The Streets Or Me: A Louisiana Love Story

BOOK: The Streets Or Me: A Louisiana Love Story
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The Streets or Me: A Louisiana Love Story





"Khyia, just listen for a minute damn," he said.


"Listen for what Legacy, I don't wanna hear it," I yelled walking away from him.


I was so sick of this bullshit. Every time I turn around, it’s a different bitch at my neck over a nigga that's supposed to be mine.


"You won't even let me explain ma," he said coming behind me.


"Explain what huh," I said. "Explain why all these bitches are at my neck over you...that's what you wanna explain?" I asked.


"Khy, baby, it ain't even like that ma, c'mere," he reached for me but I pulled away.


"No Legacy, I’m tired of it," I said as tears fell from my eyes. "Ever since you got out all I see is different bitches in ya face, ya phone, just everywhere and you think it's cool," I cried.


"Khyia, baby I swear I’m sorry ma," he pulled me in his arms "Fuck them other bitches, I’m all about you and getting our lives back right. I'm sorry ma," he kissed me.


Legacy had spent six months in jail for an attempted assault charge, and I can't lie it's been lonely as hell without him. Ever since he's been home though, bitches have been riding him like fucking hounds and he just entertains the shit like it's nothing.


"Legz, stop, don't," I tried to push away but to no avail because my pushes seemed to be little soft touches on his solid muscular body.


"I’m sorry Khyia," he says against my lips as his hand travels inside my shorts.


I let out a soft gasp as he plunges two fingers inside of my wetness while his thumb massages my clit. While my lips were parted, he slipped his tongue inside and explored my mouth as his fingers explored my insides. I moaned in the kiss as he curled his fingers inside of me, tickling my g-spot. I felt my legs tremble a little and he removed his fingers, lifting me up so that my legs were now wrapped around his waist.


He carried me to our bedroom not breaking the kiss, and lay me back on the bed. He kissed from my neck down to my stomach as he removed my shorts and thong. I sat up slightly as he removed his shirt revealing his muscular, tattooed chest. This man had the body of a Greek god with a sense of charm that can make the strongest woman weak in the knees; that was what I hated most about Legacy. He knew that no matter how mad he made me, I could never resist his charm. It's like he had some kind of hold on my soul.


"Mmmm," I moaned as he massaged my clit with his thumb. My body trembled at his touch as all thought of why I was so mad at him disappeared from my mind.


My back arched slowly as his mouth began to feast on my freshly waxed honey cove making me run my fingers through his soft curls. The way he worked his tongue inside of me was like magic and I loved every minute of it.


"Ssssshit," I hissed as he softly sucked my pearl and his fingers curled inside of me, lightly tapping my g-spot.


I felt my entire body begin to tremble from the pressure he was applying and I knew I couldn't hold my orgasm any longer.


"Fuck, baby I’m 'bout to cum," I cried out.


"Let it go baby," he mumbled against my clit.


With one last flick of his tongue, I felt my warm juices flow into his mouth as he licked me clean. Before I could even catch my breath, he had slid on the Magnum and entered me gently.


"Leg-" I gasped as I dug my nails into his back. My moans filled the room as I entered an entirely different realm full of ecstasy and pleasure. I felt him smile against my neck as the headboard banged lightly against the wall, motivating him to go deeper and thrust harder.


"Oh God," I cried out as lust took over me and my body trembled once again from my second orgasm. Seconds later, he reaches his climax and we both lay breathless next to each other.


“I love you Khy," he says.


“I know you do, I just wish you'd stay away from these hoes," I replied as he pulls me closer to him.


“I told you I’m sorry about that, but them hoes don't mean nothing to me's you that I want," he said.


"Well act like it Legacy, the shit that you do makes me look like a damn fool in these streets," I said. "How would you feel if I was out here fucking with these niggas and have you looking crazy?" I asked looking up at him.


"I’d just leave and let you do you wit' whoever," he sighed. “I guess I see how you feel ma, like I said I’m sorry and I’ll try to do better," he said.


"Trying isn't enough, but I guess it's a start," I sighed. I love you Legacy and I don't wanna lose you baby," I said.


“I love you too Khyia, and you not gon' lose me to nothing and nobody," he replied.


"You promise," I said.


“I promise Khyia, now go to sleep we both got work tomorrow," he kissed me.


I nodded then laid my head on his chest. I know Legacy probably won't keep his promise for long, but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I guess I’m just gonna be a fool in love.





"So what you gon' tell her bruh?" Chino asked.


"Tsk, man I 'on't know, she ain't gon' like this shit though," I sighed hitting the blunt he passed to me.


I had just gotten fired from my job at the warehouse. I held onto that job since I was 16 years old, even after I did my lil six month bid, they still let me have my job back. I go in today ready to work and the supervisor calls me in the back talking 'bout he gotta let me go 'cause he got word that I was violent and involved in gang shit. True enough, I did do my bid for attempted assault and a nigga do got ties with the Monroe Street Kingz, but I keep that part of my life away from my work life.


Even after I tried to explain that shit to them, they still let a nigga go. I can't lie that shit hurt. I mean a nigga was working 16-18 hrs., daily making $12 an hour plus overtime, good ass benefits, getting paid every week, now it's all gone. smh Khyia works as a manager at Forever 21, she makes good money but it ain't enough to keep our bills paid, rent paid, and both our car notes paid. She gon' be pissed when I tell her, I just know she is.


"Look I know how my sister can be with her crazy ass attitude, but I’m sure she'll understand bruh," he said.


"Ok, and if she doesn't, then what? You know we can't survive off just her salary alone," I said.


