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Their breathing was harsh and uneven, but neither one of them seemed to notice. What Layla did next was an act of boldness that came from a place somewhere deep inside if her that up until that moment – she hadn't realized existed. She slid her unsteady hand up under the hem of Leo's shirt, her manicured finger tips coming into contact with his warm, toned flesh. She raked her nails down over his stomach, across his abs and over the v-line dip that led to his hips.

Leo inhaled deeply, the smell of Layla's floral perfume filling his nostrils. She bent down, pressing her body closer to his as though she wanted to absorb him as Leo closed his eyes, succumbing to the very thing he had fantasized about from the very first moment he had laid eyes on her.

It all felt so familiar and it was exactly what they both needed. Layla’s eyes glowed, greeting Leo as his own flashed open. His lips parted as a smooth groan emanated from his throat. Layla ran her hand further up his muscular chest, placing her sweaty palm against his heart.

Leo's eyes were dark and questioning. They silently told Layla to turn back while she still could but she had never been one for following the rules. Her lips hungrily found their way to Leo's neck as he shivered, gripping her body tightly against his, the soft fabric of his shirt rubbing against Layla's breasts, her rock hard pink nipples standing proudly to attention.

She reached down, pulling at Leo's jeans with haste as she buried her face in the cusp of his smooth neck and latched on to him, her mouth wet and hot against his throat. Leo reached slowly upwards, grasping Layla's supple breasts and letting out a deep moan as she nibbled and sucked at the flesh of his neck. Caution had been thrown to the wind a long time ago and Leo allowed his primal desires to fully take over, pushing the reality of their situation into the back of his conscious, even just momentarily. He roughly pulled at the fabric of her white tank top, helping her lift her arms as he pulled it off of her, exposing the flesh of her bare breasts in their entirety.

Then, he lifted his hips up off the ground, sliding off his jeans. Above him, Layla pushed Leo's shirt all the way up his chest, urging him to take it off. He did just that, tossing it into a patch of matted grass beside them, his hands holding Layla's body tightly as her brown eyes burned against the fabric of his briefs. Leo's cock was standing to full attention and she couldn't help but blush.

Leo eased her off of him for a moment, pulling at the tight skinny jeans he had bought for her and unzipping them, easing them down her slender legs and pulling them off her feet. Once they were off, Layla straddled him, the heat of her swollen womanhood pressing against him. Her lack of undergarments meant that the only thing keeping Leo from making contact with the flesh of her damp center were his briefs.

Layla tentatively rubbed against him, letting out a sharp gasp as her pelvic bone made contact with the curve of his cock. She pulled upwards off of his chest, awkwardly attempting to work his stiff erection out through the hole in his briefs. Leo stopped her, wanting to pace things. He reached for Layla’s waist, pulling her down then flipping her so that he was on top of her petite frame. He moved his hands downwards over her bare skin, stopping just above her mound as he brought his full lips to the cusp of her neck.

Layla was wet. Too wet. If she didn’t get a release soon, she wasn’t sure what she would do. Leo however, remained fixated to her neck, running his tongue against Layla’s collar bone as he parted her legs. She felt on full display beneath him, but that didn’t mean she wanted him to stop. She let out a soft moan as Leo knelt down between her thighs, his smooth lips cascading their way down her body. She reached out for him – begging for him to continue – pure passion overriding her senses.

Leo smiled a mischievous smile, biting down on his bottom lip as he continued to tease the lust driven red head beneath him – a familiar pressure building in her womanhood as her clit throbbed. He eased himself above Layla, bringing his lips crashing down against hers. Taking his time, he eased his calloused fingers into Layla’s slit, moving a strand of her hair behind her ear with his other hand. Leo’s warm body against her own was nearly enough to send Layla over the edge. She shivered as he pinned her down, goose bumps covering her skin as her body withered in approval, her nipples rock hard and raised. She felt almost painfully aroused.

"No more teasing." she gasped, her moans filling Leo’s ears as her wetness began to saturate his briefs. He pulled back, his lips pink and swollen, reaching down to pull off his briefs before bringing his mouth back crashing down against Layla’s. Slow and precise, he worked his fingertips between the folds of her damp lips, rubbing the pad of his thumb against her clit as a rich jolt of pleasure washed through Layla’s body, causing her to arch her back.

Her tongue tangled against Leo’s as he pulled his way down towards her slit, letting her wetness slick his fingers as her clit pulsated in approval. It was swollen and sensitive to the touch and Layla could feel the desire building in her stomach. Leo’s fingers danced across her womanhood, causing her to stir and tense beneath him as he nestled his way into her tight slit, sliding two fingers inside all the way up to his knuckles and pushing his way deeper between her walls. Layla gasped, not expecting the warm sensation that flooded over her. It was a mini orgasm!

"Leo…" she moaned, her voice soft and her breathing harsh and uneven

With a flirtatious smile etched across his lips, Leo pulled back, pushing a third finger inside of Layla’s slit. The sensation of fullness caused her to let out a noise that sounded like a cross between a moan and a gut-wrenching scream, but she didn’t want him to stop. Leo gazed down at her face in awe as his long calloused fingers invaded her womanhood, curving up inside of her to find her most sensitive spot and pressing down on it as she moaned and twitched beneath him.

Layla had slept with at least a dozen men and women both on screen and off – but never in her young life had she experienced anything like this. She was past the point of no return. More aroused than she even thought possible, and completely and utterly blinded by desire.

