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Chapter 3


Erin took another step and then stopped with an “Ouch.” Reaching down, she tried to loosen the small pebble that had lodged itself inside her shoe, just beneath the pad of her foot, but realized that without taking off her shoe, the action was hopeless.

Kamal heard her cry and then watched as she bent over, taking her foot in her hand. His eyes were drawn to the stretch of material over her bottom as she leaned over, and he just kept from letting his hands smooth over the mounds. “What’s wrong?”

“A rock in my shoe. It’s okay.” She attempted one more time to dislodge the offending rock, and almost fell over as her balance became disrupted.

Seeing her struggle, he grabbed her elbow and led her over to a nearby bench, pushing her down and then kneeling in front of her. Removing her shoe, he used his fingers to ensure the rock was no longer a problem.

Erin felt her breath catch when Kam knelt before her and removed her shoe. The feel of his hand upon the arch of her foot had her clenching her thighs together as shivers of delight shot straight to her core.

Looking up at her, Kamal let his hand massage her foot, watching as her eyes darkened with desire. Setting her shoe on the ground, he placed his other hand upon her ankle and slowly began to glide his hands up her calf. Kneading the muscles as he went, he felt her muscles tighten as he neared her knee and moved above it.

Her skin was silky smooth, and warm to the touch. When his hands reached the hem of her dress, he stopped, letting just his fingertips play beneath the material. He heard her quick intake of breath and felt the shiver through his own body.  Keeping her gaze locked on his eyes, he slowly let his fingers glide up the first several inches of her thighs. Her legs were pushed together, as if to lock away the secrets they protected.

Kamal sensed that he was moving too fast for her, and abruptly pulled his hands away, finishing the task, and replacing her shoe. Standing, he turned, adjusting himself away from her prying eyes, before sitting beside her on the bench.

Erin was glad that he had stopped, but also found she was slightly disappointed he hadn’t finished his exploration. She didn’t know what it was about this man, but she was very attracted to him and found she wanted to know more about him.

Hearing a slight noise, she turned her head and caught of glimpse of two men standing several feet away. They had their backs turned towards the bench, but didn’t looked inclined to leave anytime soon. “Kam, there are men over there,” she whispered.

Kamal didn’t even bother to look, “Yes. I know. Don’t worry about them. They are just keeping us safe.”

“Safe? I didn’t realize we were in danger.”

Kamal smiled at her, “Danger can be anywhere. One can never be too safe.”

Thinking about his statement, she attributed it to the difference in cultures. “Well… tell me about your country.”

Kamal told her about the beauty of his Jawhara.  He spoke to her about the advancements his country had made to their infrastructure.  They exchanged ideas and opinions for over an hour, discovering that while they didn’t agree on many things, they were both very dedicated to their causes. He was dedicated to helping his country become independent. She was dedicated to helping people become independent.

Kamal listened as she described the work she did for a non-profit group, the Charity Foundation. As the staff lawyer, it was Erin’s responsibility to ensure that the people who came to the shelter for help were given every opportunity to start again. Whether that involved seeking a divorce, or terminating the parental rights of an abusive parent, Erin was very driven to make the world around her a better place for all to live in.

Kamal marveled at the strength of character he witnessed in her, while also frowning that she would willingly place herself in the middle of domestic disputes. She clearly needed someone to help her see that endangering herself was wrong.  Not wanting to upset the chemistry between them, he held back from voicing his opinion.

In Jawhara, the elderly and very young were protected by everyone. There was no need to ever take a child away from their parents. Children were viewed as the future of the country, while the elderly were revered for their knowledge, experience, and wisdom. 

When Kale and Shira found them an hour later, to inform them that they were going to head out to a local dance club, Kamal and Erin were quick to refuse their invitation to join them.  Kamal had no desire to spend the rest of his evening shouting to be heard over what the youngsters of the US called music.

Erin could see that Shira had finally gotten Kale’s attention, and the thought of being a third wheel in their little celebration was unthinkable. Grinning at Shira, she gave her thumbs up as Kale pulled her off to a waiting limo.
These guys sure knew how to travel.

“I guess I should probably head home as well.” Erin didn’t want the evening to end; she had really enjoyed talking with Kam.

“I will have my driver take you home.”

Shaking her head, she declined, “There’s no need. There’s a Metro station a block up. I’ll catch it and be home before you know it.”

The thought of this beauty taking the subway was appalling to Kamal. The subway was full of dangers and miscreants this time of night. “No. My driver will see that you arrive home safely.”

Erin laughed, “Kam, I know you’re not from around here, but the subway’s perfectly safe. I take it all the time.”

“Humor me in this. I will feel much better if you let me see you home.”

She watched him for a minute and then gave in, “Okay. I’ll let you drive me home. Besides, I’ve never been in a limo before. It’ll be an adventure.”

Chapter 4


The ride to her condo had taken on a life of its own. Kam had instructed his driver in Arabic, so she had only assumed that the address she had provided him had been relayed. When she saw the various monuments come into view, she realized that they were taking a sightseeing trip first.

