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"Honestly Layla," her mother sighed, her hands finding their way to her hips, "I just don't understand you. I don't understand how you can just –"

"What?" Layla spat back, her words slurring against each other. "Fuck it all up?"

Emily shrugged.

"You said it, not me." She replied evenly.

Finding a fix in some cities was as difficult as trying to find a needle in a haystack. But not LA. Layla had figured out where to find all her favorite drugs by the age of twelve. By thirteen, she was tangling between sheets with her dealers. And by fourteen, she was a full blown addict.

That was also when her career had began to take a turn for the worst. Not that she hadn't seen it coming. Child stars were ticking time bombs. The lucky ones, the ones who managed to claw their way from puberty unscathed, came out on top. The others were handled as damaged goods, cast aside the moment their expiration dates hit. Layla was teetering the age of fifteen when her agent first approached her about going to rehab.

"I'm coming to you first," Ronald had said, "before I go to Emily."

It was the ever looming threat that lured in constant rotation over Layla's head. Either she got it together on her own, or her mother would be called in to save the day.

As if she was capable of doing so anyway,
Layla thought bitterly.

She shrugged her shoulders, reaching forward to rearrange the glass shaped figurines that sat on Ronald’s desk. He was an odd but straight forward man who only had a few clients – all but one of them dejected child stars like Layla.

"I don't know what you are talking about," Layla finally said. "This is LA."

Her tone spoke for itself, saying what her mouth wouldn't. Off the top of Layla's head, she couldn't think of a single celebrity that didn't dabble with an addiction of some kind.

Ronald nodded slightly. It was what he disliked most about working with Layla. She possessed an uncanny gift that none of his other clients had. Nine times out of ten – she was right.

"Even so," he continued, clearing his throat, "you're not...handling this well."

He waved his hand over Layla's down trodden appearance.

"Clients are dropping you left and right. I can hardly get you on late night television."

Layla cringed. That part stung. It was widely known in Hollywood that late night television was an outlet for has beens and even worse than that – had not’s.

"What can I do?" Layla finally asked, surrendering.


He crossed his hands over his desk, pulling each one of his fingers before cracking his neck anxiously. Layla had seen him do this routine before. It had become his sort of ritual whenever he asked Layla to make an important career move – one he wasn't sure she'd follow through on.

"Okay," she finally said, "I’ll do it."


And so began the cycle. Layla bounced from one overpriced rehab facility to the next, never once stopping to consider the fact that she didn’t really
to change.

She looked up at Leo, her eyes sad.

"Just tell me." Layla whispered, light headed.

"Are you my father?"

Leo shook his head, swallowing hard as he looked at the beautiful young woman he had saved. The woman he had come to love. He felt sick to his stomach thinking back to what they had done, but even worse was that he didn't regret it. Not even a little bit.

What had his life come to?

"No." Leo whispered.

He made a promise to himself then. He'd let her go. He'd never see her again.

As long as she never know the truth.

Book two coming soon!

Is Leo
Layla's father? What secret is Layla's mother Emily hiding? Is the threat of danger over for Leo and the Disciples? And what happens when Chase, the clubs allusive Master of Arms, sets his sights on Layla?

You'll have to read to find out!

Abigail Stone is a small town girl from Kansas. She lives for the smell of rain, breaking in a pair of new cowboy boots, and dancing like no one is watching. Abigail has been reading Contemporary Romance since she was a teenager and has always had a soft spot for misunderstood bad boys. ‘Save Me’ is Abigail’s debut novel and the introduction book to her Disciples MC series. Be sure to sign up for her mailing list to receive FREE copies of her new releases! 
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 would like to express the utmost gratitude to the people who helped me make this book a reality. To everyone who provided me support, read my writing, offered constructive criticism, and allowed me to pick their brain for ideas. Thank you. I would also like to thank my editor, my husband, my sister and all of my friends. You all are incredible and this book would not be possible without all of you.

BOOK: Save Me
2.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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