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“Dearly beloved, friends and fans,” he said and the crowd went nuts. After a few minutes, they quieted again as the minister went on and before I knew it, James and I both said, “I do.” It wasn’t fancy or wordy but it was all that was called for at a rock concert. The minister said some words, most of which were lost on me as my head tried to grasp what was happening. I was shaking as James slipped the ring around my finger. Finally, the minister pronounced us Man and Wife. The crowd cheered as the wedding was completed. I turned with James to face them, my hand in his, and I saw several female fans crying. Then I noticed Helen and Dana, the lesbian lovers I’d met all those weeks ago and that gave Benny a night he’d probably never forget.

I let James hand go, walked over and asked, “What are you two doing here?”

“Benny flew us out,” Helen said.

“Congratulations, Simone,” Dana offered.

“Get your asses up here,” I said and helped them climb onto the stage. “Look who’s here,” I told James but he already knew.

“Girls,” he greeted them and then turned to me, “Step aside, Mrs. Turner. You’re husband has to go to work.” I kissed James again and took Helen and Dana to the side as James found his electric guitar and the rest of the band took their places.

“Thank you for sharing this with us. Now, are you ready to rock and fucking roll?” James asked the crowd and they went wild. For the next hour, Battery treated their fans to a special treat. Christie and Vinnie joined in and it was strange seeing the pop diva sing metal but she was amazing. The three wives of the band, which now included me, and Benny’s two friends had a ball dancing with the band and some of Christie’s back up dancers. This was indeed a special show and as eager as I was to be alone with James, I didn’t want this to end.

“You ready to go?” Josie shouted so she could be heard over the music and the crowd.

“Go?” I asked. I was confused. Why would we leave?

“We have a nude reception to attend. You’ve got guests to entertain,” Josie said. I stared at her.

“I’m going to kill every single one of you. How did you pull this off?” I asked as Anna joined us.

“Wouldn’t you like to know? C’mon, there’s a limo waiting. James and the band will be right behind us,” Anna said. She caught James’ eye and he nodded as he played and sang. I blew him a kiss and he shot me a devilish grin. The five of us, Josie, Anna, Helen, Dana and I, sneaked off stage leaving the band and the crowd behind. We wound our way under the stadium and to a waiting limousine. Once inside, the entire evening and the surprise events finally hit me. I began to cry.

“What’s the matter,” Josie asked,

“Nothing. I love you guys. This is just so amazing,” I said feeling foolish but unable to stop sobbing. Josie hugged me and Anna rubbed my back.

“Are we really going to party naked?” Dana asked. I looked up and wiped away the tears.

“That’s the rule,” I told her. Dana looked at Helen and then both squealed.

“This is so cool!” Helen said. I smiled. I composed myself as we drove to Malibu and by the time we arrived, I was excited to celebrate my sudden wedding. We found the front gates open and the drive clogged with vehicles. I was expecting a small, intimate gathering but this looked to be a big party. We exited the limo and went inside. The house was empty but beyond, the pool area was jam packed with naked people. I looked at my companions and found Josie and Anna already stripping. Helen, Dana and I looked at one another and then joined them. The five of us went to join the party.





I recognized about half the people milling around the pool, soaking in the hot tub and generally just enjoying the late night air. There were celebrities, actors, singers and even a local news anchor. Others like Ernest, James’ lawyer, and Peter and his wife, surprised me. Everyone was naked. I made the rounds, only slightly self-conscious at being completely nude amongst the crowd. I was hugged by men and women alike, many I had never met, our nude bodies pressing together. I found Monica from James’ steak house along with her husband too. I guess she was getting the celebratory party James promised her. The scene was slightly surreal. Finally, James and then band arrived with Vinnie and Christie in tow.

“Mrs. Turner!” he shouted as he walked out tugging off his last boot. I turned and saw him coming to me. As he approached, he didn’t stop, gathered me up into his arms and we both tumbled into the pool. I came up to the surface laughing as James bobbed next to me.

“You’re crazy, you know that?” I told him. James was simply beaming.

“And now you’re legally attached to me. What does that say about you?” he replied. I smiled and rolled my eyes.

