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The washer rumbled and spun under Trisha’s buttocks as Declan immediately entered her.  Her legs were draped around his neck as he pounded her pelvis against the hard metal and groaned the whole time.  Trisha kicked her legs in the air like a dancer, pushing her hips up to meet his and claim his entire rigid length.  He slid in and out of her at breakneck speed as the machine jolted their bodies and mimicked their motions.  Release was quick, brutal, and overwhelming for Declan as he erupted inside her and gasped as his satisfaction spewed forth.

Simultaneous orgasms had always seemed like a pipe dream to Trisha, but the force of Declan’s climax was so powerful that it sent her into a screaming tailspin of pleasure.  She writhed back and forth against her husband as bolts of liquid lightning tore through her.  Declan gazed intently into her doe eyes as the orgasm rippled on and on.  Bowing his head reverently, he kissed her shoulder and exhaled a huge breath of relief.

For long, silent minutes they remained on the washing machine as though
emerging from an out of body experience.  Declan laughed softly, unable to fathom how amazing he felt at the moment.  Trisha laughed along with him, stroking his face and pressing butterfly kisses against his lips.

“I want to show you something upstairs,” she said in a drained whisper.

“Ok,” he replied in a daze, scooping her up off the washer and grabbing her hand. 

In a blissful fog, they walked upstairs as Trisha led the way to the dayroom.  Near the window s
at the completed painting depicting their lovemaking on the beach in Aruba.  Declan smiled broadly and gave her hand a squeeze.

“You are an incredible artist, my love.”

“Do you know what that is?”

“Of course!” He replied reflexively.  “That night is engraved in my memory forever.”

“So you like it?” She persisted, always shy about sharing a new art project.

“I love it,” he declared passionately.  “But there’s one thing missing from that picture.”

“What?” She asked, frowning.

“A baby,” he replied simply as her eyes glimmered with hope.

“What are you talking about?” Trisha asked as her heart skipped a beat.

“I know we said we’d wait a while until we try, but why wait?  Spending time with those children in Cambodia made me want to have a baby…or 2 or 3.  And maybe even adopt one.  So many children are already here in this world and need a loving home.”

Speechless, Trisha wrapped her arms around Declan and held him close.  “I’m so happy, Declan!” She whispered.  “And I definitely want to adopt a baby.  But for now, let’s work on making one…”

Playfully, she reached for a paintbrush and handed it to Declan.  He arched an eyebrow as he plunged the brush into a can of hot pink paint.  “I’m no artist, but I think I can figure out what to do with this paint,” he said huskily, aiming the rough bristles towards her smooth skin.

“I fantasized about this,” she confessed, slinking out of her lingerie.

“No more fantasies.  This is
,” he professed, capturing her lips in a kiss as he trailed the paintbrush along her curves.


Sneak Peek of Scarlet Chill’s

An Erotic Adventure)…

At 10 PM, Ricardo and Lisette swept out of their suite and strolled to the ballroom.  Dressed in sleek black evening wear
and silk masks, they made a stunning pair.  Ricardo held her hand possessively as they made their way into the ballroom.  Filled to capacity with hundreds of costumed adults, the ballroom was dimly lit and atmospheric.  Lisette shivered in anticipation of the evening ahead.  She had never been to a masquerade party, but she had always dreamed of going to one.  The idea of changing identities for one night was intriguing, dangerous, and very sexy.

As promised, Ricardo danced with her, guiding her onto the floor and swinging her around gallantly.  He dipped her before pulling her against his solid chest as they both lost their breath.  “I want you so badly,” he whispered against her full lips.  “I can’t believe you didn’t let me have you before coming to this damn party.  I’m going to be rock hard all night.”

Lisette giggled and shrugged her tan shoulders.  “Sorry, honey.  Just think of this dance as foreplay.”

“Looking at you every day is foreplay,” he said passionately.  “Do you know that I watch your silhouette through the shower curtain just to get a glimpse of that
gorgeous ass?” He reached down and squeezed her buttocks roughly.

