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She captured him in her mouth. A strawberry flavor danced on her tongue. This was a new condom experience for her. What other mouth-watering options were there?

Phil’s hand rested on the back of her head as his hips lifted, sending his cock to the back of her throat. He moaned with pleasure as her tongue swirled around his thick hard shaft.

She rocked back sending Cody’s fingers deeper into her pussy while the hard flesh in her mouth glided across her tongue. What a new and thrilling experience. Her body never ached with this much desire.

Slowly she moved the shaft from her lips and twirled her tongue around the head of Phil’s cock. “Feel good, big boy?”

“Hell, yeah.” Phil closed his eyes and moaned.

Dakota smiled. “Cody, I want you inside of me.”


Exchanging positions, Phil sat with his spine against the chair. Dakota went on all fours and continued to stroke Phil’s erection, anxiously waiting until Cody settled behind her.

She glanced over her shoulder. He tore open a condom and rolled the protection down his long, hard shaft. Her anticipation heightened as she watched how perfectly he adjusted the rubber. She licked her lips and couldn’t help wonder how he would taste.

He reached beneath her hips and spread her moist folds. The head of his cock touched her opening and her breath hitched. This was the moment she’d waited three months for. She closed her eyes to focus on feeling every inch of him. This could be their first and last time together and she wanted to savor each intimate touch.

The tip of his engorged cock slipped inside and shattered her world. She inhaled deeply and froze as each muscle squeezed and contracted to accommodate and welcome his thick hard flesh as it glided slowly into her pussy.

Goose bumps surfaced as a shiver zipped through her veins. She wanted to rock back and take him deeper, but she was already close to having another mind-blowing orgasm and didn’t want the moment to end.

His cock hit her cervix and she smiled in victory. She’d taken all of him. His thickness filled more than what was between her legs. She didn’t want him to ever withdraw.

“You sure can tease a woman.”

“Only you, darlin’.”

He withdrew and she suddenly felt empty and sad. Was this how she would feel at the end of the evening?

She couldn’t focus on that now. She needed to think about…oh gosh, nothing. Nothing except how broad the head of his cock felt entering her and how amazing his thick shaft aroused her as he glided slowly in and out of her opening.

“Oh yes, Cody. Stop teasing.” She lowered her lips over Phil’s cock in front of her and sucked and stroked it until an unfamiliar request from behind presented itself.

Cody traced his finger around her anus. “Ready for me here?”

More than she cared to admit. She tensed and withdrew Phil’s shaft from her mouth. All she needed to do was relax and enjoy Cody’s erotic touch.

She twisted to face him. “Ready when you are.”

“Soon. I just want to make sure you haven’t changed your mind.” He flipped open the cap on the tube, squeezed a heaping amount on his fingers, and then applied the cool cream against her before his touch soothed the area. “Relax. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Okay.” Having a distraction might help. She leaned her mouth over Phil’s cock and focused on pleasuring him while Cody massaged and teased her aperture. Once again, she felt coolness against her skin. She tried to relax her muscles as Cody’s finger pushed at her hole. She wiggled as he probed and teased her. He was the only man she would have allowed to touch such a sensitive area.

Sweat rushed through every pore as Cody found his way inside. It felt like more than his finger had penetrated her tight tunnel. The slow exit and entrance that followed aroused every ounce of being in her body.

“Oh, Dakota, You’re loosening up nicely. Feel good?” Cody said.

“Yeah, fuck that ass,” Phil added.

She gave a soft moan and rocked back to indicate she was ready for more. The tip of his cock touched her and every muscle tightened of its own accord.

She glanced back. “Sorry.”

“Hey, whenever you’re ready.”

With his cock gliding between her ass cheeks, she lifted and caught the head at her opening. Relaxing, she focused on the cock in front of her being released from between her lips.

“You come to me,” Cody said.

Phil removed his condom and took over stroking his hard cock. Dakota’s eyes focused on his hand gliding up and down his shaft. She eased back gently and the head of Cody’s cock penetrated her. The slow burn made her break out into a sweat and lose her breath.

