His Heart (By His Command #9) (billionaire romance / romantic suspense)

BOOK: His Heart (By His Command #9) (billionaire romance / romantic suspense)
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His Heart

(By His Command #9)

by Ana W. Fawkes

Isabella wants to kill Katherine.

She can't take it anymore.

But to do so she must get away from Jonathan Black. With the possibility of her own life at stake, Jonathan goes to any lengths to protect his lover, including promising Isabella that he'll never leave her side.

When love and death look closer than ever to collide, Isabella must break all the rules Jonathan Black has ever made in order to protect them... but what will Jonathan do? And can Isabella survive her deadly decision?


I held the knife in the air.

I’m going to kill her. Right now.

My hand started to shake.

Could I really go through with this? Could I do it? Could I do what Jonathan had done before... take another life?

I pictured Jonathan on the bed, almost dead. I pictured how weak he was. I pictured the claw marks on his face, the marks still there, trying to heal. The claw marks from her nails.

From Katherine.

From ‘K.’

My body shook as my mind tried to toughen up.

K’ for kill... do it, Isabella, do it.

I look to my right. The tip of the blade seemed so deadly and awesome in that moment. I knew hesitation was an enemy, but I would like to assume that most people hesitated before their first kill.

Or did they just do it?

Did they just pull the trigger... swing the knife...

I hate you,” I whispered.

I brought the knife down with force and closed my eyes. It probably wasn’t smart to close my eyes because I obviously could miss the mark. And that would be bad. I didn’t want to imagine missing the kill on Katherine. It would then leave her no choice but to kill me, something she’d do in amazing fashion, I’m sure.

The knife found resistance and I slowly opened my eyes.

I looked down and saw the ooze pouring everywhere. Gently flowing off the sides of the knife with perfection. The draining of life.

I smiled.

I lifted the knife and watched the egg yolk collect and leak all over my breakfast plate.

I was alone, eating breakfast, practicing my swing to kill Katherine.

I had a second egg on the plate and did the same thing. One swing from the knife and the yolk busted open.

It gave me a pathetic sense of happiness and I was well aware that when the time came to actually kill Katherine for real it would be nothing like stabbing an egg.

Katherine could fight. Katherine would fight. Katherine wouldn’t let her own life be taken so easily.


I took a piece of toast and dipped it into the egg yolk. I took one bite and lost my appetite.

Doubt overtook what just a few seconds ago was a surge of confidence.

I couldn’t do it, could I?

Could I really manage to set up a murder on my own?

I’d have to deceive Jonathan Black and I’d have to trick Katherine. The two most complicated, powerful, beautiful people I’d ever met in my life. Jonathan Black with his power, money, and sexual desire that kept my body on fire. Katherine with her bold attitude, amazing body, and fear of nothing that kept me awake the past few nights trying to think of a way to logically kill her.

I dropped my toast to the plate and groaned.

I hated myself.

I hated trying to figure out so much at once on my own. I preferred the life I once lived under Jonathan Black’s command. His touch was my concern. His needs being fulfilled were my problem and nothing else.

But I had to do this, for him.

I had to prove to him how much I love him. And I had to stop Katherine. She wanted three billion dollars, which was nothing considering the amount of wealth Jonathan Black had earned. But he wouldn’t just give that kind of money up for anyone. He’d already killed for that money, literally. And he’d seen his father taken to prison because of the money. The principle wasn’t the money, it was the situation. The power. The full control of his life... and mine.

Jonathan came from the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel. Beads of water still grazed his perfect body. As he passed the large window, the sun beat on him in a way that made the water look like diamonds. He was everything to me and I the same to him. He wasn’t reserved about expressing himself to me, which only added to the need to kill Katherine.

How’s your breakfast, love?” he asked.

His voice was still booming and commanding when he spoke romantically, but I had gotten used to it. I’d fallen in love with it. There was no other man in the world like Jonathan Black. He was the only man I’d kill for.

Kill for.

Before I could speak, Jonathan looked at the mess on my plate and shook his head.

This isn’t bacon,” he said.

He lifted a piece of the bacon. It looked fine to me, but it obviously didn’t meet the perfection standards that Jonathan demanded.

I’m sorry about this,” he said. “Let me call and fix this.”

Jonathan, it’s fine,” I said.

I touched his wrist and he looked at me. His eyes were dark and burning. We were past the stage of me calling him
Mr. Black
- unless we were in the bedroom. That was a strict rule. Under his sexual command, he was still Mr. Black and I, forever, would be Isabella Grace.

That worked for me.

But touching him, like I had done, wasn’t allowed. It showed disrespect and implied weakness.

I opened my hand and took it away.

I won’t let you eat this kind of food,” he said. “Not for the woman I love.”

I’m sorry,” I whispered.

You’ll have a better breakfast soon.”

Jonathan’s lip curled. He loved a good fight, more than ever now. He took his hatred for Katherine out on the world. He took it out on my body too but in such a sexually pleasing way that it was worth it. It almost made me not want to kill Katherine.
But I knew it had to be done. She’d tried to hurt Kellen, pulling me back into his world. By keeping us all connected, Katherine spun a thick web that kept Jonathan’s mind racing more than ever, as well as with my heart.

But I knew how to stop it all.

It was simple.

Simple to say, maybe not so simple to do.

