Submitting To The White Billionaire (BWWM Interracial Romance)

BOOK: Submitting To The White Billionaire (BWWM Interracial Romance)




An Interracial BWWM Romance By..








Camille is a strong African American woman from a humble background who just wants to better herself as a person. So the day she met White Billionaire Kyle Kane was the day that changed her life. He insists he is truly, madly and deeply in love with her but how will he react when he discovers the shocking truth about Camille's scandalous past?


Camille is left with a huge decision to make in order to prove her old life is behind her so she can finally move forward and submit to the White Billionaire...


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I suddenly wished that I was holding a glass of vodka instead of caffeine.”



Some say that relationships tend to drift before they end but I still remember the precise moment I knew that me and Marcus were definitely over...


So what did he say?” Marcus asked me.

He said to meet him at the lakefront on 43
 tomorrow at 10 pm. and he’ll get it to you then.”

I watched Marcus give a huge sigh of relief.

“I swear you’re my lucky charm,” he said as he gave me a passionate kiss once we stepped into his apartment.

Well you know that I’ve got you. Jay is going to be pissed that we stole his connection though. Are you ready for that kind of heat?”

That’s not for you to worry about,” he said as he began to prep a bowl of weed.

My nerves were on the edge because I’d just finished a meeting with one of the largest distributors of crack in the city. I didn’t want to go, but Marcus was convinced that it needed to be our next move. The problem was that we had to steal that connection from our largest rival. My body was tense, and I couldn’t wait until Marcus finished packing the bowl. I needed to feel the calm that only the drugs could provide.

“I know that it’s not my issue, but I worry about you. I’m scared that you’re getting in over your head. I don’t want to lose you to some bullshit Marcus, you know I love you.”

He shook his head dismissively and placed the lighter to the bowl before taking a long pull. He motioned for me to come over, and he placed his lips to mine. I slowly inhaled as he released the piney pungent smoke into my mouth. I closed my eyes and held my breath for a few moments before I exhaled.

“See baby, I’ve got this. You just continue doing your part and I’ll do mine. Now let’s take a seat, finish this bowl, and then really celebrate,” he grinned as he cupped my center with his free hand.

That sounds like a plan,” I replied as I took the bowl from him and sat on the couch.

I tried to mentally shake the image of him dying from my head. I knew that it wasn’t the right time to discuss something like that with him. We were now into the drug game way too deep, and it was something that we promised we would never do. I stared at the huge smile on his face, and I knew that I was losing him
I knew I could not continue doing this.


My mind drifted back to present day reality and my stomach twisted and turned as I thought about the life that I led with Marcus. I couldn’t help but wonder if all of those things would come back to haunt me. I’d done my best to distance myself from that life, but it all has a way of creeping back to bite you on the ass. I just wanted to live my life with Kyle and to continue to make positive choices for myself.

Reading the papers hasn’t helped me in this endeavor. The headlines served as a constant reminder of where I’ve come from. Pictures of me have been pulled from my Facebook page, and I’ve been dubbed the “
Urban Cinderella
” in the newspapers and on blogs. I never thought that I would regret the club photos that I’d taken with my friends but now they are a source of shame. They depicted me as if I was some sort of ghetto hood rat. The “
Urban Cinderella
” title was one of the milder headlines. The headlines weren’t outright racist, but the undertones screamed from the pages.

Good morning babe,” Kyle said as he stepped into the dining area wearing nothing but a towel.

I quickly folded the papers up and sat them to the side, closed my laptop, and sipped my coffee. Looking at him made me give a slight smile. I loved to watch him walk around the house half naked. But not even that would cheer me up because my mind was occupied with thoughts of the media. I didn’t feel comfortable talking to him about how I felt regarding what everyone was saying. I wasn’t ready to verbally acknowledge it yet.

“Good Morning Mr. Kane,” I responded as I rose to my feet and kissed him on the cheek.

He wrapped his arms around me, and I relaxed within his embrace. His arms had become my solace and my safe place. I didn’t need to be protected from the world, but it was nice to have a place to rest when I needed it.

“You had breakfast without me?” He asked.

I’m sorry but I wanted to get an early start on the day. It’s beautiful out, and I’m just going to get some girly stuff done.”

Alright, don’t stay out too long. I have plans for us today.”

I know, I’ll be back by 3.”

Good, I’ll see you then. I’m looking forward to our day out.”

Me too,” I said as I gave him my best smile.

