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eo could live a thousand years and he’d never forget the very first moment he eased himself down on the leather seat. It was as though it had been crafted just for him. At first, he was surprised by how low the handlebars sat, but it wasn’t anything he couldn’t adjust to. What surprised him the most was the change of perspective. Riding that first beauty of a motorcycle was nothing like sitting in the seat of a car. Detached somewhere beneath the revving machine, the loud engine vibrated against Leo’s body, acting as the bikes heart and lungs.

Riding it made Leo feel like he was home. He reached down, caressing it softly, the way some men might have touched a new lover, but to say it had a mind of its own would have been an understatement. It reacted like a stallion the first time he drove it through dense LA traffic. But with Richie’s guidance, Leo began to learn how to control it. It required more attention than most of the bikes he was used to working on, but he loved it too much to care.

He made himself a promise then. One he was determined to keep.

He told himself he'd make riding an unforgettable experience for himself. That more than anything, he'd enjoy it. In essence, the hunk of metal was Leo’s first love. There was something about the bikes reaction time that seemed deliberate. She would often struggle against his movements, like a wild animal in heat, but it was deeper than that.

It was more like Leo's senses had developed in a way that made him 
 for the motorcycle. It was like a living entity to him. The force of the wheels against the road. The way they would spin to a stop as he slowed. The high frequency sound the engine made as it vibrated against his body. Everything about it – the entire experienced – made Leo feel as like he found his calling.

“Wow,” Mily said, letting out a deep breath, “I think I know that feeling.”

As bad as it might have sounded, the way Leo described his love of bikes was precisely how she felt about money and the things it could provide her.

Mily thought back to the dingy hotel room she had been in just a few hours before.

The man she had been lying beside was one of her least favorite clients. Stephen, an unhappily married plastic surgeon from Orange County. He was nice enough, but Mily couldn’t help but hate him. Not wanting to disturb him while he slept, she had attempted to crawl out of the tangled sheets to leave, flinching as his arm tightened roughly around her waist. He buried his head deeper into the crook of her neck, exhaling deeply. Mily sighed, collapsing back down on the bed beside him. It was then that she began to consider the fact that maybe she didn’t hate him at all. From what she could tell, aside from partaking in adultery, Stephen was a decent enough guy. Sweet even, and he tipped well.

Regardless, what they had together – if they had anything – was nothing more than sex. Paid sex, at that. Every other Saturday at four PM sharp, they would meet in the parking lot of a small hotel located in the isolated town of Desert Shore, “where no one can find us” Stephen had said. It became their routine but it was one with no strings attached. They didn't call each other pet names or partake in endless conversation. He never sent her flowers, bought her diamonds, or called her just to hear her voice.

Mily finally managed to slide out of Stephens grasp, turning her attention to the large wad of money that sat on the dresser. She had been doing it for three years but she still found it all so peculiar. Being paid to have sex. It was the easiest thing in the world and even though she’d never admit it out loud, it made her feel empowered.

How had it gotten to this?
 She wondered.

In Los Angeles, there were two different kinds of hookers. The kind that roamed the Sunset strip in stiletto pumps and blue eye shadow and the kind who discreetly courted men who were too shy or ashamed to admit they enjoyed paying for sex. Mily had been the latter and she took pride in holding herself well. In many ways, she looked more like a piano teacher than a call girl and that was the way she wanted it.

Maybe what drew Mily to her career choice was the fact that her mother had always been so vehemently against women expressing their sexuality. Once she had started to accuse her daughter of being sexually promiscuous, her assumptions slowly but surely became a reality. Mily laughed to herself under her breath, picking up her clothing from the ground and pulling everything on as quietly as she could manage. She glanced out the window of Stephens’s gaudily decorated master suite. 
There’s something beautiful about this city at night,
 she thought. Something Los Angeles couldn’t quite offer.

She grabbed her heels, sliding them on as she examined the wad of money in her hand. It didn't matter how long she had been doing it, every time it came time for her to take the money, she’d hesitate for a moment before stuffing it deep inside the pocket of her designer trench coat – a gift from one of her wealthier clients.

As Mily tip-toed towards the door, she stopped to take a long steady look at Stephen as he slept – stretched out and tangled in the sheets. He stirred awake, reaching for Mily as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

 Mily whispered under her breath.

"Em?" Stephen called out, his voice hoarse and heavy.

Mily sighed. As usual, she had just barely managed to slip through the door.

"Yeah?" she asked him, leaning over his naked body.

"C'mon," he begged, reaching for her hand, "just stay"

Mily shook her head. They had been through this before. That wasn’t part of her job description.

"You know I never do Stephen." she said, reaching over to let him momentarily hold her hand.

"I know, I know," he managed, rubbing his furrowed brows.

Finally, he let go of Mily's hand, smiling at her softly as she straightened herself up and exited his room. She made her way to the elevator, stepping inside and pressing the button for the lobby. Once at the bottom, the doors opened and she stepped out, smiling at the man behind the front desk. His name was Louie and Mily had gotten to know him quite well. He was always so kind to her despite knowing why she came and went so often.

"Let me call you a cab,” he said to Mily with a slight smile.

She shook her head.

"No thanks," she said sweetly, "I'm actually going to walk. I’m headed to the Galewood."

"How is your wife?" she asked, changing the subject.

Louie smiled softly. He had told Mily two weeks ago that his wife was undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. The fact that she had remembered touched him, but that was just the type of woman she was.

"She's getting better, thanks for asking."

Mily smiled, patting his arm lightly.

"Have a great night." she told him, walking off into the distance.

"Be safe!" he called after her.

