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Authors: Francis Ashe

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Reluctant Mates - 21 Paranormal Romance Stories (Werewolf, Vampire, Minotaur and Monster collection) (5 page)

BOOK: Reluctant Mates - 21 Paranormal Romance Stories (Werewolf, Vampire, Minotaur and Monster collection)
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As I pumped and squeezed a little harder on both of them, I slid my lips in a grasping circle around the tip of Rock’s prick and flicked my tongue out along his underside a couple of times. That got him rolling his head back and forth and moaning and pulling at my hair, and while he was busy doing that, Jack was damn near squealing with pleasure every time I tugged my hand along his cock. I wanted so, so badly to take them both inside me somehow, but there was, I thought, just not enough room for the both of them. Still, I had to try.

“I want,” I gulped and took a deep breath to try and recover a little. “I want to taste the both of you. Please?”

Jack and Rock exchanged a confused glance, but soon figured out what I meant, and Jack shuffled around to my face, where his big, rock-solid prick stood straight at me, like a spear about to impale my mouth. With them both right there, I saw that Rock was slightly bigger, but Jack had a thickness to him that Rock didn’t. 

A hand pushed the hair out of my face and behind my ear and when I looked up, they both looked down at me with the gentlest eyes I could imagine. Both of them with their savage, hard, drawn faces had sweet, caring eyes. It was just as unbelievable as the rest of what was going on, but somehow it made perfect sense in the moment.

I pulled Jack from base to tip, squeezing a little drop out like I’d gotten from Rock a minute before and flicked my tongue out to taste him. The pearl rolled down my tongue, warming me as it slid all the way to my belly, sending those weird tingles all the way.

Locking my lips in a vice around Rock, I worked my wet circle down his cock until the ridge of his head disappeared inside me and he let out a loud, almost comically relieved moan. Never once stopping my hand – either hand – stroking up and down the monster pricks, I shoved as much of him inside my mouth as I possibly could, which ended up being about a quarter of his massive length. All around his head I painted my tongue in big, fat, flat circles that all got him moaning.

“Me now,” Jack said and pulled hard on my hair until I let Rock fall out of my mouth with a sloppy pop.

Jack’s warm taste slid along my tongue as he pushed all the way to my throat’s entrance. He had a wild, almost horrifying look to him that seemed to rage and burn the more I sucked. “Me!” He shouted, holding my head right where he wanted, and pumping his hips back and forth.

His cock slid along my palm and into my mouth with such force that it threatened to push inside my throat. I’d swallowed him before, but not when he was this big, and most certainly not when he was this wild, but I remembered how good it felt to have that massive tool crammed inside my throat, and so I relaxed as best I could to invite him inside me. His violent, cramming thrusts pushed his head past my entrance and I had to choke off a gag. I pulled back hard, and had enough time for a single breath before he violated me again, and took a harder hold on my head to keep me from escaping.

All my concentration taken by keeping myself from suffocating, I kept breathing through my nose and my tugging on Rock got a little weaker, until he must have started feeling a little slighted. I heard him growl and then I heard a thump like he punched Jack, or slapped him or something, and I turned my eyes upward to look.

When I did, I saw the most amazing thing - whatever anger the two men had for one another had been displaced by their animal lust. The two of them were face to face, tongues lashing against each other’s lips and inside each other’s mouths. Rock pulled Jack’s hair so that his neck wrenched backwards, and he bit him on the throat, sucked Jack’s lip into his mouth, tugged hard and got a loud moan for a reward. Jack returned the favor by grabbing Rock’s face with both hands and forcing his face onto Rock’s with such power that they both almost fell over.

All the while, there I was, sucking and pumping with a cock so far down my throat that the only way I could breathe was by closing my eyes and taking long, slow breaths through my nose.

Lost in the world of pleasure and stretching and pumping and sucking and face fucking, I felt a little squeeze between my legs. My pussy muscles had started to contract without even being touched, I realized, and stuck my tongue out, forcing it between my teeth and Jack’s cock, massaging his underside and pulling him even closer to me.

I felt his heat on my chin, his balls were almost on me, and that’s the first time I realized that I’d somehow dragged that entire log of a cock inside my throat. His size stretched me, filled me up with such wild, savage lust that I could barely contain myself.

If it feels this good to have him in your throat, imagine his cock in your throat and the other one in your...

