Romance: Dystopian Post Apocalyptic Romance 5: The Alphas: The Alphas Attack (paranomal menage romance wmw) (2 page)

BOOK: Romance: Dystopian Post Apocalyptic Romance 5: The Alphas: The Alphas Attack (paranomal menage romance wmw)
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The whole way over Rita and Rebecca had been whispering to each other. Their superior hearing allowed them to speak below the normal threshold of normal human hearing keeping their conversation completely private. Everyone they passed stopped to stare after them but thankfully no one approached them.

“Why are they staring?” Rita said so that Matt could hear.

“Because you’re new,” he said. “And because you’re taller than every other woman in this village.” He kept the part about them both being supernaturally gorgeous to himself and hoped they couldn’t read minds.

The house was small compared to some of the others. That and its being located near the back of the village were the reasons it was unoccupied. Matt unloaded a bag of food on the table. They had a can of beans, a can of tuna, and some buns that one of the women in the village had baked the day before.

“The taps work so there’s water,” Matt said. “You can have that shower, if you want, or you can eat.”

“Why don’t you help us find the shower?” Rita said, adding a note of seduction to her voice.

Matt nodded, dismissing her sexy tone of voice as wishful thinking on his part, and led the way deeper into the house. The bathroom was the second door he tried. “I can go find towels,” he said. “Help yourself to whatever you find in here.”

The linen closet was also easy to find and Matt was surprised that it hadn’t been picked over yet.  He collected towels and washcloths and brought them back to the bathroom. The door was ajar so he nudged it open as he said, “We got lucky, no one scavenged the towels from …”

Both sisters were completely naked. Without the days-old clothing they were even more beautiful. Their skin was smooth, their stomachs were gently defined with lean muscle, and their arms and legs were long and graceful. Rebecca was fussing with the water, adjusting the temperature, her perfect, full ass clearly on display, while Rita combed her hair in front of the mirror.

“I’m sorry,” he said and took a step back towards the door.

“Don’t be sorry,” Rita said, turning to give him a clear view of her front. Her breasts were  average sized but perky and he could see steely muscles under her silky skin. “Aren’t you joining us?”

Just being in the room with them was getting him aroused and the idea of climbing into a shower that was roomy for one and comfortable for two with two beautiful women whom he barely knew was more than enough to get him hard and set his imagination racing.

“You’re sisters,” he said.

“Yeah,” Rebecca said. “But we’ve done this sort of thing before. We like it.”

And that took his imagination to a whole new level of dirty.

Rita set the comb down and reached for him, pulling him into the room. “Close the door, it will keep the warm air in.”

“Rita, leave him alone. Maybe he doesn’t want to shower with us.”

Matt dropped the towels on the floor and tried to kick his shoes off at the same time he was trying to pull his shirt over his head. He wobbled but stayed upright and moved on to his pants even as his shirt hit the floor. Both girls were laughing but it was a delightful sound, not a teasing one. Rebecca pulled the tab on the tap and the shower turned on.

She stepped under the hot spray and sighed. “I think it’s been two weeks since I’ve felt hot water.”

“Oh, that sounds delightful,” Rita said and stepped in behind her sister.

For a moment Matt stood frozen, watching as they giggled and tried to fit both of their long elegant bodies under the narrow spray.

Rebecca glanced over Rita’s shoulder but Matt hadn’t started moving again. She grabbed the soap and started rubbing it all over her sister. “Here, Rita, let me help you,” she said.

Rita sighed. “Oh, that feels so good,” she moaned in her best, over-the-top porn star voice.

Rebecca ran her hands over her sister’s breasts, the water and soap making it easy to slide skin over skin.

“Oh Matt, could you get my back,” Rita said.

Matt jolted out of his reverie and finished stripping. He stepped into the tub but there wasn’t room for him under the water. Rita offered him the soap and turned her back to him. He stared shamelessly at her round ass while he carefully soaped her back.

“Now do me,” Rebecca said. They swapped places and Rita rinsed the soap off while Matt rubbed down Rebecca. Then Rebecca turned. “And my front.”

Matt paused.

Rebecca batted her eyes at him, “Please, Matt.”

He nodded and rubbed her shoulders and then her stomach, carefully avoiding her perfect tits. His eyes did not avoid them however and he was very aware that the cool air on her wet skin was making her nipples harden, and that was making something else hard in spite of the cold air.

“You can wash all of me,” she said. “It would feel so good to be clean again.”