"You can always get back in the game, you know Killa would love to have you back," he said.


Kuhran 'Killa' Harris is Chino and Khyia's dad. He also happens to be the biggest drug lord in all of Louisiana. I used to run for him back in the day when I was 'bout 13 years old. Him and Chino made sure I was taken care of that's how I met Khyia, and we started dating. Khyia never was a big fan of what her daddy and brother do, so quite naturally she wasn't a big fan of me doing it. I left the game when I turned 16, and got the factory job after almost dying from a gunshot wound to the chest. I promised Khy that I wouldn't turn back to the street life, so if I tell her that I got fired and I’m thinking bout getting back with the old clique, she gon' really flip on a nigga and probably be ready to call it quits.


"You know Khy not having that shit bruh," I said. "Bad enough I gotta tell her I lost my job, but to tell her I’m considering gettin' back with the clique in the streets...bruh she gon' flash on me man." I sighed, hitting the blunt again.


"Look Legz, I know Khyia don't like this life, but you gotta do something to make sure straight," he replied. "We both know with yo' jail record a real job is out the damn question, just talk to her man, she’ll understand," he added.


"I’ll try man, but let me get to the crib before she makes it, I’ll hit you up after we discuss this shit," I dapped him.


"No doubt bruh, I’ll let Killa know what's up though,” he replied


I nodded then hopped in my charger and headed home dreading telling Khyia about my job. smh




I had a long ass day at work all I wanted to do was lay down and wait for Legacy to get home. To my surprise, I pull up in the driveway of our home and see his car parked outside. I walk in the house and hear him rapping along to Drake's Headlines. I follow the music to the kitchen where he's standing over the stove, cooking shirtless. I smiled and walked over to him hugging him from behind.


"Hey handsome, you’re home early, "I said kissing his back.


"Wassup beautiful, how was your day?" he asked kissing me softly.


"Same as always, busy and tiring," I sighed. "What you doing home so early?" I asked sitting on the counter.


He sighed turning to look at me. I could tell by his expression that something was wrong.


"Khyia, I gotta tell you something and I hope you don't get mad at me," he said as he turned off the stove.


"Get mad at you for what Legz, what did you do now?" I asked eyeing him.


Aye call me crazy or wrong for just assuming he did something stupid, but I can never be too sure with Legacy.


“I got laid off today," he sighed.


"Laid off, how...why?" I asked.


"Tsk...supervisor talking 'bout they heard I’m violent and that I’m involved in a gang, just bullshit Khy," he replied.


This just fucking great he held onto that job for five years, now they come at him with this bullshit, really. Like fuckers knew he had a record and a past when he first got the job, the fuck tripping for now? I can't be mad because it ain't his fault, but damn how are we supposed to keep up our bills, house payment, car notes, food, and all that other shit. I mean my dad and brother got hella money, but I’m not asking them for shit and I damn sure ain't getting on government assistance. Not knocking anyone that gets it, but I can't do it. I know with his past, it’s gonna be hard for him to find another job. Damn this is fucked up.


"What are we gonna do?" I asked.


“I talked to Chino earlier and-"


"Hell no, that’s not happening Legacy," I cut him off.


I already knew where this shit was going. He talked to my brother and he suggested that Legz get back with the Street Kingz, fuck that shit. I almost lost him once before to this street life and I refuse to let it happen again.

"Why the fuck not Khy?" he asked. "You know damn well I can't get another job like I had and I damn sure ain't doing no fucking fast food shit," he said.


"Legacy, you know I don't like that shit, especially not after what happened last time," I replied.


When he was in the game the first time around, he damn near died in a shootout with a rival gang. I sat in the hospital, at his bedside, for two weeks praying for him to wake up. When he finally did, he promised me that he would never return to that life so I don't even know why we're having this conversation.


"Khy, last time was a fuck up on my part, I was young and dumb, I know better now," he said.  "Why won't you just trust me?" he asked looking at me.


I let my eyes drop from his gaze before I answered.


"I’m afraid of this life Legacy," I said softly. “I watched my mom drive herself crazy worrying about my dad and Chino being in these streets, and I promised I would never stress the way she did," I added.


"You won't have to worry baby, I’ll protect both of us," he said.


"What if you get caught up or hurt? I almost lost you once and you just did six months away from me, I can't go through that again Legacy," I said.


“I won't get caught up or hurt, I promise. As long as I got Chino and the others wit' me then I’ll be good," he replied.


"You can't live your life worrying about not getting caught or whether Chino and the others will be by your side. It's too risky," I sighed.


"I can make a better living for us Khyia. I can make enough money so you don't have to work no more and to get us out of Louisiana. I won't let shit get outta hand, I promise. I just need to know would you ride for me?" he asked eyeing me.


Legacy knew that I would do anything for him even if it meant me taking a few lives myself in order to protect his neck. I just don't want him to get involved in this shit and both of our lives end up in danger.


"As long as neither of us has to die, I’ll ride for you no matter what," I looked up at him.


"Don't worry ma, neither of us is gonna die. I just want my first lady on my side. I got us and I promise it's only until we get enough to get away from here," he said.


"Ok, as long as the grind is temporary, then go for it. I know Killa and Chino are waiting for your call," I replied.


“I love you Khyia, don't forget that," he kissed me.


“I love you too, now go make the call before I change my mind," I replied.


He chuckled then grabbed his phone to make the call as I sat there with my head hung low. I know I’m gonna regret this shit in the long run. I just hope he keeps his damned promise and protects both of us from the dangers that come with this life.

BOOK: The Streets Or Me: A Louisiana Love Story
9.97Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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