I pulled back, only able to do so because Rock’s violent sucking kisses had taken away some of Jack’s ability to hold me. When my lips were almost off, I sucked his head hard and bit a little, playfully, teasing him like he always liked before. I looked up to see a smile crawl across his face and a groan escape his lips before the two wolves kissed again.

“I want,” I said, sucking air. “I want one of you in my pussy and one of you in my throat.”

They ignored me, completely wrapped up in one another.

“Jack!” I said more sternly. “Rock!”

They snapped to attention.

“Rock, get your cock in my pussy, now!”

He tilted his head to one side the way a dog does when he’s trying to understand a command he’s never heard.

“You,” I pointed. “You fill me up from behind, now!”

They looked at me, then at each other and them back to me. I took my hand off Rock’s prick and held up two fingers, then prodded myself with them. “You do this,” I said.

“Oh! Oh yes...oh yes...Lacy,” he groaned, seeming to finally get what I was saying.

I pushed myself up on my knees and leaned forward to take Jack back inside my mouth. Both hands I wrapped around his shaft, turning them in small tight circles and teasing him with the tip of my tongue. Just like before, the hair on his cock pulled backwards to reveal what I wanted, and almost on their own, my lips slid down him, and then back up. I gave him another hard jerk and worked my lips down over that big, thick head and wiggled my tongue underneath, tracing his lines and lingering where he made the most noise.

Rock slid his fingers up and down my sex, as though he was trying to figure out my underwear. “Push it aside,” I said, “or fuck it, rip ‘em off me. Make it hurt!”

“Why would I” He said.

“Because I want you to! Stretch me out and hurt me, come on you big oaf! Put those fingers in me, please!”

Not once in my life had I been as desperate as I was right then. He stroked me again, fingers running down my slit, and I could almost hear him groaning. I was a little surprised that he bothered to slip my thong down instead of tearing into me, but that was okay, it was expensive. I lifted a knee and he pulled it off then threw it somewhere. The first finger I felt push inside me slid in so easy that I could barely tell how big it was.

“So...wet...Lacy,” he groaned with that Frankenstein voice that got a fire burning in my belly. He pushed it in, then stroked back along the inside of my pussy before going back at me.

“More!” I pleaded. “Put another one in me!”

I guess Jack was tired of my voice, because he held my head and slammed his prick straight down my mouth, pumped his hips hard against my face and forced it right back down my throat where he’d been before. This time though I was so hot and ready and fucking excited that I didn’t bother to relax or sputter or anything. I just sucked his whole dick straight down my throat and slid my tongue a little ways between my teeth and his dick. Rock pulled his finger out, and when he went back at me, the second one stretched me a little more. All the way from my entrance to the very back of my cunt, the little muscles burned and flared with excitement.

“Mmmf! Yes!” I tried to squeal around the cock in my mouth but didn’t get much of it out before Jack pulled back and rammed in me again. They both pulled back long enough for me to take a breath, then went right back at it.

The stretching, the pumping and the pounding filled my whole world for a couple of amazing seconds. I sucked so hard on the end of Jack’s dick that if it were a normal man, I’m pretty sure it would have come off in my mouth, but he just moaned and squeezed my head and tugged me closer until I felt his balls on my face again, warm and sweet and heavy.

Two powerful hands, one with very wet fingers, caressed my soft hips and pulled me to my feet. I bent in such a way that I didn’t have to let Jack fall out of my mouth, as if he even could, as far in my throat as he was jammed, and as soon as my feet hit the ground, the fingers were back in my aching cunt.

I grunted another happy sound and Rock took that to mean that it was time to stuff me with another finger. Good God was it ever. If the second one gave me a pleasant little stretch, the third of his big, thick fingers working inside me made my whole body work to fit him in. As his knuckles pushed inside me, a chill and then fiery warmth crawled up my spine and made my scalp tighten.

“Ahmmf!” I squealed, and took one of my hands off Jack’s cock to brace myself against his hard thigh. The pressure was so intense, the pleasure so great, that it was all I could do to keep from falling over or crying or screaming or all of those things at once.

“Now!” I grunted when Jack’s cock worked back out of my throat for a second. “Give me...give me that big, hard dick, Rock!”

He wasn’t confused at that instruction. Not in the least.