“Take a deep breath, darlin’. Maybe this will help relax you.” Cody reached around and teased her clit. With the pleasure spreading to her core, every muscle in her ass relaxed. She could feel her wetness oozing from between her legs. She inched back and his thickness squeezed deeper inside.

“Dakota, your ass is so fucking tight. It makes me want to slam my cock inside you.”

His sexy words helped her to find comfort as she took him deeper. He slid his finger into her pussy, sending her juices flowing around him. She rocked forward then back, relaxing every muscle to accommodate his length. Amazed, she felt every inch of him being connected with her as he pushed forward.

The sensations brought forth made her body tingle with aliveness unlike anything she’d ever experienced in her life. A shimmer of awareness zipped through her body causing goose bumps to sprout from head to toe.

She moaned. “Oh, yes.”

Taking Phil’s swollen shaft in her palm, she squeezed him as she lifted the skin upward and loosened her hold on the way down.

“Hell, yeah.” Phil groaned. “Faster, gorgeous.”

She tightened her grip and quickened her strokes. His body stiffened beneath her touch.

“Here it comes, girl.” He thrust his hips downward, taking her stroke upward. Another pump and his cream spilled out over her hand.

“Oh yeah. That’s it,” she said. She smiled up at Phil. Witnessing his ejaculation sent her own juices flowing. Her body shivered with excitement as she finished draining him of his last drop. Flattening her palms on Phil’s hard chest, Dakota let her forearms drop against his solid stomach.

Pushing back, she gave Cody the signal to continue. She glanced over her shoulder. Cody’s long lashes rested on his cheeks and his bottom lip was caught between his teeth.

“Harder, Cody.”

He opened his eyes and met her gaze. “Are you sure?”

She nodded and relaxed as Phil teased her breasts.

Cody’s thrust lifted her to a new height. She winced with pleasure-pain as her muscles contracted around him. When he moistened his fingers and smeared the juices over her clit, little bubbles of excitement filled her blood stream.

She inhaled and let out a moan as she pressed her ass against Cody’s groin and waited while the rush of ecstasy rippled through every nerve. She could hardly breathe while enjoying the quake of her body.

She gripped Phil’s rib cage and bit her bottom lip as Cody’s hips picked up speed. Gliding in and out, his moan indicated he was close to ending the most amazing moment in her life. Pressing her ass against his pelvis, his cock jerked inside her, pumping his cum into the condom. Feeling each pump against her swollen muscles, she drained him of every last drop.

His moans of gratification satisfied her decision for allowing this moment to happen. Every inch of him made her feel as if they were one. She didn’t want this night to end. Cody’s faint chuckle swelled her heart with happiness.

“Amazing,” he said, then gave a deep throaty groan. “Better than I’d imagined.”

She twisted and admired the smile on his face as he withdrew. She slumped back onto her heels. He bent at the waist and placed his mouth over hers, their tongues intertwining with more passion than the previous kiss.

The passionate and caring way Cody had made love with her had not been traits she’d considered in her fantasy. Knowing this side of him created her worst nightmare—one night with him wasn’t going to be enough. She broke the kiss and gazed into his eyes. What the hell was she thinking?


After a cheeseburger, a glass of wine, and a hot shower, Dakota returned to the backyard. The guesthouse Addison’s husband had built for their visitors to freshen up after an evening of fun was a palace compared to the place she paid money to live in each month.

The sun had set and the air had cooled. She removed the towel she had wrapped around herself, placed it on the concrete, and stepped into the sweltering bubbles of the hot tub. While the others finished their meals and cleaned up, she would use the alone time to analyze her earlier experience.

Closing her eyes, she rested her head against the cushion behind her and let the tub’s pulsating jets calm her over-zealous emotions.

Avarice rushed into the pit of her stomach and turned the red wine that sat there into a firing blaze. After feeling the passion in Cody’s touch and the hunger of his kiss, she had to agree with him that tonight was a life-changing experience. But what neither had counted on was it turning into a bad thing…for her. She wanted more than she knew he would be willing to give.

This evening was a night to remember—in more ways than one—but being with two guys at the same time wasn’t her thing.

