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Authors: Francis Ashe

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Reluctant Mates - 21 Paranormal Romance Stories (Werewolf, Vampire, Minotaur and Monster collection) (10 page)

BOOK: Reluctant Mates - 21 Paranormal Romance Stories (Werewolf, Vampire, Minotaur and Monster collection)
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I remembered how I felt when I saw that stiff cock standing out under the brown burlap, and how badly I’d wanted to touch him. For some time after that, my friend Hechen and I spoke in hushed whispers, late at night after the rest of the virgin sisters were fast asleep about how we’d both had such sinful, forbidden thoughts about the arch-Druid. She told me she’d seen a man nude before who wasn’t her father, and that without clothes, men were beautiful, just as women were, but they hardened, and their cocks were meant to go inside of us and pleasure us and fill us with seed for babies. I’d known all that, but what I didn’t know and what she told me after months of embarrassed giggling was that not only had she seen a man naked, but that she had been overwhelmed with lust and took him in her mouth, and then between her legs. She told me of the fire it made her feel deep inside and the pain and the ecstasy and how it all came together in the most incredible way.

Ever since, I’d wanted to feel it myself, but it...well, I was part of a sacred order. Such things just weren’t possible. But then, locked in the monster’s dungeon with no way to escape or deny his brutal desires? It wasn’t just
as he’d said. It was all I’d ever wanted.

The hand on my shoulder that I was too lost in thought to notice before holding me more gently than I imagined a Minotaur could manage. When he squeezed, the air that filled my chest caught for a second and I remembered back to what he told me the day before, when he’d milked that incredible feeling out from between my legs. He told me the next time it happened, it would be with him inside me. I couldn’t believe the things this monster said, but I also couldn’t believe the way his words burned inside me and how badly I wanted his every inch, every ounce.

“You can touch me if you want,” he said with a gentleness that matched his massaging on my tensed up shoulder. “I’ve never let anyone feel me before I took them.”

“Then why?” I asked. “Why me?”

Theros shook his massive head and said that he didn’t know, but that he couldn’t deny the way I made him feel. I had looked in his burning-coal eyes and told him I felt the same, thought I was still terrified of his strength, and that I thought maybe he would hurt me when he didn’t mean to hurt me.

“You don’t want me to hurt you? The other night you were screaming for me to do just that.” A strange grin crept across Theros’s inhuman lips, bearing teeth that looked like they could snap me in two if he wanted.

“ had me in such a state, I don’t know what I was saying.”

Just then, before I had time to react, the hand which had been to that point squeezing my shoulder slid down my chest to my belly. He swept his fingers against my skin and then went lower, until two of his huge fingers were stretched almost the entire way along my most sensitive parts. He grunted a laugh when I gasped.

“So she still likes that, hm?”

I nodded, embarrassed at how good it felt, but knowing that with Theros, I had nothing to be ashamed of.

“You, Aiden, you’re the most important thing in the world right now. Do you know this?”

My eyes opened wide at what he said.

“N – no? What do you mean?”

He just let out another short, snorted laugh and stroked my leg with the hand wasn’t between my legs. Long, languid, delicate brushes of his fingertips sent chills crawling up my leg to my belly and then up and over my shoulders.

“I don’t know if I can explain,” he said. “It’s a long story.”

“Tell me the short version, I’m not sure I can stand it if you take any longer than you need to touch me,” I said with honesty that surprised me.

“It’s...oh! Mmm...” the great beast groaned out loud when I finally remembered what I had wanted to do the last time he’d been in my cell with me like this. I slid my hungry fingers along the rippled muscle above the bull man’s waist and to the hair that started to thicken right above his...

“Oh, Theros,” I said as I wrapped my hand around the base of his growing thickness. “I can’t...this is too much for...”

“For what?” He said with a laugh.

“For...for me, I think.”

“And how would you know that?”

I blushed such a deep crimson that I felt it in my cheeks and on my neck. The heat of my embarrassment went so far down me as to prickle my sore little nipples back to life against the remains of the gown and made me pull a breath that halted in my chest.

“What made you change like this? So quickly?” I said as I squeezed, unable to believe the size of the thing that then heated my palm. “A minute ago you were frightening me and now you’re as sweet as the summer wind.”