I felt his hot, muscular thighs against my soft ones, and that huge tool flopped up between my legs and settled against my belly for a second as he finished turning his fingers inside me, spreading them out, and then using my pussy juice to lube his cock. Jack put his hand under my throat and slid himself back in me but I grabbed him again and flicked my tongue around his tip, keeping him from spearing me quite as deep.

Rock’s cock sheath retracted as his monstrous girth slid inside my sopping pussy and he roared with such agonized pleasure that he could have caused an avalanche. Halfway in, I was sure he didn’t have any more pussy to fill, but he just kept driving forward, pushing his cock into parts of me that I’d never had stretched by a man. He curled his fingers on my back and scratched me when he drove deeper. He threw his head back and grunted my name and something I didn’t understand, then my name again.

So slow it almost made me cry, he pulled himself back and pushed in again, stretching every inch of my aching cunt around his massive girth. The heat from his body made my ass and my thighs so hot that I could barely stand it.

Each time he rammed, he drove a little harder and a little faster and every time he did that, I was less and less able to do anything with Jack’s dick for all the stretching and squealing I was occupied with.

Finally, he was driving so hard that I fell forward, cock falling out of my mouth, and only didn’t hit the ground with my face because Jack caught me. He lifted my head so that I was looking at him, and he just watched my face contort with agonized pleasure for a few seconds.

“So...beautiful Lacy...when you make those faces. Did...did I make you...make those faces?”

“Yes!” I cried. “Yes, yes, oh God yes you did!”

For some reason what he said made tears spill down my face even as I was being stuffed full of pleasure. I realized right then that it wasn’t Rock I wanted, it wasn’t Jack either, not really, it was for someone to think I was beautiful, in spite of all my weirdness and my problems, and right then I was sandwiched between two guys who could have had any girl on earth, but picked me. It was just a little much I guess.

“Fucking yes!” I cried out as the giant monster behind me rammed his dick deep, so deep that it almost hit the end of my pussy. “Fuck me harder! Yes!”

Tears streamed down my face. I wanted so badly to have both of them at once but I could barely handle the one. Still, I thought, if one of them feels that good, maybe being rung out by both at once will be pure, utter magic.

“I need you both,” I said in a breathy whisper. “But I don’t know how I can possibly fit both of you in there.”

“How about this?” Rock said and stroked his thumb in a slow circle around my pucker.

“Oh, no! No way! That’s-”

When his fingertip pushed past my ring and I felt his cock pumping in and out while I stretched around his thumb, I shut my mouth immediately with a clap. “Yes! More!”

He stopped pumping his cock for a second, and slowly drove his finger deeper in my hole, turning it in slow, wonderful circles. With every passing instant, the stretching pleasure had me closer and closer to ready for Jack and I knew it. I wanted it so bad, so, bad, but I also wanted him to go slow. I didn’t know what I wanted, except that I wanted whatever they were willing to give me.

A half minute later, he’d worked one whole finger and half of another inside me. The thrusts of his hips resumed with a sweetly savage grunt of pleasure.

“Yes, yes,” I said. “Do another one. Slip in one more, stretch that ass out. I want you both in me at once.”

Rock made a grunting noise as he pushed his dick hilt deep inside he and I felt him shudder, like he was about to come. He pushed again and grunted, but I stuck my hand between my legs and tugged on his balls until he relaxed. Seeing what I did, Jack let out a grunted chuckle.

“Please, please, I can’t take much more. I just need you both so bad.”

Two fingers pushed deep, working in brilliant, tight, wrenching circles inside my pucker until they were both all the way in.

“Now,” I gulped, not able to believe what I was saying. “Now, you get down on the ground.”


“You, Rock, you get down here.” I pointed at the center of the pooled moonlight. No way was I going to miss these faces. “Lay on the ground.”

Suddenly it dawned on him what I was asking, and possibly why, and an absolutely wonderful look stretched across his horrific maw. “Rock...on...ground?”

“Yes, you brute,” I giggled. “Get down there.”

First thing out of me were the fingers that he withdrew very gently, and then the massive cock that he just yanked away. Such a void was left in me that as soon as he was on the ground I was on top of him, holding him erect and relaxing back onto his canine prick. As soon as his sheath retracted between my pussy lips and that red-hot poker shoved back in me, I let a shuddering groan out that had built up deep inside.

BOOK: Reluctant Mates - 21 Paranormal Romance Stories (Werewolf, Vampire, Minotaur and Monster collection)
11.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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