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BOOK: The Sheikh's Pregnant Bride (The Jawhara Sheikhs Series Book 1)
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Excerpt From ‘The Sheikh’s Accidental Pregnancy’
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“She's adorable,” Fiddah said to Tariq as Sara walked away. He was watching her walk with his usual blank face. He turned to look at Fiddah.


“Amir keeps saying that. I do not see it,” Tariq said and picked up his menu. Fiddah laughed.


“This is you we are talking about.”


He lowered his menu and narrowed his gaze at her. “I am not the problem here,” he defended himself. The waitress reappeared to take their orders. She was watching him and blushing whilst he was speaking to her. Fiddah watched the waitress turn red.


“When do you plan to marry?” Fiddah asked Tariq as soon as the waitress left. Tariq frowned at his grandmother.


“What brought this on?” He was confused with her sudden change of topic even though it was not the first time she had questioned him about marriage.


“The waitress was blushing when she was speaking with you but you did not even notice. Makes me wonder if you notice women.”


Tariq sighed before he replied. He was so used to women blushing in his presence that it did not even faze him anymore. The waitress came back carrying their drinks. Tariq sunk in his chair and watched her. She noticed him looking at her and she immediately started smiling. He raised one eyebrow. He waited for her to leave before he commented.


“Marriage is not for me and even if it was, she would not be my type,” he said and took a sip from his glass. Fiddah shook her head. For years, she had been trying to convince him to marry but failed.


“So what, you will bury yourself in the company until your death bed?”


“I like my job.”


“Too much! You need a life outside your job. You need a family.”


“I have one.”


“Of your own! I want great grandchildren. Do not deny me that!”


Tariq was never going to win this argument. Fiddah was tenacious. This was not their first time discussing his love life and it was certainly not going to be their last.


“How about you pick a wife for me?” Tariq said and grinned at her.


“Does that even make sense? Is it so hard to court a woman?” Tariq laughed gently.


Sara heard Tariq laugh. So it's capable of laughing, she said to herself. She turned her attention back to her food. It surprised her to hear him laugh. She had never heard it and never thought she would. He was so uptight and mean.


“Can you see me courting a woman?” Tariq asked Fiddah.


“There is no hope for you,” she replied. He grinned at her. “Don't you want love?” she asked.






“It doesn't exist.” Tariq was determined to stick to his beliefs. In his eyes, love did not exist. It was simply heightened infatuation. As he took a sip from his glass, he noticed Sara attempt to eat an olive but it fell back on the plate. No table manners even? She could not walk like a normal person. She talked too much. She had poor dress sense. And now this! What other weird trait was she going to exhibit? He watched her eat. He could tell that she was really enjoying her food. She sat up and licked her lips, then took a sip of her drink. When she was not eating, she was talking. It's as if she never stops. Tariq shook his head and looked away from her.


Sara was finally done with her delicious lunch. Food made her happy. As they were leaving, she made sure not to make eye contact with Tariq. It was not the case for Keira and Kaleena. They both stared at Tariq as they walked past. Tariq chewed slowly and watched them, watching him.


“Please stop staring at him,” Sara said feeling awkward.


“He's so handsome,” Keira said.



*                         *                         *


There was a lot of work that needed to be done to get the new field up and running. Sara's workload tripled faster than she anticipated. Amir told her that they had to pull some long nights. Sara walked into his office to brief him on a report she had been working on. To her surprise, Tariq and Amir were both sitting on the sofa discussing the appropriate barrels to use. They both looked up when she walked in. It was the first time she had seen him since that Saturday at the mall. She bowed to them. Only Amir responded.


“Barrels for gasoline or crude oil?” Sara asked. They both looked at her and she realised that she had jumped into their conversation.


“Both,” Amir replied.


She pointed at one of the pictures and said, “Those carry more oil.” Amir turned his attention to the picture and picked it up. Tariq was still wondering why she had included herself in the conversation.


“Is that so?” Amir asked her. Sara smiled and nodded.


“Oh, I actually came in to brief you on this report,” she said as she handed him a file. She made eye contact with Tariq. He wore an expressionless look as always, which annoyed her. She could never guess what he was thinking. She looked away first, as she was getting uncomfortable in his presence.