“No I’m not,” he said shaking his head. “But I calmed because I saw you. I saw your face and it...Made me feel less angry. I don’t know how.”

I stroked him with my fingertips, letting them bounce over the hair-lined shaft of his monstrous cock all the way to the bulging tip. Even though I’d never seen one of these on a man, I was rather sure that this wasn’t what it looked like, at least not exactly. As my fingers got nearer to the end of him, I gripped tighter and then when I moved them back to his body, loosened.

As I tugged him, milking him like that over and over, he grew harder, longer and thicker in my hand until I couldn’t imagine him getting any bigger.

I had been so preoccupied with his incredible size that I forgot about how his fingers were dancing against my sex until he pushed more urgently on either side and squeezed me between them, putting such a wonderful tension between my legs.

“If...if you keep doing that, I might scream,” I said with a little giggle under my breath.

“Why do you laugh?” He said, moving his fingers in waves along either side of me and getting dangerously close to actually making me scream.

“It’s just that I’ve never felt like this at all, even the other night when you were doing...things to me. I don’t know quite how to explain it but the way you’re touching me and your cock in my hand, I can’t calm myself down. I’m so hot...down there.”

“Are you? Let’s see.”

Theros dragged one of his huge fingers along the folds of my entrance, and groaned when he reached a very, very wet spot on my underclothes.

“Not only warm, but wet. Tell me what you want me to do, sweet Aiden. Tell me what you’d like to feel.”

“I don’t know,” I said. “I’ve never had any kind of...”

“Then tell me that you want me to take charge, if that’s what you want. The way your body is acting, and the way you have your mouth hanging open like that to breathe, it makes me think that what I’m already doing is pleasing you.”

“It, yes, it is,” I said.

Theros pushed that long, thick finger straight into the wet spot he had felt, and threatened my entrance. The pressure on me, and the rough fabric he shoved against my sweetest place sent a chill up me that made me pull a deep breath.

As soon as he touched me though, my stomach clenched. I had a sudden urge to fight him off, but I had no idea why. I lifted my knee into the inner part of Theros’s elbow, and he grunted in surprise, his hand falling off of my ready sex. He let out a surprised shout and momentarily lost control of me. With one quick motion I pushed away from the huge, savage, oddly beautiful Minotaur and tried my best to shove past him and out the door.

went my feet patting along on the stone.
Cold stone,
I thought,
very smooth out here – marble?

I didn’t have much time to admire the place’s handiwork before I heard those mighty, awful hooves scraping and crunching behind me. The place I’d run into when I left my cell was a large, wide open space with columns in a neat square, and then in the middle of that was a shallow pool with waters bubbling up from underneath. I said a silent prayer to whatever god dwelt in those waters, and then remembered Theros’s forge.

I lunged for it, trying to grab whatever weapon I could get my hand around, but the only item my limited strength could heft was a pair of tongs. Spinning on my heel, I brandished my weapon as the Minotaur drew near, and laughed.

“What has changed your mind? A moment ago you were ready for me to ravish you.”

“I don’t...I don’t know,” I said truthfully, “but stay back!”

“Stay back she says. The girl threatens me with pincers. A formidable weapon.” He reached past me, and chuckled again when I pinched his massive forearm with my tongs. Playfully he swatted them away and sent them clanging to the floor beside the forge.

With absolutely no effort at all, Theros held my arm in one hand, rendering it completely useless, and dragged me from one column to another. I’m sure he thought I was playing at fighting him off, and maybe in some way I was, but I meant every shred of my defiance.

That is, until he wrapped that strap around my wrist.

“Wh – what is this? What are you doing?” I screeched as Theros wrapped a cuff of soft, old leather around my wrist and buckled it down tight. My arm was stretched so high into the air that I almost had to stand on my toes to keep my shoulder from going out of joint. “Why are you doing this?”

“You can’t run,” he said with his easy, inhuman voice. “And I’ll make sure of that. This is more fun than keeping you in that box, anyway, don’t you think? Out here you have at least the false hope of escaping, if that’s what you really want. Somehow I don’t think it is, though.”

“But, but that hurts!”

