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“Who says I'm that kind of angel?” Max said, gazing down at her. His amused expression softened when he saw her outrage. “Easy, little mama.”

“Don't you 'little mama' me,” Kiera sputtered as she tried to hurl her very pregnant body off the sofa, and Haley and Max both moved to help her.

Max got there first, steadying her on her feet.

She elbowed him in the stomach, but Haley knew he could feel no pain. Still, Kiera stepped away from him, grumbling, “Take your hands off me, you bad angel. I'm mad at you.”

“Settle down, you two,” Haley said, stepping closer. She turned to eye Kiera sternly. “You are not supposed to get excited in your condition.”

“Tough noogies,” Kiera said, placing herself between Haley and Max. She glared up at the angel. “If you want my sister, you're going to have to go through me to get to her.”

Haley let out a sigh. Yikes! First, she hadn't known a pregnant woman could move that fast. Second, she wondered what the penalty was for sucker punching an angel. She gazed up at Max and saw him grinning and relaxed. “Be nice and stop scaring my sister,” she said, placing her hands on Kiera's shoulders and gently easing her aside. “Please don't send me back, Max. I haven't finished my mission yet.”

“You're not telling me anything I don't know,” he said grimly. “Earth time's ticking,
tick tock, and yours is almost up.”

“Please, I'll do anything to stay,” she said, laying it all on the line for him.

“You mean that?” he asked, gazing at her solemnly.

She nodded. “Every word… Just give me time to work and keep my loved ones safe.”

“There's a penalty to be paid for indiscretion,” he said.

She nodded, gulping back anger. “I'll pay it.”

He nodded. “Fine. I'll hold you to your bargain,” he said, dissolving into glitter.

Haley watched him twinkle away, wondering if she'd made a deal with an angel or a devil.


Chapter Eight


Haley sat quietly in the passenger seat as Crispin drove them home from the shower, still trying to absorb all that had happened. Her sister knew her! It made her feel like laughing and crying at the same time, but she didn't dare tell anyone. Still, it felt good to know that she had another ally, at least temporarily. When Max recalled her later, she knew he'd wipe Kiera and Jaden's memories of her even being there. It would be a comfort to her family and a pain to her, but she'd worry about that tomorrow. Tonight, with Crispin and Kiera on her side, how could she lose?

She glanced at Crispin in the moonlight, from his chiseled profile to his sexy body, and felt herself drool as strong stirrings of heat and love went through her. What she wanted to do was jump his sexy bones. Taste him until he begged for mercy, and then make him beg some more. If only they didn't have FBI minders watching their every move, she'd have leaned over and taken him in hand. “Think we can lose our tail?” she asked, a rueful smile curving her lips. He seemed to freeze up before her eyes as if her question threw him. Then she noticed his watchful gaze scan the area around them for danger and groaned. Something was wrong. Shoot, what other monkey wrenches was fate going to throw their way?

“Later, sugar,” he said in a distracted tone, adding playfully, “you're an impatient little minx tonight.”

At the sexy signal, her fears abated. He was just being his macho self. Feeling playful, she reached over to give in to temptation and lightly stroke the rigid length of his cock in his pants, saying, “I'd like to show you just how impatient I can be.” He went rock hard, pulsing under her hand in an instant, while the rest of him tightened, and she knew she'd read him right the first time. The sultry glint in his eyes said his body was hers, but there was something stopping him. Crap! She looked back for the agents' nondescript dark sedan and saw only damp, empty streets. A shiver went through her as she realized they were gone, and she hadn't even noticed. Some crime fighter she was turning out to be. As a matter of fact, now that she thought about it, when they'd left the party she hadn't noticed them either. She'd been so sidetracked, it hadn't registered. They'd lost their protection detail. No wonder Crispin was suddenly all business. “What happened? Where did our minders go?”

Crispin let out a sigh. “They caught him.”

She let out a whoop of delight and spun to look at Crispin. It was the answer to a prayer. They caught Trevor! So why was Crispin looking so grim? “Tell me the rest.”

