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The Phoenix Boys


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This book is a work of pure fiction and any resemblance to any person, or persons or event is purely coincidental. All characters and story line come from the author’s imagination and are used fictitiously.




Photographer: Steven Brailey of Framed Foto Photography

Cover Model: Kyle Barnett

Edited by Kellie Montgomery






“I’m out boys I will catch you all later. I got me some action tonight” I grin at my brothers Rafe and Reeve. I’m off to see Laurie tonight we have been seeing each other for a few weeks now, she is fucking hot. Long dark brown hair, big blue eyes and a body that is simply stunning. We met at a nightclub one night and hit it off, she was out with a few friends but ditched them to take me home and we have been fucking since then. We haven’t put a label on us yet but I’m in no rush for that, we are just having fun at the moment.

“I need to get laid, dude. It’s been like three days since I have had any action. My dick will shrivel up and die if I don’t get some soon.” We all laugh at Reeve, he is the worst of us three Phoenix boys and that is saying something.

I snatch up my phone, keys and wallet from the kitchen bench and head for the door. I know that I should be feeling mega excited and horny to be seeing Laurie but something feels off with this meeting. I am meeting her at a pub tonight that she wants to try out; according to Laurie's friends they have amazing food there.

I jump in my BMW 1 Series F20 and head to Covey’s Tavern to meet Laurie. Linkin Park is playing through the car’s sound system. Their music usually calms me but my stomach is knotting with a bad feeling about tonight. Is Laurie going to break-up with me? Fuck, I hope not; she is a good lay. I park my car around the back of Shay’s and head for the door. It’s a quiet place to eat, which by the way, does not settle the knots in my stomach.

I walk in and glance around looking for Laurie; I see she isn’t here yet so I head for the bar. A cute blond is behind the bar and makes her way over to me.

“What can I get you, handsome?” She winks at me. God if I was single or maybe not in a kind of relationship.

“I will take whatever is on tap, please.” I wink back. She smiles and makes her way down to the other end of the bar to get my drink. I feel a hand slide over my shoulders and a warm body pulls in close to me. Just by the smell that hits me I know its Laurie because she always smells like lemons.

“Hey, babe.” I say, turning to face her as I spread my legs and pull her to stand between my thighs. Laurie's always had a thing for my thighs. They've become pretty toned since being the Inside Noise drummer; no better work out I have found.

“Have you been her long, Ry?” She asks me, while running her hands over my thighs. Doesn’t she know that my dick is getting hard by her just touching me? She should know this by now but then again maybe she does and that’s why she is doing it.

“I just got here. What do you want to drink?” I ask, as the barmaid brings me my drink. She winks at me and walks away but not before Laurie witnesses the wink.

“What the fuck was that? Ryder?” What the fuck? Where the hell did that come from? She has never shown an ounce of jealousy before tonight.

She has men drool over her all the fucking time but do I get all caveman like? Hell no, because she isn't my girlfriend. If she wants to leave me and fuck some random dude I wouldn’t stop her. Yeah it would sting if she left, but I don’t own her and she most certainly doesn’t fucking own me.

“What the fuck, Laurie? She gave me my drink and winked. It’s not like she stuck her tongue down my throat in front of you now, is it?” She steps back from me a little, taken aback by my come back. Fuck if she didn't ruin my good mood. I was going to get laid tonight, but I guess not now. She is about to open her mouth to say something but her phone rings and distracts her.

Thank fuck is all I'm thinking. She pulls her cell out of her bag and a huge smile crosses her face. What the hell? Is another guy calling her while she is on a date with me? She answers the call while not looking at me, anywhere but at me, actually. Does Laurie have a boyfriend? Or husband maybe?

“Hey… no, nothing important … really? Oh my God. Thank you. Yeah…Ok that’s cool. I will be there on the dot. Bye”


“Umm, Ry, I have to go. Something has come up and I really need to go sort this out, ok? Can we meet up one day during the week?” She looks at her feet and then brings her eyes up to meet mine. Is she really blowing me off in the middle of our date to go fuck some other dude? I know my eyes are bugging out of my head because she looks away sheepishly.

“Do you know what, Laurie? Fuck it. Go. Just go. Lose my number; I don’t need all of this bullshit drama. Go back to your husband or boyfriend or who the fuck ever was on the phone. I’m done.” I turn back to face the bar, leaving Laurie standing in a state of shock to my right. I take a pull of my beer and chance a look at her, she has tears in her eyes and by fuck it makes my chest hurt. I don’t like cheaters so if that’s what she is then this is over. Plain and simple.

She takes a deep breath and swipes the tears away that are now slowly running down her cheeks. “That was my sister on the phone, Ryder. She is moving here to live with me and…” She stops and looks shocked that she almost said something that I wasn’t supposed to know.  That’s got my interest piqued.

