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“You ready?” he asked wearing that sexy, devilish grin.

“More than ready,” I replied still rubbing myself and holding just shy of orgasm.

“I doubt it, little girl,” he said and let my body fall to the bed. James grabbed his shaft after spitting on his hand. After he had himself all wet and slippery, he began pushing into me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled James into me. I sighed as his hard cock impaled me. Oh fuck, that felt good. James took my hips in his hands, his rough, calloused fingers digging into me, and began to thrust his cock into me. I could barely touch myself now without tumbling over the edge. I was all but hyperventilating as I waited for some signal that I could indulge myself. James seemed to be enjoying my torment.

“Just fucking let me come,” I demanded. James laughed and pushed my hand away and sank a finger into my sopping wet tunnel. He pulled it free and sucked my juices from his finger. “What about me?” I asked. James pushed his finger back into me and brought it out glistening with my juices. He offered it to me and I took his wrist in my hands and greedily sucked my own tart liquid from his finger. After I was finished, James took my hips in his hands again and began violently to thrust into me. I began to shriek and I grabbed the pillow under my head and squeezed.

“Do it! Come for me, little girl,” James told me but I knew he wasn’t inviting me to bring myself off. I was on the edge and I could almost climax with only the anal sensations but I wanted to sink about three fingers into myself, rub my clit roughly and simply explode. I bucked my hips hoping to slip over the edge but I couldn’t. Dammit! I pinched my nipples and sucked on my fingers. I was caught up in the excitement and desperate to climax. “What’s the matter? Can’t come?” James asked as he hammered away.

“You beautiful bastard,” I managed to say. James laughed. He loved being in control and frankly, that’s how I preferred it. How could anything feel this good and not send me into wild, delicious convulsions? How could I be this worked up and not erupt with pleasure? James, however, wasn’t ready to oblige me. Instead, he spanked my pussy. I cried out and glared up at James. “Fucker!” I told him, unable to control my language now. James spanked my bare, glistening mound again.

“Flattery will get you nowhere, little girl,” James teased. I was desperate and James enjoyed my predicament. I sobbed with pleasure unable to come and James watched the show with amusement. He spanked my pussy again but this time he left his hand against my puffy folds. He began to massage my mound slowly and I was dangerously close to losing my mind.

“Dammit! Just do it!” I demanded. For a moment, I thought James would continue to tease me but I think he wanted to see me come as badly as I wanted to do it. James slipped his middle and ring finger into me and began caressing that special spot inside. My entire body went rigid and I was sure I was going to pass out before I could climax. However, just as the intolerable sensations become too much, I climaxed. I screamed as I pinched my nipples and the pleasure washed over me.

Every fiber of my being was engaged as my body tingled and spasmed. I couldn’t find my breath as the orgasm raged within. James’ cock stretched my ass wide and sent amazing shock waves of pleasure up my spine. His fingers did wondrous things inside of me, setting my nerves on fire. I shrieked and wailed as my hips bucked and my muscles contracted. Suddenly, I felt as if I might explode. I writhed and then erupted. I covered James and myself in my feminine ejaculate, screaming my head off as I did. That seemed to drive James wild. His thrusts became even more intense.

I came back to myself, still blissfully caught up in seemingly endless orgasms. James was bearing down, delaying the inevitable as long as he could. I watched as the sexy, rock star with the cinnamon hair, scraggly beard, and golden brown eyes, drove towards his own release. “Come for me, James. Come all over me,” I begged. James looked into my eyes. The need and desire in them was palpable. James, however, managed to shift into overdrive. My body shook with his vicious thrusts. Another wild climax ravaged me as James savagely pounded me. Suddenly, he pulled from me and growled.

James barely got his hand around his shaft as he exploded. His thick, hot orgasm reached all the way to my breasts. More and more of his orgasm covered my stomach, the last of it covering my quivering mound. As James oozed all over me, he roared and then relaxed. He all but fell on top of me, catching himself with his powerful arms as his lips met mine. I wrapped him up in my arms and legs as we kissed as his still hard shaft was pinned between us.