Erin smiled, as she never tired of seeing America’s history so aptly displayed around the city. Seeing it through the eyes of a newcomer was always exciting. When she turned towards Kam to see how he was enjoying the sights, she found his intent gaze focused on her.

“Don’t you want to see the monuments?” she asked, blushing at being the object of his attention.

“I believe I would rather look at you.”

Erin’s blush deepened. She watched him for several minutes and felt her desire to be kissed by him rise to the surface once again. She let her eyes take a leisurely inventory of his person, liking very much what she saw.  She looked at his strong face with his dark, mysterious eyes.  He was unlike anyone she had ever known.

Kamal let her look her fill, used to being the object of scrutiny. In his position as Sheikh of Jawhara, he was used to attention from both the media and his countrymen.  As an unmarried man, who ruled one of the richest countries in the Middle East, he was no stranger to female attention either.  At the age of thirty-one, he knew his advisors were anxious for him to choose a bride, but he would not be hurried.

Having gained his title at the young age of twenty, he had spent the last ten years learning to be the best ruler possible and honor his late father’s memory.  The late Sheikh had died of a heart attack at the age of fifty-nine, leaving Kamal and Khalil to pick up the pieces. Negotiations with the west had only just begun, and Kamal had quickly focused his attention on making those a lucrative proposition for his country.

Jawhara was now the wealthiest country in the world. Success had not come without its problems; however, Kamal had welcomed the problems as they arose with a tenacity that had earned him the respect and trust of his people. 

“So tell me, what do you do?” Kamal asked her, truly interested in learning more about the woman who had captured his attention.

“I’m a pro bono lawyer for a non-profit organization here in D.C.”

“Pro bono?”

Erin blushed as she nodded, “Yes. It basically means that the people who utilize my services do so without the ability to pay. That’s what the non-profit foundation helps cover.”

“A lawyer?” Kamal asked, wondering why Americans were so willing to let their women perform jobs that belonged to the men. In Jawhara, women were nurturers and the duties they performed did not involve their interaction with dishonorable men.

Erin smiled, “Yes. Although, I don’t actually spend much time in a courtroom. Most of my day is spent filling out paperwork and filing documents with the courts.”

“And this fulfills you?” Kamal asked, trying to understand what drove this beautiful young woman to place herself in such danger.

“Fulfilling?” Erin asked, having not stopped to consider that in many years. “I don’t know if I would go that far, but it’s nice knowing that I can help others.”

Kamal nodded, understanding the need to help those in need.

“So, what about you? What do you do for a living?”

Kamal looked at her and let his eyes wander down to her mouth. Thoughts of answering her question fled as he imagined what she would taste like. Leaning closer, he inhaled her unique fragrance, wondering how much of it was artificial and how much of it was her. Scooting closer to her, he lifted a hand and let it trail down her temple and around her neck to tangle in her hair.

Lowering his head at the same time, he gently placed his lips upon hers, taking small sips from her lips.

Erin allowed him to pull her slightly closer, and let her lips return his caress. She breathed in his essence and closed her eyes, savoring the feel of his hand in her hair. The nape of her neck had always been a trigger spot for her; a fact that Steven had never discovered.

Kamal lifted his head, murmuring to her softly, “Come back to my rooms with me?”

Erin heard his request, but instantly shook her head, “No. I couldn’t possibly. We just met.” She struggled to maintain some sense of decorum, but knew that with very little pressure from Kam, she would fold.

“Then ask me to join you,” Kamal suggested, seeing that his driver was just pulling up in front of the address Erin had provided him.

Erin turned her head and saw that she was home. She swallowed back the disappointment. She had been enjoying Kam’s company and his kisses. She definitely wanted more, but didn’t want him to think poorly of her. Why his opinion mattered was something for later contemplation, right now he was looking at her, awaiting her decision.

Slowly nodding, she replied, “Would you like to come in for a nightcap? Will your driver mind waiting?”

Kam grinned at her, “Yes and my driver will return within moments of my call.”

“Really?” Erin asked, not convinced, but having no experience from which to draw.

“Really. Shall we?” Kamal said, turning as the driver opened the door.  Kamal exited the vehicle and then reached in to assist Erin out. Gesturing towards the sidewalk, he spoke briefly to his driver in Arabic before following her.

Erin was consumed with what might take place once they entered her building; she didn’t see the second vehicle pull up or the two large guards exit it and begin scanning the parking area for threats.  Kamal not only saw the vehicle, he realized that their presence could seriously alter his plans for the next several hours. With another terse command to his driver, he followed her up the walk, assured that the guards would be properly informed to remain invisible to his hostess.

Chapter 5


Erin took her keys from her purse, pausing to catch her breath, which stalled as she felt Kamal’s heat at her back.  Taking the last step onto the porch, she tried to control the shaking of her hand as she placed the key in the lock. When Kam reached over her shoulder and steadied her hand to complete the job, she felt her pulse quicken and struggled to calm her racing heartbeat.
She wasn’t sure what it was about this man that affected her so completely, but she couldn’t remember ever being this turned on by someone she had just met.
Mentally shaking her head, she pulled the key from the lock. She pushed the door open and walked into her home, glad that she had spent a few hours earlier cleaning up.

