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Rough Riders

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Rough Riders


Jordan Silver


Copyright©2014 Alison Jordan

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Chapter 1

My girl is a pain in the ass, but she’s my
pain in the ass. Whatever she does or doesn’t
falls on me. I take full responsibility for her, because that’s who the fuck I

She’s young, just turned eighteen, I’m
twenty-six, a little older but nothing to cry about. Though to hear her father
tell it, I’m ready for the retirement home; but that’s for another time.

Right now I’m more concerned with the black
eye my woman is sporting. Now I’m a rational motherfucker, everybody knows
this, but for some reason, when it comes to Lydia, all fucking reason deserts

I’m holding onto calm by a thread, because I
don’t want to scare the fuck out of the teenage girl that’s looking at me with
tears in her eyes. Part of the reason for those tears is because she thinks I’m
be mad at her. If it weren’t for the black eye I
would be, but seeing her hurt negated any and all angry reprimands, or ass
whippings she had coming her way because of her disobedience.

I’ll just give her a good talking to after
I’ve dealt with the fucker responsible. “Babe, I said I’ll take care of it,
stop crying.” Along with everything else, my girl has perfect fucking timing.

Always, it’s when I’m either in the middle of
some shit, or somewhere where it’s
take a minute
to get to her. I think her little ass is trying to drive me crazy, but short of
attaching her to my ass and hauling her around with me, there’s nothing I can

“But he took my new vest.” She sniffled into
my chest as I held her closer and tried my best to calm her down. She was more
worried about her new fox than she was about her eye, fucking women.


“Tell me again from the beginning.” I wiped her tears away with my
fingers while she composed herself.

“Okay! I was walking back from window-shopping with the girls. I didn’t
realize that so much time had passed and it was starting to get dark out.”

“Why were you walking by yourself, why didn’t
they bring you back home?”

“Because they wanted to go somewhere else
after and I knew you’d be mad if I wasn’t home before dark, so I told them I
was fine to walk back alone. I didn’t think it was going to be that far, when
you took me there it didn’t seem that far even though we were on the bike.”

“Okay, go on.” Of course it was at least a
half an hour’s walk from the shopping district to my place, not a bad walk in
daylight, but no woman should be walking by herself anywhere that time of

was striving for patience and a peaceful end to the night, so I didn’t voice
that opinion. My girl can be a bit stubborn about what she calls my caveman
tendencies, if you know what I mean.

“So anyway, this guy comes up to me out of
nowhere when I got to the block with all the old Victorian buildings, you know
the ones I love so much.”

“Uh huh.”

“So he says ‘nice vest babe’; I thought he was just paying me a
compliment. So I just smiled and kept walking. Then I realized after a few
steps that he was following me real close, but before I could say anything he
tried to pull it off of me, so I fought him.”

“You fought him!”

“Well yeah, I liked my vest, why should I just let him take it? Plus, I
had the mace dad gave me a lifetime ago, but I didn’t have a chance to get to
it, because he punched me in the eye really hard, and knocked me to the

“Then he kicked me in the stomach, took my vest and just left. He
didn’t even run or anything.”

She seemed very affronted by that fact. “And you say he had a blonde
ponytail and one of those black ringed glass earrings in his ear?”


“Did he do anything
else, say anything else to you?” She had to think for a minute before

“No he didn’t say
anything else, the pig.”

“Was he alone or
were there others with him?”

“No, he was alone. Look
at my eye, how am I supposed to go to prom with a black eye? Do you think it
will be better in time?”

Not the fucking prom
again, I don’t
hear about that shit again, ever.
“The prom isn’t for a couple weeks yet babe, it should be fine.” She sniffed
and burrowed back into my chest.

“Alright, I’ll be back.”

“Travis where are you going?” She grabbed my shirt trying to keep me
there with her.

“To deal with this shit, when I get back we’re gonna talk about why you
were wearing that shit when I wasn’t with you.”

“See, I knew you would be mad, I shouldn’t have told you.”

“Pretty hard to hide the black eye babe. Now let me go talk to my


I let my anger show for the first time when I
left her to go give my boys their orders. They already knew that something was
up, because of the way I’d left in the middle of negotiations with this other
was sitting on a lot that I needed for my
new nightclub.

The guy had been stringing me along for
months, until I started squeezing him from other angles; now he wanted to talk.
I was in the middle of those talks when I got the call.

It only took the sound of her crying to
have me jumping up from the table and storming out of the meeting. Leaving
Jarvis, no doubt wondering about my sudden departure.

By the time she’d given me the whole story,
I’d been ready to kill a motherfucker, but first I needed to lay eyes on her,
make sure she was really okay.

Now that I’d seen her with my eyes and taken
care of her, I could turn to the business of putting a hurting on a


I gave my boys the rundown in a short precise fashion.

"I'm not even going to say one fucking word right now, you fucks
know what you have to do so do it. Anything less than perfection is
unacceptable and heads will roll, there will be motherfucking blood if you fuck
this shit up. Mount up."

I watched as my crew climbed on their Harleys
and revved up. Calling my girl over, I pulled her in close to me, after I
looked at her face again, where that clueless motherfucker had smacked her in
the eye.

