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Dakota froze while admiring the tall, naked male strolling across the hardwood floor in the next room.
She stepped behind Addison but continued to stare at the view from over her friend’s shoulder.

Her hands itched to rake her fingers through his dark curls and align his square jaw and full lips between her thighs. Her eyes traveled south to where her fingernails would, if given the chance, ride a roller coaster over each defined muscle of his steely abs. She glimpsed his semi-rigid cock, then admired his tight ass as his long strides carried his stunning physique outside. He was so much sexier without his fitted jeans and chaps.
But what the hell is he doing here?

Her imagination had not led to him walking around bare-assed at his best friend’s poker party tonight. Had he meant “poke her” game and not playing cards as she’d thought?

Good thing she hadn’t expressed to Addison her fondness for the thirty-year-old who had been invading her dreams and causing her to wake in the middle of the night with a need to pleasure herself.

Could this day become any more depressing? The two men she’d ever had an interest in turned out not to be what she’d expected. Would this be her method of operation from now on, being attracted to the wrong guys?

Addison faced her. “Honey, would you like to talk about why you’re upset?”

Dakota forced a smile and shook her head. “Not now.”

One day she could see herself and Addison bonding and becoming best friends. Currently, she wasn’t ready to trust her intimate feelings with another woman.

She had wanted to share the phone call she’d received with Cody, but now more than that she wanted to find out why he had just walked through the living room wearing only a sexy smile.

“Good enough.” Addison placed their drinks on the table then locked her arm with Dakota’s. “You’re more than welcome to stay. Not everyone who comes here walks around naked or hooks up. But truth be told, after a few glasses of wine, clothes do start flying.”

“Are you serious?” Dakota had never been to such a party. She couldn’t imagine walking around naked in front of a bunch of strangers.

Addison laughed and pulled Dakota closer. “Your routine since moving here has been all work and no play. You need to relax and enjoy a night of pampering. Let me introduce you around. If you’re not comfortable, we’ll come back inside and work on the computer as planned. Afterwards I’ll escort you to the local bar and we’ll see what kind of men are on the prowl this evening.”

Oh no.
Dakota’s heart sank into the pit of her stomach.
What if Cody’s outside with another woman?
Her hands shook. Could she be mature enough to accept that he was a single man who could have any woman on the face of the earth? She was about to find out, whether she wanted to or not.

Addison slid the patio door open. The warm air wrapped Dakota’s body like a heated blanket. Addison’s husband, Lou, stood beside the smoking grill. Relief washed over her as she glanced around and realized she and Addison were the only females on the premises.

“Where are all the guests?”

“The party doesn’t really get rolling until about nine.” Addison smiled. “I do need my computer fixed, but there is another reason I asked you here. I was hoping you’d entertain a certain gentleman best friend of mine. And if you’re into it, there are a few other men who could use a little entertainment as well.” She nudged Dakota and laughed. “You really do need to get out of that diner and start enjoying yourself.”

“You’re right.” After receiving that ridiculous call from Jill, she planned on doing more than getting out of the diner for fun. Tomorrow she would stop feeling sorry for herself and focus more on finding a computer job that paid well. Tonight she would indulge in whatever Cody had to offer. He was Addison and Lou’s best friend and her loyalty toward friends wouldn’t falter because of one New England bad apple.

She followed her friend and squatted beside the in-ground pool where a game of volleyball came to a quick halt. Cody and two other topless men turned in their direction.

Addison waved them over. “Come here, guys.”

The trio trudged through the water and stood below them. All three glanced beneath Dakota’s skirt.

After feeling like shit for months, the attention boosted Dakota’s confidence. As flattering as it was to have the awareness of these gorgeous guys, there was only one who interested her.

Closing her legs might be the sophisticated thing to do, but Cody had the best view and she enjoyed watching him trying to be a gentleman and meet her gaze. She spread her thighs further apart.

If he had any intentions of being with her tonight, he had some explaining to do first, aside from the meaning of his poker game. She also wanted to know why he was at a matchmaking party seeing as he’d declared he wasn’t interested in dating.