Kamal followed her in, shutting the door behind him, while marveling at the eclectic mix of furniture and artwork that adorned the front room. The furniture pieces were mostly neutrals, but large splashes of color were sprinkled throughout in the form of pillows, artwork, and rugs.  “Erin, you have a lovely home.”

Blushing, she replied, “Thank you. Have a seat and I’ll see what we have to drink.”

Kam reached out a hand, stopping her from leaving the room, “I think we both know I did not come here to drink.” He watched her closely, curious at the blush that stained her cheeks. She was a very confident woman, yet she seemed nervous.

Erin watched Kam from beneath lowered lashes, “Would you like to sit down?”

Pulling her to himself, he wrapped his arms around her before lowering his head and answering her with his mouth.  He tasted her, letting his teeth nip at her bottom lip before pulling her chin down and opening her mouth to his invasion. She tasted sweet, like honey.

Erin felt like she was being consumed and found she didn’t mind at all. She let her hands wrap around his shoulders, stepping into his body and brushing her breasts against his hard chest. When he wrapped his arms around her, she relaxed against him, reveling in the strength she discovered in his grip.

Kamal let his hands wander up and down her back, letting one hand drop below her waist to caress the roundness of her bottom. When he gave the flesh there a squeeze, he heard the moan she released and dropped his other hand down as well.

Using his hands to pull her into him, he turned her so that he was leaning his hips against the back of her couch. Pulling her into the vee of his legs, he pressed her core against his own hardness, barely managing to hold back the groan that threatened to erupt from his mouth.

Erin couldn’t seem to get close enough to him. Letting one of her hands smooth over his chest muscles, she stopped when she encountered his waistband, hesitantly pulling his shirt from his pants.  Letting her hands skim over the taut muscles of his abs, she let her fingertips flirt with the skin just beneath his pants.

Hearing his murmured words of encouragement, and continuing to have her mouth ravaged by his own, she located the closure of his pants and loosened it. Pulling down the zipper, the backs of her fingers barely brushed the hardness contained underneath.

Kamal had never felt so out of control. He prided himself on his self-control of all things, most assuredly his body when the fairer sex was involved.  Releasing her mouth, he pushed her gently away from himself, pushing his pants down his legs and then removing both them and his shoes.

Erin watched him disrobe, and at his raised eyebrow, pulled her own dress up and over her head.  Standing before him in only a black demi-bra and a matching bikini panty, she resisted the urge to cover herself. Seeing the desire flare in his eyes as he gazed upon her, gave her the courage to perform her own inspection. His body was magnificent.  Hard muscles, and a thin line of hair that disappeared beneath the silk waistband of his boxers.

“Erin, you are magnificent,” Kamal told her, eyeing her trim body in appreciation.

Erin felt the blush travel down her neck and onto her chest, once again resisting the urge to cover herself with her hands.
When had she become this self-conscious about her body? She kept herself in shape, watched what she ate, and knew that she looked good. So why the nerves now?

Erin struggled to remain where she was standing as Kam approached her once again. When he used a hand on her shoulder to turn her around so that he was facing her back, her little remaining confidence wavered.
What if he doesn’t like what he sees? She hadn’t been enough for Steven.
The little voice inside her head was going to drive her crazy.
If Kam doesn’t like what he sees he knows where the door is.

Straightening her spine, she prepared herself to be disappointed. When she felt Kam’s lips skim first her shoulders, and then up the side of her neck, all of the disparaging thoughts clouding her mind disappeared like smoke. His touch felt amazing and he found that special spot behind her ear that had her knees melting. She grasped at the arms that wrapped themselves around her middle in an effort to stay upright.

Moaning in pleasure, she tipped her head to the side as his lips continued to pay homage to her skin. “Kam, that feels so good.”

“I’m glad. Show me where your bedroom is. I have a desire to learn the rest of your body.”

Erin took his hand and led him down the hallway, pausing several times as his free hand roamed, finding sensitive spots along her spine and backside. Each time she stopped, he would urge her forward again with kisses and murmurings of desire for her.

“Kam,  I…,” she started, once they reached her bedroom and she realized that the time for stopping was almost gone.

Seeing her hesitation, Kam quickly closed the distance, tipping her chin up until her eyes looked into his, “Habibti, what is concerning you?”

Erin was puzzled at the Arabic word, but forgot to ask him the meaning as she became lost once again in his dark gaze. His eyes were dark pools of desire that warmed her insides and caused a shiver to race down her spine, landing in her stomach and causing her desire to climb another notch.

Looking up at him, she tried to convey her confusing thoughts, “We’ve only just met. Isn’t this too soon…”

Kam gave her a tender smile before leaning down and capturing her lips in a searing kiss once again. “Does it not feel right? This chemistry we have between us?”

Erin nodded; it did feel right. She didn’t understand it, but decided that for once in her life she was going to take what was being offered. She would deal with the consequences, if there were any, at a later time.

BOOK: The Sheikh's Pregnant Bride (The Jawhara Sheikhs Series Book 1)
8.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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