“You watch me?” Lisette asked in surprise.

“All the time.  And then when you get out of the shower and walk into our bedroom, I just want to rip that towel off of you and have you right there on the floor,” he said as his face reddened with pent-up desire.

“Ricardo, stop.  We shouldn’t talk about this in public,” she argued, although his words were causing moisture to pool between her thighs.

“No one can hear us with the music so loud,” he said belligerently, pulling her closer to him.  “And when you cook, I want to take you on the kitchen table.  Spread you out right there and have you as a feast.  Lick your body from head to toe.  Taste you everywhere…” he trailed off, clearing his dry throat as his body throbbed.  “When you get back from the gym and you’re sweating, I want to feel your sweat rain down on me while you’re on top of me, grinding those sexy hips and riding me hard.”

“Ricardo,” she whispered.

“Let’s just ditch this party and go back to the hotel room right now so I can make love to you all night.  Come on, Lisette,” he urged as she shook her head.

“Foreplay, Ricardo, foreplay,” she taunted, enjoying the resurgence of long lost flames between them.

“Don’t be surprised if I’m an animal tonight,” he seethed, nipping on her earlobe.

“Good.  Be an animal.  And I’ll be your little kitten,” she purred, rubbing her breasts against his chest as a tremor rocked him.

They danced for a few more songs and, with every beat, Lisette could feel Ricardo’s hard-on ready to burst through his pants.  Deciding to toy with him a little more, she pulled away at the end of the set.

“I’m going to the ladies room,” she informed, sauntering away from him.

The sway of her ample hips mesmerized him as she disappeared into a corner of the ballroom.



Disoriented in the massive ballroom, Lisette rounded a bend in search of the ladies room.  Walking through a door, she was surprised to find herself outside by the hotel pool.  At this hour of the night, no one was on the deck, except for one woman in a string bikini.  Lisette’s eyes widened as she spied the curvaceous woman on the lounge chair.  Biting her lower lip, she battled with a powerful urge to walk over to the woman and touch her.  Long, dark waves framed a pretty face, and the bikini she wore was simply scandalous.  Her nipples were clearly outlined through the top and stood erect in the cool night air…

Sneak Peek of Scarlet Chill’s

INSATIABLE (An Erotic Fairy Tale)…


Rushing down the marble staircase,
Ella opened the door wide.  There stood Prince Ruark with a red rose that he brushed against her cheek.  Closing her eyes, she leaned into the satiny rose and imagined Ruark caressing other parts of her body with the flower.

“You look ravishing, Ella,” Ruark said in his rich baritone voice.

If I look ravishing, then ravish me
, she wanted to say.  “Thank you, Ruark.  Shall we go?”

“Yes, my lovely, let’s be on our way.” Ruark clasped her hand in his own and led her to the coach.

He escorted her inside the coach and took a seat beside her.  She moved closer so that their bodies were touching.  Daringly, she placed a hand on his muscular thigh and rubbed suggestively.  Surprised, Ruark looked intensely into her cool blue eyes and stiffened under her insistent touch.

“Ella, what are you doing?” He asked tightly.

“Touching you,” she whispered, sliding her hand to probe further up his thigh.  When she reached the zipper of his pants, he grabbed her hand and held onto it.

“The coachman might see us,” he hissed, even as his manhood sprung to throbbing life within the confines of his tuxedo.

“I don’t care,” she whispered with a tremble.  She crossed her legs and started rubbing her thighs together, unable to wait any longer for release.

Ruark looked down at her dress.  The material had become sheer between her thighs because of the juices that flowed there.  With a smoky intensity in his eyes, he tilted her face towards his.

Kiss me, Ruark
, she thought. 
Not on the forehead or the cheek like you usually do.  Kiss my lips.  Finally.

He pushed a wisp of corn silk hair away from her face before claiming her lips.  The kiss was not light or subtle.  It was ferocious and enflamed Ella to a painful height of unfulfilled excitement as she rubbed her thighs together and nestled closer to the prince.  Aggressively, he inserted his tongue into her mouth as she met it with her own.  Their tongues danced and mingled as his hands moved to cup her breasts inside the gown.  Her nipples were rock hard as he pulled them between his fingers.