“Damn, I love getting fucked by a rock star,” I said as James lifted his head to catch his breath.

“What can I say? I am pretty fucking awesome,” James joked. I laughed.

“Yes, you are. Even if you do say so yourself,” I replied.

“You’re pretty good yourself. I can’t enough of you, you know that?” he told me.

“I know,” I replied brazenly. James laughed as he rolled off of me and onto his back. I curled up next to him and laid my head on his broad chest. “You know, I feel so much better. I can hardly believe this is all over with,” I said.

“I know. I feel that way too. Vicky doesn’t have any power over us anymore. She might retaliate, but I doubt it. She’s got her own problems to deal with,” James assured me. I knew he was right but it would be a little while before I stopped waiting for the other shoe to drop. Part of me wanted to confront Vicky but that wasn’t going to accomplish anything. It was a petty, all be it satisfying, thought. “Two more nights,” James told me but I wasn’t sure what he meant.

“Two more nights?” I asked.

“I’ll be free. Honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to this tour. I want to move on and this and the last album I was obligated to make was holding me back. Two more shows and I’m done now. No next album, no more shows, nothing,” James said.

“Are you retiring? I asked as I sat up and looked at James concerned this had taken his enthusiasm of his music away.

“No. I guess I mean I’m finished working for someone else. Next time it will be on my terms,” James explained.

“Oh, you scared me,” I said.

“Don’t worry. I’ve got a lot more music in me. Now I can do it my way,” James said and then added, “You know, I’m kind of looking forward to these last two shows. I think Saturday will be special.” He was referring to the last show scheduled for the night after next. I was glad James seemed to have found his love for what he did again. Vicky was sucking the life out of both of us and only now, in retrospect, did I realize how much of an effect she had on us.

I was looking forward to these shows too. Not only was it my last chance for a while to see James perform in front of his fans, but I was looking beyond. There waited a place that was all ours, James and I. A new life just for us to live as we chose. It was rather exciting. Nevertheless, we had two shows to get through and I wasn’t going to watch from a skybox. I was going to watch from the floor and I told James so.

“I wouldn’t want it any other way, little girl,” James said. I knew I’d have to have Josie and Anna with me. This was going to be amazing but I had no idea what was coming. James was right, Saturday’s show was destined to be special. That show would change everything.





Josie, Anna and I were front and center as Battery began their last show of this tour. The Staples Center was on fire the previous night but it was nothing compared with this show. The arena was packed and the crowd was in a frenzy. They sensed they were about to see something special. Things were already turning around. Roland Talent under Peter’s leadership had already lured several former clients back to the fold and Emma’s former employer was dealing fairly with him on restructuring contracts that had been signed while Vicky and Emma were in control.

The stock price had become meaningless. James, Battery and our friends held nearly all of it and though it represented a major investment, the prospect of seeing significant returns was looking up. Vinnie and Christie both agreed to open for Battery at this last show. It was odd to see a pop diva open for a heavy metal band, but Christie put on one heck of a show. Her brand of pop music used to be more my style, and I still enjoyed it, but I had fallen in love with Battery’s music. Maybe I was biased. In any case, the heavy metal fans appreciated her showmanship and many of the fans enjoyed her skimpy outfits even more.

After Christie set the Staples Center on fire, Vinnie, the Mad Rocker, fanned the flames. His music was more the crowd’s style and his brand of wild antics on stage drove the fans crazy. Vinnie was almost fifty but he bounded around the stage like a teenager. By the time Battery took the stage, the crowd was on its feet and wouldn’t accept anything less than the hottest rock band on the planet putting on a show for the ages. However, they were in for a surprise that even I didn’t expect.

James and Battery left it all on the stage that night. There was a fierce power I’d never heard. It wasn’t anger or angst. It was an elation, a freedom, and though it was James that felt it most keenly, the rest of the band followed his lead. The four members of the band played like the young men I’d only seen in pictures back in James’ office. James roared and wailed as his guitar pumped out a steady rhythm. Tommy’s guitar sang as I’d never heard before. Chad’s bass playing was like a beating heart driving the music. Benny was a magician on the drums.