He nodded and delicately ran the soap over one breast. Rita reached around her sister and took Matt’s wrist. “Like this,” she said. She guided Matt’s hand in slow circles over each of Rebecca’s breasts. Matt could feel his heart pounding.

“Yes,” Rebecca said. “Like that. That feels so good. Wash all of me like that.”

Rita let go of Matt’s wrists and he continued to lather Rebecca, taking the time to make sure she was good and soapy. He moved down the light muscles of her stomach and dropped the soap.

Rita’s fingers were just visible between Rebecca’s legs and from the way she was moving, and the way Rebecca was leaning back against her sister and moaning, Matt had to assume that those fingers were somewhere warm and wet and very private.

“You two have really done this before? With each other?”

Rita nodded. “Yeah, we’ve always been close.”

“I need to rinse off,” Rebecca said. The two girls traded places again.

“You must be getting cold,” Rita said. “Get in closer to the water. Too bad there isn’t a hot tub. Hot tubs are a lot easier than showers.”

“I don’t mind,” Matt said. “I’m hardly wet so the cold isn’t so bad.”

“Don’t be silly. Come here.” Some careful sidestepping placed him between the two girls and a nudge from Rita had him half under the spray with Rebecca.

There wasn’t much room in the shower and Matt’s suddenly wet body brushed against Rebecca’s. “Sorry,” he muttered.

“My turn,” Rebecca said. She took the soap from his hand and began rubbing it over his chest. Her touch was firm, like a massage, and he relaxed, only to tense up again when she started lathering the hair around the base of his cock.

“I can do that,” he said.

“He still doesn’t get it,” Rita said. She stepped in close to them and grabbed his cock. “We want to touch you, Matt, and we want you to touch us. Okay? You can leave, you won’t offend us, but we’d really like it if you’d stay.”

He nodded.

“Good, now turn so Rebecca can do your back.”

“That’s not fair,” Rebecca pouted.

“You’ll have a turn, I won’t do anything silly.”

Matt was confused by the exchange but with Rita insistently tugging on his arm he turned and Rebecca started the soapy back massage. Rita winked at him and dropped to her knees. Before Matt could protest she had her full, pouty lips wrapped around his cock about halfway down the shaft.

He groaned. It had been over two months since he’d had anything besides his own hand, and lube wasn’t high on the scavenging lists, so the frequent masturbation had left him tender and over-sensitive.

Her tongue felt amazing. As his mind searched from some coherent description of the sensations that were overwhelming him Rebecca nibbled at his ear and whispered, “Save some of that for me.”

He nodded and tried to stay calm but Rita was working her way further onto his cock. He grabbed a handful of hair and guided her along. His cock brushed the back of her throat and he shuddered. Too quickly she pulled back, exposing him to the cool air. He tried to pull her back but she stood.

“He wants it bad,” she said. “You’d better come get a taste while you can.”

Rita slid back as Rebecca stepped around him and dropped to her knees. She was more playful, using her tongue to tease him from base to tip while she massaged his balls. Finally she took him in her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head. When she started lapping at the underside of his cock without opening her mouth he shuddered again.

She pulled back, kissed him right on the tip, and said, “You’re right. Poor guy.”

“Did you want to?”

“Oh hell yes.”

Suddenly they were moving just fast enough to set his head spinning. The water was shut off and both girls hopped out of the shower. They giggled and shivered. “Are you coming?” Rita said.

Rebecca tugged on his arm and he stepped out of the tub. They scrambled naked down the hallway to the master bedroom where the girls nudged and cajoled him up onto the bed.

Without a word they crawled up on either side of him and began kissing and stroking his chest, stomach, and cock. Whatever calm he had recovered was quickly shattered again and he was soon breathing hard.

Giggling Rebecca crawled higher up the bed and straddled his face, as if getting ready for 69. “Are you ready?” she said.

He nodded and she lowered her pussy against his mouth. He started sucking and licking his hands looking for a grip on her hips and legs. She tipped her head back and moaned.

“That looks like fun,” Rita said. “Is there room for two on this ride?” She straddled his hips and rubbed up against his rigid cock. He nodded, still eagerly delving his tongue deep into Rebecca’s pussy.

“I think that was a yes,” Rebecca said breathlessly. “Oh, he’s really good at this. Come here, I want to touch you.”

Matt couldn’t see much but he could feel Rita shifting her weight and then a warm, soft hand was guiding him into her pussy. He groaned.