“Live with you and who, Laurie?” I raise one eyebrow at her. She pales right before my eyes and mutters ‘Oh fuck’ under her breath. I look at her face and follow her line of sight. There is a huge and I mean NFL sized huge, dude walking over to us. Fuck, where are my brothers when we need them probably out fucking some girls they picked up. She starts to shake and steps away from me. Who the fuck is this dude? I stand and place Laurie behind me with my arm.

“What in the fuck are you doing here, Laurie? You said you were going out with the girls tonight. Not out meeting this punk.” Punk?

“Who the fuck are you calling punk, asshole? Who the fuck are you?” I turn to Laurie who has full tears streaming down her face. “Who the fuck is he, Laurie?” Why do I get the feeling this is her man? I detest cheaters.

“Yeah, Laurie. Why don’t you tell him who I am? Because by the look on his face, he is as much in the dark as I am here.” I turn back to Laurie and step away so that I am facing the two of them. 

“He … he is my husband, Ry, I’m so sorry. I know that it doesn’t matter what my excuse is but Kevin is a Marine and is always on deployment and I get lonely. He arrived back three days ago. I was coming here tonight to end things with you” She says the last part in such a whisper I barely hear her.

What a fucking bitch to do this to me, knowing I hate cheaters.

“You bitch. You know how I feel. How could you do that to me?” I turn and point to her husband and say “To him, Laurie. What were you thinking? Then again, I guess you weren't” I know I am yelling now, since most people have stopped to watch what is happening. “You fucked me over. You’re worthless in my book, nothing but a common whore.” I turn to leave but stop myself and turn back to them. “You’re welcome to her dude. By fuck, I’m done with her.” I walk out of the pub and head for my car.

My phone starts ringing and when I reach for my back pocket and retrieve it, I see Reeve’s name on the screen and smile. I hear footsteps behind me as I answer the call.

“Yo, Rev what’s up…”I take a hard hit to the back of my head and fall to the ground I see three sets of feet standing over me before the hits start. I take a few punches to the head and I know that they are kicking me, with possibly big heavy work type boots. I try to reach for my cell but they kick my hand away. I can hear reeve calling my name from the phone as I black out.

Chapter 1




I'm sitting in the back room at Max Point after a gig, watching Rafe devour Lucy on the black leather sofa while Reeve and Skeet devour their typical blond in the far corner. If this was a year ago then I would be devouring a chick of my own, but I’m just not feeling the whole groupie thing anymore. It gets old, not remembering a chick's name or even remembering what she looks like after I banged her. I want what Rafe and Lucy have. They are connected way beyond just being physical with each other, their love runs deep and I want that. I never thought I would at this age but hey, shit happens that makes you rethink life. But I’m not going to go looking for it. I want it to just fall in my lap, to happen when I least expect it. But I want it all. I know Rafe was hurt badly by Lucy leaving him for a short time last year, but to be honest, seeing where they are now, as each other's Inside Noise; it seems that it was all worth it.

Giggles erupt from the blond with Reeve and Skeet and the sound makes my skin crawl. I finish the beer in my hand and stand up. Turning my ball cap backwards, I walk over to Rafe and kick his foot. “I’m going out front, I need a drink. I will see you guys at home”

“Hang on we will join you. Hop up, Snowflake.” I hold my hand out for Lucy to take to help her off my brother’s lap. I pull her towards me and she laughs; she knows what’s coming the thing with Lucy is she is simply amazing and she loves us Phoenix boys. She doesn’t take any shit from any of us and loves putting us in our places. I wrap my arms around her waist and hold her to me.

“You coming home with me tonight, Snowflake.” I say nuzzling her neck; I hear my brother growl. God I love baiting him, he is very possessive of Lucy but not in a super controlling manner. “Fuck, baby you smell so damn good” Lucy just laughs and pushing against my chest, smiles at me. Lucy has the whole natural beauty look going always has even from a young age. I think that even then Rafe knew she was his one.

“You, my, Little Ryder couldn’t handle all this.” She waves her hands all over her small body with a wink in my direction. Rafe comes to stand behind her and grips her hips, pulling her back into him. I wink at Lucy and she returns it with a smile.

“Little Ryder? There’s nothing little about me, Snowflake. Didn’t you know that the three of us are identical in the junk department?” I wiggle my eyebrows at her and head for the door. I can hear Lucy still laughing as I hit the end of the hallway leading out to the bar.

The music is pumping so hard I can feel it through my boots. The dance floor is packed, bodies bumping and grinding. Sweat and alcohol fill the air. It’s a typical Friday night. I see a few girls sitting at a booth and notice that they are wearing one of our band tees. I make my way over to the bar and signal Jax to pass me a beer.