I knew that fucking vest was gonna be
trouble, I told her hardheaded ass not to wear that shit unless she was on the
back of my bike, but she's a female, so she wanted to show off for her friends.

understood that shit, but it still made things difficult. I already had the
heat on my ass, on account of her father wasn't too happy about a twenty six
year old man fucking his eighteen year old daughter; so he's been using his
office as chief of the little rinky dink town next door to hassle me. What he
doesn't know, is that I owned half the fucking department in my town, and
I didn't own wasn't worth owning.

"Stay inside Lydia, I'll be back before you know it." I
kissed her bruised eye and patted her fine ass and thought that would be enough
for now;
was I kidding?

She wrapped herself around me, being careful of the muffler. I tongue fucked
her mouth, until we both needed air.

"Inside babe." I watched until she went back inside and
turned on the security, before following my guys.


I knew exactly who the asshole was from her
description. If it had been a kid, I'd probably have smacked him around a
little and given him a talking to, but I knew Wayne Potter, and he was a sick
fuck. I'm not sure if he knew she was my old lady or not, and at this point I
gave less than a fuck. He put hands on mine, he could've been the fucking guy
in the Vatican and he would still be going down.

It wasn't a small thing to fuck with my
crew, everybody knows that, but my Lydia was new to Cedar Grove. She's only
been living with me for a couple weeks. At first she'd been living at home and
sneaking out to see me, but her father found out and gave her an ultimatum. I
never gave her the chance to make a choice; I made it for her.

She told me that shit, and I was at his
door two hours later with my truck to take her and her shit home with me. And
the only reason it had taken me that long, is because I was in the middle of
something when she called me crying.

He'd tried stepping to me in his driveway,
but I'm no boy, so he stepped the fuck down. He was lucky I didn't knock his
fucking teeth out for talking shit to her, but she'd begged me not to do
anything to him. So I'd just simply told him she was mine to take. He didn't
like that, but what could he do? She was of age, she wanted me; I wanted her,
what the fuck!

Now he’s made it his life’s mission to fuck
with me, and the only reason I haven’t ended his stupid ass is because it would
hurt her. I need this new problem like I needed a hole in the head. I tried to
calm myself as we headed into town; I couldn’t kill the fuck outright, not with
all the other shit that was going down around me. But I’ll make sure he never
fucks with me and mine again.


I saw him as soon as we got to the docks;
that's where he hangs out like a fucking wharf rat. Wayne and I go way back.
Our fathers had beef since before we were born. Wayne liked to pop shit off
when we were younger, because I was more of the intellectual type, while my
older brother Jimmy was the bruiser.

He could never get the jump on me though,
because Timothy and Elaine Mallory didn't raise any pansy
I stayed stomping that ass all through junior high; until I discovered pussy
and said fuck the fighting shit, my face was too important.

"The fuck you want Mallory?" Now he knows better than to
spout off like that, but I guess he has to play the man for his boys.

I didn't answer him,
just walked up and clocked him in his fucking face.

"What the fuck man?" He wiped the blood from his face and
looked around at his guys, who had the good sense to stand the fuck down. They
knew the deal, even though they may wish it were different. I run this fucking
city, they're only here because of my largesse, piss me off and I'll scatter
to the wind. "Did you know she was

"Who man, what the fuck are you talking about?"

"The young girl
you jacked this evening?"

His eyes widened as
realization dawned on him.

"I can see from the look in your eyes that you didn't, that
might've just saved your life. You're a lefty right Wayne?" Again I didn't
wait for an answer, just took his arm and snapped it at the elbow. He squealed
like the little bitch that he is and dropped to the ground.

"You owe my girl a fox, I'll expect the six grand it cost me by
tomorrow this time."

I had to get home
and tend to my woman, make sure she was really alright, and read her the riot
act for disobeying me, but first I had to finish what I started. Just because I
couldn’t kill the stupid fuck didn’t mean I was
let him off that easy.

Chapter 2

When I got back to the house she was already asleep. She had school in
the morning, and although we lived together as a couple, I still made sure she
took school seriously. No slacking the fuck off.

I know her father was just waiting for any excuse to say ‘I told you
so’ and I wasn’t about to give the motherfucker the chance.


“I’m right here baby, go back to sleep, it’s late.” She rolled over and
got up to her knees giving me the once over before hopping out of bed.

She ran her hands over me, checking me over for bruises and shit. To
sidetrack her I picked her up and held her high above my head.

“Don’t you dare
Travis Mallory.” I grinned up at her stern expression; she’s so fucking

I like picking her up and tossing her in the air, making her squeal;
she's a tiny little thing but full of fire.

"You didn't get hurt, you’re sure? Let me see."

"Nah babe he never touched me." I let her fuss over me for a
while, since my knuckles were bruised.

After I'd fucked Wayne up, the brothers
had torn apart his little spot and put the fear of the Almighty in his boys. I
know he could be a vindictive shit who might think it was okay to hit back at
me, but I was sending the message loud and clear, that if that should happen,
he won't survive the showdown.

While the few brothers that were with me were
handling that little task, the rest of my crew was busy burning down his
father's luxury car dealership.

That was Wayne's baby; when he wasn't playing
wanna be gangster like a fucking five year old, he was running his old man's
car dealership, to which he was heir supreme.

That's why I'd told them not to fuck up,
couldn't have that shit coming back on us. I owned half the city yes, but that
didn't mean I could afford to be careless with something like this. I'm sure
his family had a few pawns in their pockets as well.

BOOK: Rough Riders
7.92Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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