Josie, Anna and I jumped and screamed like teenage girls. We, like the rest of the crowd whether they stood with us at the foot of the stage or danced in the seat up near the roof, were a part of the show. The pounding metal drove the crowd and in turn, our energy drove the band to even greater heights. It was a special night but it was about to become extraordinary. The end of the concert approached and the lights went down. “Destroyed” was up next, always my favorite part of the show.

Tonight, however, James sang the acoustic version, my version, without the usual sorrowful edge. The song had a subtle optimism that wasn’t normally there. As James approached the critical lyrics that I’d found scrawled on a cocktail napkin framed in his office, they never came. Instead, James sang different lyrics and they took a moment to sink in.


She occupies my mind, a partner, a lover, a friend.

Even before she came to me, this song for her I penned.

Together we have overcome and together we shall ascend.

Simone, I love you and my hand to you I extend.


“Little girl, will you marry me,” James said as the song came to an abrupt end. He set his guitar down on the stage and came to me. The crowd went still as a spotlight found me below the stage. James came to me and knelt as he extended a hand. In it, he held a ring. I looked up at him and then at Josie and Anna in turn. I could tell both of them knew this was coming and each assured me this was for real. I stood dumbfounded as James extended his other hand and the crowd began to catch on and began to cheer. I felt as if I might burst but I took James’ hand as he got to his feet.

“Both hands,” he said. I wrapped my other hand around his wrist and James pulled me up and onto the stage as If I were a child. He set me down and my knees almost buckled. I looked up at him and James asked, “So will you?” so only I could hear. I was a little jealous of Josie when Tommy whisked her off to Vegas and they got married. I wanted that. I wanted to escape the drama that enveloped James and I. However, this was far better.

“Yes!” I said and hugged James. The crowd went nuts and James wrapped me in his arms. Chad took James’ microphone from its stand and brought it to him. James took it as I let go of him and stood next to him.

“What was that?” he asked me and held the microphone for me. I looked at him and then the crowd. Josie was crying and Anna wore a smile from ear to ear.

“Yes, of course I’ll marry you,” I said and the crowd erupted again. What a perfect end to an amazing show. Or so I thought. James had another surprise for me.

“Will you do it here and now?” he asked. I stared at him. I forgot about the crowd.

“What?” I asked quietly.

“Marry me, right now. I love you, Simone and I don’t want to live another day without you as my wife,” James told me. The crowd was quiet again.

“But…,” was all I could say. The crowd was becoming impatient and then began to chant, “I do, I do, I do.” “Did you put them up to that?” I asked as I pushed the microphone away.

“No, I swear,” James said and looked around as amazed as I was. I hadn’t expected this. I couldn’t stand this man when I first met him but he wouldn’t give up and I came to love him. We’d been through a lot together and James and I had come out of it stronger than we were before. This wasn’t how I imagined my wedding but honestly, this wasn’t how I had envisioned my life. I’d always imagined a normal life. Life with James was anything but normal, however, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I loved him with all my heart and saying no at this point didn’t make any sense.

I grabbed the microphone and turned the crowd, “You want to see a wedding?” The fans went wild. I turned and hugged James and said so only he could hear, though with the crowd screaming I could barely hear myself, “I love you. I can’t wait to be Mrs. James Turner. If I’m going to be the wife of a rock star, I might as well get married like one.”

James hugged me, lifting my feet off the stage. I was in a sexy leather outfit, a sleeveless shirt with a revealing mesh panel in front, a tiny skirt and high-heeled boots with black nylons underneath. I guess black leather was as good as anything was if you were going to get married at a rock concert. Chad and Tommy pulled Anna and Josie on stage as a man came out to marry us in black slacks, a gray, tweed jacket with the telltale white collar. The band lined up next to James while Josie and Anna stood with me. Vinnie and his band along with Christie and her fleet of dancers stood around us. The crowd quieted and the minister began the ceremony.

BOOK: Rock Hard Bliss - the Finale
4.12Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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