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D. H. Cameron Presents

Rock Hard Bliss – The Finale

Erotic Rock & Roll Romance


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This is
The Finale
of the Rock Hard series.
Rock Hard Love
is the beginning of the series. If you haven’t read it yet, you should.  Each part builds on the last and together the series is nearly 90,000 words in length.  It’s so worth it.

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James walked to the edge of the stage, his fingers flying up and down the fret board of his guitar. Tommy joined him in an extended solo they had written for one of their big hits especially for this tour. James’ pounding rhythm guitar set the tone, heavy, angry and insistent. Tommy’s lead was as complex as any he’d ever played. I still couldn’t believe how fast his hands were. Benny had his shirt off, sweat flying from his body as he beat on his drums. Chad waited, laying down a deep bass track. Then Tommy’s solo ended and Chad took over.

Chad played a bass solo nearly as complex as Tommy’s guitar solo. The crowd went crazy. Nobody did bass solos! Nevertheless, Battery had pulled out all the stops for this tour. The manic crowd jostled me around but I loved it. I loved being down below the stage. I could feel the emotion and the electricity the music created amongst the crowd. I was able to enjoy Battery’s music the way it was meant to be enjoyed. But best of all, I could watch James in his element. I might have been the woman he loved but I wasn’t the only love of his life. James loved his music as much as he loved me and I couldn’t get enough of watching him play it.

Once Chad finished wowing the crowd, it was Benny’s turn. Benny dealt out a good old-fashioned drum solo showing off his speed and power. The crowd was mesmerized. Benny’s hands were a blur, drumsticks flying as if possessed. When he tossed them both nearly thirty feet in the air and played with his hands as the sticks spun overhead, the crowd erupted. Benny caught his sticks and kept going without missing a beat. As he finished, the rest of the band roared back to life and brought the entire arena to its feet. Two thirty-something moms just a few feet away pulled their shirts up, all but ripped their bras off and tossed them on stage.

As the ripping song ended, the crowd refused to stop cheering. The arena echoed with their admiration and then band took a short break as they let the crowd settle down. The band always finished the show with the acoustic version of “Destroyed” followed by their fast and thrilling signature hit from one of their early albums. James grabbed his acoustic guitar and the lights went dim. A lone spotlight fell on James as he took a seat on a stool center stage. The crowd began to quiet and the arena was already filled with lighters, more than a few displayed on the screens of smart phones.

The acoustic version of “Destroyed”, my version, was new and had only been played in concert up until this point. Still, as the tour progressed, the crowds seemed to have heard about the new version. There were several videos on the web of the performance and it was becoming a sensation. However, this particular version was different from the version James played in San Francisco and Cabo. I suggested that near the end they should transition back to the original version, play the solo and finish on a high note. James and the band agreed.

With the crowd now quiet, James began to play. Even with the acoustic guitar the song was powerful. The story it told was a sad one, a man who had lost his love and ultimately took his own life to join her. It was a metaphor for James’ journey out of alcoholism and his quest for his true love. He didn’t even know who I was when he wrote it. Heck, I was probably fifteen years old. However, I was the woman James searched for. I was the woman he needed to complete his journey.

James’ powerful voice shook the crowd to its soul. The two women that had lost their bras were crying. I was used to hearing “Destroyed” but it still tugged at my heart. Especially when James came to the edge of the stage and sang the words that the song grew from. The words that were scrawled on a cocktail napkin that hung framed in James’ office. James knelt and sang those words as he stared into my eyes and that always made me cry.


She awaits in my mind, a vision, a goddess, a haze.

I am no good, not worthy of her but nevertheless I crave.

She looks upon me and lays me bare before her fiery gaze.

I am powerless before her, a broken, willing slave.


No one ever recognized me until James did that. They weren’t expecting his girlfriend to be standing next to them in the crowd and honestly, I wasn’t exactly famous. Infamous, might be the better term. I was James’ girlfriend, the supposed bisexual party girl from the tabloids. Of course, none of that was true but Vicky, my old boss and the owner and CEO of Roland Talent, was waging a campaign attempting to discredit me and tear James and I apart. It was backfiring. The fans loved me and even more so because they thought I was a little wild.

Just then, two bodyguards found me and led me away as James retreated to switch guitars and the band broke into the original, but somewhat enhanced, ending of “Destroyed.” It was all planned. Nobody felt comfortable leaving me down amongst the crowd once they knew who I was. I wondered how long we could get away with this. I really enjoyed seeing Battery and James play from below the stage, but we’d already seen comments on the web from fans advising others to look for Simone Navarro, James Turner’s girlfriend, in the front row. Fans tried to get to me as the bodyguards ushered me to the side of the stage.

“I love you, Simone!” A girl shouted and I turned and met her eyes. “You’re my hero, girl. I came out because of you,” she said. I stopped and told the bodyguards to bring her down the tunnels with us. They did and once we were safely away from the crowd under the stage, I told the bodyguards to give us a moment.