“I’ll say,” Rita said. “He’s amazing. She swivelled her hips and turned some of her attention to her sister who was still trying to touch her breasts.

Rebecca knew all her sister’s hotspots and it didn’t take her long to have her twin panting and moaning, which was a good thing because the situation was just too much for Matt to handle and he hit his peak, blowing his load deep inside Rita.

“Oh hell yes,” she said, and then she too climaxed, squeezing Matt’s cock as he shuddered through the longest, hardest, cum-release he’d ever experienced.

It was another minute or two before Rebecca tossed her head back and shouted, “Oh yes, right there, right there!”

Matt kept licking as her juices started running fast and hot. When they had collapsed on the bed on either side of him, panting, he wiped his face. “Who’s up for a quick shower?” he said.



They were at the table, wrapped in towels, eating dry tuna on buns, when Damian walked in. He took in the situation in a single glance and fought to keep his smile in check. It was a fight he won, thankfully, and he strode across the living room, blocking the kitchen doorway before any of them could escape the room. Since Rebecca or Rita or both could easily have bolted in the time it took him to cross the room he assumed they wanted to hear what he had to say.

“A decision has been made. Finish eating and get dressed, you all have a lot of work to do. Matt you will be helping to fortify the front gate. Ladies you will be helping to finish the wall under the supervision of Ryan and Sean.”

“That’s a lot of responsibility for two Alphas you hardly know,” Matt said.

“If either one of them tries anything even remotely suspicious they will
be shot, on the spot, no questions, and no second chances. And if you think for a moment that I’m bluffing, or that either of them will hesitate to carry out their orders, you’re thinking wrong. Ryan and Sean are waiting outside. I suggest you hurry and get dressed.”

When Damian was gone Matt said, “He can’t do that. This isn’t a prison! This isn’t a dictatorship.”

Rita laid a hand over his. “Matt, it’s okay. We’re not going to break any rules so we’ll be fine. Damian is trying to keep everyone here safe. He’s right not to trust us yet. We’ll work hard and we’ll prove ourselves to him. Let’s not keep them waiting.”

The house had belonged to a middle-aged couple so the clothes weren’t quite the right size for Rita and Rebecca but they were clean and newer and sturdy so they got dressed without complaint. Matt threw his own clothes back on and went outside while the girls were still getting ready. Ryan and Sean were waiting on the front steps.

“So, do you have your head on straight now?” Ryan said.

“Easy for you two to say. You’ve been fucking Pauline for weeks!”

Sean stepped away from the wall. “You’d better watch your mouth, boy.”

Ryan blocked Sean with an arm. “Hey, he’s got a point. He’s been watching the rest of us pair off ever since we left Bismark.”

“What the hell does that have to do with anything?”

“Could you imagine if Pauline chose me and not you, not us? How well would you be doing all alone, no emotional support, no sexual release? How jealous would you be after watching everyone around you getting lucky while you’re not getting any?”

“Fine,” Sean said. “But he watches his mouth or I’ll still blacken his eyes.”

Matt nodded. “Are you really going to shoot them?”

“Are they going to be a problem?” Sean said, his hand going to his gun.

“Enough Sean. They’re coming?”

Matt nodded.

“Then you should get going. We’ll take care of your little girlfriends.”

“They’re not so little,” Matt said but he started walking.


Damian had called everyone off their other duties, with the exception of Sue who kept the children out from under foot. The older kids and the teens were put to work making food while everyone else was assigned a stretch of wall to build or to moving materials. Doors were pulled off of sheds and laundry rooms and closets.  Fences were pulled down.

The girls weren’t much stronger than the men they were working with but they were much faster so Damian switched them to moving materials until that job was done and then put them back on building. By supper time the villagers had done as much work as the work teams had managed in three days, and the girls had done another five days’ worth of work between them.  All that was left was a stretch of fence less than a quarter mile long.

Everyone was tiring so Damian called everyone to the gate to eat. “We won’t be ready,” Anne whispered to Damian. “They’re too tired, they can’t work anymore today.”

“We can,” Rebecca said. “Sorry, for intruding, it’s hard not to hear sometimes.”

“We’ll finish the fence,” Rita said.

Damian looked at the two women and nodded. “Get it done.”

BOOK: Romance: Dystopian Post Apocalyptic Romance 5: The Alphas: The Alphas Attack (paranomal menage romance wmw)
4.1Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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