenching for him, when he repositioned her against the side of the bed.

She could barely catch her breath. He reached around and found her nipples, squeezing them hard.

“This isn’t in the script,” she groaned.

“No,” he panted. “I left out a lot.” He lightly slapped her ass, the tingle coursing along her legs and to her center.

“Oh!” she yelped in surprise.

“Is that okay?” His voice sounded dangerous, exciting her more than ever. “Mmmm…again…”

He spanked her a bit harder and she began to move her derrière in a steady rhythm under his pats and rubs. Layla looked over her shoulder to see his dark grin. He kissed and bit at her neck as he reached down to part her soaked lips. “Still okay?”

“Oh my God, Kevin, now or I’ll die.”

“Good girl. That’s very good. Say that again.” His voice hissed in her ear.

“Damn you.”

She felt the tip of his cock against her, and then he withdrew slightly, only to follow with a hard push. He repeated the sweet torture…again and again. Finally, he held her hips with both hands and drove hard into her. Layla cried out at the wonderful feel of his size, his heat. He quickly built his rhythm, and she matched it as he stroked in and out and from side to side. They came together in a beautiful, violent storm of release, and then lay on the floor next to the bed until Kevin climbed up and folded Layla into his arms, cradling her, rocking her.

BOOK: Three Nights in Greece
7.05Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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