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Raw (Erotic Romance)

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Erotic Romance


Scarlet Chill

Author’s Note: This is a work of erotic fiction.  The material contained herein is intended for readers over 18 years of age.

San Diego, California

“Do you really have to go to Cambodia?” Trisha asked with a pretty pout.

Declan favored his bride with a warm, intense gaze and replied, “You know I do, sweetie.  I’ve got a job to do.”

“But we just got married
a month ago!  I can’t stand the thought of being away from you for two whole weeks,” she complained, reaching up to twine her hands around her husband’s neck and pull him into a dizzying kiss.

“I’m go
ing to miss you like crazy,” Declan said gruffly against her soft lips.

“Then stay,” she whispered imploringly, melting her curves into his plank torso as he groaned.

“Don’t do this right now, Trisha.  You know the taxi will be here in 15 minutes,” he protested in a tight, unconvincing voice.

Trisha flipped her long, mahogany waves and shrugged.  “I don’t care.  Let the taxi driver see us.  Come on, Declan, I need a quickie.”

He groaned again, having trouble resisting his insatiable wife.  “We made love twice last night and once this morning.  That wasn’t enough for you?”

“Nope,” she snapped, jutting her chin out defiantly.

“Me neither,” he admitted, crushing his lips against hers as she sighed happily and pressed her body closer to his.

He tugged at the zipper of her jeans and eagerly guided the thick fabric down her hips.  She grasped his hard-on inside his khaki pants and gave it a stimulating squeeze.

“I like to take my time with you, but I can’t do that right now,” he said hoarsely, freeing his cock from his pants and guiding it towards her.

As their flesh made contact, the doorbell rang
intrusively.  Declan gritted his teeth in frustration, reluctantly shoving his swollen cock into his pants and zipping up the fly.  “Damn it!  The cab is early.  Just my luck.  I told you not to do this to me now.”

“Sorry honey.  I just couldn’t resist,” she said softly, zipping up her own pants and smoothing her tousled hair.

Enclosing her in a tight embrace, Declan said, “I’ll see you in two weeks, Trisha.  Then we’ll pick up where we left off.”

“Yes, we will,” she assured huskily, brushing her mouth against his.

“Oh damn.  Tell me why I’m going to Cambodia again?” He shook his head angrily.

“Because you’re a good doctor and a good man.  And this volunteer trip is going to help a lot of
children over there who need vaccines,” she reaffirmed as he straightened his posture and nodded.

“Thanks for that, sweetie.  I really don’t want to, but I’d better go,” Declan said, pulling away with difficulty and grabbing his black duffel bag.

“Have a safe flight.  Text me when you get there,” Trisha urged, following him to the door and running a loving hand down his back.

“I will.  Now no more goodbyes.  Just let me go,” he pleaded, fisting the doorknob.  “Two weeks, Trisha.”

“Two weeks,” she echoed.  “And you better come back with plenty of energy, Dr. Declan Brady, because I’m going to keep you up all night.”

“Oh, I know you will,
Mrs. Brady,” he managed in a strangled voice, turning the doorknob and walking onto the porch.  “I love you,” he called over his shoulder.

“I love you too,” she hollered back, closing the door with a definitive click.


Phnom P
enh, Cambodia

Dr. Declan Brady’s plane cruised onto the crowded Asian runway fourteen hours later.  Groggily, he rubbed his eyes and got his passport and visa ready.  He had fallen asleep on the flight and drifted into an explicit dream of sex with Trisha.  Grimacing, he realized that he had also awoken with a
n enormous hard-on.  Shutting his eyes, he tried to banish the erotic images of Trisha’s lush round breasts and firm, shapely ass.  But all he could see was her face contorted with ecstasy as he rammed into her and gave her one volatile orgasm after another.  Declan could feel her nails raking up and down his back as though they were in bed together right now.

Slamming his hand on the armrest, he rose to his feet, hoping no one would notice the bulge in his pants.  Stiffly, he made his way off the plane with the throngs of other passengers.  In a daze, he moved through Customs and hailed a cab to take him to the rural campsite where the volunteer physicians would be stationed.

“How am I going to focus on my work?” He grumbled under his breath, waving a large hand in the air to flag down a taxi.

A cab driver pulled up and
relieved him of his duffel bag as he nodded curtly.  Sliding into the backseat, Declan stared out the window as the old cab rattled onto the road.  Against his will, naked images of Trisha invaded his mind.  He tried to push away the steamy memory of their honeymoon in Aruba, but the visions attacked him almost tangibly.  As he bit down masochistically on his thick lower lip, the last night of that tropical honeymoon replayed in digital quality detail in his mind…

Moonlight bathed the alabaster sand beach as a trade wind rippled across the island.  Steel drums reverberated in the distance, and waves cascaded over the shoreline.  Hand in hand, Trisha and Declan ran
across the beach as she clutched a blanket under her arm.  Finding a secluded spot, she stopped, giggling nervously as she lay the blanket on the sand.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” she whispered giddily.

“What?  Having sex on the beach?  Or in public?” He asked humorously.

“Both!” She replied as the playful expression in his eyes darkened with desire.

“I just want to rip that bikini off you,” he growled, reaching out a hand to caress her bare belly.

“Then what are you waiting for?” She baited seductively, playing with the strings that tied the coconut shell top around her ample breasts.

Swallowing hard, he urged, “Strip for me.  Let me watch you.”