“That was pretty awesome, you know,” I told him referring to the surprise wedding.

“I thought you might like that. Besides, I didn’t want to give you time to reconsider,” he joked.

“I’m stuck now,” I said. James took my hand and we exited his pool.

“Everyone, I’d like to introduce my new wife, Simone Turner,” James said and the crowd applauded. Christie stood near the back door with a microphone in her hand.

“You people ready to party?” she shouted. The guests cheered and Christie broke into song, dancing and strutting as if she was in concert except she was completely nude and amazingly beautiful. I imagined I was witnessing the fantasy of millions of adolescent boys as one of the world’s premier pop divas shook her thing in the buff at my wedding reception. James took me around and introduced me to some of the guests. At one point, I wondered if the neighbors would tolerate the noise, but it wasn’t long before I realized most of them were at the reception. That was one way to keep the neighbors from complaining, I supposed.

“And this is Barbara, my favorite neighbor,” James said introducing me to an older woman with straight, dirty blonde hair and a pronounced, if not famous, nose.

“Nice to meet you finally, sweetie. This young man gives you any trouble, you tell me and I’ll bust his balls,” Barbara said in her famous nasally voice and then she hugged me.

“Nice to meet you too,” I replied. Barbara smiled and wandered off to mingle. “Your neighbor is that Barbara?” I asked James.

“You mean our neighbor and yeah. I thought you knew that,” James said. I didn’t. Wow! My mom used to listen to her albums for hours on end and had seen Barbara in concert several times. She would lose her mind when she found out and she might even rethink her position concerning her son-in-law, that is once I told her she had a son-in-law. I tried not to let that thought linger but I couldn’t help but wondering how that conversation might go.

We partied into the wee hours and after a while, I hardly noticed anyone was nude. I couldn’t have planned a better wedding. More conventional sure, but not better. I mean, how many girls not only got to marry a rock star but married him on stage and then partied nude afterward with celebrities and good friends? Not many, I was sure. Christie was still singing and dancing and at one point Barbara joined her. Helen and Dana walked around star struck but they assured me they were having a blast. They asked me if they thought Benny would enjoy another night with them. I assured them he would.

I was enjoying the party and the guests but it was time. James and I had our own party to attend alone upstairs. I said goodnight to Josie and Anna and thanked them for helping plan this.

“It was so much fun and seeing the look on your face was so worth it,” Josie told me.

“That was classic,” Anna added and then mocked the look I had on my face with her own, her mouth agape and her eyes opened wide. I couldn’t help but giggle.

“We’ll hold down the fort. You go get your husband and rock his world,” Josie told me. I giggled again.

“Don’t worry, I plan to,” I said. We all hugged and then I made the rounds with the band, Vinnie and then joined Christie who was going on hour three of singing and dancing. She was a machine. As I danced with Christie, James noticed and got that look in his eye. I know what he was thinking. Apparently, so did Christie. James came over and watched as Christie and I danced nude.

“You wish, metal head. I might do this cutie, but you’re out of luck,” Christie joked. James laughed and Christie spanked my ass, “Go get him, girl.” I hugged her and finally James and I wandered inside. As we approached the stairs, James grabbed me and picked me up. He kissed me as he cradled me in his arms and then carried my upstairs, to the bedroom and to our bed.

“Carrying me over the threshold? How absolutely traditional, Mr. Turner,” I teased him.

“Should I have drug you by your hair?” he retorted.

“Hmm, maybe tomorrow night,” I said and gave him a fiery look.

“I do love it when you get fired up, Mrs. Turner,” he shot back as he laid me on his bed. I discovered James was already getting hard as he loomed over me next to the bed. I dragged a finger down his length and James’ cock swelled and jumped.

“Lay down. I want to show you how much I appreciate that perfect wedding,” I said. That sexy, devilish grin crossed his face and he shoved me roughly aside and threw himself onto the bed, hands behind his head and his now rock hard shaft standing at attention.

“Deal!” was all he said causing me to giggle, something I was doing a lot more of lately. I tugged his beard and then climbed aboard, my hips straddling James’ chest and facing his hard cock. Before I settled myself onto his mouth, I raised my hips and looked back between my legs.