Jackson Brody has surprised us all with the way he is with Lucy’s baby sister Tru. Even though there is an age gap of four years between them he treats her the way she should be treated and their relationship is a good one. I have known Tru all my life and now I see her as a little sister since Lucy and Rafe got together. She turns eighteen in a few weeks and I know that Lucy, the girls and Jax are throwing her a party at her parents’ house.  I watch as Jax heads my way with my beer in hand.

“Here ya go, dude. Fucking epic show tonight, man. You guys getting ready for my Tru’s party?” I nod my head and smile at him. He has put a lot of effort into the party for Tru and she deserves something big.

“Yep, it’s gonna be a blast, dude.” He smiles and walks away to see to the other customers.  I turn to face the crowd that’s filled Max Point. I see a few people that I know from our shows, a few chicks that follow us to most of our gigs. I see Milly and Mia selling our merchandise, which by the way, is doing really well, especially since Lucy came up with a few new slogans for the band. The ‘Groupie Slut’ tee is our most popular with the ladies; most girls who wear these are claiming that they have bagged us at one point in time but to be honest I have no clue if I have been with them, since I used to block so much out.

My eyes land on a brunette sitting by herself in a side booth she seems familiar to me like I have seen her before. Maybe she has been to one of our gigs. I can see that she has one full tattooed arm that stops at her wrist. Fuck, she is beautiful. She is playing with her phone and the light from the screen just illuminates her face. From what I can see she is wearing a tight ass tank top and jeans. I have to get a closer look. I turn and place my bottle on the bar and see that Rafe and Lucy have joined me; I was so captivated by this girl that I didn’t even notice them arrive. I remove my ball cap and I run my fingers through my hair before replacing it back on my head backwards and wink at Lucy as I turn for the girl's table.

I take two steps forward and another girl joins her making me stop in my tracks. They already look like they are having a heated conversation so I back track. Fuck, I don’t want any female drama. I have seen enough with Beck and Trinity to last me a lifetime, not to mention that ‘Bitch’ from a few years ago. She caused me a shit ton of pain after what she did, but I did hear on the grape vine that her husband left her shortly after. Oh well, Karma is indeed a bitch.

I head back to the bar and just people watch; I love it. Sometimes it helps to see what other people are going through to put your life into perspective. I had to see a therapist after my attack because I was jumpy as fuck. It took a while for me trust women after her. Now I only trust a handful of girls, but they are not after my heart so it easier to trust them. 

I see the hot brunette and her little friend are now talking and laughing with each other, so obviously they sorted their issues out. I swear I have seen these two girls before but I can’t place them. I rack my brain but nothing comes to me. I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn to see Jax offering me another beer I smile, nod and take the bottle.

“Ryder, why don’t you just go over and talk to her?” Lucy says next to me. I shrug and take a pull from my bottle. Lucy rubs my arm in a sympathetic way, she knows all about Laurie and her husband.

My brothers and Lucy finally sat down one night and talked about that shitty summer we all had. From marking Dad’s one-year anniversary of his lost battle with lung cancer to Dallas cheating on Lucy and her losing the baby and also my attack by Laurie’s husband and his friends. I think we all cried that night but I am and enough to say that fuck it felt good to get rid of some of my demons.

I know that Reeve will flat out right deny that he shed a tear, fucking pussy. I love my family and now Lucy and Tru are a part of that. If it wasn’t for my family and friends fuck knows what state of mind I would be in these days.

“I’m good, Luce. She seems to be having a good time anyways. Hey do you two recognize-her? I’m sure I have seen her before but don’t know where from” Both Rafe and Lucy turn to the back table again and take a good look. As if she senses that she is being watched she lifts her head and her eyes meet mine.  My spine straightens and I know hers does too. She shifts and grabs her bag while saying something to her friend, who turns to look at us over her shoulder.

They both hurry to get their things together and bolt for the door, I push off the bar and head their way. I run past Kyle at the door talking to my sister Ren and her date; I make a mental note to deal with that later. I hit the sidewalk and look to my left and right but they have vanished. Fuck, how did I lose them that quick?

“You ok, Ry?” My sister Ren asks.

“That was her”

“Her, who Ryder?  You’re not making sense bub” 

I make my way back to Rafe and Lucy thinking about the events of that evening. I looked for her for a good portion of the night but she just vanished, as did her friend. No one had seen her. My brothers kept telling me that I had drunk too much and just imagined her, but fuck that I felt her. I could still fell her on my lips all night no matter how much I drank. I remember this girl, in my dreams she haunts me. I've touched her, kissed her, felt her before, I just know it. She has to be the one from Mom's New Year's party. My mystery kiss and run women.