“Did I do something wrong?” the girl asked. She looked to be about nineteen and worried.

“No, I just wanted to talk with you. What do you mean you came out?” I asked her.

“I love Battery and when I found out you were bisexual, I finally got the courage to tell my parents I’m a lesbian,” she told me. Wow! It never occurred to me something like that might happen.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Helen,” she replied.

“Nice to meet you, Helen. Do you have a girlfriend?” I wondered.

“Yeah. I’m kind of crushing on you, though,” she said and blushed.

“Helen, I’m not a lesbian. I’m not even bisexual. It’s all made up,” I told her afraid this poor girl had believed everything in the tabloids.

“Honestly, I suspected. Besides, I know you and James are in love. I can see it in the photos. I don’t care; I still think you’re hot. I hope you don’t mind,” she told me. She was cute, a little plump with sandy blond hair and freckles on her nose. She was pretty in a boyish sort of way. I liked her.

“No, I don’t mind. I guess it comes with the territory. I’m glad I helped you come out even if it was under false pretenses,” I told her.

“I figured if you could handle the tabloids, I could handle my parents,” she said. James and Battery were playing the last song and the crowd was going nuts. Helen and I were all but yelling now to be heard above the music as the band play literately above our heads

“You want to meet the band?” I asked. Helen’s eyes grew as big as saucers.

“Are you kidding? I love Battery. Oh my God, this is so awesome! Yes, thank you. My girlfriend is out there. Can we…,” she said leaving her hopeful question unspoken. I told her that was fine and retrieved the bodyguards. I told them to take Helen back to get her girlfriend and then bring them both backstage. I went to wait for the band but I had a while yet. The last song always lasted at least twenty minutes. I grabbed a water and crashed on the sofa backstage. I suddenly realized I wasn’t just some girl that James had pursued anymore. I was his girlfriend, a celebrity, though a minor one, and people looked to me. People took cues from how I lived or at least how my media portrayed my life.

Helen and her girlfriend joined me after a few minutes. I offered them something to drink and told them they could attack the buffet if they wanted. Another perk of being a rock star, the buffet after the show. Helen introduced me to her girlfriend, Dana. She had jet black hair with a streak of purple. Dana was thin with china white skin and a pretty smile. Helen introduced us and both girls seemed friendly. Both were big fans of Battery too.

“So, you’re not bi?” Dana asked.

“Sorry, no. It’s an attempt to discredit me. It’s not working. Even though I’m not really bisexual I guess I’ve gained a bunch of fans. It probably would have been more damaging if they caught me attending church or something,” I told the girls and they both laughed.

“So much for my torrid threesome fantasies with you and James,” Dana said. Helen giggled and rolled her eyes.

“Sorry,” I told the young girl. We lounged around talking about the concert, the band, life as a rock star’s girlfriend and more while we waited for the band. As we did, I couldn’t help but wonder if I was taking the wrong tact concerning the rumors. James and I had decided to just let them take their own course hoping they would blow over but Helen and Dana believed them. Helen came out because of the stories. Maybe I should be fighting this. If people believed the tabloid stories and were acting on that belief, I had to get the truth out there. I couldn’t control the press but I could live right and correct the record when needed.

James and the rest of the band burst in and I lost my train of thought. They were all sweaty and hot, in other words, sexy as hell, especially James. They all noticed the two girls and Benny immediately went to the greet Helen and Dana.

“Ladies, I’m Benjamin. Who might you two be?” he asked them and shook their hands in turn. The girls were star struck.

“Oh hell, here he goes with the Benjamin shit again,” Chad teased.

“Girls, don’t let Benny creep you out. He’s harmless,” Tommy told them jokingly. James laughed as he came to sit next to me after grabbing his own water and sandwich from the buffet.

“Who are your friends, little girl?” James asked. The girls seemed to swoon at that.

“He really calls you his little girl?” Dana asked.

“That’s so romantic,” Helen added. I blushed at their obvious envy. I introduced the band to the girls one by one.

“This is Helen and Dana. They’re big fans. I met them in the crowd. And Benjamin...,” I said emphasizing his name, “...they’re lesbians.” Benny slumped noticeably. However, I wasn’t entirely right. The girls whispered to each other and then Helen said.

“Hold your horses, Simone. I know you and James are a couple. We know Chad is married and Tommy is seeing your best friend,” Helen said obviously a true fan of the band.

“But Benjamin, he’s single,” Dana followed, emphasizing his name as I had.

“And sexy,” Helen announced. Both Chad and Tommy looked at one another and then at Benny. James laughed at the whole scene.

“Maybe my threesome fantasy isn’t dead after all,” Dana said. The two girls parted and Dana pat the sofa cushion between them inviting Benny to join them. I’d never seen Benny look quite so self-satisfied. Usually, the all too willing butt of Chad and Tommy’s jokes, now Benny seemed to have the upper hand.

BOOK: Rock Hard Bliss - the Finale
12.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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