“An estimation of 400 gallons of crude oil can be produced in the El-Sultari region,” Sara said.


“That is not a lot of oil,” Amir said. Tariq leaned back in his chair. He was wondering where Sara was taking this. Did she have a point or was she rambling again?


“True, but it's worth looking into. You never know.”


“Actually, we do know. We have been doing this for years,” Tariq interrupted.


“I meant that it's worth learning more about this field. It might prove to be a good investment.” 


“Or it might be a fruitless endeavour and we would have wasted a lot of time and resources,” shot back Tariq.


Amir lifted his head from the file and looked at the both of them. They were both making good points but there was nothing friendly about their conversation. He knew that his brother and his assistant would never get along. He simply hoped it wouldn’t get much worse.


“Sara, if you can find more information about the field, then we'll go from there,” Amir told her.


“Do not give her false hope,” Tariq said. Sara bit the inside of her lip. She wanted to hurl curse words at him but she would not do that. Why did he find it so difficult to be nice to her?


“Sheik Amir, that is fair, thank you.” Sara bowed to him and left the room. Tariq narrowed his gaze. She deliberately thanked Amir so she could make it obvious that she was ignoring him, just as she had done at the mall when Fiddah was there. He watched her walk out of the office. His eyes could not help but rest on her bottom as he contemplated what she looked like without her clothes on. He looked away before Amir caught him. He wouldn't know how to explain it. He started talking about his lunch with Fiddah. Amir laughed. He knew his brother's views on love. The world had failed to convince him otherwise.


Adiva walked in with a tray of refreshments. She placed it on the table and asked if they needed anything else. Amir told her that he did not want anything. Tariq did not offer a response. He simply grunted instead.


Sara returned to her office and started researching El-Sultari. She wanted to prove Tariq wrong. There was potential and it was worth checking it out. Tariq probably shut down the idea because it came from her. She really wanted to prove him wrong. She wanted to visit the field but she knew she could not do that herself. Amir would authorise it but would not let her go alone. She smiled at the thought of Malik. He was the perfect person to go with her. After all, he was in charge of the oil fields.


*              *              *              *

It was finally Friday. The last day of the workweek and the last late work night! Sara was happy. She was not used to working such late nights and it was exhausting. She could not wait to get the work over and done with so that she could start her weekend, kick back and relax.


She had worked with Amir every night and he laughed at how tired she got. He kept saying that she was too cute. Sara never understood how she was cute but it didn't bother her. That Friday, Amir had a mysterious appointment he needed to go to. Sara manned his appointments and she was unaware of this one.


“Sir, you're being too secretive,” Sara said to Amir. He laughed and ruffled her hair.


“I am not,” he said.


“Then why do I not know about this appointment? And why aren't I coming along?”


“You're working late,” Amir replied as he kept inching towards the door. Sara placed her hands on her hips and stared at him.


“A date?” Sara asked him.


“I shall see you on Monday,” Amir smiled mischievously. Sara laughed and bid him farewell. She knew that he was going on a date. He seemed to be quite the ladies man. She was going to grill him about him it on Monday. She took the files she needed from his desk and locked his door before she headed back to her office.


After what seemed like hours and hours of work, Sara decided to walk around the building. She needed to stretch and relax for a bit. The place was deserted. The only people who were there were the security guards. Even Adiva was not working late. Sara frowned. She wished that she were home or out with the twins.


Sara dragged her feet as she walked around the building. She didn't even care what she looked like, nobody was there to see her. She was wearing a black knee-length, pencil skirt and a white camisole that was not tucked in. Her hair was not tied up and her long curly hair rested on her back. She had taken her heels off. She turned a corner and saw the light on in the conference room. She growled silently. Who had not bothered to switch the light off? She dragged her feet and headed towards the conference room to switch the light off. She walked into the room and towards the light switch. She was in her own world looking at the ground.


“Can I help you with something?” A deep voice sounded from behind her. It startled her as she squealed and turned around quickly.


“Oh gosh,” she sighed with relief. It was Tariq leaning on the table reading some paperwork. He was wearing grey pants and a white shirt. A couple of buttons were unbuttoned, revealing the top of his chest. “You scared me,” she scolded.