For two weeks after the party I found myself looking for her. Surely, if she came to my mom’s party then she would have had to know someone to get in, but out of all the guests I asked, no-one knew either her or her girlfriend. Both Brax and Nix looked into it for me but came up empty. We went to frat parties and did gigs all over like usual and again, I found myself scanning the crowds looking for my dark haired beauty with a tattooed sleeve. Fuck, girls with tattoos were sexy as fuck; I wonder if she has anymore on that delectable body of hers.

I return to Rafe and Lucy's sides with Ren hot on my heels. “What the fuck was that, Ry?” Lucy jumps in as soon as I get close enough. Rafe pulls her back slightly because he knows who the girl is, shit he helped me look for her.

“She was the girl I kissed at Mom’s New Year’s party. She left me fucking stunned, Luce, but she also left without telling me her name. And as you know we like a challenge, it’s in our blood” I wink at her.

Ren stands behind me with her hands on her hips and a You-Are-Gonna-Tell-Me-Everything look. Wow bossy big sisters. Ren’s date comes up behind her and kisses her neck but she brushes him off and clicks her fingers in front of my face. I can’t help but stare at this fucking dude. Doesn’t he know anything about family values? I clear my throat and the guy looks up at me and then Rafe, who is now standing beside me.

“Dude, what the fuck? You can’t just maul our sister in front of us. Back the fuck off!” I push him away from my sister and I see Kyle head our way. He pulls the dude off Ren and shoves him away.

“Stay the fuck away from, Ren. She is too damn good for you, fucker” Ok, I didn’t see that coming, it's very interesting though. I always thought Kyle was in a relationship since he has a son. Oh well, I will keep my eye on that.

“Just shut up everyone. Ryder, who the hell was that girl you ran after?” Asked a very pissed off Ren.

“She was the girl I kissed at Mom’s New Year’s Eve party” I look back to Rafe and he nods “I need to find her, bro.”












Chapter 2




Beep beep beep. Freaking alarm. I stretch over and turn it off before it wakes the most beautiful dark haired beauty I have ever laid eyes on, who is snuggled up against my side.  I brush the hair back off her eyes and kiss her forehead. I slide out of bed slowly careful not to wake her. I head for my new kitchen turn on the coffee machine, I needing my caffeine fix, especially after what Quinn informed me of last night. I know that I shouldn’t have taken it out on her but the information she shared with me pissed me off. How dare him, that fucking asshole Andy, thinking he can pull this shit on me and think I will just roll over and agree to everything he wants. Well, he can think a-fucking-gain.

I bend over and get out a bowl for cereal, I place the bowl, milk and cereal box on the kitchen table, then walk over to the fridge and lift the OJ from the door and placing it on the table. As I close the door I have the fright of my life, as my girl is standing behind the door rubbing her sleepy eyes.

“Good morning, baby. What would you like for breakfast?” I say, while kissing the top of her head. She is my world, my love and my heart.

“Cereal please, Mama. Can we go to the park if I eat all of my cereal?” I smile at my baby girl.

“I have to go into work, Demi. You are going to day care today while I’m at work, ok? I can see if Aunt Quinn has some time after she finishes work.” I send a text to Quinn while Demi eats her breakfast.

“Did you have a great day with Mrs. Dawson yesterday, baby girl?”

“Yeppers.” She goes back to shovelling Foot Loops into her mouth.

“Well that’s good, baby. I know Mrs. Dawson loves having you over at her place. She says that you enjoy playing in the garden with Peppy” That’s Mrs. Dawson’s dog, a pug I believe. Demi keeps asking for a dog but the way our life is at the moment it wouldn't be fair to the dog being locked up most of the day, since I work and no one is home to care for it.  Mrs. Dawson took an instant liking to Demi and I when we first arrived at the apartment. Her daughter was a teenager when she had her first son and his dad didn’t stick around either. Fucking men. 

I got pregnant with Demi when I was seventeen. My sister wasn’t very happy with me and we had a huge fight and said a lot of hurtful things and we haven’t been right since. I just wish that Mom and Dad were here to meet my four year old daughter. They both died in a car accident when I was twelve and my sister and I were shipped off to our grandparents, who didn’t want us by the way. As soon as my sister was old enough she took over guardianship and we moved here to LA. She tried her best with me but I was never good enough for her. She was always on my back to try harder, so you can imagine how she reacted when I came home one day and told her I was pregnant with Andy’s baby. She threw a shit fit and I ran away.

Not far, I might add. I ran to my best friend’s house and her parents Carolyn and Jason took me in. They helped me find a good OBGYN and were there when Demi was born. My sister was informed via text message and did come and visit a few times. She has had a rough life as well, but her issues were self-inflicted. She cheated on her husband a guy that I really liked him. He treated her well but the he was just like me when it came to my sister, never good enough.

BOOK: Ryder
13.79Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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