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Redemption (Struggle #3)

P.A. Jones

Copyright © 2013-14 PA Jones

All rights reserved.

EDITED by Cindy

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This is a work of fiction. All characters, names, place and events are the product of the author's imagination or used fictitiously.



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The End.

Redemption - Struggle 3

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Chapter 1


What the fuck? Why is it so bright
? I couldn’t guess where I was. And direct sunlight was disturbing my sleep. With some reluctance, I opened my eyes to look at the curtains. Damn, where did the curtains go and where the hell was I? “Wait, I’m not at my house. Yes, I’m in Vegas.” Emma and I had traveled here for a short trip before we headed back to New York.

I looked around. Eva was sleeping on my right
side; her face was calm and wore a sweet smile. Her hair was scattered on her face, her lips slightly parted. I couldn’t control myself; I kissed her soft lips. Damn, why is it always electrifying, even in sleep? A simple kiss ignited passion deep down in my groin.

She opened her eyes slightly. “Hey
, sweetheart. Good morning, but I want to sleep more.” She turned to her right and went back to sleep.

“Sleep well
, darling,” I muttered and walked towards the bathroom. While walking, I revisited our situation. We were staying at a hotel near the airport; today we would be traveling back to New York, the end to a memorable trip. My head got fuzzy and I grabbed the bathroom doorframe to keep my balance.
Damn, it must be all those cocktails I drank last night
. I splashed some water on my face. The coldwater shocked my senses to the core and turned back my thoughts on the right track. I pushed my hair back to look at myself. Something sparkled in the mirror and caught my eye when I did.

I looked at my right
hand; a ring flashed on my left hand.
Where the hell did it come from?
A flood of memories came rushing back. The limousine, the casino, the alcohol, winning five thousand bucks and then buying those rings … and then the minister.
Damn, am I married to Eva
. Shit, this couldn’t be happening now. This must be some kind of joke. This can’t be true.

freaked out as I came out of the bathroom and carefully checked Eva’s hand. My fear was true. She was wearing the same ring on her finger. Sweat covered both my hands. I might have married this woman. I pushed my hair back.
No, this can’t be happening to me.
I couldn’t do this. I walked back from the bed and stumbled on the table. While grabbing the table to save myself from falling, a photograph grabbed my attention. I checked it; it was of a newly married couple. The couple was Eva and me.
Damn, I can’t be married to her.

In a zombie walk
, I moved back to bathroom and sat on the toilet. My brain wasn’t working. I couldn’t even think straight. Every thought in my mind circled around a picture, a picture of our wedding. “What have I done?”


We had spent twenty days in Canada while Eva completed her work and then we came to Vegas before heading home, back to N.Y. Our thought was to enjoy a few days before getting back into our regular, busy schedules. We were enjoying the nightlife in Vegas. After a few days, I was back gambling and enjoying booze. It was a treat from Eva for completing her first assignment with her company. I didn’t really like her joining her mom’s company, but I chose to go along with her she was more important to me than her decision.

The first two days in Vegas were fun and
we enjoyed every moment of it. And the sex, it was awesome. Damn, I was feeling happy after so long. Finally, I thought my emotional life was on track. And then yesterday happened. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t remember what happened between us. We had tried some house special drink at the casino; it was famous in Vegas. But then the ring happened. I got married to Eva Clerk; freaking crazy, isn’t it?

I loved Eva, more than anything. But marriage was far away from where we stood.
I hadn’t considered getting married so early; heck, I hadn’t considered marriage at all. I had enough scars from my last marriage. But Eva was so different compared to Samantha; she was much better, but we were just getting on the right track and then this happened. Oh, God, what is happening with me?”

“Are you inside
, baby?” Eva said from outside.

give me a minute.” I realized I had been in the bathroom …for a longtime.

Eva hugged me tightly the moment
I came out. “I had a dream. Do you know, baby, what I saw in my dream?”

What?” I tried to throw some enthusiasm in my voice, but inside I was damn frightened. I didn’t know how to react. Maybe she didn’t remember what happened between us last night.

“I saw us getting
married in Vegas. Isn’t it cute?” She looked in my eyes. She was amazed by the idea.

, I don’t think it was a dream.” I showed her my ring.

“What?” she asked
with a squeak. She looked at her left hand. “Is this true?” Her voice was shaking.

I picked up the picture of us and showed her.

She held it for a second and then lost the strength in her legs. She fell on her knees.

I grabbed her arms softly and pulled her up. “Are you alright
, baby?”

“I think
so, yes.” Her voice was uncertain. She was still trembling in shock. “It can’t be that bad. We are married and we love each other, right?” She looked in my eyes; a little hope was floating there.