I had to kill Katherine


A new plate of food was delivered, as promised by Jonathan. He opened the door and made the waiter bring the food to me. I was served on a silver platter - literally - and Jonathan inspected the food before letting the man leave, taking the other food with him. This time I didn’t attack the eggs. I couldn’t do it in front of Jonathan. The last thing I needed was questions asked.

I ate a breakfast that my mouth couldn’t believe I had consumed. The best breakfast of my life.

Shower, then we’ll speak,” Jonathan commanded.

He was now dressed in a black suit.

A black everything actually.

Black pants, shirt, tie, coat.

He looked dark and sexy, a vision that just by staring for a few short seconds left my body tingling and my most tender area dampening.

I rushed to the bathroom for my shower. I turned the water on and turned, gasping when I saw Jonathan standing in the doorway. Not that I should have expected anything less.

I’ll watch,” he said and folded his arms.

I stripped from my clothing, wasting no time, because if there was one thing I could fully understand it was that time literally counted down. It counted down for everyone, but it seemed that between myself, Jonathan Black, and Katherine, time counted faster for at least one of us.

I planned it to be Katherine.

But fate, of course, could always dictate otherwise.

I stood in bra and panties, a matching dark red set that Jonathan picked out the night before. He flickered a quick smile when he saw me. I went for the panties first, knowing how much Jonathan liked to see me naked from the waist down first. I kicked the panties off and touched my legs, my hands sliding up beyond my sex to my stomach. I cupped my breasts for a moment and then reached back for my bra. Once naked I stepped into the shower, letting the hot water rush along my body. From the corner of my eye I saw Jonathan move towards the shower. He opened the door. He enjoyed watching me naked and wet.

You’re so perfect. My Isabella Grace...”

I looked at him. The water dripping down my body, against my breasts. My tender nipples were hard and aching for Jonathan’s touch. I nodded at him and smiled.

I have to leave for an important meeting,” Jonathan said. “But I expect you to seek me in two hours. You can wear what I put out for you. Come looking stunning and sexy. We’re going to show the world how powerful we are. Together.”



Words I never thought would link Jonathan and I. I was very turned on, wanting him. Wanting him because he trusted me with power. Wanting him because of what I planned on doing with my power... even if he didn’t know, it didn’t matter to me.

Of course,” I managed to say as a puff of cool air came into the shower, making me shiver.

As I shivered, my breasts moved, my nipples became extra hard, and even ached for a second, forcing my toes to curl.

What’s wrong, Isabella Grace?” Jonathan asked.

Looking at you,” I whispered. “My body...”

I understand,” he said in a calm, confident voice.

Slowly, Jonathan took his suit jacket off. With the most delicate care he placed it on the bathroom counter. Next he went for his sleeve, taking the cufflink out first, then rolling it up. I watched in erotic amazement, wondering what his intention was. When he stepped towards the shower again, his eyes were as deadly as ever.

Now, what are you going to call me?” he asked.

Mr. Black,” I said.

What would you like me to do to you?”

The question was still very new to me. Very sexy, but very new. Being asked that by Jonathan Black was like a gift. Not that he fully listened to any of my requests, it was just hot to hear him ask me the question.

I... I want you,” I said.

Want me what?” he asked, his throat growling.

I want you to touch me.”

Jonathan nodded. With his sleeve up, he already had his own thoughts burning. He looked at his other wrist, checking his watch.

Okay,” he said. “Face the wall and spread your legs.”

I whimpered as he said it. There was just something about the scene... me naked, in the shower. Jonathan in the bathroom making time for me, wearing a suit.

I faced the wall and placed my hands to the tile. I looked down to see how my wet body looked, right to the tender slit between my legs. A second later I felt Jonathan’s hand touch my lower back. I shivered and jumped, crying out already.

Perfect,” he said. “You won’t have much time. My meeting is very important, Isabella Grace...” His fingertips touched my ass and continued down. “It’s a matter of life and death...” His fingertips cut down and under, touching me.

His middle finger sliced between me, spreading me open. The tip of his finger became aggressive, pressing and forcing its way into me. I was wet enough that he slid right in.

I moaned, loving the feel of Jonathan’s thick finger inside me. Of course, I would have preferred something else deep inside me, but I wasn’t going to complain. I probably couldn’t have if I wanted to because the deeper his finger moved, the harder it became to breathe. With two other fingers, Jonathan massaged around me, teasing me and making the pleasure inside me more intense.

I quickly began to thrust at him, bending my knees and thrusting at his finger. Jonathan loved it. He went faster and harder. I remembered his words telling me we didn’t have much time so I didn’t waste a second of the pleasure. The water pounded against my neck and half came pouring down the front of my body, splashing at my face. The other half steamed down my back. The water allowed Jonathan’s fast hand to make noise as he pleasured me, echoing around the shower along with my moans and groans of need.

Come for me, Isabella Grace,” Jonathan announced. “Show me how bad you wanted this.”

I moaned and threw my head back. I cried out louder, my fingers curling at the tile, wishing I had to something to grip to move as hard and as fast as Jonathan did. I felt my body ready to explode, the climax building. All my time spent with Jonathan Black and his wild sexual desires left my body waiting for him to give his body.

But he didn’t.

Turn around,” he commanded and took his fingers away from me.

I cried out and slapped the tile.

I had been so close to coming...

I turned and fell back against the wall, my legs open, desperate.

It was exactly how Jonathan liked me.

BOOK: His Heart (By His Command #9) (billionaire romance / romantic suspense)
9.57Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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