“I was going to tell you when we got home.”

She could tell by his tone that he thought she was going to be upset. “Tell me now. What's wrong?”

“The FBI tracked Chad down at the airport. He had a lot of your cash on him and your account information. From what I hear, he was talking pretty crazy.”

“Chad!” His name was so unexpected, she could only gape at Crispin for a moment. The troubled look he gave her in return spoke volumes. He thought she was still hung up on the aging surfer. The sexy reporter was actually jealous. She hid her smile. It was a good sign that he was actually starting to care for her, but she didn't want him to worry. “What does that loser have to do with any of this?” she asked, confused.

He frowned. “In addition to the stolen cash, they caught him with some incriminating evidence at the airport.”

She frowned up at him. Clearly she was missing something. “So?”

He frowned. “He'd been driving a rented black SUV. One that had body damage.”

Her eyes widened as she caught on. “He's the one who tried to run me down.”

Crispin nodded. “Looks that way. As far as the FBI is concerned, the case is closed. The detail was pulled off the case earlier this evening.”

“Right after we separated,” she added, seeing his eyes widen in surprise.

“I'd ask how you knew, but you're psychic, right,” he said with a tender smile.

“Something like that.” She smiled back at him, absorbing his words. Could Chad have been behind the attack at Indiscretions? “
Max, help me out here
,” she cried out mentally, but he gave her no reply. She let out a sigh.

“What are you thinking about?” Crispin slanted a curious glance her way.

“That the Feds are barking up the wrong tree.” She noticed a nerve pulse in his tight jaw and knew he was afraid of the same thing. “You don't believe it either, do you?”

He frowned and reached out to touch her arm. “I'm just being paranoid as usual. But you've got to face facts. He robbed you, or at least tried to, and he had been driving a black SUV.”

She saw him looking at her quizzically. The other Haley would probably have been outraged to have been robbed by an ex-lover. But she had more important things to worry about. “I don't care about the cash.”

“Do you mean that?” he slanted a curious glance her way.

It seemed to be her night to be asked that question, she decided, hiding a smile that he'd misinterpret. “Yes. I've found other things are much more important. And as for losing our FBI handlers, I'm glad. I trust you a heck of a lot more than them.”

He smiled and turned onto a side road. “Do you mean that, sugar?”

“Every word.” Haley held her breath as she became aware of the lane they were traveling down. She guessed exactly where they were going—Lover's Lane. She hadn't been out here since she watched the submarine races in high school. It tickled her; she had to give him an A for action. She couldn't help inching closer as she murmured, “I really trust you.”

She heard him say something soft and sweet under his breath. Haley couldn't take her eyes off Crispin as he drove them along the lake. Then he pulled into a secluded area, and she quivered. The city lights twinkled below.

* * * * *

Crispin turned off the car, checking around them to make sure that they were alone, then turned to Haley. The loving heat he saw in her eyes made his cock swell. “You're mine,” he said, sliding across car's bench seat to pull her into his arms. She went with a sigh of pleasure he felt all the way to his cock, and he held her tight. She'd taken the news about Chad a hell of a lot better than he'd expected. Was it a sign that she didn't still carry a flame for her ex? He thought it was, and he was going to cling to it and her.

Hell. He needed this coupling to reassure both of them. His mouth slanted hotly across her full, luscious lips, and he pressed her back against the seat. His chest brushed against her generous breasts, and he groaned when he felt her nipples pebble against him. “That's right, sugar. Get hard for me,” he murmured and slipped his hand up her skirt. He cupped her mound, finding it wet and creamy for him. “You're so damp for me, sugar,” he growled, squeezing her mound.

She let out a cry and arched against him. “Only for you, stud.”

He smiled in the darkness. “See that you keep it that way. Tonight I'm going to turn you inside out.”

“I can't wait…” She started to say.

He slipped a finger down her creamy slit, pushing the leather panties against her clit, and she let out a gasp, shuddering for him. He chuckled. “Let's try that again, shall we, a little bit harder,” he said, toying with her.