Her expectations had been to have sex with Cody—to get him out of her system—and for Phil to stop her heart from getting in the way. Instead, her intentions had backfired. Cody had become branded in her being and Phil’s presence made her realize how much she only wanted one man in her life…Cody.

Why was she letting her feelings get in the way?
. The uptight jerk she’d left back home couldn’t compare to Cody. This cowboy didn’t wear his heart on his sleeve, but his gentle touch and the closeness she felt in his arms—as if never wanting to let go—felt more like love than what she’d experienced in the past.

The image now of Cody’s erotic playfulness performed on another woman made her eyes burn. He was free to see anyone he wanted but she wanted him all to herself. Losing her heart to a man whom she knew wasn’t looking for a long-term relationship had to be the stupidest thing she’d ever done.

Perhaps she ought to have stayed in the house and fixed Addison’s computer. But it was too late for
. She’d already felt the fire in Cody’s touch and the passion on his tongue. And damn, no other man would ever compare.

Dakota opened her eyes and stared up at the starry sky as tears released from her lashes and slid down the sides of her eyes. How could she shake him from her system before seeing him in the light of day on Monday?

Maybe this moment will be forgotten come break of dawn. His touch will disappear and my life will continue on as normal.
This thought brought on more tears and knotted her stomach. She didn’t want her feelings to vanish, nor could she risk expressing them and ruining the only real relationship she’d made in Deerfield.

“There you are. Are you okay?”

She jolted at the sound of Cody’s voice. She wiped her eyes as she sat up straight, forcing a smile, and clearing her throat. “Fine.”

“Hey.” He eased down into the water. His chest pushed through the bubbles. He straddled her lap and rested his hands on the concrete on either side of her head. “What’s wrong?”

She met his gaze and fought to hold back the emotions filling her heart. “I don’t want this evening to end.”

He smiled. “Were we that good?”

She giggled and caught her bottom lip between her teeth to allow herself a moment of composure.

Phil played no role in why she wanted to stay here for the rest of her life, though it would be rude of her to dismiss Phil’s performance in their earlier activity. She was better off not answering Cody’s question at all.

Instead, she’d be honest with him about her feelings now and avoid future awkwardness. Once this was off her chest, the ball would be in his court. If he rejected her then at least she would know where she stood and she’d be able to move on…eventually.

“I’m sorry—”

“Oh no. I knew it.” He stepped back and slapped his hand on top of the water. “What’d I do wrong?”


“Yeah. I’m guessing you want Phil instead of me.”

“Not at all.”

“You don’t?” He floated toward her. “Then why the apology?”

“Because I reneged on my statement earlier about ‘no strings attached.’” She reached up and caressed his lips with her thumb. The scent of shampoo and toothpaste radiated off him. “I thought once we did this, it would ease the attraction between us. But I’m afraid it backfired.”


She ran her fingers down his wet chest. “I want more of you.”

“So are you saying your search is over?”

“My search? What do you mean?”

“People only come to these parties looking for love.”

“Love?” Dakota burst out laughing. If he only knew she’d found herself falling in love with him a week after their first encounter at the diner.

This party had only made her face reality and an admission to herself that she was in deep. “I came here tonight to fix Addison’s computer. I didn’t know she was having a party.” She cupped Cody’s face and caressed his cheeks with her thumbs. “It was only when I saw you walking through the house wearing nothing but a smile that I considered staying.”

She bit her lip and looked beyond his shoulder to where her hostess stood kissing her husband. Trent sat beside Phil at the bamboo bar. “This was a first and a last for me. You and Phil were amazing, but I’m a one-man woman. I don’t plan on doing this again.”

Cody leaned forward and captured her mouth with his. Her palms glided across his wet rib cage, then flattened against his back. He slid his tongue into her mouth and the evidence of his excitement pressed on her abdomen. Soft moans escaped his throat, turning her on more than his roaming hand slipping between her legs.

His wet, silky skin touching her breasts and her fingers gliding through his damp hair made her want him inside her. This time alone, with no Phil. Sex and booze had done their job with helping her to temporarily sooth the pain of her past. Now she couldn’t help wonder what lay ahead.

BOOK: Poolside Pleasure
8.1Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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