“This brunette beauty is my good friend Dakota. I want you guys to be very,
nice to her.” Addison pointed to the first guy, brown-eyed with a cleft in his chin. “This sexy stud is Phil Lewis.” Her hand moved to the right. “This is Trent Rogers.” Trent, flaunting twin dimples and long lashes, couldn’t have been older than twenty. “And you know Cody.”

Dakota smiled and nodded to the two strangers. “Nice to meet you.” Her eyes focused on the one man who made her heart skip a beat. “No poker game?”

Trent pushed off the side and floated on his back. Dakota stared as waves splashed against his balls. His hardening cock flipped up and slapped his stomach.

“Very nice, Trent.” Addison clapped and met Dakota’s gaze. “His dick isn’t the only thing he likes stroked.” She winked and tapped Dakota’s arm. “Come on.”

She stood and followed Addison towards the canopy. Cody, still in the water, kept in step beside her. She glanced down and smiled as he glared up.

Addison asked, “Are you going to gawk all night or do you plan to come and welcome her?”

Cody climbed the stairs. His body was as thick and hard as his cock. He made his way toward her. Water slid down his bronzed skin and over his muscled calves, leaving footprints in his wake.

Dakota enjoyed the view. Her gaze met Cody’s and quick sparks of lightning shot through her. Admiring the way his tongue licked his full lips caused an unexpected heart rhythm in her chest.

She heard Addison say “My work here is done,” before sensing her disappearance. She was left with this gorgeous man. Her mouth went dry, and her hands began to shake. This was really happening. Cody stood in front of her wearing nothing but a smile. No way she would be returning to the house to work on a computer and leave him out here with a rock-hard cock and no wet pussy to satisfy him.

Without a word, Cody closed the distance between them and pressed her against his wet solid chest. She wrapped her arms around his neck and wondered what he was thinking. Before she could speak, his mouth came down on hers, his lips parted and his beer-tasting tongue greeted hers with hunger.

His coconut-scented skin aroused every nerve in her body. The soft groans escaping his throat had her wanting him to explore more places. Even in her dreams, his kiss was never this arousing. His tongue explored every inch of her mouth while his hands kneaded her ass. He stepped back and rubbed his thumbs against her cheeks. “Finally.”

“Finally what?”

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to see if your lips were as soft as I’d imagined them.”

“All you had to do was ask.”

“I wouldn’t jeopardize your job to kill my curiosity. However, it took every ounce of will power today not to show you what I had in mind.”

He had gazed into her eyes this exact same way this morning. The sexual spark presented itself once more, only this time she had no boss to worry about nor a dirty apron to come between them. Now there was just his hard flesh and some clean clothes she yearned for him to strip off her.

Phil tapped Cody’s shoulder. “Okay, young man. We share around here, you know.”

Dakota stiffened. She’d never been with more than one person at a time. The thought of being with Steve and another woman had always turned her off, apparently ruining her relationship. Did she dare consider a ménage a trois with Cody and Phil?

Cody smiled at her. “Are you up for this?”

She focused on the two hard, muscular bodies standing before her. As interesting and arousing as that might be—she glanced at his erection—Cody’s flesh was the only one she wanted inside of her. The heat between her thighs had nothing to do with the scorching sun beating down on them.

Surely this interlude would ease some of the five-days-a-week sexual tension between them. Having Phil along for the ride could distract her from becoming emotionally attached to Cody since that did not seem to be one of his objectives. Maybe this would help to get him out of her system. Problem solved. What did she have to lose?

Since this was a matchmaking party, Phil must be unattached. She wouldn’t be hurting another woman the way Jill had hurt her.

Tonight was the beginning of her future. Why not open herself up to new possibilities and see where the night took her?

“You know, I’ve always been the shy, do-the-right-thing, kind of girl.” She ran a red-polished nail down Cody’s massive chest and bit her bottom lip. “Maybe it’s time I spread my…wings and explore other avenues.”