“That’s what you do best,” I said.

“What’s that?” James wondered.

“Lay there and sweat,” I replied. James spanked my ass for it. I didn’t reply, instead smothering my husband between my thighs. I lay on top of James as he began lapping at my pussy and tickling me with that amazing goatee. Downstairs, we could still hear Christie and the pounding of the music. It was kind of sexy getting it on with my new husband as the party raged downstairs. I listened for a moment as I stroked James. I smiled to myself and took him into my mouth to get him ready for the ride of his life.

James had me wet and swollen as he devoured me. I stroked his steel rod and played with his balls as I concentrated on his throbbing head. Soon, I was humping James’ face as I vigorously stroked his cock. I didn’t resist the urge tonight and succumbed to the bliss immediately. I was surprised by the intensity and cried out as I was swept up in the pleasure. James leaked as I stroked him I licked the precious treat from his cock as my orgasm waned. OK, that was enough of that. I climbed up and turned around to face James. His hands slipped behind his head again as I impaled myself on his throbbing cock.

“You go, little girl,” James said and I did. I began riding James as he watched the show. He felt so good inside of me. I know it was silly, but it was different now. We were married. Lost in all the excitement, but not to me, was the commitment we made to each other. I think James felt the same way. I know that even though our wedding was sudden, though I wondered how long James had been planning this, the feelings were deep. I know James loved and cared for me as much as I did for him.

For my part, those feelings were expressed physically at the moment. I showed James how I felt with my body. I refused to let James take over tonight. Instead, I made good on my promise to show my appreciation. I put on a wild show for him, riding his hard shaft as I moaned and screamed, touched myself seductively and talked dirty. James enjoyed every minute. I might not have let him take control, but I didn’t take control either. I let him enjoy me as I enjoyed him.

I couldn’t tell you how long I rode my husband, and by the way, I love saying that, but I know I took a break now and then to catch my breath and allow James to simmer down. I realized Christie had stopped singing at one point. James and I made love for hours as I bounced atop him and we touched, kissed and held one another. At times, James would grab me and thrust into me from below and at other times he would simply lay back and watch. Finally, I collapsed on top of him, spent and begging for breath. My body and mind buzzed with the pleasure I’d extracted from James.

“I’m finished,” I said.

“Damn, little girl, I’m just getting started,” James said, joking I hoped. I managed to push myself up and look at him.

“You’re kidding, right?” I asked.

“Well, you might be done but you’ve forgotten a little something,” James said.

“It’s all about you, isn’t it? Damn rock stars and their egos,” I said playfully. James laughed.

“C’mon, everyone’s gone,” he said and wiggled from beneath me. He stood and offered me his hand. I reached out and saw the ring on my hand. I stared for a moment. “Yes, yes, it’s beautiful. You can admire the rock after you get me off,” James said and I laughed. I got up and followed James downstairs on wobbly legs. We went carefully but found the party had indeed ended. We were alone. We ventured out by the pool. It was light but the sun wasn’t up yet. James grabbed a lounger and positioned it so we were looking generally east towards the city.

James pulled me down next to him on the lounger and I curled up beside him and began to stroke his still rock hard cock. It was a cool morning but I didn’t care. I knew what James wanted and I was more than happy to do it for him. I stroked him slowly as it become lighter. James held me with one strong arm as I brought him gently towards release. Soon, James’ breathing became ragged and he tensed as the pleasure built. The sun broke over the city and I stroked James more firmly. He sucked in a sharp breath and went rigid.

Suddenly, James gushed all over my hand as I stroked him faster and let him feel the full breadth of his orgasm. “Oh fuck, little girl!” was all he said as his cock swelled and twitched. James finally relaxed as his orgasm faded but his juices continued to leak from him. I’d been up for nearly twenty-four hours but I wasn’t tired at all. I played in the mess James had made as we watched the world come to life beyond. What a perfect day it had been.

“How did you know I’d agree to marry you suddenly like that?” I asked. James looked over at me.

BOOK: Rock Hard Bliss - the Finale
10.59Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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