“You're a wicked man,” Haley said with a smile, lifting her ass off the seat. She whimpered, pressing tight to him.

“That's it, babe. Burn for me.” He cupped one of her breasts with his big hand and squeezed, pressing firmly against her nipple. Then he unzipped her dress, tugging the garment down to bare her charms to him. He unhooked her bra, slipping it off her body. His mouth watered as he gazed at her breasts cupped in the red leather bra he'd picked out for her at Indiscretions, and he watched her tremble.

“Like what you see, stud?” she asked.

He grinned, watching her nipples tighten for him. “You know I do.”

“Thank you,” she murmured with a blush.

“Come here,” he growled, pulling her to him and bending to take her puckered nipple in his mouth. She let out a little cry as he drew on it. It was the most erotic thing he'd ever heard, making his groin tighten. He wasn't going to be able to hold out very long. She whimpered, her hands slipping into his shirt to knead his flesh. He growled as she touched him, arching against him.

“Please,” Haley begged.

“Oh, I will,” he promised, cupping her heat in his hand and making her pant. She hissed with pleasure when he stroked her through her panties, his finger tracing her pussy's cleft teasingly, then drawing a slow circle around her love-swollen clit.

Haley cried out with ecstasy, shudders of pleasure rocking her. His thick fingers filled her pussy, he found her clit with his thumb, and she came. Clinging to him, she shuddered, crying out his name as she convulsed.

“That's it. Sugar, come for me,” he growled, tweaking her clit again. And she did, giving herself to him as he milked another orgasm out of her, his cock aching for her. He kissed her as she slowly drifted back to earth.

Then she unzipped his pants, and he sprang out hot, hard, and huge into her hand, and he let out a groan. In response, he pulled out a tube of gel they'd bought at Indiscretions. “Use this, sugar. I want your mouth on me.” She smiled, then opened the tube. His heart skipped a beat when she squirted the cool gel on his throbbing cock. The aroma of cherries filled the cab of his truck as she bent to lick him, and he let out a primal grunt. He looked down at her in wonder as she flicked her tongue around the head of his cock. With a sigh of surrender, she took him into her mouth. He groaned again, his cock throbbing in her sexy mouth, and he tried to pull away. He wanted to come inside her sweet cunt. “Sugar, enough,” he said with a groan when she refused to let him go. With a sigh, she obeyed him, and he pulled her up into his arms. He kissed her, his tongue thrusting into her mouth, and picked her up to place her astride him, his hands shaking.

She let out a gasp when she settled on him, the head of his cock pressing against the entrance to her cunt. With a growl, he surged into her, groaning when her sex clamped down on him. He rolled against her, going deeper, claiming her the only way he knew. His hands cupped the globes of her ass, controlling her movements. “You're mine.”

“Yes.” Haley trembled as she looked deep into his eyes. “Oh. Yes. I'm yours.”

He grinned, elated, then thrust harder, drinking in her pleasured cries as she sobbed out her bliss. Then his shaft rubbed against her G-spot, and she trembled, waves of her orgasm pulling at him, making him shoot his load. His balls tight, he pulsed high and hard inside her, holding Haley tight, feeling dazzled. She'd irretrievably changed him inside, and he knew it. “I've been married before,” he said slowly.

When she pulled back to look at him, he stiffened. But she smiled. “Want to tell me about her?”

She seemed to be taking this well, unlike his jealousy of her ex-manager lover, Chad. He let out a weary breath. “Not a lot to tell. To make a long story short, she dumped me because I wasn't exciting enough.”

She shook her head. “She must have been blind, or maybe just an idiot.”

“So you don't find me dull?”

“Baby, I'm sitting on your hot cock after you ordered me to give you head.” She tightened around him. “The last word I'd use to describe you is

The knot in his gut unraveled at her warmly teasing words. She didn't think he was dull! “I have been rather single-minded and driven since I became a journalist.”

BOOK: The Naughty Angel Returns (Naughty Angels In Love)
8.49Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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