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Could Cody be part of her future? If not, then she needed to stop kissing him. Otherwise, he would kiss her heart out of her chest and take it with him the second their lips parted.

She broke the kiss and rested her forehead against his. “I’ll never forget this evening, but I can’t be with you again, Cody.”

“Hey, now.” He used his thumb to swipe a tear off her cheek as he met her gaze. “I wasn’t quite honest with you either.”

A relationship was based on trust and his admission to lying felt like stones being thrown at her glass heart, shattering it into small tiny pieces. She wasn’t sure she could handle a rejection. But it was best to get things out in the open to know where she stood. “Here comes the heartbreaking truth. Let’s have it.”

“You first. Why do you not want to do this again?”

“Because I’m a selfish woman.” She had to continue with her honesty. “I agreed to this hoping it would fulfill all my sexual fantasies I’ve been having about you.”

“And did it?”

She nodded. “And then some. Phil was an added surprise. But it also made me realize that I want you and no one else. When I mentioned
no strings attached
, I hadn’t expected our intimacy to affect me this way.”

“I never agreed to that statement.”

“You didn’t dismiss it either.”

He laughed and pushed himself off her, sank deep into the center of the hot tub, and surfaced wearing a large smile. He sat beside her and scooped her onto his lap so now she straddled him. “You have the most beautiful green eyes I’ve ever seen.”

“Trying to get on my good side?”

“Sounds like I’m already there.” He pressed his lips against hers.

She couldn’t refuse his kiss. Inviting his tongue inside was more than she should accept at the moment. As much as she would enjoy joining more body parts, she would thank herself in the morning for the discipline. The more of him she had, the harder it would be to let him go.

Instead, she teased her pussy along his long, thick shaft and waited to hear what he had to say.

He broke the kiss and groaned. “Damn, woman, you have me hard all over again.”

She pushed her hips forward. His cock separated her folds. “Are you wearing a condom?”

He nodded.

She’d hate to see a good rubber go to waste. “I guess if tonight is our only night, maybe we could spend some time alone. But can we agree on one thing?”

“What’s that?”

She still felt the need to share the newest gossip with him come Monday morning. “We can’t let anything that happened here change our talks.”

He shook his head. “I can’t do that.”

“Well then, you’ll be missing out on the latest drama.” She pushed back, but he gathered her against him, closer this time.

“Tell me what happened?”

“Jill called. She’s pregnant and they’re getting married.” Her throat tightened and she fought to not cry. She blinked back the sting behind her eyes and chewed her lip to stop the quiver. Verbalizing the words aloud pained her. Teardrops trickled down her cheeks as a lump formed in her throat. “She called to ask me…”

Her tears weren’t shed so much for the love she’d lost, but for the friendship that had been ruined along the way.

Cody tucked her hair behind her ears. “Take your time.”

“She asked me to be her maid of honor.” She stared at the water and caressed his chest beneath the bubbles with her fingertips. She chuckled at the insanity of the situation—unable to comprehend how Jill had the audacity to make such a request. “Can you believe the nerve of her?”

“I’m sorry you’re hurting,” he said, with a smirk.

“You sure have a funny way of showing your sympathy.”

“If those two idiots hadn’t hooked up, I wouldn’t have met you. That’s why I can’t help but smile.”

He kissed her nose. “Listen, I wasn’t totally honest about our morning coffee. I didn’t want to run you off by telling you what I was really thinking. Of course, I don’t want the low-cut shirts to change, but I do hope how we interact will be different.”

“Go on.”

“First, you need to know you’re the only woman I’ve had here.”

She raised a brow. “You and Phil have shared guys before?”

“No. I visit Addison and Lou because they’re my best friends, but I always leave before the party starts.” He chuckled. “I know I’ve told you I wasn’t interested in dating, and I meant it. I’m tired of the games. I never said I’d stopped looking for
the one

“So what are you saying?”

“The search is over for me.” He caressed her cheek with his wet fingers.


“Well, well, well. By the smile on your face, Miss Dakota, it looks like a match has been made tonight.”