I couldn’t guess what she was thinking. Was she
happy for the marriage or was she in shock like me? Did she see it as a happy thing or was she uncertain and not sure like me.
Shit, I can’t guess anything from her expression. What if she wants this? How can I break her heart?
“I think it’s a fantastic thing. What are you thinking, darling?”

Her expression changed in a blink of a second. “I think we should celebrate this
minute.” She wore a beautiful smile. “But can I ask you one question?”

, of course.”

“Are you completely sure about this? If you have any other thoughts
, please tell me now.” Her face showed some concern now.

“What does your heart say
, baby?” I looked deep in her eyes.

“I feel good about this.
I don’t have words to describe it, but it feels right somewhere deep. Isn’t it a logical destination to our relationship?” she asked innocently.

, it is.” Though I said yes to her, my mind was replaying all the heartache I had gone through last time when I married Samantha after college. I actually contradicted myself, but she was feeling good about it. How could I break her heart? “We can celebrate it if you want.” I forced a smiled at her. It was hard to believe that I was married.“But before that, we should check with the minister once. He must have some legal papers. Until we see those papers, this can’t be legal.” I had small hope in my mind that the minister would say it was a joke.

“Let me check my bag before we do anything.
I remember putting some papers in my bag. I just can’t recall what they were.” She checked her bag. “Here they are. I don’t think we need to visit the minister. This is the marriage certificate. I’m officially Eva Clark-Brown.”

“That sounds cool.”
I tried hard to look cheerful.

Eva came running and hugged me tightly. “Are you sure about this
, darling?” she asked again.

, baby, I’m sure about this,” I said, though I wasn't a hundred percent sure about this at all..

“So now what?”
she asked, wearing a big question mark on her face.

“I think we should move in together
since we are a married couple.”

“I’m so excited to tell Chloe. She
’ll be so surprised.” A smile appeared on her face from one corner to the other. She was really enjoying the situation we were in. I felt good that I didn’t break her heart.

“I’m surprised
, too.” I whispered.

“Did you say something
, babe?”

“No, nothing. We should pack
, then. But before that, let’s eat something.” I walked to the hall to call front desk.
What now, Nathan? What should we do now?
My mind was asking me, but I didn’t have the answer.


Chapter 2


Our Vegas trip was intended to be fun and rocking, but it ended in marriage.
Damn, this whole marriage thing feels like those cheesy movies.

The hero and a heroin
e always start off as an unmarried couple who fight with each other and by the end they, always find love through getting married. But in our case, we loved each other from the start. I was so tense when Nathan told me about the wedding, but fortunately he was ready for it. He loved me more than I thought and he even gave up on his final match with Peter, who hated him from the bottom of his heart.

But we hadn’t thought about getting
married. What am I thinking? Is this really happening to me? What would Chloe say? My mother will kill me when she finds out about this.

I was freaked out when
I saw the ring on my hand, but when I looked at Nathan’s face I forgot everything. His face was glowing with happiness. How could I tell him my own issues when he was so happy about our marriage? I couldn’t express my concerns and doubts when I saw him smiling like an innocent child. We were meant to be together and we were together, through accidental marriage.

I was only concerned about him. He
had been through a bad marriage and I think he really expected a lot from us. I just need to make sure that I don’t express my doubts about the wedding in front of him. I
have to make this one right for him. We are meant to be together, after all.

I took a deep breath when he went outside to order something.
I needed a private moment to catch up on my thoughts. It was a biggie for me. Maybe he didn’t think about it, but I was drunk and out of it when we got married, and I can’t say I was a hundred percent at the time. Not by a long shot. But he might be willing to take a chance; he really needs my support and I would be the one to give him that. I would show him what a good wife I can be.
I just hoped it wasn’t a bad idea after all.

And thinking about it again and again actually convinced me that it
was a good idea after all.
Isn’t it, Eva? So, first marriage, huh? Congratulations and enjoy.
My mind was trying hard to convince me it was a good decision. But why the hell did we have to come to Vegas? Couldn’t we have gone somewhere else? Shit, this is bad.

I took a deep breath again.
I pulled our bags from the closet and started putting the clothes inside. I needed a breather from all these thoughts. My mind was fighting with itself over the wedding.

, baby, I can do that. You take a rest. You still look hung over.”

, don’t worry. I’m fine. I just have some alcohol in my system; otherwise, I’m perfectly all right.” I didn’t want to discuss our wedding again. I needed some alone time to think it over.

Get some rest, babe, until breakfast comes. I’ll pack our bags. We have a flight to catch in the afternoon,” he replied in a calm voice. He looked all convinced about the marriage thing.

BOOK: Redemption(Struggle #3)
4.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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