"Please," Layla gasped, unable to wait any longer, 
"fuck me."

Her voice was meek and not at all like her own.

Leo smiled, pulling his fingers out of Layla’s slit as he stared deep into her eyes, shifting his body upwards so that his erect manhood was only a few inches away from her center.

Their eyes locked as he gripped her soft thighs, spreading them as he brought his body down against hers with a loud sigh of relief. Layla looked down between their bodies, gasping at the sight before her. Leo’s cock was rock hard and hung proudly between his legs, all eight or nine inches of it raised to attention and moments away from invading her.

For a moment, she swore she saw him blush as he noticed she was staring, an uncertain look in his dark eyes as he reached forward to caress her cheek.

Then, before another word could leave Layla’s lips, he thrusted roughly forward, breaking through the barrier of her swollen lips as she let out a deep unexpected moan. She shuddered, adjusting herself below Leo as she welcomed his body inside of her own. The sensation was so intense, Layla was nearly crying as Leo’s impressive head nestled a few inches inside of her opening, his eyes glued to hers.

His expression was impossible for her to read. It was one of pleasure. Lust in its purest form. Maybe even love. Layla’s moans and screams were silenced as she focused on Leo’s handsome face. He began to steadily pound her. She watched as he shut his eyes tightly, tensing above her as he found his way deeper and deeper inside her slit, stretching her opening to accommodate his girth as she flinched ever so slightly in pain.

When he finally opened his eyes, they were on fire. Layla tensed the walls of her cervix around his meaty member, creating a rippling effect that sent a wave of pleasure down to Leo’s testicals. He let out a sharp groan, bringing his mouth back down against Layla’s as he increased the speed of his thrusting.

Layla let out a soft moan into Leo’s mouth as she felt him stretching her, every last inch of his cock invading her pussy as his hands explored her body eagerly, finding their way to her supple breasts. He brought his fingers to her nipples, switching between each one as he pulled and twisted them gently, causing Layla to scream out in pleasure – a familiar ache surfacing in her loins.

She let out a cry of surprise as Leo rolled her over so that she was once again on top of him, her body arched forward as she began to rhythmically bounce up and down on his meaty cock, her hands bracing themselves against his muscular, tattooed chest. Then, Leo took control, pulling Layla down hard on his veiny member and impaling her with every inch of it, his face twisted in pleasure, his dark eyes piercing and intense. His hands roamed over her perfect body, finding their way once again to her breasts and the buds of her sensitive nipples.

Layla gyrated her hips above him, reveling in every wave of pleasure that shot through her petite body as Leo pinched each one of her erect nipples, grabbing her waist roughly with his other hand and rocking her body against his own as she whimpered.

She was close now.

The slight discomfort that was building in her cervix was causing a tension within the walls of her pussy. She gasped, her nails digging into the flesh of Leo’s chest as she rocked her hips harder, her lower body gyrating against his hands as she succumbed to the pleasure that exploded through her.

Leo came too then, gripping Layla’s breasts tightly and refusing to relent as both of their pain, stress, and worries mixed lucidly with pleasure – desperation acting as their driving force as they both relented themselves over to the euphoria.

"Starlet Layla Diamond was abducted last night from the St Vincent Medical Center, where she was admitted after an overdose. The suspect in question is this man –"

Dr. Sterling looked up as a sketch of a gruff but handsome man in his 40’s flashed across her television screen. She slid on her wire rim glasses, turning up the volume just as the news anchor, an attractive young Asian American woman, continued speaking.

"Who alleged to hospital employees that he was Layla’s fiancé. Sources say he could be armed and dangerous. If you have any information, please contact the Los Angeles Police Department as soon as possible. We’ll have more information on this case as it breaks."

Then, it cut to a commercial.

Dr. Sterling muted the TV, sighing deeply. What was it about the celebrities she worked with that seemed to constantly land them in these situations?

I should have never released her,
 she thought to herself.

Across town, Emily paced back and forth impatiently in front of Layla’s agent – a perplexed, stout looking man named Ronald Evans.

"Why is this happening?" she cried out, her heels making heavy contact with the granite floor.

"Why would he do this? Why now?"

She sat down on the modular leather couch beside Ronald, resting her head in her hands in frustration.

"Wait a second," Ronald interrupted just as the sketch of Leo popped up on the large flat screen TV in front of them once again.

"Emily," he urged. "Are you saying you know this man?"

Layla awoke, blinking back the sleep in her eyes as sun light poured through the large trees above her. She reached for Leo’s hand, turning his watch to face her and reading the time. It was almost six am. They had been out for nearly five hours.

I guess there’s a first time for everything
, Layla thought sullenly as she took in her surroundings, reaching for her clothing and pulling it on. Layla had done a lot of things in her twenty-three years of living but she could honestly say that having sex and sleeping on the side of an abandoned highway with a man she had only just met wasn’t one of them. She let out a deep breath, reaching into the pocket of Leo’s leather cut and pulling out his pack of cigarettes, lighting one as she sat beside him in matted grass. She took in every crevice of his sharp, angular face, reaching over to run her hand across his angular jaw line.

He was so handsome.


☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼


ey," Layla suddenly heard him whisper.

He opened his eyes, looking up at her with a smile.

BOOK: Save Me
3.96Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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