“Do you need something?” Tariq asked her. Sara shrugged. She didn't really expect him to be polite to her.


“I saw the light on and I came to switch it off because I thought no one was in here,” Sara replied. Tariq was analysing her. She looked untidy and she was barefoot!


“Why are you barefoot?” He could not help himself. He had to ask her.


“I was wearing heels all day. My feet hurt,” Sara's tone was not friendly. She was trying her best not to snap at him. He did not respond to her. He studied her silently. “Working late?” Sara asked. She caught his gaze and felt uncomfortable. She slowly inched for the door. He didn't respond to her as he felt like she was asking an obvious question. Sara placed her hands on her hips.


“Why is it you can never answer me or even act polite towards me?” Sara asked him. She couldn't ignore it anymore. He always felt the need to be that way towards her and she had not done anything to him. On top of that, she was tired and had enough of his attitude towards her.


Tariq raised his eyebrows as he regarded her. He was not expecting her to question him nor did she have the right to. “I am not obligated to do either,” he said. His voice was now deeper.


“I never did anything to offend you.”


She has full lips, Tariq thought to himself. He had never noticed them before. It did not matter anyway he thought. “Your persona is offensive,” he said to her.


“Excuse me?”


“Who walks around barefoot?”


Sara frowned. You're the one with an ugly persona, she told herself. She looked away. She was in the middle of arguing with him and his chest was distracting her. From the little glimpse she got, she could tell that he was very toned. The bulk of his muscles were always showing in the clothes he wore. And how was it he had time to work out when he was always working?


“You do not act like a lady should,” Tariq added.


“I am good at my job and that's all you should be concerned about,” Sara shot back.


“For England, perhaps. But this is Saudi Arabia and you work for the Botros.”


“Because you're so freaking special,” Sara mumbled under her breath as she headed for the door. If she stayed in there any longer, she would say things that she would regret. She liked Amir and respected him enough not to disrespect his brother. She got the shock of her life when Tariq grabbed her arm and pulled her back.


“What did you say?” he demanded. He had pulled her close to him and she was now standing inches from him. She was shocked at how he pulled her so easily as if she weighed nothing.


“Being a little bit more polite and less judgemental to others will not harm you,” Sara said. She was not going to let him intimidate her. She was going to stand her ground. His gaze had grown darker and more intense. He stared at her and she stared back. She was not going to look away first.


“You think you can speak to me any way you wish to?”


“Unhand me.”


“If I don't?”


Exactly, what will I do if he does not let go off me?


“Try it and find out.” An empty threat. There was nothing she could do. He called her bluff. He did not let go. Instead, he pulled her even closer to him. Sara landed between his legs and her hands landed on his chest. His face was now inches away from his. Wow, he smells good. Why is it she hadn’t noticed his cologne before? It was intoxicating on him.


“Time to make good on your threat,” he said to her.


“Please let go,” she whispered. She knew that she needed to get out of there. Something unexpected was happening and she wasn’t prepared.


Tariq let go of her arm but Sara didn’t move. She felt paralysed. She so badly wanted to flee from the room but her legs failed her. Tariq wrapped one arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him. Her whole body was now flush against his. Both her palms rested on his rock hard chest. He planted a kiss on her lips. It took her by surprise.


He gently kissed her and she did not stop him. Her mind went blank. She could not think about anything. As she gasped, he gently pushed his tongue into her mouth and deepened the kiss. Sara wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. His hands stroked her back. He broke the kiss. Sara was breathing hard and still had her eyes closed.


“What are you doing?” she whispered.


“What are you?” he asked the question back.


He pressed a feather-light kiss on her neck, which sent ripples of sensation all over her body. She let out a soft moan as she shuddered against him. He continued to kiss her neck as Sara rubbed his back and dug her nails into his flesh. Before she knew it, her skirt was on the floor and Tariq was caressing and squeezing her bottom. She did not like this man but her senses had left her. She should put a stop to it, but he was doing things to her insides that she’d only ever read about.


Excerpt From ‘The Sheikh’s Accidental Pregnancy’
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BOOK: The Sheikh's Pregnant Bride (The Jawhara Sheikhs Series Book 1)
2.9Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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