I rose from the table, gathered my belongings, and headed out of the door. The truth was that I really just wanted to be able to look at everything in peace. It was some sort of cruel torture that I was putting myself through, but it was a compulsion. I had to read everything that people were saying about me. I settled at a local coffee shop, ordered a cappuccino, and took a seat in one of the comfortable seats in the corner.

I pulled out my iPad and began to read the news stories that dealt with my relationship. They all had the same tone. They were surprised that a billionaire was marrying a lower class black woman. Everyone wanted to know where I’d come from, and they all highlighted my background. My own mother was even quoted in a few of the stories. She spoke about how hard it was to raise me in an impoverished area, but she did her best. She went on to say how proud she was of me and then she credited her parenting.

I gave a shake of my head. My mother was a terrible parent, and she was the reason I had to help Marcus sell drugs. I’d gotten to where I was in spite of my mother, not because of her. She was too preoccupied with being an alcoholic coke head to bother with her parental responsibilities. She had a lot of nerve speaking to the press about me. But the only reason that she was being favorable was because she was hoping that I would give her some money.

 I still wasn’t in the place mentally to deal with her. Now that she’d figured out that I was marrying a billionaire, she probably thinks that I’m going to be her cash cow. Kyle offered to give her a place and a monthly spend, but I declined. She’d never taken care of me so why should I take care of her? The only thing that I would invest in for her was a quality rehab program. I knew that it was something that she would most likely refuse. She wasn’t ready to give up her vices, and she would probably never be. I’ve come to accept that about her, and it no longer bothers me.  

I checked my local twitter trending topics, and I saw that
Kyle Kane
was trending. My heart lurched as I read the things that people were saying. It was mainly young girls calling me a slut and saying that he could do so much better. Some even tweeted me personally to express their disdain. I suddenly wished that I was holding a glass of vodka instead of caffeine. I hoped that my life wasn’t always going to be this way. I didn’t plan on falling in love with Kyle, and I shouldn’t have been attacked for it. My head was telling me that they were just jealous bigots, but my heart was hurt.

I wondered if Kyle had read any of the negative press that we were getting. I had to assume that he was because he wasn’t hiding beneath a rock. He was always aware of things that were going on. I opened the Kindle app on my iPad to read a
Lena Skye
novel to take my mind off of things but even that was not working. I put my iPad away and decided to get a pedicure and a manicure. Sometimes a woman just needs to be pampered, and this was one of those days. I wasn’t ready to pull myself from my sullen mood yet, and I would need some more time before I faced Kyle. I picked up my phone and called to see if Sandy was willing to meet me at the spa. She always lifted my spirits, and she would give me the “
fuck the world
” speech so that I could feel better.




“I see this as more of an opportunity than a crisis”



A blind man could see that Camille was stressed out about something.


The only reason that I let her leave so easily is because she obviously needed personal space. It was hard not to press the issue, but she needed some time to herself. She and I had just taken a huge leap of faith together and maybe she just needed to process it all. I sat down at the table and took a sip of my coffee. My stomach grumbled in anticipation of eating the bountiful breakfast that was before me. Camille and I had a long night, and I needed sustenance. I decided to start with the pancakes.

After my immediate need for food was taken care of I checked my phone for news updates. My phone was set up to give me all the news that involved me or my company. A handy feature called
Google Alerts
will let me know whenever we are mentioned anywhere on the web. Camille and I were really popular because our faces were plastered all over the 'showbiz' sites and apparently my name was trending on Twitter. I read the comment sections of the news articles and people were being pretty harsh overall.

Most women had taken an immediate dislike to her. I expected a backlash over our engagement, and so I wasn’t surprised. However, I should have prepared Camille for it and I regret that now. I gave myself a mental smack when I realized that this was probably why she was so depressed this morning. She was reading the paper and on her laptop before she left. She can seem tough as nails, but she was a sensitive woman, and I couldn’t imagine what was going on in her head and heart as she read those things about herself. It all boils down to the media and the public being assholes. They’ll be happier with your loneliness than to see you happy.

I decided I needed to cheer her up somehow. It was time for me to whisk her away again. Granted we had a huge cruise coming up in over a month but she needed some time away from all of this. We both needed some time away from our reality. I would whisk her away to California for a few days, and we would have the opportunity to enjoy each other without the stress of the media.

I opened the laptop to find a nice hotel for us to stay in. Before I could pull up my search engine I heard my elevator door open. I was shocked that Camille had come back so early. Except it wasn’t her, it was my father, and his face was a special shade of bright red. When I saw him I stood to my feet and secured the towel around my waist. He gave me a look of disgust.

“Good morning dad. To what do I owe the pleasure?” I asked with a hint of sarcasm in my voice.

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