“I already see the horns, darlin’.” He jerked his head toward Phil who stood behind her. “What about him?”

“He can join as long as you’re the only one who…”
will make love to me
, had been her first thought, but somehow the statement seemed inappropriate.


Phil’s presence would help keep her heart from making an appearance. That’s mostly why she wanted to include him. Now to find the right words to both not insult Phil and for Cody to understand that she didn’t just allow anyone to access her domain. Steve had been her only lover. Unlike some women, she was in no rush to go from one to three notches in her bedpost in a single night.

She placed her palm against Cody’s shaft and curled her fingers around it. “He’s the only one who can enter.” She squeezed his hard flesh so he understood which
she was referring to.

Cody smiled and met her gaze. “Good. I’m not sure I could handle watching anyone else fuck you.”

“Hmm.” Was the wave of pleasure that rushed through her stomach caused from learning he didn’t want her to be with another man or from his use of foul language? He’d always been so polite at the diner.

Phil lowered himself onto the lounge chair behind her and began stroking the tips of his fingers up and down her bare leg.

Being stimulated by two men was a lot more exciting than she’d imagined. So long as Cody was fine with sharing her then she’d embrace the experience with open arms. “Okay. This is new to me. What should I do?”

“Just relax. Phil and I will do all the work.”

“Right here?” She glanced to the side. Lou was stretched out on a lounge chair with Addison sitting topless between his legs, her back against his bare chest. Trent knelt beside them and stroked Addison’s inner thighs.

“We could go inside if you’re uncomfortable out here. There might be others coming in and out.”

The image of “in and out” displayed in her mind had nothing to do with people. In fact, the thought was actually arousing. “No. This is fine.”

“Good.” Cody kissed her neck. “An audience might encourage me to perform at my best.”

Life couldn’t get any better than this, could it? Never before had she been pampered by a man, let alone two. This was going to be a night to remember.


Cody turned Dakota around and pressed her back against his chest. The scent of her apple shampoo sent a shiver through every nerve ending.

He’d hated to break his Friday evening poker game with the guys, but there would be no regrets. The smoke-filled room couldn’t compare to the feel of Dakota’s soft curls brushing his bare skin. Tonight he hoped to be
all in
with his cock rather than chips.

At least tonight he wouldn’t be wondering what the hell Dakota was doing, and to whom. For the past three months, he’d held off on making a move, fearful of scaring her off. She needed time to get over her estranged asshole fiancé.

Cody was betting on one man’s dumbass mistake to be his good fortune. And he had to be the one to cash in before Dakota met anyone else. If her attending this party meant she was ready to hook up, as Addison had implied, he had to be present for her to choose him. Tonight he would make every move she would allow and express his true feelings.

Since he hit the big three-zero last year he hadn’t been able to shake the feeling that something was missing in his life. The one-night stands, working, and returning home to an empty house wasn’t fulfilling anymore. Once he set eyes on Dakota, he knew she was the missing link he’d been holding out for.

Now all he had to do was show her his best performance to keep her from walking out the door with Phil. There had to be a way to prove to her that he was a decent guy and wouldn’t fuck around on her—a man who appreciated an angel when one landed in his lap.

Before the night’s end, he would make sure she wanted the same thing. If not, he risked ruining what they already had. He couldn’t live with that mistake.

He tucked her hair behind her ear. “Are you ready for a good time and a life-changing experience?”


Dakota bit her lower lip and nodded at his question.

Whenever she was with Cody, they always had wonderful conversations. Tonight might indeed prove to change her life forever. For starters, she would no longer have to wonder how it felt to be in his arms.

“With the two of you here, I’m thinking more along the lines of this turning into a great time.” She glanced down at Phil sitting on the lounge chair in front of her. His fingertips caressed her leg and the anticipation for him to reach beneath her skirt heightened.

Cody’s solid chest supporting her shoulders felt natural. She could hardly believe this was the first time being in his arms intimately. How surreal that her sexual fantasy was about to happen and she was conscious. Let the life-changing experiences begin!

BOOK: Poolside Pleasure
12.19Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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