The Naughty Angel Returns (Naughty Angels In Love) (16 page)

BOOK: The Naughty Angel Returns (Naughty Angels In Love)
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His instructions had been enough to get her started.  Come to me naked and ready, sugar...and don’t forget the papers.  She’d semi complied, being naked under her sundress.  Not even she felt comfortable flashing her naked bulges at people.  She was naked enough for comfort and he’d stood her up...the rotten S.O.B. 

At the thought of the letters, she brushed her bare breasts through her rayon dress and gasped, loving the free sensual feeling of forgoing her usual bra and panties.  She was naked and open down there, not that anyone was going to take advantage of it.  With a sigh of regret, she cupped her too full breasts and fanned her fingertips over her puckered nipples aching for him.  She imagined him touching her, his rough fingertips rolling her stiff nipples.  She pinched them lightly, whimpering at the erotic feeling.

Then, giving in to temptation, she spread her legs, her hand reaching under her dress to touch her bared sex and she let out a little hiss of pleasure.  The most she’d ever been able to conjure up by herself was little more than a twitch but it would have to do to put out the fire.  On that thought she rubbed her stiff clit moaning a little as she got closer to her little O.  Panting, her sex clenched on her fingers as, she fantasized that they belonged to her would be gigolo.  It was easy to imagine him, even though they’d never met and she had no idea what he looked like.  Ripples gathered sending her reeling.  She was dimly aware of her hotel room door opening as she came.

Chapter 2


  DEA Agent Dev Foster stood inside Charity’s hotel room growing rock hard as he watched the suspect finger fuck herself.  Damn, she was curvy in all the right places.  He met his partner Aaron Fox’s hooded gaze and knew that big A was just as drawn to her.  Too bad they were here to arrest her.  They’d shared women before--hell they preferred it that way in his part of the Bayou.  But this sexy little dish wasn’t on their menu.

It was their job to bust the Angelo Gang and the sexy blonde was in this up to her pretty tits.  Her eyes were closed, looking like angels wings on her flushed cheeks.  The scent of her arousal perfumed the room, making his mouth water.  Damn, he’d been celibate far too long.  

The sexy blonde seemed light years apart from Angelo’s usual associates but he knew better than to believe that.  Even so this case was suddenly feeling very personal to him much as the notion pissed him off.  He’d learned from bitter experience that women like Charity weren’t to be trusted.  Yet it didn’t stop him from wanting her. 

He knew the moment that she sensed their presence because she sucked in a shocked breath an instant before her big blue eyes popped open.  He stood there feeling sucker punched as he looked into her startled gaze and he didn’t have to look in A’s angry eyes to knew he felt the same punch. 

Hell, he knew corresponding with her had been a big mistake but he was only now realizing how huge an error it had been.  He should have turned the task over to a junior agent.  But, no, he and A had to read her letters, trying to get inside her head.  Her cunningly shy letters had turned him on more than he wanted to admit.  And her list...her sexy list...had damned near made him lose it in his pants when he’d read it. 

Now staring at her, drowning in her loveliness, he knew he was a goner.  He watched her bite her lip and his stupid cock hardened enough to kill him.  But it was her radiant smile as her hot gaze locked on him, before flicking curiously to A, which got to him.  She thought Angelo had sent them, the slime ball, and she wanted them.  He tried not to take it personally; after all, she’d ordered them. 

Still, his game plan changed in an instant.  Something was wrong here, and the investigator in him said to pursue it.  He met A’s dark gaze and saw the same realization in them even though he was less apt to believe her soft lies.  The com was in his pocket.  Maybe he ought to push the button and fill the room with FEDs even though he was supposed to string her along let her lead him to Angelo.  Or he could give her his very personal protection while he dropped the hammer on Angelo himself.  Yeah that sounded better and, risky as it was it was, the only way to keep her safe.  The first step would be to gain her cooperation. “Don’t stop,” he commanded getting into character.

“Yeah, don’t stop, Cher,” Aaron drawled chiming in.

BOOK: The Naughty Angel Returns (Naughty Angels In Love)
10.2Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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