Dakota glanced up at Addison squatting beside them. “Did you tell Cody I was coming here tonight to hook up?”

She laughed. “I mentioned you were coming over. I forgot to mention it was to fix my computer. But I’m glad he misinterpreted and decided to join us. Lou and I were tired of listening to him talk about you all the time. We figured the only way he’d have the balls to show you his feelings was to get you both here and away from that diner.”

Cody pulled Dakota closer but spoke to Addison. “And that’s why you and Lou are my best friends. Thanks for misleading me. Tonight was exactly what Dakota and I needed.”

Addison messed his hair before she stood. “You’re welcome. I’ll be watching for our wedding invitation.”

Dakota opened her mouth, but no words escaped.

“Surprised?” He kissed her throat.

“You want to get married?” Her heart raced before she realized what she’d just asked. “That was a question, not a proposal. Had you mentioned marriage to Addison?”

“Maybe.” He chuckled. “The minute I laid eyes on you, I knew you were different.”

“What did you say to them?”

“They were always trying to hook me up, as you can imagine.” His eyes darted to their environment. “I told them if they found and invited a woman like you, then I’d not only go to one of their parties, but I’d actually marry her.”

Dakota burst out laughing. “So that’s why Addison became my biggest tipper, and now friend.”

He nodded. “Yes. Now she loves you as much as I do.”

Dakota’s heart sank into her gut. Did he mean that he loved her literally or was that a figure of speech? Love was a strong word.

“Yes, Dakota. In case you’re wondering. I’ve fallen in love with you. But with everything you’ve been through, I didn’t want to rush you into something you weren’t ready for. I’d kick myself in the ass if I scared you away.”

Three months and he was already reading her mind. Words couldn’t express her emotions. She loved him, too, but right now her voice box was off and no way could she get a word past her lips.

She leaned forward and kissed his sweet mouth. Knowing he wanted the same thing made her heart flutter. She gyrated her hips as her folds encompassed his erection.

Lifting her hips, she directed him into her pussy. Slowly, she lowered and her inner walls widened as her muscles hugged every solid inch of his engorged shaft. She closed her eyes. His arm supported her back as she stretched out to expose her breasts for his mouthing pleasure. She could get used to making love with him on a daily basis.

No longer feeling empty anywhere, soft moans escaped her throat as she thrust her hips, sliding him in and out, sending waves of passion rushing through her veins.

“Hey, round two. Lift your sweet ass, girl, I want a turn.”

She sat up and wrapped her arms around Cody’s neck.

Phil reached toward her.

Before he made contact, Cody scooped her closer and stretched a hand forward. “Sorry, buddy, but her ass and everything attached to it are all mine from now on.”

“Son of a bitch! This is your first dip in the L.W. and
. You lucky bastard. What the hell am I doing wrong?” Phil slapped the water, turned, and exited the hot tub.

“L.W.?” Dakota shrugged. “What’s that stand for?”

“Lucky Waters. Addison’s been calling the place that ever since a friend of hers brought her here to meet Lou. They started a weekend get-together for singles. Many people who’ve hooked up here end up married and living happily ever after. Phil heard the ratio and has been trying to find someone for a couple months now. He’s a nice enough guy. He just hasn’t found the right one.”

Dakota bit her bottom lip as her eyes filled with tears.

He eased her back and lifted her chin with his fingertips. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“Did you really mean what you said?”

He smiled. “What’d I say?”

“My ass and everything else is yours from now on?”

“Of course.” He kissed her on the mouth and smiled. “But I’m a guy, so that will only last until I do something stupid and you kick my dumb ass to the curb.”

She giggled. “You’re not like most guys.”

“True. I would never hurt you the way that dickhead back in New England did.”

Words wouldn’t escape the tightness in her throat.

“What are you thinking?”

She rocked against his lap, taking his cock deeper as her breasts glided up and down his wet chest, teasing her nipples into two peaks. “I’m thinking how much I love you and wondering how I got so lucky?”

“It’s the water.” He kissed her on the mouth. “We both got lucky.”

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BOOK: Poolside Pleasure
12.03Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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