“Does it?” He grinned as he tightened the cuff even further. The leather biting into my thin wrist hurt terribly at first, but slowly turned from rough, awful pain to something much naughtier and more pleasurable. “Does this hurt worse, or is that what you want? More pain, more...punishment for trying to run?”

As  he spoke, the bull-man cinched another cuff tight about my other wrist and then tugged on some great device that pulled my arm into place, then tied it around the nearest column.

“With this, I’m able to control how much you can move. Your arms, anyway.”

To show me what he meant, Theros turned a crank that looked to have been old when I was born, and tightened the ropes on my wrists, hoisting me higher into the air.

“Ah! Stop! Stop it! That hurts!” My toes left the ground and I began to kick and thrash to regain my footing and push myself up to relax my shoulders. “That hurts, Theros!”

“I’m sure it does.” He crossed the short distance between us and let go of his rope, which allowed my feet to once again touch the ground and my when the tension in my shoulders eased, it was like a breath of revelation going down my arms.

Moments before, I had been once again terrified of this beast as I should have been. But even as he caressed me with the back of one of his massive fingers, I felt the familiar lust creep back into me, and settle back in my chest.

“You melt again at my touch, little Aiden,” he said with a growly voice. “Perhaps you like this?”

He yanked on his rope and my arms flew above my head. Agonized ecstasy shot through the muscles and joints in my arms, and down my back as he hoisted me aloft.

“No!” I said. “No, I...I...”

I had to admit to myself that the pain gave way even quicker that time to melting, dripping, and delicious pleasure. It actually happened so quickly that the sharp hurt barely happened at all, and was forgotten.

I arched my back as Theros curled his fingers against my belly and a little surge of heat slid down my sides, looping underneath and warming me between legs that I unconsciously grinded together to make myself feel like he had done moments before when he cupped and squeezed my sinful, yearning sex between his fingers.

Down my body his hand went, slowly curling and relaxing as he explored my lines, my curves, and my folds.

“Ouch!” He yanked the rope harder, lifting me further into the air than before, and stepping underneath my arm rather than deign to duck. Again I kicked and writhed, and again the burning in my shoulders almost immediately turned into a kind of swirling, half-pained pleasure.

“More,” I whispered.

“What?” His hand slid up my back and I felt him hook a finger in the collar of my dress.

“I...I asked for more, Theros.” The voice that came out was so soft and so submissive that I barely recognized myself in it. Even in the earliest part of my tenure at the Academy of Virgins, when I was new and frightened, even then I had not been as utterly quieted as I was right then.

“Hmm...I thought you were told not to make any more requests.”

“I’m sorry, but –”

He interrupted me with another smart yank on the ropes, and my arms shot up at an awful angle. The pain was so intense, so incredibly, wonderfully intense, that I hardly noticed when my bull-lover put a stool under my feet. My toes wiggled, felt wood and settle down though the beautiful agony only slightly relaxed.

Pop. Pop-pop

A strange sound came from behind me as I realized that only one of Theros’s hands was on me. He had tied my bonds to columns on either side, keeping me aloft without having to actually do anything. Something hard but pliable slid along the back of my thigh, and then he set whatever it was, upon the little platform on which I stood.

“Wh – what are you doing?”

“Enough questions,” he said menacingly. “This dress is going to be in the way.”

His finger went back into the collar and he yanked hard, splitting the seam and pulling the fabric apart. Starting from my neck, all the way down my back, he grabbed, pulled, and the stitches gave way with pained moans that preceded ripping sounds until he ran out of dress to tear.

Hanging in tatters off my shoulders, the once-beautiful gown that Theros had dressed me in after our first night was barely more than a rag. I shrugged my shoulders awkwardly, trying to get it off, but Theros had a more direct idea.

I cried out in surprise when he grabbed the cloth in both hands, wadded it between them and tugged so hard that even the double stitching on the waist rent in twain under his power.

“Much better,” he said with a satisfied grunt. “All of that beautiful, pale, wondrous skin, all just bare to the world. Does it feel nice? The cool air on your sweaty skin?”

BOOK: Reluctant Mates - 21 Paranormal Romance Stories (Werewolf, Vampire, Minotaur and Monster collection)
8.08Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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