It was an unusually cold night for California but Mily didn't mind. The cold air nipped at her face and hands – but in an odd way, it made her feel alive. She stuffed her hands in the deep pockets of her trench coat, caressing the wad of money. Two thousand dollars. A month’s rent in exchange for her time, body and companionship.

Seems like a fair trade,
 Mily thought to herself as she walked towards the dimly lit bar in the distance, pondering everything she could buy with the money. The first time she had slept with her very first client, she was taken aback when he offered her money. The truth was – Mily had thought they were on a date.

"I can't take this," she insisted, shaking her head, "I'm not a hooker.”

The man laughed as though Mily had told him the funniest joke ever.

"Money's on the dresser," he said simply.

That was the moment that changed everything. The moment Mily fell in love with money but more importantly, what it could offer her.

Suddenly, the cover band shifted over to a softer song, drawing Mily away from her thoughts.

“Dance with me,” she whispered, standing up and extending her hand to Leo.

He didn’t particularly like dancing, but he wasn’t going to turn down an opportunity to hold her close.

“Sure,” he said with a nod, finishing off the last of his beer and setting a crisp twenty dollar bill under it on the bar to cover his and Mily’s drinks.

The dance floor was packed tight with people but Leo and Mily found an isolated spotted off to the side. She gripped Leo’s chest, wrapping her arms around his back as they swayed from side to side across the tiled floor to the music. It was like the prom neither one of them had never attended and as the song progressed, picking up tempo, Mily pressed her full lips against the flesh of Leo’s ear.

It took him off guard but he didn’t resist. His breath caught in his throat as Mily’s mouth found its way to his. She was kissing him before either one of them could process what was happening, her large breasts cascading out of her blouse as they swayed to the music. Leo wasn’t sure what it was, but he felt as though he had known her his entire life. He could feel his cock stirring in his pants, reacting to the touch of Mily’s soft hands as they worked their way down his body – lingering on his crotch. An unintentional moan escaped her lips and then, she had an idea.

Stephen was sure to be out of the hotel room by now – making his way back to Los Angeles to his wife and kids. And since they had rented the room for the night, Mily didn’t see why it shouldn’t be put to good use.

"How do you feel about hot tubs?” she whispered into Leo’s ear, taking him off guard.

“I love them.”

Mily smiled.

“Great,” she said, “I know just the place to go.”

She took Leo's hand, leading him out into the parking lot. Out of sheer nature, he approached his bike, starting it up and climbing on. Mily got on behind Leo without a second thought, wrapping her arms around his muscular chest.

A few blocks down the road, she pointed out the hotel and they parked. Once in the lobby, Louie appeared slightly surprised to see Mily again so soon, but he handed her a key to her room without any questions. As usual, he didn’t judge her. The elevator had a ‘temporarily out of order’ sign in front of it so they climbed the stairs, pausing in the second floor stairwell to kiss and caress each other.

They were behaving like teenagers. Mily could feel the butterflies fluttering in her stomach as she entered the room, which still smelled ever so slightly of Stephen’s cologne. For a moment, Mily felt guilty, but the feeling quickly passed. 
That was business,
 she told herself. 
This is pleasure.

She began to undress herself in front of Leo who watched her in awe. She kicked off her black kitten heels, pulling off her blouse and sliding her skirt down over her slender legs. The lingerie set she was wearing was silky and translucent – another expensive gift from a married man. Mily peeled it off, her soft body completely exposed to Leo.

His eyes wandered their way down her petite frame, soaking her up like a piece of fine art. Her breasts were symmetrical and supple, offset by dime sized pink nipples that stood to full attention in front of him. Her stomach was flat and toned, curving down to her juicy, hairless mound. Leo’s mouth watered. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

Finally, Mily spoke.

“What are you waiting for?” she said with a laugh, nodding at Leo’s clothing.

“Want me to help you?”

Mily didn’t wait for an answer. She approached Leo, her hips swaying from side to side as she slid off his leather cut, followed by his shirt, bending down to pull his leather belt from his jeans and tossing it to the ground. Then, she unbuttoned and unzipped them, pulling them downwards as one of her perfectly manicured fingers grazed over his crotch. She pulled at the fabric of his skin tight briefs, rubbing Leo’s cock through the material before grabbing his hand and leading him to the medium sized hot tub in the center of the room.

She turned the knob on top and the water began to flow, filling up the tub as it bubbled. Mily climbed inside, nodding at Leo’s briefs. He swallowed hard, pulling them off and tossing them to the side as he followed her into the warm water. Without hesitation, Mily pressed her body against Leo’s tattooed chest, her full lips finding his as their tongues tangled. The kiss was long and intense and Leo’s cock rose to full attention in the water. He groaned as Mily reached down, grasping it in her small hands.

She took control, pushing Leo’s muscular body against the edge of the tub and rubbing her naked chest against his, smiling as he stiffened in her hands.

Without even trying, they found their way out of the hot tub and onto the mattress Mily had shared with Stephen just a few hours before. They fell backwards onto it, their naked bodies tangled. Mily grabbed onto Leo’s cock like a pro, easing her mouth around it. She rubbed her tongue against the meaty head, teasing his shaft as he throbbed against her teeth. He groaned loudly, pushing down on Mily’s head, her wet hair wrapping around his calloused fingers. She choked and sputtered around his girth but didn’t give up, instead increasing her suction and applying more pressure with her lips.

She was longer controlling her spit as it coated Leo’s erect cock. She sucked harder, bobbing her head as she eased her mouth up and down his shaft. It was the best blow job Leo had ever received. He could feel himself succumbing to his orgasm and braced for the impact just as Mily allowed him to slip from her mouth, looking up at him with a flirtatious smile.

BOOK: Save Me
12.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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