“Ella, you’re driving me crazy,” he growled.  “Why can’t this coach be a bedroom?”

She laughed softly, drawing him back into the kiss as she crushed her
plush lips against his and parted her thighs so he could have access.  Immediately, he pushed his hand inside her skirt and worked it up her damp thighs.  His hand jerked to a halt when he reached her bounty.

“You’re not wearing any panties,” he groaned.

“I never wear panties when I’m with you,” she confessed as he groaned again.

“Ella, what are you doing to me?” He asked hoarsely as she watched his rod pulsate inside his pants.  It looked long, thick, and solid as a rock.  She longed to rip his pants off and guide it inside her.  Instead, she threw her head back as his fingers began massaging her inner lips.

His fingers were already sopping wet from her desire as he ran them around her delicate rims before targeting her clit. She moaned uncontrollably as he flicked his thick thumb against the swollen bud with rapidly increasing speed. As he pleasured her, he took a nip at her neck while staring at her straining nipples trapped inside the gown.

The stallion dragging the coach picked up speed suddenly, as Ella bounced up and down in her seat.  She bucked and rode Ruark’s fingers as he slipped them inside her while keeping his thumb on her clit.  As the coach careened through the woods, she thrust her hips against Ruark’s hand.  Beads of sweat poured down his contorted face as he moved his pelvis in an instinctive up and down motion even though that part of him could not make contact with her

She reached out and pressed her fingertip against his full lips as he licked it while never taking his fingers away from her wetness.  He could feel her climax approaching as he sucked her fingertip, imagining it was her nipple he could wrap his lips and tongue around.  As Ella came closer to orgasm, she clutched at his white dinner shirt and thrust her hips harder against his hand.  His fingers went even deeper inside her, almost reaching her cervix while his thumb pressed rhythmically on her clit.  She bit her lips to stifle a scream as he accelerated the already quick movements to a savage speed.

“Ruark,” she moaned, “I need it.”

“I know,” he muttered, “so do I.”

He changed the motion of his thumb from up and down to circular, dragging it around and around her clit as she couldn’t stop herself from moaning.  The coachman turned his head around for the first time and held his breath as he got a moonlit glimpse of what the beautiful couple was doing.  Forcing himself to return his eyes to the road, the coachman listened avidly to the woman’s ecstatic sighs…

Sneak Peek of Scarlet Chill’

WILDER (An Erotic Fairy Tale)…


Natalya stepped into the late afternoon sunshine and waved to her neighbors as she walked down the lane.  She hoped no one would accost her for a conversation.  She wanted to get to the beast’s cabin well before sundown.  Picking up her pace, Natalya quickly arrived at the edge of the forest.  The clouds were already starting to accumulate as the sky darkened.  Not quite sure where she was going, Natalya looked around for any sign of civilization.  But all she heard were birds chirping along with the distant howling of wolves.

Another faraway sound blended in with the animals.  Natalya paused and listened as the sound of an axe striking tree logs became clear.  Strangely, her heart pounded as she knew she was getting closer to her destination.  Should she turn back now?  She looked behind her at the gathering twilight and wondered if she had been foolish to venture into the forest.  Maybe she should have waited until morning.  But like a sleek feline, curiosity had gotten the best of her.

The chopping sound became more pronounced as she crept deeper into the forest.  Through the trees, she could discern the bulky frame of a man cutting the wood.  But it couldn’t be the beast.  Gasping, she parted her lips with a combination of shock and desire as the man wiped a bead of sweat from his brow.  Tall, bearded, and built like a champion weightlifter, the man was a portrait of potent sexuality.  With brown hair trailing down his chiseled chest and a rugged beard to match, he was the most masculine man Natalya had ever
seen.  She watched in awe as he slung the axe over a log, effectively splitting it in half as the muscles in his powerful arms rippled.

BOOK: Raw (Erotic Romance)
6.62Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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