Brown eyes shining in the moonlight, Trisha slowly untied the strings on her bikini and let them fall over her golden shoulders.  The hard coconut shells remained affixed to her cleavage as Declan heaved in a shaky breath, tantalized by the sight of his new wife unveiling herself on a Caribbean island.  She turned around and shook her breasts out of the coconut shells, tossing the bikini top onto the sand and undulating her hips.  Her breasts swayed with the island breeze, but he couldn’t see them as he stood grinding his teeth, waiting desperately for her to show him more.

Trisha cupped her breasts in her hands and whirled around to face him again.  She stroked the hard peaks and then pinched them between her fingers as he parted his lips instinctively, close to salivating.  The chilly night air made her nipples rock hard and formed goose bumps on her saucer sized areolae.  She shimmied out of the bikini bottom and peeled it off her ankles, bending down provocatively as Declan watched every movement through starving eyes.

Once she was completely nude, she returned her attention to her breasts, knowing how crazy it drove him to see her touching them herself.
                She pinched the nipples a little harder this time, making them distend with a combination of pleasure and pain.  Declan stuck his tongue in the air and sank to his knees on the silky sand.  Trisha draped her breasts over his mouth as his tongue clung to one nipple and he licked furiously.  She moaned at the hot contact of his tongue and offered him more of her breasts as he opened his mouth wide to receive them.

Pressing one hand against her bounty, he reached up his other hand to grab a breast and insert it in his mouth.  Sucking gently, he rubbed two fingers against her clit, wanting to stimulate her everywhere.  The nipple became lost in his demanding mouth as his fingers disappeared inside her wetness and slid through her channel.  Trisha moaned louder, hearing the drumbeats marching in time to her own palpitating heart and the primitive desire coursing through her.

Declan pushed his fingers in and out of her as he sealed his mouth over her other breast and flicked his tongue against the ripe fruit on top.  The cornucopia of sensations overwhelmed Trisha as she rode his fingers and pressed his face into her breast.  He licked her nipple rapidly, lapping up every square inch of the bud and titillating her with the sweep of his tongue.

“Declan, take me,” she moaned, yanking on his dark hair.

Obediently, he lay her down on the blanket and slid alongside her, caressing her large breasts and whispering in her ear with frantic desire.  Even though they had been a couple for years, the daring setting of the beach made their relationship feel brand new.  He felt as excited to be inside his wife as he had the first time they made love when they were dating, maybe even more so.

Rough waves slapped their bodies and drenched the blanket as Declan pushed inside her.  He slung a tanned leg over his torso and claimed her from the side angle that allowed them to look into each other’s eyes.  Their
cappuccino eyes stayed locked through every thrust as coarse sand coated their bodies and salt water invaded their lips.  The rawness of the natural setting was an aphrodisiac, and Trisha undulated like the waves as Declan pounded deep inside of her.

The moon drifted across the sky in a mysterious haze as Declan pinched her hard nipples and possessed her mouth in a salty kiss.  She kissed him back ardently, caressing his stubbled cheek and rocking her hips back and forth against his.  He increased the speed and depth of penetration at the same time, shocking her as her eyes opened wide and she cried out in abandon.

“Oh Declan!  More!” She screamed as the piercing sound reverberated on the vacant beach.

He eagerly gave her more, plunging all the way inside of her un
til he reached her barrier.  She tossed with the sea, her wet hair falling in messy tendrils down her back as Declan gritted his teeth and tried to prolong the pleasure.

“I’m so close to coming,” he groaned.  “But I want to go on forever.”

“Don’t stop,” she begged, slowing down their circular movements.

But Declan was too excited to slow down.  He beat into her swiftly and powerfully as his hardness overflowed in her burning canyon.  She surrendered to his need and thrust her hips forward, capturing every rigid inch of his arousal and enflaming him even more.  Bending his head to reclaim an erect nipple, he sucked forcefully, giving the tender pink flesh a slight gnawing with his teeth as she moaned.

She scraped her nails across his chiseled chest, moving her head restlessly from side to side and never stopping the gyrations of her hips.  A coastal breeze turned into a fierce gale as Declan kept his mouth locked around her luscious breast, moistening the sensitive nub and sucking so hard that he knew the flesh would be chapped the next day.  Unable to control himself any longer, Declan thrust into her several more times, with each stroke probing deeper than the last.  Trisha guided him to ecstasy, murmuring loving words as the ocean water washed over them…

Snapping out of his reverie, Declan slammed his hand against the armrest of the cab as the driver jerked the vehicle to a sudden halt.  In broken English, the driver explained that they had reached the campsite.  Ignoring the hardness straining against his pants, Declan reached for a wad of cash and tipped the driver generously.  Stiffly, he walked over to the trunk and grabbed his duffel bag.

Nestled in an enclave of trees, the campsite was gloomy and isolating.  The only faces he glimpsed were those of fellow doctors, and he longed to see Trisha’s sweet smile instead.  Struggling to cool his desire, he made his way over to a tent house and threw his bag on the ground.  Running an anxious hand through his hair, he realized that he hadn’t contacted Trisha yet.  He had been too busy fantasizing about her.  Digging into his pocket for his cell phone, Declan exhaled shakily and composed a text message to his wife.


San Diego, California

At home, Trisha was loading the washing machine with a pile of laundry that overflowed
from the hamper.  Finding Declan’s favorite varsity sweatshirt, she pressed her nose into the fabric and inhaled his salty scent.  Feeling silly, she crumpled the shirt up and threw it into the washer, pouring a liberal amount of liquid detergent on top.  Hastily, she looked away from the washing machine as it began its spinning motions.  Wetting her lips, she remembered how they had gotten frisky in the laundry room the first week they had moved into the house.

BOOK: Raw (Erotic Romance)
5.86Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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